The Brangelina Bunch Departs Venice

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Awww! What an adorable pic!

The Brangelina bunch was snapped leaving Venice, Italy. Brad had been in town to promote his new film. I’m sure Maddox was with them but he wasn’t snapped in this photo.



  1. mayra sanchez says

    ustrdes pueden estar desarrollado tecnologicamente,pero en cuanto a sentimientos y racismo,estan de primero a nivel mundial,hasta mas que los propios nazis

  2. tisha says

    I wonder can’t these folks have any children of their own, why do they keep adopting these children all around the world. Will these children get the love they deserve or are they for show.

  3. Lala says

    a los q insultan a arg, tengo un par d cositas q decirle
    nadi a insultado a su pais, y ahi muchos arg, xq englobarlos a todos
    arg es un pais maravilloso y se va encontrar con mucha gente buena onda
    si uds son los envidiosos xq arg es uno de los paises mas desarollados no es nuestra culpa
    asi q dejen de insultar a los paises ajenos

  4. Fly On The Wall says

    Mayra, si la gran puta esa quiere ver algo “feaaaaaa”, lo unico que tiene que hacer es mirarse a si misma en el espejo. Ay caramba!

  5. Fly On The Wall says

    To Sara, #2 —
    Brad said they’re ready for number 5. I wonder if the next will be natural or adopted? I’m betting natural. Then if they have a boy, they will adopt a girl for #6, and vice-versa.

  6. Janet says

    Oh wow, I’m going to save that pic on my hard drive. Too cute for words! I hope whoever took it sent a copy to Brad and Angie and hope they blow it up and frame it. Any way you look at it, that is a lovely photograph.

    Shi looks like both her parents — she has Brad’s eyes and Angie’s mouth. Great combo.

    Myrna, I speak Spanish but I’m going to say this to you in English so everybody will understand it: you are one evil troll. Z is a lovely child and if you can’t see the beauty in that child’s face, you are blind as well as stupid. You want to see something “feaaaaaaaa”? Look in a mirror, honey. If your outside is as ugly as your inside, I’d take one look at you and run screaming into the night.

  7. mayra sanchez says

    sabes,que pasa con los argentinos,que ellos pertenecen al continente latinoamericano,pero se creen muy europeo,pero ni los europeos lo soportan a ellos,tienen un gran problema de identidad


  8. Fly On The Wall says

    Awwwwwwww! That is a perfect poster photograph for international adoption. What a lovely “rainbow family”

  9. Fly On The Wall says

    “ha de ser que eres argentina,que para vanidoso e insoportable solo ustedes”

    Mayra, has dicho la pura verdad.

  10. mayra sanchez says

    myrna,es increible que una persona adulta sea capaz,de criticar la belleza,de un nino,eres una persona totalmente ignorante de saber donde radica la belleza de una criatura.

    pero ha de ser que eres argentina,que para vanidoso e insoportable solo ustedes.

    y la bebe es hermosisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiima

  11. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Myrna- don’t think that just because you insult Z in Spanish means that no one can understand you. I speak Spanish, y ella es una nina tan guapisima.

  12. Deeds says

    Brad and Jenn might not have felt they loved each other, It seems as if they didn’t try to rekindle their relationship. Brad was the first one to jump ship he took the cowards way out. JMO

  13. essie says

    That’s just it . . . he no longer loved her. There is a new interview out now where he says as much. They no longer loved each other.

    Actually, I think everybody involved in that situation are happier now. It was meant to be. The fans seem to be the only people who refuse to move on.

  14. minkysmom says

    I bet Jennifer would appreciate it if her name weren’t mentioned all the time. Just like with any couple who knows if the reason was that Jennifer wouldn’t have children? It’s her right to choose. I think it’s unnatural for a woman to not want to have children, but if Brad loved her then he could have been patient.

  15. squeekysue says

    That Brad I wish he would smile more, he always has a gormless look on his face and look at his lower lip it hanging half way down his face, he has drool all over him, i am sure that he is devolpmentally delayed, why you never see him without one of his kids having to hold his hand.!!!!!

    Look at his lip, it is hanging down like Shilohs does, she is not gormless like you lot are always saying she just looks like her dad.

  16. myrna says

    aawwwwwww…….precious!!! Shiloh shines….but Z….yikeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!! que nena tan mas feaaaaaaa!!!!

