Halle Berry Is Expecting Her First Child

Halle Berry

Halle Berry is expecting her first child.

“Yes, I am three months pregnant,” Halle told Access Hollywood on Tuesday. “Gabriel and I are beyond excited and I’ve waited a long time for this moment in my life.”

Halle, 41, and her boyfriend, 32-year-old model Gabriel Aubry, met shooting a Versace ad in Los Angeles in November 2005 and first stepped out publicly three months later at the February opening of a Versace boutique in New York City.

Earlier this year, Halle told InStyle, “I definitely want children. Very much.”

In terms of what kind of parent she’ll be, she said. “I want my kids to realize it’s only through hard work that any success or real joy comes. It’s not about money; it’s the intangible rewards – having integrity and doing what you say you’re going to do.”

Asked about marriage, Halle, who has been married twice, told the magazine that she had no plans to tie the knot again. “I will never, never get married again,” she said. “Actually, it’s just that now I’ve come to a place where I think two people can share their lives without the ring, without the piece of paper.”

In February, a friend of Gabriel’s told People magazine about the couple: “They are so smitten.”

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  1. says

    Halle Berry is one of my favorite actress especially her role on Monster’s Ball when she did that “thing”…woho!!!!

    Imagine her donning that Catwoman costume doing that Monster’s Ball thing…woho again!

  2. Jenna M. (UK) says

    #53 Sorry about your loss, I have PCOS too, though I haven’t attempted to get pregnant yet.

  3. says

    Hi halle berry
    I ‘m so happy for u halle berry I hope that ur baby have beautiful pretty eyez Because,I was pregnant and,I loss the baby and,I was about 3/12 months I was so happy and,Everything was going fine and,I was so sick and,I couldn’t keep no food in my stomach and,I went to the hospital and,The doctors came told me and my family that the was already dead inside me and,I was so scared and nerveous I was so skinney and everything I was weight about one hundred and twevle pound I had the baby on May 8 2007 My baby was due on November 3 2007 That Day would be so special for me and my family Thank you very much

  4. says

    hi halle berry
    I’m happy for u halle berry I hope the baby is healthy and,cute and have pretty eyez like u and,I want to said that,I was pregnant too,But,I lost the baby I was about 3/12 months and,I was so sick and,I had a cyst on my ovary and,The cyst bruised inside me and,I found out that the baby had die inside me I was so scared and nerveous and everything I had loss alot of weight I was so skinny and,I couldn’t keep no food down in my stomach That’s,How sick I was.

  5. N says

    She has been burned before….When women reach a certain age in life and they want kids ….they do what they have to do. She is financially stable to take care of her child. Maybe in a few years she will trust again…..obviously the “commitment” she and her man have made is good enough for her.

  6. Tiffany says

    #44 – You are a rude person.
    Why are you so quick to diagnose children of celebrities with disabilities? IE: Brits son with FAS and now Halles with downsyndrome? I know you are not a doctor so please keep your rude comments to yourself. NEVER wish someones child to be challenged. IN ANY FORM!!!

  7. kimmy says

    N- yeah that’s definitely confidence in love. If I felt that way, I sure as hell wouldn’t be pregnant right now. People are so greedy and worried about their money.

  8. N says

    What she means by financial….. is that maybe Halle doesnt want to end up having to share or give some of her money to him….Alimony….Child Support.

  9. kimmy says

    46- uh yeah- that makes a lot of sense. I’m a star and I’m not financially stable, so I’m going t o have a baby and all my financial troubles will be gone. WHAT??? That makes no sense.

  10. dori says

    Angelina and Brad aren’t married Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins aren’t married and I’m sure there are more it’s not uncommon today for celebs not to committ to marriage but they still committ to a life together and raising children together. In the case of this couple I believe they will marry later. It could be financial for Halle she’s been burned before and perhaps not rushing this time.

  11. squeeky sue says

    I thought she had adopted a daughter with her second husband? I know the girl was his with his first wife who had died, but if you adopt then you adopt for life, yet Halle never mentions her, and there was no mention of her in the article. BTW why would you lyao about Halle being with a white man, Halle’s mam is white?

  12. Aliciasweets85 says

    Wow…a kid after 35 almost doubles the risk of downsyndrome (pardon the spelling)
    If someone had told me 10 years ago, that Halle Berry would have a white man’s baby…I would have laughed them outta town…
    Strange strange world we live in.
    I am not a big fan of hers…but hopeflly when she has a handicapped baby, she’ll still be as “thrilled” as she is right now.

