Another Sweet Pic Of Angelina With Shiloh At The Zoo

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Another adorable pic of Angelina with Shiloh, 15 months, at the Central Park petting zoo on Thursday!



  1. winnie says

    There is nothing wrong with Shiloh that more time with Brad and Angie wouldn’t cure, WITHOUT ZAHARA. I’m aware that “Z” is a strong personality and with that in mind she gets the lions share of attention. I think it’s most likely that Zahara does everything she can to put the emphasis on herself and thus Shiloh is suffering for it. It is clear to me that not only does “Z” not like Shiloh, but she is cruel and hateful to her, you can tell this from the pics where Brad is carrying Shiloh, when “Z” gives Shiloh those mean, hateful, I’m going to ge even with you looks. I think with the “Z” factor that Shiloh is scared and with the amount of time and catering they give to Zahara, Shiloh most likely feels unloved. It looks to me as though she has never bonded with Angelina, or Angelina with her. The fact that “Z” is never disciplined anly adds fuel to the fire. Especially when “Z” bites Shiloh because she has something she wants (food, toys).

    I would be willing to bet my reputation that Shiloh is not retarded or slow, some of you use the word “special” which has a connotation of being mentally handicapped. When one daughter gets all the attention and the other little or none, somethings gotta give, and that something is usually their social development. I know because I was one of those daughters. When I was in grade school I was so withdrawn that the school officials thought I was retarded, even though I have an IQ of 131.

    I think if any of the children have a oroblem that needs to be addressed by a psychologist, it’s Zahara because she bullies and hurts the other children, and seems to have no empathy for anyone or anything. Some of you might say “Oh, its the terrible two’s” that explains her behavior. But I have seen toddlers in the terrible two’s and they do not exhibit the same mean cruel behavior that “Z” does. Sometimes the two’s are selfish, but not to the point of cruelty, and I think “Z” is very cruel to Shiloh and unreasonably jealous. You can look at her (Z) pictures and see it in her face.

    I really do feel for Shiloh: she is such a precious, pretty little girl who has much to offer. It’s such a shame that Angie and Brad are missing it all…….They (children) are little for such a short time.

    P.S. I just couldn’t resist…..if AJ&BP don’t want her, there are so many people who would love to care for her. How about Grandma Jane?

  2. Tia :) says

    #48- I looked and i think you are the one who is TRYING to find something wrong with this baby. Get over it…she’s beautiful and has NOTHING wrong with her!

  3. liliwaton says

    ladies..please stop it..who says who is don’t say nasty things about oyher people when you don’t even know anything about never came close to them..stop these nasty things..okay??!!

  4. Deeds says

    Shiloh maybe slow which in it’s self is not a big deal. It happens to thousand children a day. A friend of mine had to hold her daughter back a grade, not because she was “slow”, it was because she was younger than the rest of her class and she couldn’t keep up with their motor skills. Most of the moms I met that did have children that weren’t “normal” were in denial. They didn’t want to admit there might be something wrong with their child. If that is the case with Shiloh I hope she gets the help she may need.

  5. Jodie says

    73 – yes, my kids are perfect, thanks.

    But if Shiloh had some sort of deformity there is no way i would be saying anything negative about her.

    She is not deformed and in my opinion, if she is slow, it is down to the fact that she does not get enough attention at home. She has to compete with all these other children constantly for her own parents attention. Shiloh always seems to be the one left at home with the nanny.

    Maybe if her parents showed her a little more individiual attention, she would blossom and get rid of that dopey look on her face.

    Bonding with her mother would probably have helped matters too.

  6. Uniquely ~Taylor Mastronni says

    At least this baby does not look like her mom. She looks just like her daddy…..AMEN TO THAT

  7. Miapocca says

    Okay folks..the babyrazzists have come up with a new machine that can determine developmentaly challenged babies from the expressions in their picture ahahhaha

    Its called the Gossipodevelometer…ahhahaha

  8. baby says

    I hope you’re children are perfect-that they never have to hear anyone make fun of their big ears or droopy eyes or maybe their big feet. Hopefully if they do suffer from some sort of facial deformity you make them feel so loved that they can shut their ears to mean people saying bad things about them. Especially mean people who don’t know them. People talk of Karma-remember what goes around comes around.

