Gwen & Kingston Hit The Runway!

Gwen Stefani

Gwen and 15-month-old son Kingston hit the runway for her L.A.M.B. fashion show at New York’s Bryant Park during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Wednesday. Cute!



  1. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Rachie, its called a dummy here but a pacifier in America, you can’t tell them what to call it! The American-English language can be quite different to the British-English, so you can’t tell an American they are saying something wrong just because it is different!

    You wouldn’t tell a Norwegian person they couldn’t call a strawberry a jordbaerr would you?

  2. Blair says

    I’ve never heard the term “dummy” either. Maybe in the UK, but in the US I have heard terms such as pacifier, paci, and binky. Mostly pacifier though.

  3. name not needed says

    I agree with N…. that IS a very short dress….but it IS in style, after all,alot of celebs are wearing short dresses l8tly

  4. yummy says

    Well seeing as how these pics of her with a VERY flat stomach in Hawaii were taken about a week ago I would seriously doubt that she is preggers. Or at least showing in less than a weeks time.

  5. 2teens3beans says

    We always called them Binkys when my kids were babes. There does seem to be a bump there, but it could be the angle… might be a hipbone or the way Kingstons jeans have a slight curve to them.

  6. Sandra says

    Rachie Actually I am sure the “pacifier” has many many names! Here in the US it is called a pacifier, binky, nuk, etc.. Where you are at they might call it a dummy but I have never heard that term before.

  7. Rachie UK says

    It’s called a dummy not pacifier! Sorry lol but that really annoys me. I thing lil Kingston looks cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Sandra says

    Who cares if she brought him with to the fashion show. He is wearing headphones to protect his ears from loud music, it is not just ear muffs folks!

  9. **S says

    This is the first pic I’ve seen of Kingston with a pacifier in his mouth. I think he’s sweet, and Gwen seems to be a great mom.

  10. Georgia says

    I can see a bump too! She said she wasnt going to get pregnant until her tour ends which is in October but maybe she couldnt wait ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. denise says

    She is in such good shape (baby bump or not) – Its makes me want to go workout to look like that

  12. megs says

    I like how Gwen stays true to herself, she doesn’t seem to try too hard to please others and seems like a good mom. I am sure the crowd loved seeing her with her son at the show! But agree that babies and exposure to so much excitement probably wouldn’t be my idea of fun.

  13. sara says

    I’m not sure what the point was to bring him out with all the loud music, blaring lights and hordes of people?? I guess the little guy is used to it…..

  14. BritishMumma says

    First for a change…

    Ok Im not against babies having dummies (pacifiers whatever) but Kingston does seem to have one in his mouth alot. Hes such a cute little guy but we rarely see all of his face…

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