Britney With Jayden James

Britney Spears

Oh well… I’ve been so anxious for more photos of Britney with her sons, but this was the best I could do. I’m pretty certain that she is with little Jayden James in this pic.

Has anyone heard Britney’s new songs? I didn’t think that the one that I heard was particularly amazing, but still pretty impressive.



  1. masueken says

    Ok people, there is a cig in the face of that child, but I have been reading and maybe he did run up beside her you never know. I do think its wrong to smoke inside of a house with children, buy hey a lot of people do it. Second, how many “regular” people are doing the same things as Brittany? And no one puts all of their news out there, I mean there should be some privacy for celebrities, and especially if they have children, people should really take into consideration the children, and what they have to go through.

  2. Kaila says

    I sorry I don’t want it to seem like I am ganging up on you, but ESTO people in the 1950’s did smoke in front of their children.
    But they, however, had an excuse. They had no idea that that could hurt their babies. (and if they did many of them might not have done it.
    To everyone else: Im sixteen and happen to like Britney’s old stuff. Most of her new stuff is absoultly terrible (with an excepition to Gimme More nad Cold as Fire). She is turnng into a Madonna or a Janet Jackson, her music sounds like she us trying to hard to be popular.
    I think that if she tries really hard she may be able to get her children back an save her career. Right now she can not afford to turn down anyone’s help. But i think that it wil be harder for her know, because of everything that she has done. Overall American consumers are very forgiving and if she pulls it all together quickly she might win back favor.

    Sorry it is so long I didn’t plan for that I just wanted me opinon to be heard.

    P.S.- Everyone saying that someone else is ignoant for stating their opinon, is a hypocrite. You don’t want anyone to critizes your views so don’t critizes theirs.

    Love You All,


  3. Melissa says

    It definatly is the angle of the pic. her hand is slightly pointing backwards, away from her son. she has the right to do what she wants to do, so you should all stop criticising her for that.

  4. Lovi says

    This is such a beautiful picture of Britany and boyz……So much jealous people, plus there is F-EX…got his first girlfriend pregnant he is a sad case on tryin’ to get in with the rich and famous.

    Get A ‘real’ job F-EX!’

  5. Confused says

    It’s very irresponsible to put an innocent child’s life in danger because of a habit you have aquired. When childrens lives are in your hands you certainly don’t put the cigarette you’re holding in their face. Is it possible to willingly harm a child and only want whats best for them? Is Britney so selfish that she cannot quit smoking if not for herself then for her kids? Her life has spiraled out of control and I feel most for her innocent children that are being dragged through the mud. No child should be subjected to this.

  6. phnxgirl says

    Okay, I just got on and saw that there are 181 posts and I have not read any of them yet, but I have to say that it is horrible the way she has her cigarette right at her son’s level. One, she could poke him in the eye, and two, second hand smoke is so bad!!! Shame on you girlfriend!

  7. N says

    This is to “SANDY” …. you cant comprehend what you’re reading. GO BACK TO SCHOOL. You are giving the school you “so-called” got a degree from look bad.

  8. sandy says

    This is to “N” whom I think is very ignorant and rude!

    I will ignore your comments in the future as I do most of the time when you are insulting people and talking trash! I think perhaps you should “read” as you say, I mentioned earlier I took some classes at U.C. Davis where I got my degree in Environmental Science, so therefore I would not need a GED. However, I do respect and admire those that do go get them to better their education. Which is something I perceive you are lacking!

  9. says

    Even, if it is a cig, there is alot of people that smoke cigs in front of their children, I agree with Kim to a certain extent!
    This is one more thing that people like to hold over her head! She is young, and she is going to make mistakes along the way..that is naturally human! Cut her some slack, she will get it together. Everybody that is parents, does their parenting differently than the next person, I might take my son out at 9:00 pm, some of you would like to put your children to bed at that time…It is always different.

  10. N says

    #174 ….. I dont agree. It is not a better shot. Its grainy. There is no smoke! It still looks rather long to be a cig.

  11. N says

    Then Sandy take your own advice…. Ignore my comments. You also need to learn how to read. Instead of going to bible class you need to go get a GED.

  12. N says

    #129…LEARN HOW TO READ! …… I said it “might” be a pencil. I never said it was a pen. ALSO, The word “might” indicates that I am not for sure what it is. You have the nerve to talk about KIM….you act like an ignorant teenager.

