Cindy Crawford With Presley & Kaia In Malibu

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford

Cindy, 41, was snapped out with Presley, 8, and Kaia (who turned 6 yesterday!) and some other children in Malibu on September 2nd.

And she was snapped glamming it up that night for a dinner out with Rande! She looks so gorgeous!

Cindy Crawford


  1. Lily says


    You can have your opinion but have you ever thought that Presley doesn’t want a hair cut? Have you ever thought his opinion about his hair might matter more than a stranger on the internet complaining about a his hair he never met before?

    Don’t you think if Presley wanted his hair cut he can ask his mom, use his allowance to get one himself, or cut it himself?

    Cindy said in an interview Presley wanted it long.

    It’s true, most surfer boys leave their hair long now these days — trust me I live in CA (I live 2 blocks away from the boardwalk).

    More boys wear eyeliner now, what do you think about that?

  2. kimmy says

    MusicLover- like no we’re not still in middle school, but like we can like have our own opinion-like oh my gosh! …….Oh and his hair is long.

  3. MusicLover says

    Can you people quit being immature?!? The kid is 8, and his hair isnt even that long so quit picking on him. Most BOYS theese days have longer hair than that. Gosh its super annoting. Are you guys still in like middle school?

  4. snoopy says

    Oh Look………………all the girls spent the day at the beach together. How nice. Now if Cindy would just have that repuslive mole removed, who cares if it is her “treademarK’, it’s nasty. Then…………………her husband needs to change the spelling of his name to RANDY. How gay is it to spell in rande! It’n that sweet!

  5. Just me says

    Kaia does look more friendly, if that’s possible for kids. But they’re both beautiful. Not that I wouldn’t want to look like Cindy in either of the pics, but I think she’s more beautiful when she’s au natural. In her dolled up photos, lately, her hair’s all over the place and I don’t really like her skimpy clothing.

  6. Fif says

    I don`t agree Presley is more beautiful than Kaia. Besides that she is more charming than him. She is always smiling and he looks very haughty and spoilt.
    Yes , he is very handsom young boy and obviously he knows it but it makes him arrogant!

  7. Andrea says

    She’s beautiful but wonder why she doesn’t get that mole removed above her lip. It would hardly leave a scar.

  8. 2teens3beans says

    It looks like they are eating churros, yum! But, I never thought of churros as beach food.
    Pretty mom & children.

  9. Michelle says

    Ha! The proof is in the pudding! Presley’s friend’s hair is just a mere inch shorter! (There are several more pictures on another site where you can see it better). So for all you who quail that Presley’s odd and picked on by his peers for his long hair, here’s one example of what I’ve been saying all along–it’s a very typical boy hairdo, and those of you who keep freaking about it are simply living in the 50s. One of the other pics is quite entertaining too–Presley looks like he’s about to use one of those giant inflatable hammers on the paparazzi! Actually, I must admit that his friend’s hair (mainly in the other pictures) looks better, as it’s actually a long hair CUT instead of just willy-nilly long hair like Presley has.

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