1. says

    adorable and so PRETTY TO BE MALE BABY THERE BUT then again look at his PARENTS gorgeous sexy cute \

    gwen facial features platinum dyed blonde or not she has GREAT FACE STILL IN HER MID 30’s and gavin early
    40’s? wow i mean this guy facial features are so sexy and hot lookin gorgeous hunk of i see WHY BABY king
    is so “PRETTY” love it….great shots thnx for the pix.

  2. Cathy A. says

    Is it just me….. or does any celebrity’s children WALK anywhere? Can they walk or do they need to be CARRIED EVERYWHERE?

  3. Rae says

    Kingston is by far one of the cutest celeb baby’s. He’s so cute. I’m loving the pink shirt and studded belt…he doesn’t look girly at is becoming more popular w/ boys. I personally love seeing guys in pink. I think he’s the cutest baby…he’s very lucky to have such amazing parents.

  4. Blair says

    He’s not actually wearing sandals. See the link provided by poster #8….They’re actually very cute little shoes.

  5. Kate says

    I think he looks too cute! He doesn’t look girly-A little metrosexual maybe, LOL….. but it works on him! He pulls it off well. And as a preschool teacher I find myself saying this to the kids all the time & now I will say it here. “There is no such thing as a girls color or a boys color.” 😉

  6. Zbella says

    HE doesn’t look girly, but his outfit does. Pink – sandals – bracelet – jeweled belt. But he is cute!

  7. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Gorgeous! I love the curly hair, and I love his outfit. I think the pink suits him, it doesn’t make him look girly at all.

  8. says

    This is a little baby..It is sad that someone think that it is girly..whoever think that has a problem with their own sexuality! LOOK into that. Kingston looks just like his daddy.
    For the last time..everybody is totally different from one another..everybody has different habits., different features, different color skin, as if you didn’t know that…GEEZZZZZZZZZZ!

  9. yummy says

    For everyone who says that Kingston and Shiloh never have other expressions on their faces, my question is, are your babies always smiling when you are dragging them around from place to place? Looks like they are in a parking lot and just got out of car, then he has dozens of paps surrounding him and lights flashing in his face. It’s a wonder these babies aren’t frightened and crying all the time.

  10. Tia :) says

    #9..i agree about the pink! My hubby wears pink sometimes because it looks sooo good on him..he has the olive makes his eyes pop…mmm…haha!!

    Kingston is adorable!

  11. DMITZ says

    Wow, everyone jumps to conclusions. I should have spelled it out… My husband wears pink too. As he says, “only a real man can wear pink”… Just a joke. I think some men look good in pink, but this particular outfit/sandal combination looks girly.


  12. Miranda says

    You know pink is pretty popular on boys too. I think it’s cute! He looks so much like Gwen!

  13. 2teens3beans says

    He looks like a boy in a pink shirt, he doesn’t look like a girl at all to me. Such cuteness with the ear grab!

  14. Irishlass says

    Gimme a break, he’s just a little child. Who cares if he does not look like an alpha male yet?

  15. yummy says

    I agree with you #8. I knew what everyone’s comments were going to be before I even looked. So any adult male who wears pink automatically look “girly” also? I put my b/f in pink all the time. The color looks great on him. And he’s not “girly” in the least bit.

  16. Sandra says

    Well now they know what a girl would look like if they were to have one. He is cute but the pink shirt and the girly sandals need to go!

  17. says

    he is very cute but he always looks a bit sickly to me….also, for all you who blame little Shiloh for being/looking “slow”, Kingston is another baby who rarely has a new expression on his face.

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