Myleene Klass Proudly Presents Ava

Myleene Klass
Myleene Klass shows she is totally besotted with her baby daughter in the first snap of little Ava. Ava was born three-and-a-half weeks early, on August 16th, weighing 5lb 9oz.

The M&S model and former I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! star went into labor shortly after co-hosting the British program The One Show with Adrian Chiles.

A newly-released photograph of Myleene gazing adoringly at Ava was taken at the 29-year-old’s home.

Myleene and the baby’s father, fiance and former bodyguard Graham Quinn, named their baby after movie star Ava Gardner.

Myleene’s spokesman said: “They are really, really happy.

“Since the baby was born Myleene has been spending every second with Ava. The couple are enjoying life as new parents.”

He added that Klass would be a “working mum” and return to her presenting duties on The One Show in October, thanks to the support of Ava’s grandparents and Klass’s partner.

Instead of receiving money to show off their baby in a celebrity magazine, they offered the pictures to newspapers in exchange for a donation to children’s charity NCH (National Children’s Home).

Myleene has been replaced during her maternity leave on The One Show by presenter Christine Bleakley.

Reportedly, Charlotte Church wanted to call her baby Ava — but Myleene beat her to it! Charlotte, 21, and Myleene, 29, were due to give birth at the same time. But Myleene had Ava nearly a month early. Charlotte and lover Gavin Henson, 25, may call their baby Lucius if it is a boy. A pal said: “They are struggling to find a girl’s name. She’s gutted Myleene got there first.”

A belated congratulations!


  1. Ella says

    Myleene must have made a concious decision to NOT pimp her daughter out, since she sells every other aspect of her life to OK magazine.

    Not fooling anyone!

    I do believe Ava will become the next hot names for Chavs (sorry international friends, if you need to google the term.)

  2. Zbella says

    For a truly unique name, I guess we would call it made up! Many African Americans have unique names. Something like Apple as a child’s name is also unique.

    I like uncommon names – but names that most people in America & Europe have heard. My children all have uncommon names that were more popular about 100 years ago.

  3. carleigh says

    Ava is a very pretty name for a little girl..but alas it is pretty but also quite common. But that being said it is still one of my favorites even if it is common, my daughter Alyssa was almost Ava Grace even though there were 4 other babies in the nursery at the same time as her with the name Ava.

    The baby is very pretty, like the name, Congrats to the parents!

  4. Marjo says

    Ah. It may be that I take words’ meanings much more literally, maybe because I have studied language and my work requires that I use precise terminology.

    It’s also a cultural thing. For example, I have noticed that people is the US often use “love” for ordinary, everyday things that they like – “I love marsmallows”, “I love playing Texas Hold’em” etc. While here we use “like” for things that we like, and “love” is reserved for really deep emotions; basically we only “love” our spouses, children, family, and maybe friends, nature or the home land. Of course I have grown up using words in their original meaning and I like it this way; the words retain their original power, and there is no need to invent new “over effective” words for things like “love” & “unique”.

    Now I’m curious… If “unique” is used when meaning something special or rare, what word do you use for things that are REALLY unique….? 😉

  5. Blair says

    I will agree that Princess Tiiammi is a goofy name. Some parents do take the name thing to too much of an extreme. However, I think it is possible to find an equal balance of choosing a name that is special and original, but not too different as to isolate the child too much.

  6. eminencegrise says


    Mylene really is a class act – pardon the pun.

    Beautiful name.

    Beats all that naff, ridiculous made up crap so many folk are naming their children these days, like Princess Tiiammi.

  7. squeekysue says

    You know this is a website therefore by default it is an *INTERNATlONAL* site and thier are many people on here who us Brits have never ever heard of; for example Tom Brady, Brooke Burke, Bridget Moynahan and Jacinda Barret. Do you read me saying who the hell are they? No! Well don’t do it to Mylene Klass. This is a site about babies, the parents are quite incidental.
    As for the name Ava, it is a nice name although a lot of babies these days are called Ava.

