1. winnie says

    I noticed that Zahara is starting to get a double chin from her weight gain. Some people might say she’s only a little girl, but………….Schools, MD’s, and CPS are starting to pay attention to obesity in children, which “Z” looks like she may be predisposed to. I have noticed her hands, which are large, and her trunk (Stomach, upper body) and she looks fat for her age.

  2. lori says

    It has been a well known fact for a long, long time that Zahaara is the favorite child and throws her little fits to get her way. And Angie thinks it is cute and Brad caves in to her, the bond was formed when she was a baby and they felt so sorry for her, but now she is older, spoiled beyond belief and she runs the house, like Angie said. I can see why Shiloh is so quiet and not responsive, she has always taken a backseat to Zahara and it won’t change.

    I wish Brad would just give her to his parents to raise, he doesn’t care that much or he wouldn’t allow Zahara to get by with everything and no limits set for her, and Angie could care less about her. I don’t really see them adopting another girl unless she is older for Zahara to boss around and play with, another baby that would require being held and nuturing would not go over to well with Zahara. Angie will still be carrying her when she is 7 so no changes will occur there.

    I am really shocked that Brad ignores his only child like he does. He calls the others his kids, but in reality, they are his “adopted” kids, they do not have his DNA and they look nothing like him, he loves them, in his heart much more than Shiloh, but she is his only natural biological child and that is a fact.

  3. Winnie says

    I think it’s good that Kelly had the guts to say what so many others will not. Usually children that are bullied (Like Shiloh by Zahara) try not to make waves so that they will not have to be exposed to more bullying. I am convinced that Zahara is a bully from the bitemarks I saw on her face when they were in New Orleans.

    I think Zahara is terribly spoiled, and that Angelina loves her more than Shiloh. AJ has even said that she is “making an effort” to get closer to Shiloh.

    Don’t you love the child you carried for 9 months?

    What a sh***tty mother

    When Aj first adopted “Z” I thought “this is good, diversity is good” But not for poor little Shiloh. When I saw the bite marks on Shiloh’s forehead, my opinion quickly changed……

    Can you imagine the physical strength it would take to hold down a baby (I think shi was about 9 months old at thhe time) kicking and screaming when a toddler is biting into the flesh on her forehead? I remember because the bitemarks were before Pax so no one else could have put them there, (Maddox was in school).

    I have seen those evil, mean looks that Zahara gives Shiloh, and if looks could kill, well you know the rest.

    I’d like to say that Zahara has had absolutely no difficculty in assimilating to her life of priveledge, so I don’t think the argument of “she came from a life of poverty” is working.

    I already know some of you are going to call me a hater, I”m not. But I have watched Zahara’s behavior since Shiloh’s birth and it isn’t pretty, or even normal for that matter. That little girl is way, way too jealous of the other two that aren’t in school yet. It seems to me that temper tantrums are the norm for her, and that she is manipulating both parents to get most or all the attention.

    Those mean looks she gives when Shiloh is getting attention and she is not are are very worrysome, I hope she is never allowed to hurt Shiloh seriously enough to inflict lifelong, permanent damage.

    I have to say that at first, I thought “Z” was a cute little girl, and then I saw the jealousy, and the way she would hurt her sister, and I was immediately and totally turned off by Zahara. IF my children behaved the way Zahara does, Miss Z would most certainly get a trip or two down to the woodshed for some lessons in decent behavior towards her sister. Instead she is rewarded with trips to the toy store, trips out alone with Mon and Dad and ice cream. While the innocent one is left at home. What a way to treat your kids! One gets everything, while the other gets nothing.

    I’d like to know why BP didn’t take Shiloh on the carriage ride wither alone or with Zahara?

    I wonder if the reason they move around so much is because of “Z’s” behavior and CPS (child protective services), hmm?

    I seriously hope someone from AJ’s and BP’s PR team reads this post.

    To AJ: Why cant you give Shiloh the attention and love she deserves, and that is her birthright?

