Britney & Jayden James

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

Britney was snapped with Jayden James and Sean Preston (not pictured) on September 2nd during a car ride after returning to LA from a club event in Las Vegas.



  1. Anabelle says

    None of us has walked in Britney Spears’ shoes or is living her life. While a picture tells a thousand words, we can’t possibly know the honest truth from pictures taken by people who put them out there just to make money. The only thing i see in those pictures is a young mom who loves her kids. Im sure she has problems, just like we all do. We all had to learn to be great moms! Making mistakes and learning from them is how we achieve success. Kids cry, some cry alot & some don’t and yes they can manipulate their way out of car seat restraints. As a mother, i have learned, if there is anything dangerous to get a hold of, kids will find it! Some kids will surprise you when they are determined. If it were indeed a fact that her kids were in danger or neglected, where are the authorities? would be more of my concern.

  2. samantha says

    leave brit alone yall just mad because she a singer she love those babies.let help brit to come back come on we can do it just beleve in her comeback

  3. Fans Are Blind To The Truth says

    I can’t wait till those poor children are taken away from the drunken and drug riddled child in an adult’s body…
    it is a disgrace that we have all sit back and watch this young woman self destruct in front of our very eyes!!
    the fact that she hasn’t bothered to clean up her act proves she has a PROBLEM…she has known for a VERY VERY long time that there was the risk she would lose her children, and she has carried on regardless
    the only important thing now is the safety and well being of these innocent children
    i am even running out of pity for britney, she is beginning to appear as if she is actually THRIVING on the media circus she is creating..
    very sad

  4. Melissa says

    you guys are unbelievable, oh my god one of her kids cries and that’s it… lets get her kids taken away!! has anyone ever heard of the terrible 2’s??!! my son is the same age as sean preston and he cries and throws a tantrum at the sight of his car seat!! i’m sure she does the best for her kids as any other mother would do for theirs. she has been through a lot recently but i take my hat off to her for still having her kids around her when she needs them the most. your children will always be the most important people in your life and unless your some sick, twisted bastard you will never do anything to harm them. and i firmly believe that britney loves her kids as much as the next person.

  5. lori says

    It isn’t fake and it is the funniest thing I have ever seen! He is a young Gay man that leaves with his very religious grandmother and he is hilarious! It is on Youtube!

  6. was up says

    have yall seen the Chris Crocker video????i dont know if its real or fake. probably a fake. but all the magazines and postars? i dunno. help me.

  7. lori says

    I think she is far from over, she just needs to take her career more seriously, and being a parent, instead of partying! She isn’t 16 years old! I think her album will be a flop but she will make a comeback before long, it may even be a year or so but it will happen. I love those white purses, but $2,000.00!!!!! Good Lord! She is generous to her cousin Ali, I did hear she wasn’t really her cousin, don’t know if that is true or just another false rumor?

  8. Analise says

    She’s hiding the herp. Why are her kids always crying?? The idiot who dismissed the child abuse charges should be dismissed as well. Oh she BOMBED at the VMA. lolol

  9. sandy says

    After looking at more and more pictures of her, wearing tops for dresses, showing her butt more and more, there is no doubt in my mind that she may very well be bi-polar! It is sad, she is gorgeous, but either unbalanced to some degree, or else just dumb and trashy! Her hair looks like total crap and she could afford the best wigs, hair extensions in town! I think she enjoys looking like she does. The boys need a more stable person around them, if not a parent!

  10. says

    SHE don’t have a coldsore! what are you guys not getting! Who was it that said that it was a coldsore? Stop starting Rumors, and maybe she acting like she is SPIDER MAN talking!!! to her kids, YOU know like if you had a barbie, and was making it talk, and dance! DUH!@

  11. Tiffany says

    #49 – Cold sores are Herpes…..just a different strain of the virus then the STD version.

  12. kimmy says

    Zbella- well we can agree to disagree. That strap is not so far off his shoulder that it wouldn’t protect him. It’s still on his chest area and God forbid they got in an accident, he still would be protected. Kids are very crafty, even at that age, contrary to what you believe, they move all the time. You can put the straps on as tight as you want and they’ll still manage to wiggle around. I’m all for safety with kiddos, but I think that as usual, people are looking for something in Britney pics to pick on and it just makes me laugh.

  13. Zbella says

    Zoe, I thought I was being pretty nice to assume it’s a cold sore and not herpes! It’s obvious she is hiding something!

  14. Zbella says

    Nice try, Kimmy. 😉 I’m so not paranoid, but I make sure my kids are put in their seats correctly when I put them in the car. This is not some road trip across country. The kids were not stuck in the car for hours on end. So, their is no way they should be positioned like that. If/when my kids get older and start to struggle out, I actually do pull over and explain I can’t drive safely with them out of their carseat or improperly restrained, and wait for them to correct it. Jayden & Sean are not quite 1 & 2 and should not be that crafty yet!