  13. Mina says

    CONGRATULATION HALLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May GOD bless both of you and to all the haters go and pray because we all fall short.

  14. sandy says

    I would like to see them marry and hope they stay together forever! She deserves happiness and I know she has made some bad choices in the past, hope this one is lasting! Much luck to her! Hope her sleazy ex-husband is sick to his stomach over this, he lost out on a lifetime opportunity of happiness and prosperity by losing her!

  15. Zbella says

    Hmmm, many people are children of divorce. We all have our demons and we all survive things that are not ideal. My parents did not divorce and are still together after almost 40 years but believe me – not a role model couple! My husband’s parents were divorced and remarried and MUCH better relationships came about. I do think it’s nice to make that formal commitment – I did, but it is not a requirement in order to raise good kids nor does marriage insure much these days. True about the alimony…

  16. Christy says

    I might be stirring the pot here but want to add that I am very happy for Hallie, but I agree with some here regarding commitment. What we do with and to eachother as adults is our business and I am glad for that freedom. To see Chris happy with her man and a great balance with kids is awesome. But, SOMETIMES, kids pay the price for we as adults not thinking it through. I live here in LA, not that important, but it does seem as if it is about making “us the couple” happy, not always the future of kids. I see these stars make kids and break up. Dad or mom not in the house DOES make a difference. If Kate and her man and Heath and Michelle can’t make it literally 5 years in, kids do sometimes pay. You notice too many of these stars don’t wait long to get involved again, so it isn’t always about “welfare of the kids”, it is about that eternal search for happiness and love and sometimes that is damn selfish 5 minutes post break up married or not. Yeah, Heath and Michelle have a nice reminder of their love, but will the child have nice memories of 16 years 5 days with mom and 2 with dad or vica versa? I am asynic too sadly about these Hollywood relationships. If Hallie’s beau stays her beau through the next 18 years, I will give you all a buck. She doesn’t have the best man radar int erms of how to be treated. My diatribe is finished, sorry for that…

  17. x says

    Since it took her a while to get pregnant and that she is 41 with her first pregnancy it is likely that she received help to get pregnant. Invitro with donor eggs is very possible. Awesome that she is pregnant though

  18. chris says

    I’ve spent 24 years thinking about it! I would rather be with someone I just wanted to be with, instead of maybe staying together because we ARE married. It’s more spiritual for me not to have it legally binding. We must be doing something right to still be happy and in love after so long.
    However, each to their own.

  19. kimmy says

    Chris- that’s great- I’m proud to be a wife too! Maybe you’re just not cut out to be one-after all it takes committment. Maybe you only think you love your lover. Are they not good enough to take that final step? Think about it.

  20. chris says

    Why get married?
    I have been with my partner for 24 years, and we have 2 very balanced, high achieving kids of 16 and 19.
    I would much rather be a ‘lover’ than a ‘wife’!

  21. *** says

    Congrats to beautiful Halle…she was on her last miles. Let’s hope the baby will be as beautiful as she is.

  22. N says

    Wouldn’t they be in school right now then? It is the middle of a school day. Just escept that everyone has a difference of opinion regarding the subject. Maybe she is tired of paying alimony…. or doesn’t want to end up paying child support. Who knows.

  23. onatear says

    If you read how many times the words “who cares?” are written in here, as regards to whether or not a baby would be better off with married parents, it will give a clue to the attitude about life in general, “in this 21st century”. I think a lot of bloggers here are still in jr high school. Halle isn’t one of my favorites, as beautiful as she is. Somehow I “suspect” she has jumped on the baby-bump publicity wagon. Still, I wish her, and the dad, and baby well.

  24. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I think Halle will be one of those woman who will look absoluely stunning with her pregnancy figure.

  25. essie says

    I think it’s wonderful that Halle is pregnant. However, she is 41 years old and a diabetic. Not the best situation for pregnancy. She did wait until she was in her second trimester before announcing the pregnancy so perhaps all is well. I hope so.

  26. kimmy says

    Won’t the kids be just as effected if a couple breaks up when they’re not married, just as much as if they were? So why not do the right thing and get married? If you’re so sure that you’ll stay together and be committed then why not? It’s really a double standard to think that you’re committed enough to have a baby, but not committed enough to get married.