  13. 2teens3beans says

    Ummm, Justine… we have determined that it is a cigarette. Didn’t you see Tabs link on post #121? It’s a better shot and you can see the smoke coming off the end.

  14. sandy says

    You are most welcome ladies! Going over to U.C. Davis and visit some friends, taking some brownies, I actually some classes there last year! Goodbye, stay safe and healthy!

  15. Nicki says

    160. Kameron- I agree with you 100%– She does seem to love her kids. That doesn’t mean she has or will do the right thing for them. I wish Sean Preston and Jaden James the best life, and they deserve it. No more selfish parents fighting!!!!! Those babies matter, not Brit or Kevin………..Whoever can provide a stable, loving, happy home. Best wishes to SP and JJ. ++++++Blesses!

  16. Nicki says

    76. kim esto~~ are you being paid for your outbursts? You shoud get a raise. This is as far as I could get, without mentioning it. First you were Esto, then Kim, the a combo of both. You are just silly and wasting your time.
    I know many Britney fans who would rather throw up than listen or watch her again. When you turn off your fan base, your dust. I just wish she would focus on her babies. They need her. Her club life can come lster. zI believe she needs help. Medication, or something, she needs to get her life in order. Her baby Boys should be her first concern.
    I pray for them and wish them the best.

  17. Sandra says

    Sandy- Why Thank You! I wish the same for you and your family and hubby especially! I hope the 9 months fly by fast!! Next time you talk to your hubby tell him THANK YOU VERY MUCH for fighting for our freedom!! Have a great Labor day with your child!

  18. lisa says

    So SAD kids have a spoiled self centered kinda stupid mom and a gold digger dad…..he is useless and only wants her money he impregnates woman for status and money total LOSER

  19. says

    She seems to love her kids. I don’t really think that she is a bad mother. She just need to concentrate on making money, and raising her kids. If she has to be naughty as a way of supporting herself, and her children, then more power to her. OMG I have read some of the comments here, and You guys are jumping on this person, for what she has probably seen in her life! Everybody has different lives! Just the other day, I was in traffic, and I saw A kid in the carseat, and his father was smoking in the car, NOW that is a compact place. Should his kid get taken away? That is a mighty long Cigarette, unless that is a Virginia Slim, and I doubt it! Have a nice evening!!!!!

  20. sandy says

    To Sandra, Thank you very much for the nice comment about my husband being safe! He is due home in 9 more months, so I am praying and trusting God will keep him safe from harm.

    I applaud every American this weekend that has family overseas, it is a trying time but freedom doesn’t come cheap and we know this.

    May God richly bless you and your loved ones also Sandra, and I must give a big hello to DMITZ also, I enjoy her and am supportive of her! And to Oriana too! Keep your hair Red if that makes you happy, I think Sharon Osbourne is pretty! Have a nice weekend!

  21. says


    hahahahahahahahahaa, That is so Freakin Funny! LOL

    NO, but it is someone that obviously likes her……more than me! Babe, just face it, You old prunes can’t stop her from coming back, she is going to walk all over your @sses! LOL

  22. says

    Good, NOw do as all the other Nags do, Scroll over my comments with your stubby fingers..OK!
    Obviously, you don’t listen to the words that come out of your mouth…B*tch, you just stooped to my level LOL

  23. DMITZ says

    If anyone’s would be h@e in training it would be Brit’s kids. It’s what they know, it’s what they see.

    I feel sorry for her kids.

    And like I said, debate over Britney, not me or my kids. You don’t know me, so leave my kids out of this. I was going to call you a name but I’m better than you and won’t stoop to your level.

    Not one of your posts do you go without calling someone a name or making a h@m@sexual remark. Like I said before, that’s some college education you have there. Money well spent!!

    Have A GREAT DAY.

  24. says

    I didn’t say that it made it right, but it is the truth!

    Dfs, does get it wrong sometimes, but SHE Is a Celeb, they would have put her as the first Priority on their list!

    And as bad as the scums say/said that she is..they would have taken those chilfren away…..ASAP!

    I don’t think that it is alright to hit them at all! A firm voice is the best! Talking to kids is always a good choice, but American’s, maybe other countries goes off of what another person is telling them..We don’t know what Britney..says, or does with her kids, we are not flies on her wall, we don’t know! But I refused to believe that she is a REALLY bad mother! Maybe, her mother is a greedy, money grubbing sk@nk, and either people end up like the person that raised them, or better!

