Heath Ledger & Michelle Williams Split

Michelle Williams & Heath Ledger

(In the above pic the young family was snapped back in January)

I hate news like this. 🙁

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams have split after three years together, a source has confirmed to People magazine.

“It was rocky for awhile,” says a source close to the couple. “They did what they could to make it work.”

The source says the split was amicable.

The pair, who welcomed daughter Matilda in October 2005, met while they were filming Brokeback Mountain in 2004.

Costars say the chemistry was obvious from the start. “I remember being in rehearsal, and the two of them had googly eyes with each other,” costar Jake Gyllenhaal said of the couple. “There were sparks immediately,” added costar Anne Hathaway. “It was adorable.”

Michelle and Heath welcomed their daughter during promotion for the film, with Heath calling the former Dawson’s Creek star the perfect mom.

But the rigorous schedule wasn’t easy. “We started promoting the movie about three weeks after Matilda was born, which was too soon,” said Michelle in a 2006 interview. “I’m just learning lessons now, like learning how to be a working mom.”



  1. Genevieve says

    this news is too sad for me.. its like my world shattered. I really was hoping that this couple would last for a long long long time.
    I feel really sorry for little matilida i hope that they stay amicable for sake

  2. Just me says

    I have to say, I’m not really surprised. They both seem so miserable, especially Michelle, never a smile, nothing. Then again,Michelle never looked happy, even before Heath.

  3. Matilda's Mum says

    What the hell is wrong with naming your daughter Matilda? Its my youngest daughters name and i for one think it is very pretty. And shortened to Tilly is just adorable. Also i am not Australian in any way at all but the name is becoming very popular in England again at the moment.

    Very sad news for these guys. I hope the split is amicable for Matilda’s sake.

  4. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Heath is Australian, Matilda is a popular name in Australia. I wouldn’t personally call my child Matilda, but that little honey isn’t my child so it has nothing to do with me!

    This is very sad news, for Matilda especially but I never really saw any great chemistry between them. I always got the impression they were only together because they got pregnant so early on in the relationship.

  5. phnxgirl says

    Wow, had no idea anything was wrong. Thought they were good together. Oh and I like both names Zoe and Matilda! 😉

  6. Xenafan96 says

    Hi ZOE! I saw your comment @ naming the child Matilda and just wanted to give you a tibit on a strong reason they did. As Heath is Australian, “Matilda” is a very common name Down Under and very beloved at that. It’s kind of Americans naming their daughter Katie or a son John.
    Hope the FYI helps!

  7. says

    Megan..I am Dying with laughter on the inside, that you are taking this so DRASTIC…I happen to hate the name Matilda, I don’t care what you like, or don’t…It isn’t important to me. Matilda, reminds me of a little witch name, it is Perfect for Halloween LOL

    Megan, you should listen to this song..that is behind my name..have nice night.

  8. megan says

    why did you mom name you zoe matilda is a pretty name i think aleast they didnt name her apple dandilion deva muffin puma bluebell suri

  9. megan says

    why would your mother name you zoe such an i like the name matilda better for aleast they didnt name her apple moxie crimefighter tu morrow heaven rain raignbuw

  10. DMITZ says

    I didn’t see that coming. They both seem moody to me, but I thought they did well together.

  11. sandy says

    So sad to me! I had high hopes for this couple! They both clearly love the little girl and I am so saddened by this news.

  12. Mhairi says

    This is sad news. They seemed so in love from the beginning. I’m a big fan of Michelle and was happy when Matilda was born. It looked like they would marry one day. Best wishes to both Michelle and Heath at this time and I hope they will continue to see their daughter regularly. xx

  13. says

    OH how sad that they couldn’t make it work! I think that it is sad when Kids are involved! Love is hard, peiod, not just when your famous..It is like a battlefield!

  14. danielle says

    Unfortunately i’ve seen that comming! They seemed miserable together and Heath seems to get bored pretty fast in a relationship. Best wishes to their daughter Matilda and i hope the’ll keep up being good parents to her!

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