Angelina Jolie Takes Pax & Zahara To The Park

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

While Brad was at a Yankees game with Maddox, Angelina took Pax and Zahara to a New York City park on Wednesday.

Maddox looks so cute peering over the edge!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt



  1. jazz says

    I think Angie needs to get a grip.If she is starving herself becase she feels bad for the people in Africa then what the HELL ! something abut it. Starving yourself is not going to do nothing at all. She is showing younger viewers that she is anoresic. If she has all this money and is fighting with Brad about where she is going to go for her next BIG movie. Then pull out your wallet and start a club and have people join like Maddona. She is always about pease and love. I’m not trying to pick on Angie but come on. Also Brad needs to get his head out of his butt and speak up.

    with peace and love;

  2. lori says

    kelly, are we talking about the same “amazing” mother and lady Brad gushes about, the same woman that said she has only slept with four men in her whole life? Amazing indeed!

  3. kelly says

    thank you nicki for the pic of shi laughing, i missed that one. i know as a mom that children need stability and a place called home. i know they hate the pap’s following them all over, it does scare the children. brad as said the only normal family life is in new orlean’s. they are never bothered. he said he could not wait to go back. ange said a few time’s now that when her wanted movie was done and brad finished jesse jame’s they were both taken a year off. but, they aye are both shooting new role’s they signed on to do. what about the kid’s??? also i cannot beleive ange paid 1200.00 dollar’s for z’s purse. and her gold bracelet’s, what does shi get? oh that is right she got 1700,00 diamond pacifier when she fusses. do you honestly think that shi know’s the difference between the diamond pacifier or a store bought one at a dollar or riteaid store. and z’s jean’s are 120.00 a pop. and she say’s brad has no smart bussiness savy. she could built school’s and send alot of kid’s food,medicine and other thing’s. she alway’s say’s she does not spoil her children and she want’s them to no how to be thankful for what they have. she take’s her children to third world countrie’s and her children see how other children go with out.(mad is the oldest i don’t know that z understand’s) then the go to a villa,suite at a hotel for 12,00-17,000 a night. she is a hypicrite, sorry if that offend’s anyone. everytime you see her out, she is coming out of an art or toy store. no, they are not spoiled, i guess that is my imagination. the kid’s fly on a personal airplane, have expensive clothe’s. and i feel for mad, he meet’s new friend’s in a school,then he jet’s off again and start’s at a new school. does anyone know how many school’s mad has attended??. i love when ange say’s she want’s her kid’s to be aware about how some people don’t have alot of what they need, she want’s them aware. i would love to be her kid,120.00 jean’s the best hotel’s,villa’s private jet’s. how can she sleep at night at a third world country. she visit’s all the people to try and help. then she goes and stay’s at the most exspensive hotel, and has a personal air craft. that is hard for me to swallow, all that money. she could have stayed in enviorment to understand how she can help. that to me is a hypocrite. thank’s again nicki for the pic of shi smiling at her daddy.

  4. betty says

    Zbella, I know what I am talking about and if you count back nine months that’s when Shiloh was born it amount to that. They both cheated! Jennifer and Brad were divorced on October and do you remember the make up or brake up trip? It was all over the news. He was still with with Jen when Angie got pregnant around July or August. I know you defend her because you like her but let’s call the truth for what it is. Whether they were separated or not, they were still married and he made a vow to love and to hold in sickness or health until death do them apart… what ? that doesn’t count? The pen wasn’t even dry when they show up to the Academy Awards together, but not ‘really’ together according to them. But mathematically speaking Angie was already pregnant if you do the math.(3 months) So it means she was flirting with him, dating him and sleeping with him for months before that. Figure it out! She even lied to Ann Currie in the famous interview about her life when she stated: no! I would n’t never slep with a married man.” but she did. That’s why she was laughing thru the whole interview. But I didn’t laugh, it wasn’t funny. Jennifer should thank God she didn’t have kids with Brad because he would have abandon her for sure. The first (famous) female opportunist and beautiful I may say and he went for it. Without any consideration for his marriage to Jennifer or any moral values whatsoever. Angie also cheated with Billi Bob Thurton and his live in girlfriend Laura Dern. She knew they were together also although no married. Laura said she found out she didn’t have a boyfriend no more from the press and the day he married Angelina. What a smart guy Billi Bob, he ran after that when he realized he made the mistake and Brad should do the same. She cannot be faithfull to anybody but herself. And this carrying kids around is just a show up so no one notice how skinny she is getting and concentrate and how ‘strong’ she is. But for how long the kids were carried? I carried my kids myself for a few minutes and she does it for the photo opp. Like I said:: what goes around comes around”. however again, I wish them well.

  5. Jeleth says

    Can’t her kids walk? What’s the deal with carrying them EVERYWHERE!! I don’t think I’ve ever see those two with their own two feet on the ground.

  6. Zbella says

    Betty – my goodness! Jennifer & Brad were seperated. He did not abandon children – he is the father to 4! I think they have a wonderful base for this relationship AKA 4 beautiful children.

  7. Betty says

    I think Angelina Jolie is a carpenters dream: ” flat as a board and easy to nail” -“You cannot build happiness over someones (Jennifer Aniston) misery” is an old saying. And I believe is true. Someday she will have to pay for what she did. Deep inside her heart she knows she did something wrong and that’s is probably what is ‘eating’ her right now and why she is losing so much weight. She probably don’t sleep well either. My concern is the children and I hope when they grow up they will forgive their mother since children sometimes when they older will resent her. But not matter what she is a human being and human makes mistakes. God forgives you Angie, but can yourself? She should quit working and traveling all over the world and raise those children now that she has the money and the time. The bible states:
    “Charity begins at home”. She can also send easily a check over the mail and stay at home with her children and give them all the love and stability now, so they will be considerate and understanding when they grow up. I tell you by my own experience, children will resent you!
    Brad has to make peace with Jennifer Aniston also for what he has done or if their children have any moral values will resent him as well.
    God bless your family and I wish you well!

  8. lyle says

    hahahahaha I just read some of the above posts hahahaha
    do you guys really take this much time out of your day to argue with each other? lol

  9. lori says

    To me it isn’t an obsession to wonder why Shiloh never seems to be with them! If it was once or twice, even ten times, but this has been the case for months! They take her with them when they leave from city to city, country to country, but then she is left with nannies to watch her.

    It is only natural to wonder why so much. She isn’t a small baby any more, I thought that was why at first, but then I realized that wasn’t the case, doesn’t seem to bother Brad one bit either. She is supposed to be healthy, Zahara wasn’t and yet she wasn’t left at home any!

    If no one knew the story about this family, you would think it was a family of five, not six!

  10. &J says

    Nicki, I agree with Essie’s post too!
    This obsession with Shiloh and her daily whereabouts is getting out of control. Some people need to let it go. LET IT GO.
    Maybe Shiloh is taking a nap, maybe she is extremely sensitive to noise or the flashbulbs from photogs. Brad has said that when they go out there are too many paparazzi. “There’s always cameras in the kids’ faces, yelling their names”.
    Who knows. I don’t know, you don’t know. Nobody knows why she doesn’t accompany them on outings. Why do people care so much? All I know is this need to know about all things Shiloh is CREEPY.
    Oh and people should really think about their choice of diction, throwing around words like ‘neglect’ is uncalled for.