  25. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Kim Esto, you really think that DFS and Social Services don’t get it wrong sometimes and ignore child neglect or abuse? Read the statistics, see how many little children have been murdered or died as a result of neglect AFTER social workers deciding it would be best to leave them with their parents.

    And just because other people do worse stuff than smoke in front of their kids (and I agree that taking drugs in front of kids is worse than smoking in front of them) doesn’t make it right.

    Some parents beat their kids, while some actually beat them to death. Arguably, one is not as bad as the other but would you say “it’s ok to just beat your kids because other parents actually kill them?”

  26. says


    I guess that you can’t leave me alone either…I guess My words is hard to ignore….LOL

    anyway, I am sure that she will change, as far as her nmothering skills, but her personality…isn’t! She is not the virginal Britney anymore..what don’t you people get, she is grown, If she wants to show her @ss, she can do that, if she want to walk outside with pasties on her n*pples she can do that also, if she comes out her front door with daisy dukes on that is her choice!
    How can you call someone trash, based on how they dress? WHERE I am from we call that NARROW MINDED!

    Dmitz..stupid one..I don’t know where u live, but I know that I don’t think that people smoke in front of their kids..I KNOW! I understand that you don’t have that much personal time, because as you out it”you slave 40 hours a week, and then come home” You act like you don’t know that this is a REAL world, and it is WAYYYYYYY worser sh*t that parents do in front of their children!
    WAKE THE F@ck up!

    You don’t know what Britney does, that could be fake as G.Bush!!! They have to come up with stories to sell their magazines..Like I said” i guess you are one of those Dummies that believe anything that you hear! Like I said” if she was that bad with her kids, DFS would have already taken those kids away!

    Don’t worry about what they taught me in college, b*tch!
    worry about your life! Whether your husband is on the downlow! that is def. what you need to be worried about!
    And..Nobody cares that your little h@e in training like dolls! WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME what I sound like? did GOD make you a part time GOD, or you a Queen? what? You don’t mean sh*t to me, So what you can do it back the F*ck, and get off of my N*pples! that is what you can do, practice that!

  27. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Ok I don’t know why my last comment wasn’t approved, it was much nicer than some on here.

    That is definitely the right length for being a cigarette, look at it in proportion to her fingers. Britney is a very irresponsible mother. Apart from the fact that she is filling her son’s delicate little airways with second smoke (anybody ever tell her passive smoking kills?), he could easily trip and burn himself on the end of that cigarette. I’m not bashing smokers, I’m a smoker, but I never smoke around non-smokers unless they say it is ok, and I would ceratinly ever in any circumstance smoke around a child.

    Kim Esto, you said this isn’t a lesbian site, how do you know that? I never read anywhere that it was a straight site! And if you’re so obsessed with lesbians honey, I can give you my number babe? Lol, j/k, I wouldn’t go near you with a barge pole.

  28. DMITZ says

    Just had to share this because I thought it was too cute/funny!

    My husband always teases me because I like to read celebrity gossip, watch E! or Extra, etc. He isn’t into all that. Yet he still knows this? 🙂

    My 15 mo old daughter loves dolls. She has 2 babies that are her favorites and she was carrying both of them and kept dropping them on their heads. My husband started laughing at her and said, “Damn, she’s worse than Britney Spears!” LOL.

    I wanted Brit to change for her boys sake. If she does, I’ll be happy. I don’t hate her, just wish she would quit acting like world class trash!

  29. DMITZ says

    Thank Sandy and 2teens3beans.

    Great pic Tabs! Thanks for the info.

    Funny how Kim ragged on me for giving my age on here, my marital status, and how many hours I work each week yet we know that she is a “college grad” (ooooookay) and what she supposedly does for a living. Talks out of her @$$ and yet she’s the same type of person she’s calling out.

    Crazy how she can think that the people out there that think smoking and drinking around your kids or partying all hours of the night (every night), showing your goodies to the world, and getting caught with different men in and out of hotels and hot tubs is not an example mother is a Leave it to Beaver attitude.

    Like I said before, CLASSY Kim. Is that what they taught you in college? Maybe you should take some parenting classes.

    And you sure sound predjudice. Why do you keep bring up homosexual comments? Obsessed some? Again, stick to the subject at hand. You want to debate over Brit, let’s go! You want to speak out your @$$ about nonsense, call up your slumber party friends because you come off like an ingorant teenager!

