Marcia Cross With One Of Her Twin Daughters At The Park

Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross was snapped at the park holding one of her twin daughters in LA’s Brentwood neighborhood on September 1st.



  1. Jenna M. (UK) says

    JJ – Look at the photo, who is eating the ice lolly? Marcia, not the baby! And I hardly think that a few wee tastes of her mum’s ice lolly is going to set the kid up for a lifetime of tooth decay and obesity now, is it?

  2. JJ says

    Giving a popsicle to a baby??? wrong…wrong…wrong…babies that small should not be given any artificial sugar at all.

  3. kim--original kim says

    Sweet…. but, #10, I don’t think so, as it’s been said that she used donor eggs…so they just look like their Dad, not Marcia….

  4. sushmita says

    they look cute on this pic!…its just that what really cought my attention is the dirty foot of whoever!..ooops is that a dirt?!….marcia must be hungry!…and the little girl looks her ” can i have that popcicle mom”?

  5. sandy says

    Zbella, Congrats to you on your children. I am sure they are lovely and you are a very good mother.

    I just saw the pictures recently of Angie with Zahara and Maddox eating ice cream, no Shiloh, I think she might like ice cream also, and then again shortly with Angie and Pax going to the Park, again, no Shiloh? I am going back to lurking soon and stop posting, but I do know that when Zahara was Shiloh’s age, Angie never went anywhere without her, that is all, if the pictures weren’t so close together without her I would not have said anything.

    And it has been the case that Shiloh never is with them in the public for an outing or activity unless all the other kids are there too. I just find it a little odd, but I am sure they are a very happy family and that is a real blessing.

  6. laeti321 says

    there wouldn’t be no argument if you knew what you are talking about. Marcia WAS with the twins that day, she’s just not pictured with them at the time… (And there are many pictures that proves it).
    And even if she was with only one girl I would understand. You can’t be all the time with the twins. My mother wasn’t always with me And my sister and I don’t feel left behind, depressive, etc…

    By the way, both girls are just too cute.

    (Sorry for my English, I’m French…)

  7. Zbella says

    BEAUTIFUL mommy/daughter. Eden is too cute!!!

    H – good point!

    Sandy, I have 3 children ages 1, 3 & 5. I don’t have a nanny so I have to wake my baby up when I pick up my oldest from school. I hate that! When I only had 1 child I was at the park with her ALL the time! Now it’s harder because I have 3 little children with different schedules and needs. But whatever…

  8. H says

    Oh, my freaking god. You all need to chill out and get a life. How many of you have children? You are all terrible parents for being on this site and not spending every waking second with your children! You are all horrible parents, just like all the celebs you criticize.

  9. sandy says

    Nicki, I guess the reason she doesn’t have them both out is she may want to concentrate on one at a time and they are much younger than any of Angie and Brad’s kids. I think it is cute the way the little baby looks so alert at the ice cream. My point was if she can bring a small baby like this to the Park, why can’t Angie bring Shiloh? It would seem that there wouldn’t be a problem, with Shiloh walking too. I do know all babies sleep and take naps, but I know Shiloh doesn’t 24 hours a day!

    I think this is a totally cute baby, both of them are adorable!

  10. Nicki says

    sandy~ what I meant was you are praising Marcia for taking her child out to the park.Right??? But she has twin daughters……..No? Why can’t she take them both??/
    Everyone wants Angie to be with all 4 of thier kids, yet Marcia who has waited forever to become a parent(Congrats to thier family) Why shouldn’t she be held to the same standard ad Angie??????????
    Twins who can’t walk are much easier to have at the park than 4 children who are mobile. JMO, and am not trying to argue with you, just commenting.
    Good night all.

  11. sandy says

    Nicki, my point is stupid? As usual the fans of Angie who are reluctant to admit to the truth sometimes regarding them shine thru. I like this family, I like these kids, but she is spending one on one time with her baby, who is younger than Shiloh, she has no problem with bringing the little one out to a park. She hasn’t used the excuse she can’t bring them out because they are sleeping/napping all the time at home. Isn’t that what has been one of the main excuses why Shiloh hasn’t been brought out into the community with the rest of the kids? Much less by herself!

    You say it is a hateful message Nicki, it was a valid observation and statement by me!

  12. Nicki says

    9. Lola ~ To funny.

    12. sandy ~ your whole point is stupid. She has twin daughters, yet she is only out with one of them. Why no hateful message towards her for only having one, non-toddler out? It is funny, even though Brad and Angie have a bodyguard, they bring 3 kids out at a time, and are ridiculed for not bringing the baby out.

  13. sandy says

    #9, looks like her daughter isn’t too young to take out to the Park like some say Shiloh is! Also, guess people can’t say these babies are sleeping and napping to use as excuses like they do for why Angie doesn’t have Shiloh out with her!

    So what other excuse can you come up with?

  14. Lola says

    #7 And she is carrying her instead of making her crawl and her pants are just plain white. And no frills. She must be a terrible mom. You are right Honey. Someone will probably complain.

  15. says

    Oh no! Marcia is pulling an Angelina and will be criticized forever for not bringing both her kids with her at every outing!!!

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