  11. Deeds says

    Jenna what do you think about the amount of time it took? I thought it would have taken a little more longer. You were right! How did you ever know? LOL

  12. Essie says

    She is NOT being neglected!!! You have no idea what goes on with that family. You only see nanoseconds of their lives from photographs. You have no idea what happens with them the other 23 hours and 59 minutes of their day. All of this talk of Shiloh being neglected is ridiculous and all of you are stupid!! Get a life!!! If Shiloh’s mother wants to refrain from taking her out to be harrassed by the paparazzis and idiot fans, it’s her perogative and you have nothing to say about it.

    The Jolie-Pitt children (all of them) are obviously well taken care of, healthy and happy. None of them appear to be neglected. That’s obvious from the photos but you don’t care to acknowledge that fact. There are innumerable pictures of Shiloh with the family and with her parents but you idiots prefer to forget those pictures and focus on the ones she isn’t in.

    Grow up!! Stop making up stories and situations and pretending they are true. They aren’t. Stop thinking you know what goes on with this family. You don’t!!

    Of course, I realize I’m just pissing in the wind but at least I’ve had my say!!!

  13. lori says

    Essie, you are annoying! It is very obvious to more than one person that Shiloh is left at home most of the time, she is not one month old, she is 15 mos.! Babies that age enjoy the Park and outings also, Zahara did when she was that age, and younger, didn’t she? Didn’t we see tons of her carried everywhere when she was much smaller? So why can’t Shiloh go someplaces where the paps aren’t right up in her face? Zahara was, and even in Parks, she was still carried and held so NO, it is not imaginary and No, we don’t think Shiloh is being mistreated, she is just being neglected to a certain extent!

  14. Essie says

    Oops!! Sorry about the duplicate post!!!

    P.S.: You people crack me up with your worry about Shiloh. Like that child is locked in a closet somewhere, away from the world. What idiots!!!

    Next thing you know, the tabloids will be writing about how Shiloh is chained to the radiator and fed dog food!!! And you suckers will probably believe it.

  15. Essie says

    There is nothing wrong with Zee’s hip!!! I can’t believe people actually believe the tabloids. If Zee has this hip problem she would not be able to walk, let alone RUN the way she was running in Central Park. The child was running, jumping, climbing and sliding down poles. How can a child with a bad hip do those things? THINK PEOPLE!!!

  16. Essie says

    There is nothing wrong with Zee’s hip!!! I can’t believe people actually believe the tabloids. If Zee has this hip problem she would not be able to walk, let alone RUN the way she was running in Central Park. The child was running, jumping, climbing and sliding down poles. How can a child with a bad hip do those things? THINK PEOPLE!!!

  17. Lala says

    I really like this family
    but I must agree with most of you, they never show S, but Z is always with them, matching all her mom things and having fun with his dad
    Mad is the big one so because he is 6 there are most acti he would enjoy, plus paparazzis take picture of him every time he go to school,
    but never Shi, she is a big baby alredy and she could have some girls time of fun
    It seem to me that paz and Shi are the one that are leave behind, and carried when mad and zee leave them time
    Definetly z is the favority one,
    Shi would be the most beautiful bla bla bla, but it seems that this is way brad and angie give more attention to z, I think that this is the wrong way, there are other ways of telling the kids that outside beauty is not the most imporatnt thing
    Every other hollywood star take their babies to the park, and they loved it. I have 3 kids 7,5,3,1 and Im expecting twins, trust me with one nanny you can take all of them, and when they are 1 year, they love being with the trees and the birds and the sun and ohter kids that arent they sibilings
    I just hope angie and brad can find time for shi, I know is hard but it is a choice having so many kids

  18. Deeds says

    #118, you’re probably right. I don’t read the tabloids. My ISP automaticaly brings up the latest news when I sign on. I’m sure that AJs family will be able to deal with the physical part of it. It will be interesting on how they deal with the emotional aspect part of it. As I have said before I hope everything will turn out well for AJs family.

  19. lori says

    I have read some of the comments from OMG, is she for real? She sounds very cold and hateful! I agree that she sounds anti-American! Perhaps some lingering resentment over the Vietnam War? I didn’t agree with it myself after all I have read and seen, strictly political, so maybe she has a grudge against the US because or our involvement in it!

  20. lori says

    I don’t know if she may actually need an operation or not but I have read that kids with rickets can grow out of it when they get older and then after four before they get operations. It does seem that her leg has improved somewhat since smaller but we can’t really tell by looking at pictures since she is carried all the time.

    I really think Angie and Brad don’t want any pictures taken of her that actually shows how bad her leg is curved. It would be more obvious in a dress.

  21. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I read about Z needing surgery on her hips too. I know exactly what you mean Deeds, when my baby sister needed operations I was terrified, I would imagine it would be just awful for a parent!

    I wonder how long it’ll take before certain people come on here claiming that the operation is “fake” or a publicity stunt or “why isn’t poor little Shiloh getting an operation?”. Not seriously with the last one obviously but I can almost guarantee people will be saying the first two things… its pathetic.

  22. lori says

    Her one leg is very curved, what will be done about it, she walks, (sometimes) I saw the picture in the park where she couldn’t wait to get down and started running, she was able to run okay, but one leg is not formed normal. Maybe they are waiting till she gets older, I noticed she has never been let down to walk when she has a dress on, of course only seen the black dress she had on in New Orleans, maybe they just don’t like her to walk in public any?

  23. Nicki says

    Deeds are you talking about the tabloid story about a hip operation??? Well Brads publicist was contacted and said the story was not true and she even told the tabloid (Star maybe) but said they choose to print the untrue story.

  24. Deeds says

    I read recently that Z might be having an operation soon for her legs (will someone let me know if it true). I hope all will be well for her. At Zs age going under the knife AJ must be scared. I know I was when my 2 year old needed an operation. If you want to scare a mom just tell that her child needs surgery.

  25. anoynomous says

    where is shiloh?? that is trully sad. don’t get me wrong, i like brad and angie is an awesum actress, but a piss poor mom to shiloh. why get another sister for z? she has one.

  26. Confused says

    Sandy – I am confused as to why you presume to know so much about this families life. Yes, your child’s sleeping habits are probably different than a jet setting 1 year old, I won’t argue there. Bottom Line: All children are different. I’m sure that Angelina and Brad know what’s best for THEIR children and there is a reason (other than the negative assumptions) that everyone seems so fond of as to why we don’t see Shiloh as often.

  27. fia7891 says


  28. Lila says

    All this is for publicty for Brad’s latest movie. Most of it is copying tomkat. Am not sure it is working for them though.

  29. sandy says

    I have been called much worse, and NO, that is not the reason why I would punch her in the mouth, if I wanted to do that because people didn’t agree with me it would be a sad world for me to live in, even sadder than it is now!

    Goodbye to the nice people on here!

  30. Sandy is a hypocrite says

    Sandy, get off your holier than thou high horse!!! For someone who blathers on about “My Savior” you sure don’t act very Christain like. You want to punch people in the face because they don’t think the way you do? HYPOCRITE!!

  31. lala says

    #105 – Actually, the kids need exercise and she can hold their hands. Kids usually prefer to walk on their own — although they can walk very slowly. So, maybe it’s a publicity stunt — to show how very affectionate she is with her children.

  32. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    A very needed subject change-

    Wow Angie reminds me of myself sometimes (not in every way, mind you), but I carry my two little girls everywhere, and sometimes get strange looks when both are attached to my hips. They’re young, they prefer to be carried, I don’t mind carrying them, it’s good exercise, it’s more efficient than keeping track of their whereabouts when I’m in a rush, so I figure….why not?

