Brooke Shields Wants Another Baby!

Brooke Shields 

Brooke Shields has shared that she’s ready for another baby!

“I would love it,” Brooke said. “I might have to bind and gag my husband (Chris Henchy) because I think he’s happy with the girls he has in his life, but if I can I’ll do it!”

For now, the mother of two – daughters, Rowan, 4, and Grier, 1 – has something else to celebrate – the cover of Fitness magazine.

“There was no retouching!” Brooke, 42, told People magazine at a dinner for Sebeka wines at Manhattan restaurant Public. “I was really proud.”

To get cover-girl ready, Brooke says she varies her workout routine and allows regular diet splurges. “I spin and I do yoga and I hike,” she said. “If somebody will take a class with me, Ill take a yoga class. If someone will spin with me, Ill do that. I just make sure I do all three a week.”

She added, “I don’t deny myself and I think of health first rather than skinniness.” She also lets herself have the occasional Belgian beer and ice cream.

“I love those little Dove Bites,” Brooke confessed. “If I deny myself, that’s when I get crazy so I make sure to balance it.”

The actress said that losing weight in the beginning was just a quest to “not feel pregnant anymore,” and while starring in Lipstick Jungle is a motivational tool, “my everyday has to be about following the little ones.”

Wow! That’s impressive that she had no retouching for the cover of Fitness magazine! It seems like all celebs and models have that these days! Good for her!