  30. Sandra says

    Sandy I hope your hubby comes back from Iraq safe and sound! We moved from Sacto in 99 and only come back to visit once a year or so. I wouldn’t mind living in Clearwater! ;o) Have a good night!! ;o)

  31. sandy says

    Sandra, I am in Safe Haven, close to the river, very nice, won’t be here but a couple of more years. My hubby is from FL. so we will be moving to Clearwater.

    Have a good night. Good luck to your parents, it is a lovely place. Bye for now!!!!!!

  32. says

    It is nice to see Britney, with her kids. I am happy that she spending time with them. Any start is a good start! OMG: I think that is a pen in her hands, that cigarette would be to long, that is def. a pen.

  33. says

    I respect myself..very much! This what you said
    ” some people you just ignore” WELL DO IT!

    Ignore me, I know it gfet lonely most nights, and you obviously want lesbian love @ffairs, but honey Just like Tabsman..this isn’t a LESBO SITE! maybe , you can write that number down that I given Tabsman! Or why don’t you two hook up, and fo to CHURCH TOGETHER!

  34. sandy says

    For Tabs, and all the other decent ladies on here tonight, I am happily married, my husband is in Iraq, I have one child and I don’t smoke. I do have a drink now and then, usually a glass of Bailey’s, and a beer sometimes with pizza, but never around my children. I don’t see anything wrong with a drink that doesn’t affect how I carry myself or look in front of my family, especially in public. And yes, I do wear underwear, I am 25 years old, I live in Sacramento, Ca. and I have never bought one of Britney’s records, she just never appealed to me.

    I do wish her luck, I think she needs to see a therapist, make up with her mother, and take some good parenting classes.

    Now, have a nice safe holiday weekend and goodnight. Time for me to go to bed, I have to take my child (four) to Sunday school in the morning, she enjoys the Bible stories.

    As for kim, “N”, some people you just ignore, some people don’t respect themselves so they will not respect others.

  35. says

    ^^^You can’t leave me alone..can you?

    If I bother you so much..why all of these passes!
    and for the record I am a interior director! See unlike you..I don’t make assuptions about what people do in their lives, or about their lively hoods! GET A LIFE…..C@NT!

  36. sandy says

    Yes, most definately, Kim is a college grad, how could I have missed that? I would say she has to have a PhD. No doubt about it!!!!!!

  37. says

    Good sandy, why don’t you two Ancient H@es hook up, so Tabsman can venture in your downtown! HOW FUNNY!

    It is good that two lesbo met on a baby blog, why two adopt that you can shut the EFF up!

    Analise…If have of that sh*t was true that they said about her kids….DFS would have already taken those kids away!

  38. says


    If you don’t like the way I type, or like the What I say, scroll over, ignore it! Still know that they have L@sbo sites for your lonely bang wagon riding @ss!

    Make that call! Because honey, this is not a pick up site!

  39. sandy says

    tabs, funny!!!! Now I had a good laugh before I go to bed! Thanks and I will look for your postings in the future, I enjoyed you very much tonight!!!!!!!

  40. tabs says

    name calling is very mature kim, you do realize with every post you make on here that you are making YOURSELF look even more pathetic? go take care of your 2 kids ‘college grad’….maybe you should start by teaching them how to NOT be like brit brit.

  41. says


    If you didn’t feel like responding to me, then you shouldn’t wasted your time typing that Cry baby sh*t! I don’t give a flying F@ck what you think! Once again you are nobody, and Tabs B*tch, get off of MAN-DY n*pples! She don’t want you neither! It is people that smoke in fornt of their kids! who are you to question who the f@ck I am, I didn’t ask you who you were, you know why? I could care less!

    It is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more than me that likes Britney..this site is a female bashing site..You old H*es see somebody that look better than you, and have wayyyyy more money than you, and STILL HAVE HER BABIES, that some of you dried @sses can’t have, or have had, but don’t have a personal life behind it..feel anger, and hate towards her…I am just a Blogger, that happens to like it when someone pick themselves up after dumb, low self eteem having people like you love to dog her out! So that when she does blow up again..that you fake w@nches will eat your words!

    LOW CLASS GUTTER SNIPE, yeah, that is who your husband is paying off His money, your money is paying that Ghetto snipe bills! While you are concern about my concerned about yours! B*tch!