  33. OMG says


    You wrote

    “If one day my maker, welcomes me home and I pray that he will, then they may be one or two things in my lifetime he will be pleased about,”

    and this was not to mean that you did charity to earn point with your maker?

    I, not care for the soldiers? I see no need to advertise my feeling. And my pointing out different cultural practices of male female interaction means I don’t care for soldiers? And so that makes me anti America? I have to agree with the way you judge a stranger to be pro America/Americans? How simplistic a reasoning method.

    You, want to punch me in the face? My, my, you would walk to me and punch me in the face because I tellyou how people perceive things in my culture to support a discussing point with you? Last I heard on the news and TV, Americans were proud to be aware, understanding, and compassionate about people and cultures of the world. Are you sure, you’re American?

    Indeed I am a fool to have tried to bring another view forward with you.


  34. Fly On The Wall says

    To Honey #88:

    Where is Brad’s responsibility in the breakup of this marriage? Good question. Got another one for you: Where is JENNIFER’s responsibility in the breakup of this marriage?

    It’s been well and truly said that a marriage that is happy and healthy cannot be broken up by any third person. Jennifer is on record as saying her marriage was essentially dead in the water before the end of 2004, and this was long before Brad ever got involved with Angie. So what went wrong? I’d say it was a combination of growing apart, wanting different things out of life, and — whether anyone likes to hear this or not — Jennifer putting her career before her man, which cost her both her career and her man.

    Jennifer never wanted children from the get-go and she should have been up front with Brad and told him so, rather than string him along with lies for five years. She has no maternal instinct at all. She is godmother to Sheryl Crow’s child. Has anyone ever seen a single picture of her holding that child? I didn’t think so.

    I don’t think Jennifer ever loved Brad for himself; she said in public while she was still married to him that he was never the great love of her life. What she loved was the A-list status that came with being Mrs. Brad Pitt, and what she can’t get over is not losing Brad but losing that status. Nicole Kidman didn’t lose her status when her marriage to Tom Cruise ended because Kidman was A-list on her own. Aniston only made the A-list by marrying Brad and now that he’s gone, she’ll never make it on her own.

    Anyway, what’s done is done, Jennifer helped torpedo her own marriage, and Brad is happy with Angelina and their children. To all you haters out there: deal with it.

  35. sandy says

    THank you very much Nicki! I can easily see why Miss Oriana likes you so much by reading her posts to you!

    I did see this picture and it is absolutely adorable! She is enjoying herself with her family and is very happy! I don’t rule out either that she may be laughing and smiling at Zahara for I think Brad is holding her in this picture! Sooooo cute!!!!!!!!

  36. Nicki says

    100. sandy —And you should be proud of the job your husband is doing!!! No one deserves more praise than our military men and women!!! I would like say Thank-you to your husband and all the others who are doing the job our president ………..choose for them to do. I think everyone of them deserve a HUGE raise. I don’t agree with Pres. Bush…….But I have nothing but the utmost respect for all people fighting for our country. I thank them everynight in my prayers and wish them the best.

    On the Shiloh one on one note, maybe when she is a bit older. She doesn’t do well with ALL the paps in her face. You did see this one on one pic with Shiloh, Brad and Angie with Shiloh smiling?………….

  37. sandy says

    Nicki, yes, we all saw the pictures of her with the rest of the kids, granted we will see a few pictures of her with them, but none of her without them, wheras, tons of pictures of them everywhere!. Still waiting for Shiloh’s One on One day on an outing with her parents? No, she isn’t locked away in her room, but she certainly isn’t outside with them that much either!

    Edie is right, the adopted kids do go everywhere! I have looked at pictures of Zahara when she was Shiloh’s age and younger, Angie had her with her constantly, in all types of weather, even pushing her in a stroller in Germany when she was younger, I didn’t make it up, pictures are proof!

    I won’t respond to OMG after this, I don’t think she cares for America, our customs or American women for sure. I may be wrong but that is the impression I got from her responses. Since I am the wife of an American soldier (and proud of it) I am certain she doesn’t care for me. So OMG, don’t be concerned about me or what I think, you are the type I would gladly punch right in the mouth if I came face to face with you! You are a stupid FOOL if you think I am doing any charity work to make points with my Saviour! I am well aware that good works won’t get anyone into Heaven, only by the grace of God do I have a chance and I don’t give a shit about you or what you think!

    #91, dori, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your statments! Too bad not more people that think like you in the world today!

  38. fee says

    Ok for everyone who is saying that these children have no stability, my question is: how do you know?

    I am an army brat. I moved around constantly and both of my parents were not always around. And you know what: I TURNED OUT JUST FINE.

    I am sorry if I am being rude, but it just really annoys me that people think stability means staying in one place and having the entire family together all the time.

  39. 2teens3beans says

    #56 You don’t think it’s a valid reason to shelter a frightened baby from aggressive papparazzi? How could anyone think otherwise?

    And for those who ponder how a parent could love an adopted child as much as a natural child… Is an adopted child less lovable? Less deserving? I sincerely hope that you NEVER adopt.

    And… Shiloh is loved by Angelina, there is a water taxi shot where she is gently kissing Shiloh’s head. It’s a perfect picture of a Mother’s love.

  40. Andrea says

    47 Myrna Please go away and DIE!!!!!!

    After all that hate, did anyone actually noticed that Zahara is wearing PINK?

  41. Edie says

    Why do we always see pictures of Brad and Angie with the adopted kids but we hardly ever see baby Shiloh anywhere. The adopted kids go to the zoo, park, ballgames, etc, etc, but it’s like Shiloh is not good enough to go out with the rest. If she is there with them they need to show her more because the press is giving the public the idea and perception that Shiloh is not treated the same as the adopted kids. She is a beautiful, precious little baby and she should not be shunned in this way. When she grows up it will catch up with Brad and Angie. Is there a valid reason WHY we don’t see as much of her?

  42. OMG says


    I don’t recall calling you names, at least not the kind of names you used to call Angelina.

    I must say I agree with you about respectability and the need to observe and keep it close. Also agree that much is lost in the world today. I do not justify bad behavior or ill bred conducts. I simply tried to point out that the man bears as much guilt as the other woman, if not more. As for her kiss to her brother–no, I didn’t watch it. Still, unless I know for sure she had incestuous intention in mind when she kissed him that way, I can’t accuse her of being incestuous. I saw a teenage daughter sitting on her father’s laps (I only found out he was her father when she called him dad) and moved in the way I consider inappropriately. I saw girls/women hugging daddies, uncles, male friends, pressing their bosoms hard in a big squeeze. Are they incestuous or adulterous? According to my culture they are, but in this culture of the West, they are not. If I were to judge with my culture and reading with capacity of my own language, I would say all non-Asians, non-Muslims are incestuous and adulterous. In my language we don’t say we love a bag, a ring, a friend, even female friends, a brother, even parents. Yet Americans and British cry ‘love’ over every thing. Should I say all English speakers are promiscuous? Of course not. So if that means I lack scruples, fine. I haven’t been so completely pure that I can give myself the entitlement to judge anyone–this is my stance.

    Seem to me, you can’t also. Jenifer has moved on, sleeping with a new man rather quick after filing for divorce. Is she considered a prude?

    And by the way, were you present when Angelina enticed the married Brad? If not, you are speculating. Well, gossiping is more apt a name for your action. In my mother’s book of scruples, gossiping is not defined as scruple. So much for having scruples eh?

    2 year-old.