  8. Blair says

    According to definition, Marjo- you are correct about the word “unique” and it’s meaning. However, as 2teens3beans, mentions it is used more as an expression in America. “Wow that’s so unique”, in my experience basically translates to “I’ve never heard that before”, “special” or set apart from most in some regard, or a way to express interest in something somewhat uncommon, new or unheard of. People use the word pretty loosely, not necessarally correctly, but, it’s not usually made to be that big of a deal.

  9. 2teens3beans says

    In America, and probably the UK too… “unique” is often used to describe something “different” even if it’s not the one & only. We don’t really hold it to it’s “strict” definition. It’s really not a big deal to use it that way. I think the word has become more of an “expression”. Like saying… “that’s cool!” when something is not literally a cool temperature.
    I agree, Ava is cute but becoming way too popular. When my kids were younger the most popular names were Emily, Taylor & Alex… there were at least 3 in every grade.

  10. Marjo says

    Jenna, I’m not a native speaker of English so bear with me if I’m mistaken… But doesn’t “unique” mean something that there is only one of, something that is really “only one at a time (or ever)”? I think it’s different than “relatively rare”. Those names you mention as unique are not really unique, in my opinion. I know of children called Xiao-Ling and Elijah, and i think Jasmine is even quite common in many parts of the world. To my understanding, “unique” and “rare” are two different things.

    I also have to wonder about your comment that “children with different ethnic backgrounds tend to pull off some unique names better than white children”. Their names are not unique: they are just rare in the western countries, and actually common in their native countries. I suppose that if I came to the US with my native Scandinavian name, you would think my name was “unique” too, while it’s actually quite common here.

    “Unique” should be that, unique – exceptionally rare – in all parts of the world, and not just “relatively rare” in which ever part of the world one happens to live in.

    No offense, I just hate it when people attach meanings to words that just are not there.

  11. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Blair – I agree about the uniqueness. I love unique names, and will give my kids unique names when I have them! I like River, Jared, Rain, Elijah and Caylan for a boy or Autumn, Zahara, Sayuri, Jasmine, Xiao-Ling for a girl The fact that I plan to adopt from abroad helps as children with different ethnic backgrounds tend to pull off some unique names better than white children.

    When I was born my mum thought Jenna was unique, and there was 2 other Jenna’s in my class! My brother has a unique name though, his name is Arran (after the Scottish island) and I’ve never came across anyone with that spelling.

  12. Blair says

    I agree that Ava is a pretty name but I would never use it because I like names that are unique, and Ava is becoming very popular very quickly. I don’t want my child to be one of 5 children in her class with the same name, you know? I don’t like anything too out there either, but I like to keep some rarity to a name. For girls, I like Kaylina, Brinah, Saige, Skye, Ayla, etc. For a boy I like Jace, Kurtis, Gavin. I know of a few Kurtis-is and Gavin-s, but boy names are a bit harder. And for some reason I think girls pull off unusual names as “Original”, while boys are just told their unusual name is “weird” or “too different”. I am a teacher and these are just some of the comments I’ve heard my 2nd graders make to or about one anothers unusual names.

  13. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Ava is a pretty name (and a beautiful baby). I saw Myleene Klass on the Jonathan Ross Show and she seems like a really nice, classy woman (no pun intended!).

    Good on them for turning down the magazine money, wouldn’t they have got more money for the charity by giving the photos to the magazine and donating that money instead? Just a thought.

  14. BritishMumma says

    awww she was born on my sons bday 🙂 Ava is a beautiful name, if I ever have a baby girl I will definately consider that name for her…

    Congrats to the family!!!

  15. lou says

    aw ava is a lovely name and she looks very cute, good on them for turning down the sackloads of money too!

    goin back to work in october doesnt seem like a very long maternity leave though! shes gonna be exhausted!

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