    GUESS WHAT? I don’t drink! You h@es, and your vivd imagination! WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. sandy says

    tabs, thanks for the picture, it plainly clears up everything!!!

    Guess “N” can realize now how smart she was saying it was a pen! “N” and her buddy Kim can have a good long talk about how stupid they both are!

  43. tabs says

    wow kim, harsh….jk. dont care. seriously you really need a will never get that 10 mins of your life back that you just spent justifying & attacking people back. js.

  44. Jane says

    clearly she isn’t thinking, what about if the child runs near her, that cigarette could burn him. plus second-hand smoking is a killer. He’s gonna have a troubled childhood, with her, K-fed isn’t any better….

  45. says

    What I don’t understand..Is how can you judge her off of her mistakes? Everyone makes mistakes! She is fairly a new mother, and if you start iwith comparing her against other people that have children..that proves NO point, because she isn’t them, and they are not her!

    Tabs: Are you the same one that tried to pick up on Dmitz, lastnight? Face it honey, Nobody is taking a interest to you, they just skip over you, and leave you dangling like the sh*t that you are! They have L@sbo blogs for you! OK.
    And you didn’t have to day anything,…I know that you are the one that needs help! (BTW)

    Back to #120

    I think that your reasons are weak! It is a million parents that curse in front of their kids! You don’t know what these parents say…Behind closed doors!

    Once again this isn’t LEAVE IT TO BEAVER..This is 2007!
    some of you parents might sheild your kids away from the cursing, and cigarette smoking(that isn’t a cigarette) etc. But it is parents out here in the world that don’t practice that..I am a witness to that..everyday! This isn’t just the suburbs, this is the City of life! It is characters everywhere…GET REAL, REALITY DOSE! PLEASE!

    Take some!

    She is doing good! she is able to pick herself up, after so many of your people have knocked her down, it is like throwing stones at her, and she is already badly wounded by k-fraud! he is bum! Publicity seeker! He is nothing without her! I can’t believe that he wants her to foot his lawyer fees..what a bum! That means that Everytime that he Gathers the notion to sue her, that he would want her to pay up…Why can’t he pay it? He has enough of her money, and that one tree hill candy money! He is a J@rkoff!

  46. sandy says

    Oh Yes, you sound like a “college grad” alright!!!!!!!!

    Do you walk around naked in front of your children boozing, doped up and blowing smoke in your children’s faces? How many men have you brought home and shacked up with in front of them? You sound like a perfect role model of Britney’s to idolize! Low class gutter snipe!!!!

    I won’t even waste my time responding to you any more, you aren’t worth it! Go smoke another cig, get out your bottle of cheap wine and cuss away! You talk like the trash that Brit looks like!!!!!!

  47. tabs says

    wow…kim you must have absolutely NO LIFE. talk about the lonely one…smh. wow. is all i can say. get help…and fast.

  48. violet says

    ok that is a cigg. that she is aiming at sean face i forgot what website it was but they point it out and whoever say she is not a bad mother ummm………… she almost drop sean she drove with him on her lap he fell off his high chair put his car seat facing the wrong way when he was still a infant going out with them late i know you britney fans are gonna said what mother havent made mistake in thire life we are not in the limelight like she is also you gonna say she is a celebrity with carmara following her around look at jennifer garner angelina jennie garth gwen brooks shiled they all have children with them never once they cause in front of their children have you heard what she said hey fatf*** go running and many other innprite words in front of he rchildren what kind of mother is that

  49. says

    BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO..for that bullsh*t that you just wrote!

    Honey, I have two children, and I am a grad from college!

    So, i think that your Vivid imagination worked a little to hard, because you are totally not on point! Thank you very much!

    I truly don’t care what you people think of me, it is a whole group of people of that think just like me! that think that you nags are bored with your daily life, and just love dishing on this young, sexy woman! Ok, she might not be like Mary Poppins, but who is? You have made mistakes in your life, that is all that you Sexless beast writes”she is trash, her career is done, OH Yeah, Do you really think so? RIIIIIIIIIGHT! Like I said” think of something more damging to come up with, this picture was taken from a distance, It was a ink pen…..OWN UP TO THAT! Britney is BACK b*tches!

  50. sandy says

    I agree with #98, could not have said it better, some people can get their point across without being low class and gutter mouth talking to do it!

