Jacinda Barrett & Gabriel Macht Welcome A Daughter

Jacinda Barrett

Australian actress Jacinda Barrett and her husband Gabriel Macht have welcomed their first child, a baby girl! Satine Anais Geraldine Macht was born on August 20th in Los Angeles. “Mum and Satine are happy and healthy,” says her publicist.

I totally missed this one!




  1. Analise says

    I’m pretty sure her pregnancy was announced on this very site. Oh and I wouldn’t call season 4 an early season of the Real World.

  2. selena says

    I love Gabriel Macht! He was in the movie “An American Outlaw” with Colin Farrell, he played his brother. HOT HOT HOT. He was also in “Because I said so” with Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton and “Behind Enemy Lines”. I adore him.

  3. megs says

    that is a different name, anyone know what it means or its origin? #1, Jacinda is now an actress and was on Mtv’s The Real World: London. At least that was the first time I saw her/heard of her. Bless!

  4. Julie says

    God, I bet that’s a beautiful baby!!!! The only thing I know about Jacinda is that she was on one of the first seasons of MTV’s The Real World a loooooooong time ago. They are both really hot!!!!

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