  15. kimmy says

    46- but it does, and instead of being so paranoid and looking every second, people should be looking at the road. Maybe that’s why there are so many accidents because of that. People are a little too paranoid these days.

  16. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Kimmy – If the seat fits properly and the straps are correctly tightened it shouldn’t happen.

  17. Jodie says

    i’m the probably the one that gave it to her?? what a pathetic joke/statement/whatever.

    i have read it and it really wouldn’t surprise me. i can see no other reason as to why she would be holding a plastic toy up to her mouth like that.

  18. kimmy says

    Jenna M. The straps inevitably often fall down a little bit sometimes. It happens to every baby in a car seat and if any moms deny that on here they are lying. You can’t pull over every 2 min to adjust straps unless you’re abnormally paranoid. #43- why does everyone think that pale is unhealthy? Don’t you think exposing your children to the sun is more unhealthy?

  19. sushmita says

    im worried brit’s babies…i saw many pics of this babies and they look pale…look so sad!….if they were not crying….. they look uncomfortable

  20. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Kimmy – Simply shoving kids in a car seat does not make them safe! You have to strap them in – securely. The straps on BOTH Jayden and Sean in those photos are hanging off their shoulders. Seatbelt straps on baby seats are supposed to be pulled very tightly (not so tight to hurt the child obviously, but not so loose that you can put a finger under them). So many more babies and children would be alive every year if their parents read the guidelines and followed them.

  21. Jodie says

    she is not making spiderman talk back to the children…

    she is probably covering a great big dirty cold sore on her mouth. i’ve heard she has herpes which is why she had to have c sections

  22. kim esto says


    You didn’t have to have to type back @ me, It wasn’t for you, but since you can’t ignore me….F@CK YOU!

  23. burkofly says

    Brit – My thoughts are that your probably a great mom who is not perfect, none of us are! Your under the public eye so your every move is criticized. Many of us have made mistakes with our kids (that is how we learn people). Keep loving your cute little boys and don’t ever let what other people say affect you. Too bad some people don’t have anything better to do but criticize someone else without knowing the circumstances of what is really happening before and after the pic is actually taken – gee I think it’s time for them to get a life!!!

  24. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Just had a thought, it actually looks like she is covering her mouth with it so she can make it “speak” to her kids in the mirror maybe?

    Kim Esto, most people weren’t criticising the fact that Jayden.Sean/whoever was crying, all kids cry, the problem is that once again she hasn’t bothered making them safe.

  25. lily says

    From the way Britney is holding the spiderman toy, it looks like she took it away from her kid and is now playing with it while he cries in the backseat. lol

  26. Pandora says

    Shut up Kim Esto. People are entitled to feel what they want about Britney. Besides, this even if it could go 50/50 on this post and not be Britney’s fault, based on her track record we may as just well add this to the LONG list!!

  27. Jodie says

    Jayden has a really dopey expression on his face all the time. A bit more attention from his ‘mother’ is needed,imo.

    I do think he could have some sort of learning disability. He has the look of a child with FAS, definately.

    He also appears to have a lazy eye in these pictures.

    I really don’t think this girl is up to the job.

  28. phnxgirl says

    I swear those are two of the cutest boys I have ever seen. You know what, if paparazzi were taking pictures of my kids daily they would probably think they were abused too by the way they cry and throw fits. Kids are kids, I’m sure Brit is doing what she can. Although I do think the smoking should stop. Just because “everyone” is doing it, doesn’t make it right. For the sake of her health and the kid’s health she should stop.

  29. Zbella says

    I think it’s too funny that the webmistress can’t tell Jayden and Sean apart! With Brit it’s the same old same-old.

  30. Granny says

    Children cry – its normal. Some children can loosen their seat belt. But lets hope that Britney took time to correct those loose car seat belt and to put hers on before the car starts moving. Parents and children all need to be safe in a car and it only take a short moment to correct it all.

    Maybe she did before the car moved and after these pictures were taken.

  31. says

    Ok..I tried to be nice, but you stupid posters haver forced me to get mid evil on your @sses!

    Ok..What baby does cry? It looks like she is Punishing him for something! U people are sickening! If Britney Blows her nose the wrong way in front of her kids “OH OMG how could she BLOW that hard, what kind of mother Blows that hard?” what the f@ck! Maybe, she is doing her thing with her kids! If you were 2. do you think that you would be scared of all of the lights, a scumrazzi stalikg you asking”Britney, where is kevin?” come on Jayden smile for me, Come on Sean smile for the camera” the lights are bright, they are strangers, GET the F@ck off of her @ss! I knew that a bunch of Prune Cooties would be Enraged! Bump pevises before u go!