  4. Mybabysredhot says

    I used to date a girl that at first I thought was beautiful and hot, but then I realized she had thick ankles so I said bye bye. Of course you ladies understand, right? Honey? Sugar? It’s good that you ladies are only thinking of Shiloh and Zahara’s well being. You know, get them ready for the real world of rejection, because it doesn’t matter how attractive you are, as men will find your flaw, and we thankyou.

  5. Mybabysredhot says

    11. kelly | September 4th, 2007 at 11:16 am

    Reading between the lines, looking for the subtext, projecting your own insecurities.

    Which one? And whatever.

  6. sandy says

    I personally think Maddox at 6 years old is too big to carry. I guess she does like to carry them all the time and eventually, when they get to be 10, maybe then she will put them down.

  7. Granny says

    Maybe, just maybe, like a lot of mothers, she likes to carry her children. They are only small a short time and then it is all over. They will eventually be too big and will walk everywhere. If she wants to enjoy carrying them while she can, then more power to her.

  8. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Two year olds are not two young to know if something about them is different than people around them and feel uneasy about it.

    Sandy, maybe it is ok for her to walk for a short time, but uncomfortable after that? Also, Maddox is 4 years older than Zahara so he is less likely to just bolt on Angelina and fall into a canal or get kidnapped. I know that you and some others were just wondering why she is carried all the time, but some people are criticising Angelina and Brad for it and I was just pointing out that there may be many reasons for it.

    Jodie, I think Angelina is too intelligent and has seen too much in the world to even dream of being embarassed by anything like that, unlike some other very shallow people in the world today.

  9. Jodie says

    i doubt very much zahara is embarassed at being bow legged at 2 years old. more like angelina is embarassed at her being bow legged, just like she is embarassed of having a biological WHITE child with a dumb look on her face all the time!!

  10. sandy says

    Did Angelina have all FOUR of her children with her in this picture? Maybe I missed them, are they out of range of the photographer? I did also wonder why she carried Maddox around when he was five! Violet runs, walks and plays, constantly!

    Jenna, Zahara seemed to walk pretty good and run also, when Brad had her in the Park!

    Can a child not walk in Venice if someone is holding their hand? Looks like Maddox is walking okay there?

    I don’t see why everyone is getting all upset over a simple innocent question? Zahara IS carried most of the time, even when they are out of range of the photographers being close, I have just wondered why, that is all!

  11. says

    Katie has ONE child to watch, not FOUR!! And, like I said, Angelina used to be criticized and speculated upon all the time for carrying Maddox around, even when he was 4 or 5 years old. And in my opinion Violet is carried an awful lot too, unless she’s in a swing or on a slide, now that you mention it!!

  12. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Zahara had rickets when she was adopted and is now bowlegged, FACT. Perhaps this makes walking uncomfortable for Zahara, or she feels embarrassed walking in front of other people because they don’t walk that way? Nobody seems to think that there might be a reason for her not walking a lot, they just judge and criticise like its all they know.

    Furthermore, it is often a lot quicker to get around holding a toddler than letting them walk. Also, they were in Venice, you can’t let a two year old walk in Venice! And no matter where they are, if Zahara was my child I wouldn’t want her walking with all the paparazzi and crazy fans chasing, what if she got trampled or someone tried to grab her, even for just a photo? In fact, maybe they hold her because she is scared of the paps?

    And in anycase, whether or not they choose to hold her all the time is not our business, its not harming Zahara or anyone else so get a life and speculate on something else, like Britney’s continued neglect of her sons, or third world poverty!

  13. sandy says

    Honey, I am sorry, I have seen MANY pictures of mothers walking and holding their children’s hands. Angie could do the same with Zahara, she can walk, that has been proven, it is very noticable that she carries her an unusual amount of time. Suri is very spirited, but she walks, and Katie does hold her hand, so does Jennifer with Violet, aren’t they both younger than Zahara?