  9. Jodie says

    this child is so dopey looking. She has no expression whatsoever and those lips look like they are weighing her down they are so big!!

    i have never seen this child showing any kind of expression/reaction to her surroundings or with her big mouth shut.

  10. Zbella says

    Violet, you are right, I do make typos all the time. However, if I’m going to write a word a dozen times in one post, I learn how to spell it first. I am dyslexic, so I’m naturally a TERRIBLE speller, it’s something I have worked on and continue to improve.

    I do not make mistakes with apostrophes because I understand how they work. It just bothers me when I read posts with the same mistakes over and over. When someone is schooling us on their “opion” it packs a better punch when/if it’s an actual word!

  11. Jacquie says

    #2 It’s as if Brad Pitt shrank into baby size and Angie loaned him a set of lips!

    LOL. That is so true! Shilo is a cutie.

  12. Analise says

    Some of you are so stupid. Oh she has a learning disability. Oh something is wrong with her. Idiots.

  13. sandy says

    nicki, I don’t know you, but I did read where oriana (whom I enjoy very much by the way) is gone to New Zealand for three weeks. She actually left a message for you on the Suri Cruise thread. I don’t mean to be meddling, just thought I would let you know.

  14. Tia :) says

    You know, im a nurse too…i also work with children, and im sorry…you cannot determine from pictures that there is something wrong with this child!! I agree with Nicki…these people would have the best of the best for their children if there was something wong with them!!

  15. Nicki says

    OK~ good night~ sorry for all the typos.
    Best to all. oriana~ hope to talk to you soon, won’t be until after late Tuesday pm, which for you would be early:lol: But hope to chat with you soon. Take care!

  16. Nicki says

    Gosh, if you think or thought anything was wrong with anyone of thier 4 children, they wouldn’t have got the best doctors for thier treatment?????????????
    Angie is very honest, look at all her legit interviews, If there were anything wrong with any of Brad and Angie’s children she would not hide it. Please we see 25-45 seconds of pics of Shiloh. When any of the the other kids are with tthem, and Shiloh is there, thats where all the focus is. I has to overwhelming for her. And a bit sad for the parents of 3 other older children, who seem to not matter when Shiloh is around.
    No parent wants amy of thier children to feel less of a person than another. Maybe that was what Angie was talking abnout whan ahe said about Shiloh being born into………basically the best. You can see it in all the pics, they want “the shot”, and they forget the other children while getting the “lets see if she smiles” shot and people on the internet add to that happening by saying, why isn’t she smiling, etc. If anyone of the paps had have a brain, they ould see she is alert to the flashes and clicks (and the “hey Shiloh, look here) But nobody will be happy until something happens to someone. I love the pics as much as “most” of you.

    I wish them all- the Jolie-Pitt family-l the best forever!!

  17. nosoupforyou says

    Geez, people….. you can’t determine a baby’s motor skills from looking at pictures.

    Yes, I am “in the business” and I can spell too.

  18. kelly says

    fly on the wall, you are so immature. i work in the feild for pediatric’s. you need to grow up. you keep changing your name but, alot of us know you are libasque, i did not say i knew everything. i know sources that that no the jolie-pitt’s. i have never met them only in family photo’s. you never post your opion, just pick apart everyone else’s comment’s. it is the like’s of you that they shut blog’s down because they have trouble maker’s. any way stick to the subject. this is not a b—h fest. so, if you don’t have anything don’t say anything at all, because you want to start causing trouble.

  19. violet says

    zbella its spell check not speall OPINION and i seen many Comments from you where you didnt spell every words correct

  20. Zbella says

    I agree with voe #40. Please… my husband has always breathed through his mouth (thus, he often has his mouth open) and had crossed eyes before he had an operation at age 3. Anyway, he already has his MA and is getting his PhD.