  17. Blair says

    To Kate and Spectator…I can see both of your points. It is scary and unfortunate how intrusive the papparazzis can be even when dealing with a child. They are often guilty of getting WAY too close. However, take it with a grain of salt I guess. The sad truth is that when a parent chooses the celebrity lifestyle they also choose it for their child. The child is born into that lifestyle without any say. Regardless, the circumstances aren’t going to change for the child unless they are to be placed with new un-famous parents, and obviously that alone would be far more traumatic than dealing with the paparazzi. The truth is that life for a celebrity child is without a doubt going to include the paparazzis whether they like it or not. It is something that as unfair as it may seem, it is something that these children do need to learn to cope with. If I were a celeb mother, I would teach my children to smile politely at the cameras, and hope for the least intrusive experience possible. Maybe that type of approach would be less frightening for the child than running away in fear from the cameras each time, and the papz would probably bother you less the more cooperative you are because then they wouldn’t have to struggle as hard for a decent picture. And although the papz are a pain in the a**, at least you would have some nice photos for keepsakes.

  18. spectator says

    23. Kate | September 4th, 2007 at 9:09 pm

    Beautiful. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be a celebrity? Among many others, one perk would be all of the professionally taken family photos.


    Not totally. there is a huge downside too.

    if you go to Justjared, there are alot of photos, you will see some papz photographers practically putting the cameras and lenses in front of those kids face! That’s scarly. Those papz photographers are totally inconsiderated and very intrusive. they have no consideration for these small children. They look like animals.

    No wonder shiloh often looked so confused and stunned.

    you don’t want that to do to your child

  19. says

    ^^she does think of it! Everytime she picks up a Book..there is SHILOH! I love it! That is what that selfish woman gets!
    SHe wanted to further her career, and Honestly what has she done that was that GREAT since the divorce? WHAT?

    She could have had a baby, or two..that is what happen when a woman won’t do what another one WILL!

  20. sara says

    I just got to thinking…..I wonder what Jennifer Aniston must think of this? Maybe she’s moved on…..but Brad and Angie’s life seems to have moved full speed ahead! I wish them well!

  21. Mybabysredhot says

    OMG First and foremost I am an Angelina fan (never had a bad word against Brad though) but I swear each passing day Shiloh looks more and more like she is going to be a female version of Brad Pit, with the added benefit of the most sensual lips of her mother’s. I hope she develops a warm and pleasant personality because I believe her eventual beauty, wealth, and fame is going to scare off many, many men. I hope she doesn’t let this ‘beauty’ guide her future.

  22. sandy says

    Finally, a real smile!!!!!!! What a bright sunny look for any child to have! Just beautiful!!!!!!

  23. Kate says

    Beautiful. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be a celebrity? Among many others, one perk would be all of the professionally taken family photos. I’m sure they could request a copy of this from the photographer or just print it out at the very least. As a single mother, I do not have many photos of me WITH my daughter, as I am always the one behind the camera. Anyhow, great picture, stunning children and a very sweet family. 🙂

  24. Kelsie says

    I love this family.Shiloh is going to be SO beautiful when she gets older.Her skin is so pail and soft.

  25. Elsa says

    Love how all the trash rags have this couple apart – they don’t appear very appart do they?

  26. sharrie says

    wow…this is the first pic I have seen where Shiloh looks almost exactly like Brad….usually she looks a bit like Brad and Angelina. What a cutie.

  27. 2teens3beans says

    That is just the sweetest picture… the perfect poster for international adoption!
    It looks like Z has decided to share her penguin with big brother Pax.

  28. essie says

    Mad is in the picture, from another angle. Go do justjared and you will see loads of pics.

    Mandie, they are on a water taxi on the canal in Venice. There are no life jackets on the taxi because the ride is usually less than a few minutes. No need for life jackets. Thousands of adults and children ride water taxis everyday in Venice.

    Rae, why should Angie “settle down.” What about Brad? Why don’t you say he should settle down? Anyway, why settle down when you have the resources to trave the world? I know I would love to travel all the time.

    Areille, SHILOH HAS AN EXPRESSION??? Amazing!! To some people on this blog, Shiloh NEVER has an expression because she’s “slow” and not developing properly.

    Seriously, Shi is beautiful and a very happy, normal little girl.

  29. Rae says

    Shiloh is amazingly goregous! She looks just like Brad..minus the lips. I think they are such a cute family. But I wish Angie would settle down w/ Brad..the kids need some kind of stability. Goregous family picture. I wish Mad would’ve been in it. You can tell Shiloh is going to be super goregous as a teen. Hopefully no jealousy will arise among the siblings.

  30. carleigh says

    They are a truly beautiful family..Shiloh is just a beautiful little thing and the other three are just as precious as they can be too !Love this family!

  31. Lurker says

    I still don’t like this couple..but it is a nice picture.

    And I always thought Shiloh looked mostly like Brad, but now I am starting to see Angelina in her too.

  32. ann says

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  33. sara says

    That is ADORABLE! Little Pax looks like he’s adjusted so well to a new family and a bunch of siblings….more to come I assume!

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