  43. OMG says


    You wrote:

    “As far as anyone ever suggesting I am a Saint then I will have serious worries about that person and suggest they seek mental and medical health immediately!!!”

    What do you suggest to people who look at a few pictures which capture a tiny fraction of someone’s day and go on and on about this person being bias against her own biological child? No mental help?

    How do you know that Shiloh doesn’t get the same love and affection? Are you living in their house? But what is the child to you?

    You certainly are entitled to voicing your opinion and I sure could skip reading it. But like anyone who come here, curiosity always gets the better of me so I read. Your going on and on about the same thing despite pictures pointing to the contrary of your opinion got to me.

    Lastly, since you doing charity and volunteering to get some credit with your maker at the gate of his heaven, will worrying about Shiloh get you one more score with him? You might get more score if you quit volunteering for the corrupted and lying bunch wearing clothes of politicians.

  44. dori says

    I will not apologize for having morals… something that is lacking in the world today. I was not a virgin at marriage I was part of the 60’s free love and the whole disco scene. But I would never have dated or slept with another womans husband. I have too much self respect to degrade myself to that desperate kind of behaviour.
    So… your wrong about me. Like I said on my previous posts on other threads women today settle for scaps when they should want steak. Respectability is a thing of the past. You justify bad behaviour and those who criticize it are old fashion prudes. Shame on you!!! I like my era and I like having scrupples. I’m sorry some of you don’t.

  45. dori says

    OMG It was not a peck on the lips my friend….. and not a loving kiss from a mommy to her child. it was a mushy gushing slobbery long kiss…. odd very odd and it looked incestuous! I was watching the academy awards that night …were you? obviously you didn’t see that kiss it was a hot topic on the news for a long time and I wasn’t the only person who thought it was not normal . You don’t have to get nasty and resort to name calling. We are adults here sharing opinions and just because mine doesn’t match your is no reason to start acting like a 2 year old.
    He wasn’t seduced by a woman and innocent but he wasn’t LOOKING for love she is an opportunist saw a weakness and went after it. With her beauty and sexiness it was pretty easy to fall in love She’s an exciting woman and interesting I can see why he was attracted to her but the fact reamins HE WAS MARRIED.

  46. sandy says

    #86, I know you were being sarcastic but I will answer you anyway. No, I don’t expect any kind of praise for truth be told, I could have and should have done much more at an earlier age. The reason I volunteer at the Red Cross is because my husband is in Iraq right now and I know in my heart one day they may be needed to help him. As for the Homeless Shelter, I get sick over seeing men and women on the streets dirty and asking for help, and I also know the jobless rate in the U.S. today, with people losing their homes as well as jobs.

    If one day my maker, welcomes me home and I pray that he will, then they may be one or two things in my lifetime he will be pleased about, but who knows, I still have a way to go yet, hopefully!

    As far as anyone ever suggesting I am a Saint then I will have serious worries about that person and suggest they seek mental and medical health immediately!!!

    I do feel that adopted children, are chosen ones, and they would be cherished, but I find it strange that a biological child would not be shown the same love and affection, and attention, that does not appear to be the same in this family with Shiloh. Sorry if that offends you.

    I read where Angelina went down a slide with Zahara on her knee, Shiloh would not have fit on that same knee? She took one bodyguard with two children, she could have taken two bodyguards with one child if she has worries, I don’t see anything wrong with voicing my thoughts about this, if you do, then scan over my postings, I don’t plan on being on here much longer anyway so it really doesn’t matter!

  47. says

    WHERE IS BRAD’S RESPONSIBILITY IN THE BREAKUP OF HIS MARRIAGE??!! How can you possibly pin a whole marriage falling apart on ONE person? How many YEARS has it been now? GET OVER IT. I’m pretty sure Jen has….!

  48. OMG says

    I must say you are right there about the marriage of Brad & Jennifer, sandy.

    dori, how old fashioned are you? A virgin on wedding night probably? And never look at a male star and thinking he’s hot most likely. What virtuous woman! No man can be seduced by a woman if he didn’t allow it. Why don’t you trash Brad?

  49. OMG says


    How wonderful that you are doing charity and volunteering for public work like Angelina! How unfair that no national public praise is showering upon you! You are great, woman! Also sounded like a wonderfully fair-minded mother as you’ve gone on and on about her favoring her adopted kids over Shiloh, her not taking Shiloh to the park, her kids don’t wear girly colors etc…

    I figured you are this great a woman therefore my previous comment was meant to suggest you wonderful mothers and utterly upright women form your own club, or better yet, country, so you could have only praiseworthy kind to mingle with and all of your children, adopted and biological are to be equally loved for public to view. Then you can go on and on praising each other.

    But wait, if all are saints and wonderful mothers, they are then no longer special, no longer saintly and wonderful; and you don’t like praising another woman all the time, do you?

  50. OMG says

    spectator, in my culture it is the same. Father, uncle, brother don’t kiss female relatives, young or old. They don’t do domestic chores (woman’s jobs). And mother, aunt, sister don’t kiss male relative or male, period. No kissing between friends, same sex or not either. But I appreciate the freedom to express love of western culture so I see nothing wrong with parents kissing children. I still find it hard being given a hug by a male friend. And teenage daughter sitting on father’s laps makes me cringe. Women covered up…there are many other things we don’t do in my culture that Americans do. It is always ironic to me that American women are critical in these matters when they are normal in their culture.

  51. spectator says

    80. dori | September 7th, 2007 at 8:41 pm
    He was still a married man and she announced publicly that she “doesn’t need to date married men because she can have any man she wants” when in fact she was already sleeping with another womans husband .

    wow, it seems you are the ONLY one that knows the ‘fact’. Perhaps you got mixed up with the dates?

  52. spectator says


    79. OMG | September 7th, 2007 at 8:38 pm

    I kiss my son on the lips all the time, hard when I feel overflowed with love for him. Guess that makes me an incestuous mother. Gosh, go suck an egg, saint dori!

    In the movie “Meet Joe Black’ , the daughter kisses the father.

    Yucky….. It’s weird in my culture, where people don’t kiss each other…but I learn to accept different cultures

  53. sandy says

    dori, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Angie was innocent by any means, I just don’t think she had actual sex with him before he joined her and Maddox in Africa, I do think she flirted, knew exactly what she was doing and thought the marriage was over with, I am sure Brad told it was just like he told her while filming that Jennifer was his best friend, at the time anyway. She is a seductress, and at that time, she was a different person, used to doing as she pleased, she certainly did with BBT knowing he was in a relationship with Laura Dern. I am the first to admit, I do like her and think she is committed to Brad and the kids, but she is only a woman, not a Saint that many want to believe. I am not blinded to the truth and know she did make many mistakes.

    However, I do feel, if the marriage had been stronger, Brad and Jennifer could have gone to counseling and perhaps held it together. It is as it was meant to be.

  54. sandy says

    #77, who is speculating? I read the interviews Jennifer gave about wanting to put kids on hold for her movie career, I saw where Brad said he was ready for kids, long ago, and I also see the pictures of the kids out at the Park and ballgames, and I also DON’T see the pictures of Shiloh!

    So again, how do you know we don’t do any charity work? I happen to volunteer at the Red Cross and also campaign for the Democratic headquarters, not that that is charity but I am doing something I believe in like Angelina does, and I also work one day a week as a volunteer at a Homeless Shelter, so speak for yourself!!!!!!!!