    And I’m sorry, but please learn how to speall OPINION and stop adding apostrophes to all plural nouns. For example – pediatric’s should be pediatrics, skill’s should be skills and problem’s problems… The list could go on and on. If something belongs to something else, you add the apostrophe – for example: My mother’s brother is funny. (The brother of my mother is funny.) You can use one as a contraction, as in: What’s that? (What is that?)

    Anyway, think what you want, I enjoy pictures of this beautiful family.

  21. madison says

    if you guys look at the pictures from there are many picture of shiloh with diffrent expressions i never seen her smileor point “she is a special baby” have you guys ever seen a special need baby look at sam she never smile always sucking her thumb and always carrying a blanket are you gonna called her slow too and isabella damon she have the same face expressions in every pictures she never ever smile are you gonna called her slow

  22. Fly On The Wall says

    35. kelly | September 1st, 2007 at 9:39 am
    they say shiloh is having alot of problem’s with her motor skill’s. and there is a strong possibility she is slower then most children.

    “They” say? Who is “they”? Do you have a source for that or are you just spreading some more stupid baseless rumors that the Jenhags are known for spreading around?

    Shiloh is a lovely baby and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone who shall remain nameless looks at her picture, kicks herself another hundred times and realizes that is the child she could have given Brad if she hadn’t been so damn selfish to begin with. Too late now. She had her chance and blew it.

  23. baby says

    She looks like Bill Clinton, no wait-She looks like George Clooney-wrong again-She looks like Jennifer Aniston, hey wait She looks like my Uncle Guido…

  24. Gaby says

    That is totally Matt Damon’s baby I agree! She cheated on Brad Pitt with Matt Damon! You all know that that baby has Matt Damon’s nose!

  25. sandy says

    I would like to add that Kelly has some valid points and made some interesting comments.

    #15, if those pictures of Shiloh with the goats look like she was excited to you, I would hate to see what you consider not excited. Look at #6, she isn’t responsive at all to them, Angelina is even bending down, Shiloh is making any type of response, her arms are dangling by her side. Sorry, but I did take a close look at the pictures, I would suggest you do the same and stop dreaming, the facts are the facts, pictures don’t lie!

  26. sandy says

    First let me say please, I like this family, my sister does not, I think they are good parents and I wish them luck.

    I think Shiloh is a beautiful child, but I am concerned her motor skills are slowly developing or there is something wrong. Something doesn’t quite fit with her. Any child that goes to a Zoo, and all children love animals usually, they don’t just hang there, they at least point their fingers! Shiloh has some small inkling of a half smile on her face, the first I have seen, but she doesn’t seem excited or even that much interested to me. Sorry, but look at her reactions, or lack of, and her expressions again.

    There is not a kick, or even a wiggle, most babies her age are more energetic and usually don’t hold still, especially at a Zoo!

    I hope she is okay and as she gets older maybe she will catch up and be more lively. I agree with some of the posters, I think there may be a problem, she should be more advanced than what she is for her age! And for those that have worked in Pediatrics, they would know this.

  27. says

    ………. They are of more, they are perfect I love when I see photos of together them and so good and rare …… I LOVE FAMILY J-P PERPETUAL: D …….

    Elas são de mais, são perfeitas amo quando vejo fotos delas juntas e tão bom e raro…… AMO A FAMÍLIA J-P ETERNAMENTE: D…..

  28. look at me says

    Gorgeous baby my ass !!! get real ! That baby is not that cute at all : never a smile , vacant crossed eyes , no expressions ! Is Shiloh a “special” baby ?

  29. voe says

    Agree w/ you Deeds. I like to add however that we all keep our private lives out of public eyes to a certain extent. I don’t know what goes on in my neighbors’ houses though their kids play with mine daily, and I don’t volunteer my joys and troubles to them, and some troubles can’t even be shared with best of friends or family for reasons only each of us know. I think they are likewise. I also want to add that we all act too. We go to work and put on our best faces despite of tumults at home and do our work, lest being deemed unprofessional and getting unfavorable performance review that affect that yearly raise which would affect our kids’ comfort. We do the same in dates, meetings and so on.