  32. D'Anna says

    I agree with #12–we’ve had two seats for my son, even one without a button, and he can get out of both of them. He hasn’t figured out the part around his waist, but he can unlatch the part around his chest.

    Doesn’t make me a bad mom, just makes my kid very inquisitive and smart. I’m not happy, and we pull over when he does this, but sometimes it’s just the way things are.

    But I still don’t like Britney.

  33. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Those kids are almost identical to each other!

    I’m not going to start another rant about my opinion on Brintey, but those straps need to be secured properly! Even if she is for some reason completely incapable of strapping her sons’ safely into car seats (she certainly seems to be), surely one of her staff could do it?

    When is this airhead going to realise how important her son’s lives are? They deserve a loving mother who puts them first and takes care of even the basic aspects of their care!

    On another note, this photo makes me feel sort of sorry for Britney, there is a lot of pain in her eyes. I’m also curious to know whether or not she is hiding something on her mouth!

  34. obnoxious spice says

    all THREE of those children desperately need help!! starting with ‘mommy’…
    i sincerely hope they get it soon…

  35. Lauren says

    Sean is the one who’s crying. Both boys are handsome. Britney and Kevin do make beautiful kids! Can’t wait to see her perform @ the VMA’s.

  36. sandy says

    I think Jayden looks a lot like Brit, both boys are very cute. I don’t think they look too happy in the pictures, either of them. I wish Britney would get it together, I like her and feel sorry for her unhappiness!

  37. Aimee says

    It just seems to me that Jayden always has a tired, pained look in his eyes. Is there a photo of him smiling somewhere?

  38. Puh-leeze says

    The kid is crying because Mommy took his toy away to play stupid “look at me” games with the paparazzi.

    WOW…. Jayden looks just like his mama, huh?

  39. EmilyInLA says

    You people have got to be kidding me. The previous poster is correct, if he were properly restrained, he wouldn’t be able to get out of the straps. THey are WAY too loose, and the snaps need to be pulled MUCH higher – they are supposed to be armpit level. Even if he were able to unbuckle the BOTTOM, the part that snaps together still wouldn’t be affected.

    Someone needs to step in before those kids are seriously hurt.

  40. Cindy says

    ITA agree about the car seat straps being way too loose…. and for those moms here complaining about their children pushing the button to undo the strap… may I suggest a car seat that DOESN’T have a button? For example the Evenflo Triumph. A very good car seat – my son has been in it rear-facing from 5 months, and is now 15 months and still happily RF in it… and he’s never once even attempted to get out.

  41. k says

    Does she really not know how to restrain her children. If she were in an accident it would be very likely that her children would be injured. How retarded can one person be.

  42. **S says

    By all means, I am not a fan of Britney anymore, but people, my 3 year gets out of his car seat all the time. He’s on his third seat and you know what, I am not buying a fourth for the hopes that it may be a bit more child resistant that the last. And the straps are not to loose. He just knows how to push the button on the chest latch. As for the screaming kid, all toddlers at some point throw fits. Even all of you with the assumed perfect angels. As for spidey, maybe it was taking away from little Sean because he was teasing Jayden with it. Or maybe the two boys were fighting over it. After all, Jayden doesn’t look to happy here either. Sorry, but I don’t think these boys are being abused or neglected. She does, however, need some help with her parenting. I still don’t agree with the smoking situation.

  43. Sandra says

    Well considering he is more like 2 years of age than 1 1/2 years old yeah he is probably throwing a fit and got Spidey Man taken away.

    And before everyone starts preaching on the car seat straps there is a HUGE part of the population that do not know how to install or use a car seat correctly. At least this car seat is installed in the car and he does have straps locked and loaded, but then again you guys have to complain about something.

  44. Martha says

    A properly restrained child will not have that much access to come out of the straps. These are loose and falling off her child’s shoulder.

  45. wassup??? says

    If you notice~ both boys ARE pictured… they are wearing different outfits! Maybe she took Spiderman away because Sean was screaming? Does look like she is hiding her mouth though too. Hmmm

  46. AmyY says

    I agree… my 1 1/2 yr old screams as soon as she realizes shes getting in her car seat and she also already knows how to get her arms out of the straps while im driving and shes not even as old as Sean… this is one time I dont think Britneys doing anything wrong

  47. Just me says

    Acutally, I think Sean is pictured, it looks like he’s the one crying. I don’t like Britney, but come on … my 1 year old is not abused, ignored or neglected by an means ( and I don’t somke cigerettes inches away from his face!!) but even he throws temper tantrums when you put him in his car seat.

  48. Onlooker says

    The children are still not properly restrained! What is it going to take to get her to understand that kids are PRICELESS… Somebody stop her!

  49. yas says

    omg, why he is crying???
    they seem to be so afraid
    britney dare ba khodesh chi kar mikone
    sb help them plz………..

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