  55. dori says

    I do agree that Jennifer disappointed Brad in the baby department …she felt he had time and he did not. But Angie took advantage of the situation and grabbed him. He was still a married man and she announced publicly that she “doesn’t need to date married men because she can have any man she wants” when in fact she was already sleeping with another womans husband . Thats trashy to me and I would feel that way about any woman who did what she did. Guess I’m old fashioned.

  56. OMG says

    I kiss my son on the lips all the time, hard when I feel overflowed with love for him. Guess that makes me an incestuous mother. Gosh, go suck an egg, saint dori!

  57. sandy says

    dori, I do agree with you it was a little long and therefore did appear odd, I do think she was caught up in the excitement of the moment, she looked like Elvira to me then also, in her sweeping black dress, hair jet black and eye makeup, I wish she could get out of the gothic phase and not be so depressing looking most of the time. The kids would be so cute dressed like normal little girls are, and NO, they are not to all you that are going to be screaming! Even at the Park today there was a picture of a little girl in a cute Red dress, so yes, there are actual little girls that can wear dresses to a Park!

  58. OMG says

    Don’t you people ever let up on speculating? Saints you all are so why not gather together and do some charity work instead of being here.

  59. dori says

    Yes, The brother is gorgeous but from the way you describe it, I’m not sure you actually that kiss.. did you? I was watching those awards and that was no normal brother sister kiss it was a sloppy mushy long kiss on the lips it was odd very odd !!! maybe it was the excitement at the moment but it was very strange

  60. sandy says

    confused, perhaps you are confused! Do 15 month children sleep 80% of the time? Mine didn’t! And who hates the photos more than Zahara, how many frowns have we seen on her face? So if they took her out constantly like they do now still, why not Shiloh taken out at least sometimes? And I am referring again to more community outings, forget about One on One time in the community for apparently that isn’t going to happen! If that was the case, she should have been taken out today, instead of yet again, the favored ones like usual.

    Pax is my favorite, so don’t give me any shit about me wanting a blonde blue eyed child in the spotlight like Suzy is trying to say! I just think she deserves her time out like the rest of them get. Every child can benefit from fresh air, playing at playgrounds and Parks, why not Shiloh? They have enough bodyguards to take care of any problems.

    I just don’t think that Angie wants to leave Zahara at home and she of course will take Pax along to play with her.

    dori, as far as the kissing business with her brother, she was unconventional true enough, but I don’t think a kiss on the lips was earth shattering! It isn’t like she had her tongue stuck down his throat for God’s sakes! She loves her brother and I like him too! As for BBT, she said she has changed since those wild days and I believe her, I don’t see any blood necklaces from Brad, or any more Cutting incidents out of her, people can change yu know, some for the good as well as the bad, and I think she has changed for the good.

  61. &yY says

    No. 70, You are entitled to your opinion, and I disagree with you 100%. Angie herself said she felt more for the adopted ones. Now she proves it by leaving Shiloh almost constantly behind. I am not buying this crap about protecting her.

    Paparazzis are going to make noise, whether Shiloh is there or not. If that doesn’t bother the adopted ones, it shouldn’t bother Shiloh.

  62. sandy says

    dori, I read many times that Jennifer told Brad when she wrapped up Friends she would start a family, that did not happen, in my opinion, she lied to him! She wanted a big time movie career, where is it? None of her films have made any money except The Breakup, and I would say that was due to Vince Vaughn as much as to her, granted, Angelina’s movies haven’t been that great either at the box office, which was a surprise to me. She had a very low priority as far as having a family goes, and she HAD to know how important it was to Brad.

    I do however feel that Angie knew, and she didn’t waste any time flirting with him and she also grew strong feelings for him. I think the marriage was over, and Angie knew it, when Maddox started calling him Daddy that was the final nail in the coffin as far as Jennifer was concerned, it was a done deal!

  63. dori says

    once again this is just my opinion , I don’t like Angelina since way back in the Billy Bob Thornton era and the public displays of sex and the(kissing business with her BROTHER)love of her life who by the she was a heck of a lot more passionate about than she is about Brad. She took Brad to be a father to her son and father all these children because she knew how badly he wanted to be a father.She had no regard for the fact he was a married man and that she broke another womans heart This whole thing reminds me a lot of how Elizabeth Taylor stole Eddie Fisher from Debbie Reynolds back in the 60’s. Maybe some of you don’t recall that but the world didn’t like Liz too much after that either.

  64. dori says

    Jennifer never said she never wanted children she had just left the friends TV show series and had a load of movies she was offered it wasn’t the right time for her to have children can you blame her for wanting to have a go at a movie career? She is still young unlike Brad who felt the pangs of parenting at age 40 and so conveniently Angelina comes along as they make a movie and Mad starts calling Brad daddy. he was drawn to that and don’t really blame him but I do blame Angelina who lied and denied the relationship when in fact she was already sleeping with Brad Pitt. Shes a whore and will always be whore in my eyes .

  65. Suzy says

    I rarely comment on this site but I wanted to now. Doesn’t everyone know that Shiloh is the “Chosen One” the perfect Arian beauty, that is why everyone on ths site and every other baby site is crazy about her. When I say crazy I mean CRAZY. I agree with poster #35 and #44(about Suri) all the media cares about is Shiloh. The paparazzi is constantly screaming for Shiloh what effect will that have on a baby her age constantly hearing strangers shouting her name wanting her picture she will either grow up to be very vain or very self conscious (can someone say eating disorder). Did anyone think for a second that maybe Brad and Angie are trying to protect her. What effect will this have on her brothers and sisters they will think she is more special than they are. Lets face it as she grows up it will only get worst Shiloh is the perfect blue eyed blonde hair beauty that is worshipped in our society. Look at the way people comment on Shiloh” her eyes are so beautiful” “her hair is so blonde”, Zahhara on the other hand gets “she looks cute today” when she’s not being called a monkey. She is going to realize this as she gets older but I hope she does not resent her sister. I hope they have a strong relationship. Angie and Brad know this so they aren’t going to parade Shiloh around like she is the chosen one as most people want them to. She gets lots of love at home and that’s all that’s important.
    I would just also like to comment to all the posters who said Angie and Brad need to take Shiloh out more often. Why? To please you. Who the hell are you? These people don’t have to do anything but themselves and thier children happy. I can’t believe adults can act this way, especially towards children. These people actually do believe that they know they thoughts and feelings of these celebrities, it’s really scary.

  66. Confused says

    Shiloh is a baby, she is most likely sleeping 80% of the day. It’s been noted that she is not a fan of the flashes and paparazzi so why would her parents drag her into that mess just for a photo op. I can’t imagaine being bombarded with hundreds of flashes in my face everywhere I go and I am an adult. It would be irresponsible to put an unconfortable child in that situation. There are plenty of celebrities whose photos are taken and none of their children are present. I comend both Brad and Angelina for putting quailty time in with all the kids. From the photos i have seen they seem like loving parents. If your relationship with your parents was based on photographs…what kind of relationship would you have?

  67. makayla says

    ok dori you you dislike angelina jolie because she stole brad away from jennifer so you gonna hate britney spears julia roberts claire danes christy brinky husband .

    Jennifer who also wanted kids but her timing wasn’t the same as Brads ummmm no jennifer said i never wanted children it will HURT my movie carere what was the last movie she made since the breakup i ask you dori angelina in the other hand have many movie she in how on earth do you know that maddox dont play with any other children beside pax shiloh and zahara he go to the zoo park and is on a soccer team so i would guess he play with those boys sometimes

  68. sandy says

    Forgot to add, the article that was with the pictures, stated at this Park, a lot of mothers and nannies, bring their children and BABIES to the Park all the time, especially at the time of day Angelina was there again with Pax, Zahara and one bodyguard. I see no reason why Shiloh with her nanny could not have been there enjoying the fresh air and fun time. The mother that was there with her child said there was a crowd, but not up close bothering them, they were enjoying themselves like any normal family with kids on an outdoor outing.