    The babies/children on this site are cute.

  30. Deeds says

    I think all of AJ’s children have beautiful souls and will go far in life. I believe That there are so many papperazzi that AJ and BJ know that their picture is taken ALL of the time, so in their own little way they show the public only what they want them to see. When the are quoted from a magizine or television interview the only say what their managers want them say. Otherwise they would always go through managers like candy. Keep in mind they maybe good people but they are ACTORS that’s how they make a living and they pretty good at it. What I said is JMO, you may want to give your opinion about my posting, no bashing please.

  31. voe says

    Shiloh’s open mouth with lower lip hanging is a characteristic she inherits from her father. Look at his picture with mouth open and you’ll see his lips hang the same way. My friend’s daughter has mouth always open until now and she is pursuing a master degree in psychology. As for talking late, my son did not talk much until 2 1/2 and he is pursuing criminal law.

    Quit speculating about the baby please. She is cute like all babies.

  32. ellie says

    i think shiloh is adorable
    but i hate angelina
    i wish that was jennifers kid and not hers
    i think jen would make a much better mom then the stuck up ugly angelina

  33. baby says

    #37 “also, and I’m sorry for saying this, think that they do not spend as much time with Shiloh as the other kids.” Hey-How long do you think they were at the zoo? 2 hours at the most? and when they left what do you think happened-AJ dropped the kids off at a bar and went off ? NO, she took them home where they spent time out of the PUBLIC eye and NO ONE knows what goes on behind closed doors. We get glimpes of peoples lives and act like we know what happens 24/7. Maybe at home they ignore the other 3 and spend all their time playing with Shiloh-we don’t know and why the heck should we even try to speculate?
    Glad things worked out with your son.

  34. hey says

    One other thing, my son never had his mouth just h ang open like that. If she was my daughter, I would be a bit concerned about that.

  35. hey says

    Ok, listen. I agree with Kelly. My son, who is 11 years old and going into 6th grade has a slight learning disability. He was born with the cord wrapped around his neck and the doctors seem to think that might have something to do with. Lack of oxygen or something. Anyway, Shiloh reminds me of him. Adorable, sweet and quiet. My son did run around like a normal 18 month old when he was at that age and he looked normal like Shiloh, but, he didn’t start talking ’til he was around 2 ( I don’t know if Shiloh talks, and I’m not saying she doesn’t-don’t flip out ) He also, most of the time, had an expressionless face, like Shiloh does in almost all of her pictures. Yes, my son smiled and laughed often. And he would always play with the other kids, but once pre-school started, it was more evident than ever. So, I have, from the beginning, thought that just maybe Shiloh may have a slight learning disability. And I certainly do not think there is anything wrong with that. I just hope that if she does, her parents get her the help she needs at an early age. We did, and because of that, my son has never been left back and is with his age group in school. As I said, 11 years old and going into 6th grade. He also has so many friends that to be honest, we added a third cell phone to our plan so he could have his own to keep the home phone free more ofthen. He now is a normal child. I also, and I’m sorry for saying this, think that they do not spend as much time with Shiloh as the other kids. I DO think that they love her just as much, just don’t seem to portray that often. I didn’t say never, I said often. My opinion, no need to bash me for it. Shiloh is a beautiful little girl, and I’ve always thought so. Just a bit expressionless.

  36. baby says

    If you look at her pictures CLOSELY you can see that this baby reacts to everything around her! Her eyes are focused on people and objects-her head is not hanging to the side, drool is not coming out her mouth and her eyes are not rolling up in the back of her head. I don’t know call me crazy but I think this is a normal 18 month old baby who is surrounded by a whole lot of nuts trying to capture every single moment of her life so that we can tear it apart.