  27. minkysmom says

    whatever, I’m just glad that Halle is finally pregnant. Who cares about the details of her relationship???

  28. Elsa says

    Husker/Sara: I’m with you. I know each situation is different and things happen. I know all marriages are FAR from ideal. I know many marriages end in divorce.

    But some of the comments here are purely naive and reckless. Having parents who are not commited to each other may not effect us, per se, but it DOES effect their children and to say it doesn’t is pure foolishness. Kids who have parents who live seperately end up living under 2 different roofs themselves, and that is not easy for anyone. Children with these situations are not “ruined” for life, but they are scared for life. No child, heck, no adult wants to live like that. But people are irresponsible, have chidlren and think of themselves, not their kids first.

    I’m not saying anything against Halle or anyoen in particular, but in general.

    And yes, marriages DO end in divorce too, but at least there is intent to TRY there.

    We just live in a very imoral world and it’s gotten us great places…PARIS ho Hilton as a role model. What a world.

  29. DMITZ says

    Not a big fan of Halle’s but congrats on the pregnancy. Not looking forward to seeing her pregnancy pics on this website. Please don’t comment that I shouldn’t have said anything at all… this is just my opinion.

  30. christina says

    to me having a child together is more of a commitment than getting married, with a child you are bound together for life, with marriage you can walk away,

  31. sushmita says

    Good for her..she should have baby at her age… i hope Gabriel wont hurt Halle the way her ex-husband did!
    Congratulations to both of them…

  32. 2teens3beans says

    Well she doesn’t want to get married because she’s “been there, done that” twice already and I can’t say I blame her.
    Some of you are saying that they are not making a commitment when what you should be saying is they are not signing a legal document… they look pretty committed to me.

  33. phnxgirl says

    I was wondering when the day would come for her to get pregnant. That is going to be a beautiful child.

  34. Zbella says

    Great news. Good for them!

    I just think it’s silly that so many in Hollywood GET married, only to get divorced a few months/years later. When a person has tried once or twice and failed, sometimes they choose to try something different rather than make the same mistake again.

  35. Ney says

    Shoot sorry, I said Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn broke up!
    Ah man, I meant it as a couple to look up too. Sorry!

  36. Ney says

    I, myself don’t plan on getting married, and it may change in the years to come but I just don’t see what’s the big deal. Anyways tons of Hollywood couples make it with children and never marry. Though it didn’t work out with Heath and Michelle they have something of eachother to remind themselves of what they had when they were together, and the same goes for Bridget and Tom, though their’s is a completely different situation and like Lauren said Goldie Hawn and Kurt, the list goes on. No matter what this couple will love this baby no doubt about it.

  37. Kelsey says

    # 2 – I know you have gotten a bit of criticism for your statement, but I too question why our society, and Hollywood in particular, has chosen to disregard marriage(on many occasions). I am in no way implying that everyone has to live a certain way or conform to my personal views, however I really do wonder how this more liberal lifestyle came about. I sincerely hope that my children and future generations never come to a point where commitment within a relationship is nonexistent.

  38. sara says

    Husker…that comment is going to spark a nerve with this group….I however, wonder that same thing….

  39. Nicki says

    Wow, that is great news. She has been saying for awhile she wanted to have a baby.
    Congratulations to both of them.

  40. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Husker, if they don’t want to marry, its not affecting you or anyone else, including their baby. We don’t all have to live under your conservative idealism, we are free.

    Anyway, congratulations to Halle and Gabriel, that is going to be one beautiful baby! Halle is drop dead gorgeous and the guy isn’t too bad looking either!

  41. says


    because it is not the 20th century, this is the 21st century, and that is the way it goes honey! I am happy for Ms. Halle Berry….Maybe all of those times that people thought that she was preganant, she was trying to conceive…I am happy, she should take it slow. Their baby is going to be one cuttttttttte baby! She is beautiful, and without makeup, he is fine, also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Lauren says

    Congratulations! Halle has publicly spoken about wanting a child. That’ll be one gorgeous kid.

    #2 Just because the parents aren’t married doesn’t mean they don’t want to committ. Look @ Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell. They have a beautiful family together without being married. A child can both be deeply loved by the parents even though they aren’t married.

  43. Husker says

    Another baby brought into the world without parents willing to committ to one another. Why is this normal anymore?

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