  69. sandy says

    Yes, Honey, I have! Also, saw some pictures taken this morning of her with them again at the Park, nothing wrong with Zahara’s legs to me, she was running and playing, she is almost as big as Pax is! Guess Shiloh was sleeping again, at 10:00am! Oh, that’s right, she sleeps and naps all day! Anyway, the kids were playing and having fun, of course Zahara was being carried by Angie, with matching purses, very cute too! Pax has put on some weight also, I saw no reason why anyone would be uncomfortable with pictures taken of Zahara walking, her legs looked fine.

  70. says

    When my youngest was a baby (under 2 and NAPPING FREQUENTLY) and my husband happened to be at home (we don’t have nannies), I would often take my older 2 to the park or to their activities without her. She didn’t know she was missing out and she certainly doesn’t know now. I wonder what would be worse for Shiloh: having private, quiet, alone time with mom and dad, and the family, OR growing up full of herself because the world was always begging for a sight of her?? I’m sure it’s a combination of her own schedule, their protection of her, and their protection of their other kids.
    BY THE WAY….I haven’t see ANY photos of Angelina alone with PAX, anyone elss notice that?!

  71. Essie says

    You people are ridiculous!!!

    Dori, if you don’t like these people why do you bother to care how they live? Why do you bother to “worry” about how Shiloh is taken care of? How silly is that?

    There are photos of Maddox playing with children in India and in Cambodia; there are photos of him playing with Adam Pearl when they were in Cannes (and Adam and his Mom stayed with them in the villa in France during their vacation and there were pics of them playing); there were pics of Maddox playing with his cousins and other boys at his birthday party. There have been pics of Maddox playing with children besides his siblings all over the internet, but you probably didn’t see them because you don’t care for the family and don’t have time to check them out!!!

    I can’t believe all this “concern” for “poor Shiloh.” Like any of you really care!!! It’s obvious that child is terrified of the ugly people taking her pictures and the even uglier people screaming her name. It’s no wonder her parents prefer that she not be put in that situation too often. And they are right!!

    Leave these people alone and let them raise their kids their way and you can raise your kids your way. Things will turn out well or not. We won’t know for years but right now those kids look fine to me!!!

    P.S.: I don’t believe in karma. I don’t even know what it is. But you should not wish harm on a family. It’s not Christian.

  72. sandy says

    I can’t imagine those kids enjoy all those plane rides!

    #48, at least you do take your other baby out as well, Shiloh does not go out with them that often, that has been a proven fact. I enjoy seeing all the kids, but they have said they each have a One on One time with each of the kids, and I have yet to see that in the Community with Shiloh, that is all! I am sure she enjoys being played with at home but I think she would equally love and have fun at an outing just like Zahara does. I forgot who said it, but I am beginning to agree, Zahara is the favored child, and she was most definately a chosen one by Angelina and Brad!

  73. Noi says

    Another picture of Angelina and Z tioday, from TMZ.

    Angie won’t have to say again she favours her adopted ones. Her actions speak louder than her words.


  74. Noi says

    # 56: that is not a valid reason IMO.

    Shiloh is being penalized, given to the care of a nanny while the adopted ones enjoy time with the parents.

    This is disgusting. Their own sweet daughter.

    If they leave Shiloh behind, then they should leave the adopted ones behind too.

    Go out with all of them, or leave them all at home.

  75. dori says

    Essie I guess I’m not aware of all the details of their life.. I do have a life of my own. It’s the appearance of a family that lives out of a suitcase and I don’t have the time to research their living arrangements
    I still believe children should have other playmates besides their own siblings. no matter how many of them there are. I simply don’t like this family and you do.. and thats fine it’s ok to have a difference of opinion. I have my opinion of them as parents I’ve seen better celeb parents than these two. They are not hero’s to me. and maybe they are to you.
    I will never like them no matter how much of do gooders they APPEAR to be. the fact remains that this relationship was built on the hearbreak of Brads wife Jennifer. They have a bad karma comming to them eventually and I for one am just waiting to see what will happen because something will eventually. There was a third person who got very hurt at thier expense and the planned pregnancy was devastating to Jennifer who also wanted kids but her timing wasn’t the same as Brads. So he simply replaced her and any woman who would sleep with a married man is scum to me… no matter how many PROJECTS she has .

  76. 2teens3beans says

    I’m sure they have a valid reason for not taking Shi out as much as the other kids. I think Nicki’s theory #35 is right on the mark… I have seen the videos. When Shiloh is there all of the other Jolie-Pitts are ignored and all you can hear are the paps screaming Shiloh’s name. I imagine that could be very frightening for a baby and any sane parent would want to shelter her from that kind of assault.

  77. Noi says

    How on earth would we know if they are having a Shiloh day&

    Simple! Everytime they go out, somebody’s waiting to get their pictures.

    If they have a Shiloh day, it’s behind closed doors. It means they don’t go anywhere with Shiloh. They don’t go to parks, to the beach, to amusement parks, for a walk, etc. They keep her caged in.

    Shiloh’s time with her parents is in a cage. When she grows up, it will be interesting to see how she reacts to the fact that she was most of the time left behind.

  78. Elsa says

    OMG!! How on EARTH would we know if they are having a solo Mommy/Shiloh or Daddy/Shiloh day… Do you THINK that the only lives they have are the ones we see?

    I may not be a huge Brangelina fan, and I really don’t know them (or any celeb’s) true story for BEANS but they SEEM to be very loving and involved parents, to all of their children. This is just nuts.

  79. Deeds says

    #32…olive oil…good one. JMO but has anyone one noticed in the pic of Z she is wearing the same facial expression as Shiloh?

  80. Essie says

    Dori, they do not “live out of a suitcase.” What makes you think that? In Prague they lived in a rented house and in New York they live in an apartment in Manhattan, not a hotel. The only hotel they’ve stayed in was in Chicago for the small amount of time they had to stay there to finish Angie’s movie.

    Also, they are in New York so Brad can shoot his movie; they were in Venice and Deauville for the film festivals to introduce Brad’s movie that is being released in a few weeks. Matt Damon was also in Venice and Deauville and so were his wife and two daughters. Matt takes his family all over the world with him. Does that make him and Luciana bad parents? Jada and Will Smith take their two kids all over the world, not only for their movies but their daughter Willow was recently in Canada to film her part in the American Girl movie being done there. The Smith children don’t even go to a school but they seem to be normal, healthy and happy children.

    Maddox is playing with children from all corners of the globe and from all walks of life. He has evidently learned to interact with other children easily and that’s a good thing, in my opinion. My sisters kids lived all over the world and they have friends they still talk to and visit from Africa to Europe to Asia and they speak four languages!! What could possibly be wrong with that? The world is a small place these days and it’s good that the Jolie-Pitts want their kids to be a part of this new world.

  81. *** says

    There is no doubt in my mind that Angelina is favouring those adopted children. From day one, ugly Zahara was carried all over the place like a monkey.

    Not Shiloh. And don’t give me the excuse that she’s too young. The others weren’t too young. I think the youngest child of a family is the one that needs most attention from the parents. Not the opposite. Another adoption by these loonies will mean a further back seat for Shiloh. As to Tom Cruise, come on gang, his adopted children are old enough not to want to be with their parents any more. Suri’s just a baby. Come on.

