Denise Richards With Sam & Lola

Denise Richards

Denise Richards was snapped with Lola, 2, and Sam, 3, at a Los Angeles park on Wendesday.

Sam and Lola are so adorable!



  1. kim--original kim says

    I can’t stand this woman…always letting the paps know where she’ll be with the kids…. the girls always look so sad…
    But MY little girl turns 1 tomorrow!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY ROSE!

  2. sandy says

    I think Sam has some emotional problems, she always looks unhappy, sucking her thumb and very attached to that blanket, she is too old for that. Denise should see to her children’s needs, emotional as well, instead of worrying about publicity. Lola is beautiful to me!

  3. Lauren says

    Sam and Lola are beautiful little kids. Denise should let them walk instead of carrying them all the time.

  4. mamabear812 says

    I feel so bad for those little girls! Especially Sam, she always looks so sad and afraid.

    Always having paparazzi in front of them, snapping away their cameras in the girls’ little faces.

    No wonder BOTH girls suck their thumbs! It’s for comfort – same as a pacifier. The girls are coping as best they can.

    I blame Denise, she seems to always be parading the children in front of the paparazzi. A good mother would at least try to shield the kids or at least soothe them with words – not Denise – she’s smiles pretty for the cameras!

  5. says


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  6. sushmita says

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  7. Molly says

    #14-If you look at the pictures from you will notice that Sam is wearing a dress, thus the reason she isn’t wearing pants. The dress hits right above her knees and is very cute.

    To Sharrie, Mary and Andrea-In the same pictures (some of them anyways) Denise is shown holding only one or the other child while holding the walking ones hand.

  8. Neda says

    I carry my 3 year old twins all the time even though they can walk. Who cares? They like to be held and I like having them close to me. Besides, sometimes it’s easier. I don’t see a problem with it at all. I think Sam is just as cute as Lola…Both adorable little girls.

  9. Blair says

    I’m sure she carries them for safety reasons around the paparazzi. I have seen videos and believe me, they don’t have a problem with getting waaaay too close, even to children. And they’re probably clinging on so tightly for exactly that reason. I imagine it must be quite scary to have a bunch of strangers in your face, flashing bright lights at you, all the meanwhile distracting your mothers attention away from you.

  10. Sharrie says

    why does Denise ( and Angelina and Brad) feel the need to carry these large children? I don’t get it! They are cuties though…..

  11. says

    Look at how the kids are hanging on for dear life – pretty uncomfortably – while mommy still manages to flash a smile for her favorite entourage of paps…she is SO annoying, especially now that Charlie’s calling her out on all her ridiculous behavior.

  12. Sonja says

    You can scroll down the website to find those pics or just click on the link with their names and that works too.

  13. Sonja says

    There are SO MANY ADORABLE ones from this day and other recent ones of Sam & Lola at Lots of cute pics of them there! Plus there are some from Aug 26th I believe, where both girls are sporting pigtails and in some of the pics they are visiting with Grier (Brooke Sheilds daughter) I think its Grier–The younger of Brooke’s children.

  14. Blair says

    YAY! I haven’t seen pictures of these cuties in forever! Ican’t believe people twould say that Sam is not cute. 🙁 She is my favorite celeb baby despite all the mean things I hear about her constantly. She has grown into her looks and i especially like her with longer hair. I believe she is much cuter than Lola to be honest…Lola to me has flat facial features and seems to be very average in her appearance. And I’m a preschool teacher, so I have lots of kids to compare her to. But don’t get me wrong, I think she’s adorable, just not anything out of the ordinary. I bet Sam’ll be a gorgeous as she gets older. It’s always the ones people say are unattractive children that end up gorgeous models. I like Sam’s big eyes and lips and think she has good bone structure as well. She also strikes me as the more sweet and loving one. She is constantly criticized for not smiling, but I betshe just dislikes the cameras in her face all the time. She’s clearly a mama’s girl and I think she’s just precious.

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