  14. says

    I have a feeling, mostly based on the way Angelina has described her in interviews, that Zahara is quite a handful and if they put her down she’d be the kind of kid who would bolt (2 out of 3 of mine were the same way). She’s probably just a really spirited child and Brad and Angelina know they can’t allow her to run off because they’re followed everywhere. Take a look through any photos of Angelina, even when it was only her and Maddox, and you’ll see she is ALWAYS holding his hand if not carrying him. I sincerely douby it has anything to do with favoring anyone over anyone else. The other kids seem pretty mellow, that’s all.

  15. sandy says

    I also wonder why she has pants on Zahara under that pretty dress? It isn’t cold there now. Is it possible she is still in diapers? Surely not!

  16. sandy says

    essie, I know they were in Venice, but what about other places they have been? They never put her down to walk anywhere!!!!!! I see Suri Cruise walking, Brooke Shields daughter, Violet, Denise Richards girls, why not Zahara, and she is older than some of these other kids. Just seems strange that she has to be carried 99% of the time.

    I am huge fan of this family but have to agree with some of the other posters, it isn’t being mean, just a simple observation and comment, why can’t she walk more?

  17. Kate says

    Leave Zahara alone! The face she’s making is likely from a cold headache or the sun being in her eyes…Whatever the case, she doesn’t appear angry to me.

    Am I mistaken or does this family use that dress alot? Maybe it’s not the same one each time, but just similar. Either way, I’m just noticing not judging. My children re-wear their clothing for as long as they can! My daughter will even wear a dress as a shirt once it gets too short to wear without something underneath it! I just noticed bc so many celebrities (and their children) seem to be photographed in a single outfit only once.

  18. Tea says

    Deeds, probably so she doesn’t have to squint. I don’t go outside during the day without sunglasses on either. The sun and the UV rays are hard on your eye. Squinting to much is not good either, it can help speed up wrinkles.. The skin around your eyes is very delicate so it should be protected.

  19. Jenna M. (UK) says

    For those that wonder why the kids look grumpy, find a video of the press screaming at them and chasing them, popping flashbulbs in their faces everytime they go out. If you were two, you’d be upset too. It makes me sick everytime I see these videos, why don’t the paparazzi have any respect for CHILDREN’s feelings???

    I think Angelina is a good mother, but that is just my opinion. I also think that travelling and experiencing the world is good for them and that all four are loved, cared for and spoiled EQUALLY!!!

    I also personally do not think Shiloh is “slow”. My sister and step-cousin are both roughly Shiloh’s age. My sister is very active, always shouting and smiling but my step-cousin is a lot quieter, she doesn’t smile as much as some babies (especially around crowds of people), but is really bright. And even if Shiloh does have a learning disability, what is the big fuss about it? Some people on this blog are being quite nasty about it, there is nothing wrong with having special needs for heaven’s sake!

  20. mamabear says

    Seriously folks, stop!

    Did you ever think…

    …Maybe Shiloh and Pax were napping, and she took these two out so the others could sleep?

    …Zahara likes to eat constantly AND be carried beacuse she’s only TWO!

    When they were in Chicago, they had 2 bags full of snacks from Whole Foods – so obviously they care what the children eat.

    …Shiloh is simply a quiet baby who is more of a “watcher” than a “do-er”. Which is not unusual for the youngest child in a large family.

    My son was was a “watcher” too as a baby, and he was neither “slow” nor “special” as some of you are hinting about Shiloh.

    In fact, my son will be entering Northwestern University (#14 in the country) in a few days, after scoring a 33 on the ACT.

    So people, GIVE IT A REST.

  21. essie says

    They are in Venice. You don’t put a toddler down to walk on her own in Venice!!!

    I think it’s a real shame that most of you don’t seem to look at other blogs to see other photos of this family. There are only a few pics posted of the JPs on this site when there are literally DOZENS of photos on justjared. Shiloh is with the family in Venice and they are all out together. Shiloh is smiling and happy with her mother. Go and take a look before you go into your usual “where is Shiloh” or “Angie doesn’t love her bio child” tirade.