  82. dori says

    Alyssa//// of course it’s not our business how they live their lives but this is a BABY WEBSITE and we come here to state our opinions and some of us disagree thats the beauty of this website if we all sat here and said oh isn’t that great oh aren’t they lovely and oh aren’t the kids cute what a BORING place this would be!!

  83. dori says

    well I’m glad to see he is attending school
    kids need socialization with other children besides their siblings
    also being an army brat and traveling is great and you do have a HOME in each town you moved to didn’t you? They move around by the week not by the year and they live out of suitcases in hotels not in HOMES. There is a difference.

  84. celine says

    maybe they used to take zahara everywhere when she was shiloh’s age because they had only one other kid than her then…

  85. ali says

    Thanks #27 love the pic of Shi laughing, LOTS of expression on that face. Love Angie and Brad and the family they have created, adopting and biologically…. anyone who says that a biological child deserves more than an adopted one obviously has never known anyone who’s adopted or has adopted, in most cases the love between parents and adopted children is an inseverable bond…have you ever heard the phrase “adopted children are special because they are the chosen ones”? I feel I have to defend the lack of Shiloh at outings as well…As a mother of three I am often running to the store or taking my older children to the park or library while the baby is napping…so much easier! But I also take the baby out as well, and I certainly do not love one more or less than another.

  86. Laura says

    #44 Honey, Tom’s other kids have a mother so they are probably with her, Nicole actually talks about them in her recent interview. Plus Tom Cruise sets up HOME where ever he goes…they’ve been in Germany for the last few months and for someone who said Katie takes her kid everywhere she goes, she has only been to New York and France which is a 2 hrs flight from Germany.

    I think Tom and Katie are very busy as well but Tomkat are managing it better than Branglina when it comes providing stability environment for their family which I think is very important!!

  87. sandy says

    Honey, are you really as looney as you sound? When I said the part about photos taking pictures with long lenses, which they do, any fool could see I was making a point about IF Angie took her to a Park like Brad did with Zahara, where she could run and play, she could have a good time out in the community with her Daddy or Mommy and pictures could be taken far away! Do you get it now that I have spelled it out for you?

    People like YOU are why I refrained from making comments for a long time.

    And yes, I am a Stalker, I stalk Baskin Robbins all the time! And Krispy Kreme Donut Shoppe!!!!!!

  88. says

    #36 – good point about Tom and Katie and their (his?)adopted kids – we NEVER see them with the kids anymore and no one even notices! It’s ALL about Suri and no one’s complaining.

  89. says

    Okay, Sandy, you’re beginning to sound a BIT like a stalker….the comment about seeing Shiloh even if it’s with long lenses is pretty creepy. I think you need to back off and take a look at how important the needs of this kid are to you!! She’s not being neglected or left at home alone – you do realize these shots are a moment in time, right? They’re not exactly a play by play of their every move, although it sounds like you wish they were!! Get a grip!

  90. Zbella says

    Blair – ignore LadyOne (she is NOT a lady!) She is trying to be a pain. Congrats on your future adoption! My sister is adopting very soon and we’re so excited!

  91. Blair says

    Wow, angie sure is strong to be able to carry both at once! To #40–The comment you made above is awfully rude and disrespectful. As someone who is hoping to adopt myself, I found it quite offensive the way you said that Angelina should “forget those foreign ones and focus on the biological one!!!!!!!!” What a narrow-minded thing to say. To suggest that the relationship between adopted child and adoptive parent is less valuable or important than one between biologial child and parent is ignorant beyond belief. Just because a child did not grow inside of you, does not make them less “yours” once adopted by you and it does not change the love and relationship felt by the parents and child. I found your statement disgusting in a variety of ways. :-

  92. Zbella says

    That is funny they are wearing long sleeves & sweaters, perhaps it was early morning and not warm yet? And the one at yankee stadium is adorable – except for the woman in the background – they caught her with such an odd expression!

    Funny – I thought Z & Pax were 2 & 3 YEARS OLD, not 4, 5 & 6!!! I carry my kids all the time. When you have 3 or 4 little kids you have to be strong! I’m smaller than Angie. 🙂

  93. sandy says

    Maybe I am blind but Angie looks like she has gained a little weight to me, I think she looks okay, her legs do seem skinny but she is slim, I think she looks good. Poor Brad is the one looking a little haggard and tired! She is one of the most beautiful women in the world and without any makeup also!

    I would enjoy seeing some pictures of Shiloh out walking more even if in a Park with long lenses, all the kids are sweet looking though to me!

  94. says

    So what if she spend time with her adopted kids. That’s none of you’ll business. If she was spending all her time with Shiloh, then you people would say they spend all their time with their bilogical child and forget the other kids. The same with Tom and katie, they spending time with Suri alot. Where’s the two adopted kids. Why they are not with them, you fans are crazy with STUPID though. I can’t believe these are adults comments. If Brad is looking older so what, these are normal people. People who ages like you and I. you will not stay young for ever. Get a life #32, be an adult not a child. If you don’t want to look at them go to another site. Angie is not slim because of not eating she said it herself. The loss of her MOTHER, and runing behing four kids can keep you slim also. So people stop the HATE and stay out of Brad and Angie family business.

  95. Nicki says

    sandy~ I guess because the paps concentrate on the baby, Shiloh more than the older children. Have you ever seen the videos of the paps trying to get “the” pic of Shiloh? ! or 2 or 3 of the other children are there and they scream for Shiloh to look, smile, etc. It must be overwhelming for a baby her age. Just my take on it. All those constant clicking of the cameras and the flashes would be distrubing to any child.
    note: the Jolie-Pitts are constantly followed and all the stalker paps want the pic of them. So that is why they are SCREAMING (watch a video) for Shiloh to look at them, to get “the shot”.
    How do you think that makes thier older children feel?
    I wish rhe Jolie-Pitt family the best, and enjoy your new bundle of joy ( soon we will all know.)

  96. Alyssa says

    Cute pictures! Who cares if they travel the world, they are loved, and healthy. And I don’t see how ridiculing them is going to make a difference. It is absolutely none of our business what they do, I am sure many people do what they do, except they just aren’t public figures. I don’t know why people feel the need to judge other people and on how they raise their family. Stay out of their business, not trying to sound rude, but seriously, its ridiculous on how some people just sit there and judge others when they know nothing about them. The pictures posted, wow what is like a second out of their life. get real and keep your noses out of the business. Can’t you just comment on the picture, that one picture and leave it at that ? Do we have to judge of what we think there life is like when we don’t even know ?!!

  97. sandy says

    Nicki, I have no doubt Shiloh is loved by her, and I am sure they do spend plenty of time with her at home, my question is, they said they spend one of one with each child, she is old enough for it to be on a special outing like a Park where she can walk and run like Zahara did, and she is 15 months old now, when Zahara was that age, she wasn’t left at home all the time or even most of the time with nannies or whatever, they had her with them constantly! There has been a difference made, I didn’t catch it on first until I started reading some of the posts, but now it seems more and more that there is a difference being made, maybe a small one, but a difference none the less.

    And the fact that she appears to enjoy herself when she is with all the other kids proves the fact to me she would enjoy also being out on a community outing with her dad or mom.

  98. Tabith says

    Sorry…Brad Pitt is looking old. And whats with the 1950’s style dressing? He always looks geeky. He and Olive Oil are one of the strangest couples….something just doesn’t seem right…can’t quite put my finger on it. they sort of freak me out.

