Bridget Moynahan Takes John Out For A Stroll

Tom Brady

Bridget Moynahan was snapped taking newborn son John (born August 22nd) out for a stroll around their LA neighborhood.



  1. myrna says

    Mancelle??? LOL!!!!! ….Mencelles is laughing all the way to the bank…!!!!! hahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. carleigh says

    Bridge looks fab for just having had a baby but then again she looked great before and during her pregnancy, she worked out regularly and took good care of herself so it’s no wonder she appears to be bouncing back so well. I can’t wait to see pic’s of little John I’m sure he’s a beautiful boy…….TB has been a jerk to her in the past but lets hope they can get along for the sake of their baby.

  3. mags says

    Did anyone see a picture of the baby yet? I can’t
    wait to see a picture of John. Bridget….you go girl!
    You are looking amazing! Please post more pics
    of them soon….and of the baby!!!

  4. lj says

    Love Bridget!! Hope we get to see the baby pictures soon, she really looks good after having a baby just two weeks old!

    Love to see more pics of her out and about!! Fancy stroller!!

  5. says

    ^^it is a hot stroller! I love that stroller! I heard that she let TOM have it, as she should have..that sissy!

    MANCELLE, gets on my last nerves, she is too clingy, and selfish! HIs baby needs him more than she does! Word is that she don’t like when Bridgette Call Tom…OH WELL that is what is now, a DAD! Get a grip Mancelle!

  6. #1 Mom says

    I love Bridget. She looks AMAZING two weeks after a c-section. And those are definitely breast-feeding boobs. 🙂

    I wish her all the happiness in the world. I really admire how she has handled this from day one. Little John will be proud he is a Moynahan.

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