  22. sandy says

    I have to say I think it is time they put Zahara down and let her walk more than she does! Angie treats her like she is a small baby, don’t understand, love this family, love the kids, but it is too obvious to deny the special way they treat Zahara over the other children. Sorry but it is true!

  23. Jodie says

    Zahara always look so angry. What the hell has this kid got to be miserable or angry about? she’s carried everywhere she goes and always seem to be eating.

    Maddox also seems to have a frown on his face a lot of the time.

    I think Shiloh is last on the list of priorities for her mother, sadly…. She should spend some time with her own child. That might help her development come on a bit.

  24. Blah their not that great! says

    Do they have any stability? The kids are flown from one country to the next every other day! That has to be had on the kids to adjust like that. If they were that great of parents they would pick a country to settle down and raise their kids and then go on vacation to other countries every once in awhile!

  25. princess says

    Very cute pic. I love Angie and Brad! They are wonderful parents and I wish them all the love life has to offer- God Bless:-)

  26. says

    I’m so tired of the fight for Shiloh so many of you keep making – you are not witnessing this family’s EVERY move, no matter what you think. It’s entirely possible Shiloh and Pax had a treat of their own later that day, possibly in the privacy of their own home??

    Otherwise I think it’s ridiculous to suggest a TWO year old is lucky she is from a “lean ethnic group” because she might wind up being heavy….find something a little more appropriate to pick on, please.

  27. kelly says

    i think is an utter shame that shi is in m.i.a. why was she unable to ice cream?? is is alway’s left home, whith a nanny. wait for the time when shi say’s mamam to her nanny. how on earth are they ready to adopt again so soon? i thought z had a sister, shi. as jealous as z is with shi or pax, they will be in deep doo doo. well i guess taking care of 3 is alittle easier , since they leave shi home. and why does z throw temper tantrum’s when shiloh get’s to go on the family. z is very voicterous and scream’s in shi’s face, that was a quote made in one of her interveiw’s. i think it was on the john stewaed show. i feel bad for shi, why did amge get pregnant,other then keeping brad. he used to tell ange that he dtid notice that he treated shiloh different from the other kid’s. i think in the several jolie outing’s the 2 time’s that shi got to go it was just a show?????? after all the slack she got about her interview by calling shi a blob. she want’s to show that she does include shi. your child is not a should in clude her in every outing. there has been alot of hoopla about shi, they say that she hardly talk’s her lip’s are making her droil, motor skill’s are less then a child in her age group. i am starting to understand if that is true,that could be why they leave her behind. and z, she is so spoiled and she bully’s the other sib’s including shi,ange need’s to stop how she act’s out. she said it was just terrible 2’s. why is she adopting, she said she wanted a sister for her so she would have someone to share root’s with. never heard that one before, i thought shi was z’s sis. that is telling the kid’s you have someone that has the same root’s as you. is she saying that the one’s that look like you? start buiding that arc, ange.

  28. Deeds says

    Z looks happy in 1 pic. I must be greedy because the first thing I saw were the rocks on AJ’s ears.

  29. ink says

    angie is true the kids need more clothes .they need to change some time .zahara need new new cloth .she need to change now shiloh is beautiful maddox and pax grow very first

  30. roe-roe says


  31. mamuna says

    hi! angelina i like your kids .zahara growing up now .i like to see kids are happy and growing .for me iam very happy to see your kids zahara brad favourite what about shiloh my favourite is zahara as well.shiloh is so cute but zahara and shiloh need more clothes i see all the picture they have same cloth aspecial zahara she need more cloth now she is big .please do some shopping for zahara and shiloh ilike this kids god bless you angie and bratt

  32. Miapocca says

    Zahara is in Heaven…she is being carried and wolfing down food as usual…lucky she is lucky she is from a very lean ethnic group or she will be about 100lbs ….seem slike venice is a lot of fun for the kids….

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