  99. Nicki says

    sandy~maybe because all the flashes bother her, maybe because she is just over 1 year old and doesn’t understand everything with the crowds of people fighting to get thier pic? I don’t know, but you can’t say she isn’t loved by her parents.
    Maybe because she is just happy playing with her toys whereever they are and doesn’t want to be blinded by the paps pics? Who knows, She did say in an actual interview that when the older kids are at school (and pre-school) that is Shilohs private, one on one time.
    She looks like she is enjoying herself in this pic….

  100. Nicki says

    sandy~Yes he is.
    About the one on one with Shiloh…….Isn’t that a good pic, only Mom and Dad with lil Shiloh, and her laughing and happy? She looks like she (without the intrusive paparatzzi) is completely enjoying her Mom and Dad.
    Yes I know the other kids were there, but she looks happy, healthy, and loved.

  101. sandy says

    Nicki, she is adorable, but that still does not answer the question about why not a Mommy or Daddy day alone with her? In this picture she is with all the kids and family. Haven’t you ever noticed that? It seems that you are very fond of this family, so please be honest! Where are the pictures of her with them on her Day like all the other kids? It is a fair question.

  102. phnxgirl says

    That woman probably has not one ounce of body fat on her. She has to have arms of steel to carry those two kids. I’ve had to carry both of mine before and almost died.

  103. spectator says


    2. DMITZ | September 6th, 2007 at 1:29 pm

    How does she do it? I can barely carry my 15 mo old daughter and my purse @ the same time.

    She is after all Lara Croft, the Tom Raider!

  104. sandy says

    #19, yes, there was that photo op with her with the rest of the kids along, I am talking about the ONE on ONE time they supposedly spend with each child, where is Shiloh’s time, where was her day?

  105. justine says

    ummm dori there are many celebrity who “drag” thire children everywhere they go madonna katie homles jeanie garth will smith faith hill heidi klum kevin beacon demi moore bruce wills and many more and most of them have school age children she is the only celebrity who spend one on one with each of her children going to the zoo play groud going sight seeing and FYI DORI maddox is going to start school that teach only franch today in new york

  106. sandy says

    School started in the U.S. last week. I love this family, but I do have one issue. I remember them saying each child had their special time with the parent, now we have seen “Daddy/Daughter day” with Zahara and Brad, Maddox and Brad, Angie with Zahara and Pax, when is Daddy Daughter Day with Shiloh, And Angie “Mommy Day” with Shiloh? And I am not talking about one on one behind closed doors. She is old enough now to enjoy an outside outing to the Park or Zoo, she can walk! So I hope this happens soon. I am starting to wonder about maybe some of the other posters may have a valid point when it comes to them with Shiloh?

  107. Big fan.... says

    Essie, your take on stability is dead on. It would be sadder if mom and dad were to jetset all over the world and leave the children to be cared for by nannies.

    Kudos to Brad and Angelina, keep your children as close to you as possible.

  108. says

    Well, look at it this way: it’s better than living out of an RV, like lots of families do. Or think about families whose parents are in the army. The BIG difference is that this family has nannies, chefs, servants, bodyguards, etc., who unpack their luggage, make their meals and protect them. I’m sure it is a very loving home environment wherever they happen to be in the world. My main question/concern would be for Maddox at this point and how on earth the kid will ever meet and keep any friends? Family isn’t everything – kids need some contacts outside of it.

  109. Granny says

    Being mobile isn’t confusing. Ask any military brat like I was. It just was the way things were. Stability was mom and dad and the traditions we made, not having the same address year on end. Actually as a kid, we felt sorry for the kids who never moved around. In our eyes their lives were boring.

  110. dori says

    Also there are plenty of celebrities out there whop make movies and go on location and don’t drag the kids all over the place with them. Can’t 1 parent stay home while the other travels and when that parent returns the other one travels then at least the kids stay in a home and attend a school and socialize with other children. Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise worked it out as well as many other celebs. This couple uses the kids as publicity to promote their celebrity and movies. I have other celeb parents much more dedicated to provisding a stable home life to their kids than these two do. I am not impressed with them as parents but thats just my opinion.

  111. dori says

    I understand the whole family and loving environment but I honestly believe Angie doesn’t know how to sit still. I can understand you shoot a movie on location but this isn’t about that anymore. She’s done with her movie why were they in Venice why are they in new york what happened to the little private french school Maddox was attending in New Orleans last year I thought they said they loved living in New Orleans . yet the minute they finished the movie they left and never went back. It’s all very confusing for a kid to grow up living out of a suitcase and going crom hotel to htoel. There’s no stability there. Theres a mother on speed or something who looks like she never eats and can’t sit still for more than a few days In the last month they have been all over the world and back and still no sign of a real HOME

  112. umm yeah! says

    Hah I have seen so many children in so called stable environments which others think of as permanent address suffer extreme forms of child abuse. There is absolutely no doubt Angelina and Brad love those kidsand care for them well, all over the world! As for the others with the permanent adresses screaming at their kids to leave them alone well so much for stability and those poor kids whom would be better off with Angelina and Brad!
    Yes she’s carrying them and really it’s none of your business why, unless she’s using your arms and your heart to love her children! Personally I commend these two they are amazing people and will raise beautiful children inside and out!

  113. baby says

    If you had dozens of rabid photographers all pushing and shoving to get a picture of you and your kids would you let them walk or would you try to protect them? I guess by carrying them it gives Brad and Angie some sense of control over whether or not they get trampled. In seeing other pictures of celebrity kids unless they are really old or maybe the parents aren’t as famous they are being carried.

  114. eyesofpearls says

    What’s this things with carrying children that can walk? Is it a fashion? Wherever you turn, you see a star CARRYING 4 year, 5 years, 6 year olds!!! Can they just take them by a hand? RIDICULOUS!

  115. Essie says

    Stability is waking up everyday and being kissed good morning by your mother and father. Doesn’t matter what city you’re in, as long as the people you love are there. That’s my opinion. Besides, the only kid in school is Maddox and he’s only in first grade.

    And, Angelina is not skinny. She’s a perfectly normal weight for an actress. Keira Knightly is skinny. Compare her to Angie. There’s a big difference.

  116. Aliciasweets85 says

    i think she should spend more time with Shiloh. Forget those other misfits!
    Just kidding. But I do want to see more their biological daughter. They should get pregnant once more, then call it quits as far as ‘collecting’ more kids.

  117. ali says

    call me crazy but don’t the parents provide the stability, not the environment? Come on Laura, what are they supposed to do, say “no I won’t work anywhere but the states”? Something tells me that wouldn’t fly as an actor.

  118. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Dori, Maddox is the only one old enough for school plus I don’t think schools in the US go back just yet. Anyway, its not as if they have exams or anything to worry about at their age so as long as they are being tutored, then travelling and seeing the world is a good experience for them.

  119. Laura says

    They’re back in the states? My god, how do they do it? The whole family basically live out of suitcases and hotels everyday. What kind of life is that to raise a child? Where’s the stability?

  120. Elsa says

    Most of their kids are not school aged yet. And I’m sure they have their fair share of private tutoring.


  121. dori says

    Aren’t these kids suppose to be in school? They run around all over the world and go out and have lots of fun but what about school? Don’t they have a place called home?

  122. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I am amazed she can carry both of them, she is so thin! I like Pax’s jacket. Zahara always has that bunny thing with her, is it a comfort toy or something? Cute kids, even cuter mum 😉

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