  37. kelly says

    daisy, you took the word’s right out of my mouth. alot of article’s i have read, i don’t know if the ring truth. but, they say shiloh is having alot of problem’s with her motor skill’s. and there is a strong possibility she is slower then most children. now, before everyone want’s to chew me a new a–whole, this is a possibility. go back and look at the very few pic’s that are out there, because we all know she is seldom joining the family on outing’s. look at her facial expression’s or lack there of. i work in pediatric’s, and no i am not saying i am right. just my opion. she can’t keep her mouth open, most of you like me and daisy because she has big lip’s she need’s to grow into. look back at the pic’s from last week when they went to the museum. her mouth alway’s hanging open and she stare’s down and her eye’s look cross. i certainly would hope the rumour’s of use of herion and diet pill’s are not the cause of this. that is one of the reason’s she is left behinde. and angie might realize. as her and brad are known for being beautiful people, that there child is not. i see this on a daily basis, so please don’t give me any slack, this is my opion, just like all of you, it is your opion. this would not be a blog, if there were different people with different opion’s. every time i go on here and if one person does not agree, they are getting slammed. that does not bother me being the man out. but, it does bother me that this turn’s into a b–ch fest if one does not agree.

  38. celine says

    sure suri would run over her cause that’s what suri is a little rat with mischevious cute looks. he! he! shi doesn’t even need to move, she can just stand there and be gorgeous…

  39. Kyla says

    I think she will grow up to be pretty damn stunning. She will grow more into her looks. I’d love to see what their bio baby boy would like!

  40. CLARE says

    Kalista, you said what Iwas thinking. She looks really cute when you first see the pictures. After a while, she looks ordinary. She also has very few expressions.

  41. Lilo says

    Does anyone think Shiloh looks more like Matt Damon here? Cause she looks more like Matt Damon and Angie mixed together in this pic! Matt Damon’s nose looks like that.

  42. Kalista Brat says

    When I first saw these pics of her I thought she looked super beautiful. I’ve already looked over them to the point where I don’t think she is as beautiful as the first time I saw the pictures. I have to see new pics to change my mind again.

  43. Tea says

    22, I hope you are right!! I hope all these children take to heart what Angie is trying to do!!! If you agree with her or not, she does bring attention to serious issues which I hope everyone is paying attention to!!!!!

  44. sandy says

    Still waiting to see her with Brad on their “daddy’s day one on one outing” like the rest of the kids! She is very cute but not a lot of animation to me out of her?

  45. sue says

    Angie is on paper as saying that she is so thin as this year she has stopped breast feeding as well as loosing her mother and running around after four children, she looks to me though as if she has put a little weight on in recent times.

  46. Mybabysredhot says

    Sorry folks, you won’t see these kids in the celebrity magazines of the future unless they are featureing grown up children of celebrities in public service. The kids will be more influenced by Angie’s public service connections then her celebrity ones, although I think there is going to be a lot of people trying to pressure Shiloh to condsider modeling or acting (that is if she also inherits her parents’ physical proportions)

  47. sammi says

    oh my goodness she is like a living doll, perfect porcelain skin, rosy cheeks, big bright blue eyes, gorgeous red lips and thin blonde hair!
    she’s soo beautiful!

  48. Fly On The Wall says

    She has Angelina’s mouth and Brad’s eyes. It will be interesting to see who she comes out looking most like.

  49. shadan says

    why is Angie becoming so thin?
    I hope she is not suffering from any disease.
    Shiloh is a princess indeed.

  50. 2teens3beans says

    She is so adorable, she already has the zoolander pout downpat… I see a future actress in the making!

  51. starlite says

    So beautiful!! I agree, DMITZ, she does look like Angie when she was a baby – those same full lips. Can’t wait to see what Shiloh looks like when she grows up!

  52. Xenafan96 says

    Wow! 🙂
    It’s as if Brad Pitt shrank into baby size and Angie loaned him a set of lips! Shi is too cute, and she looks so comfy on Mom’s hip.

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