    Also, #51, Zbella was absolutely correct in what she said.

    I personally think this kim esto, whomever she is, is pitiful and just plain low grade. Maybe a lack of education, probably dropped out of school in the 7th grade! She is actually laughable instead of pathetic! Hopefully not a mother with any helpless children!

  51. sandy says

    “N”, I happen to enjoy Oriana’s posts and I also like dori fine too. Why do you always feel the need to be so insulting? And I don’t post that much but read quite often, I think you are very disrespectful to Oriana, you have made many remarks about her that were hateful, especially about her being in a wheelchair, who knows, one day you may end up in one, how would you feel then? I wonder, how old are you?

  52. huh? says

    The image has been scaled-down. Click the image to show the real size.

    INDEX PREVIOUS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 NEXT

  53. Sandra says

    N Sorry about that! That is my bad! Busy day yesterday I didn’t mean to include you!

    Neda..have you EVER seen a kid? have you ever been around a kid? At that age they say Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a lot! He has the “Ohhhhhh” expression on his face because he sees something that he generally doesn’t get to touch like a PEN or a CIGARETTE.

  54. Neda says

    Why the hell would he be saying “OHHHHHHHHHHH”? That’s the dumbest strectch of an imagination I’ve ever heard. I guess you’re pretty desperate to prove you’re right.

  55. N says

    It looks like he is coughing to you…It looks like he is saying OHHHHHHHHHHH to me. See how pictures can be deceiving. Also, She has on a bathing suit. I am sure her children have seen her naked. They’ve at least seen her top since she breastfed.

  56. says


    Sean, looks like he is saying something, instead of couging!

    #107 I wasn’t talking about you, I happen to like your comments! I love the way that you give Wh@riana a run for her dentures! LMAOOOOO!

  57. N says

    #86 Best believe I am not worried about you. Also, Read the post again Sweety…I have not said a hateful word about anyone. OK…..Maybe I said a few mean words towards Dori and Oriana but I dont really like them that much. Sorry Ladies…I dont like your comments . In other words keep me out of your mouth.

  58. Neda says

    The reason I think it is a cigarette and not a pen or pencil–Look at the kids face–He looks like he’s coughing.

  59. Anne says

    The issue here is not just her smoking but her lack of clothes in front of her little one also. No one wants to see anyone fail but Britney is doing a pretty good job of throwing her career in the toilet. Being a celebrity means being hounded by the photographers like it or not, that is part of their life and I have yet to see her look half decent, so she has only herself to blame.
    The idea of a forum is for us to give our opinions, otherwise, there wouldn’t be one and rest assured the celebs read them.

  60. says

    WOW, who cares, is this support Dmitz day? collect each other face books, or myspace addresses, and go happy hour! LMAOOOOO!

    Anyway, It is offical that Britney is back!
    And for the record that really does look like a INK PEN!

    The helicopter is really high, and didn’t capture a good picture….NOW all of you haters can go back to the drawing board, and try to come up with something more damaging! LOL

  61. Kieryan says

    Yikes Britney should be watching a little more closely. He could have ran right into her cigarette!

  62. cookiemonster says

    Nice ciggy in the kids face. Talk about second hand smoke. Hope the train wreck loses her kids and I hope her ciggy, boozing, user of a ex husband loses them as well. They are both hopeless pieces of trash that don’t deserve the honour of being called Mom and Dad. Where the hell is DFYS when you need em.

  63. Lauren says

    What is wrong with Britney? She has a cigeratte right next to his face. At least, if you’re going to smoke, step away from him. Geez..he’s not even 1 yet. Poor boys. 🙁

  64. 2teens3beans says

    #97 Sandy, I like DMITZ too… because she knows how to make her point without being crass unlike some posters on this blog.

  65. says

    UH OH, Dmitz, sound like she crying(sniffles)
    Why don’t you put your business out there…wwwwwWAIT
    you did, you said that you slave 40 hours a week, whike your husband, b@inks bill! OK that was it! ok…let’s are jealous because she has millions, and you don’t ….Ok that is it! She can care less about a faceless chubby b*tch! OK!

  66. DMITZ says

    I don’t give a damn if she cares or not. Like I really believe she’s reading this. I’m just stating my opinion.

    What’s wrong with you? Get a grip, this is an opinion board.

  67. 2teens3beans says

    Kim Esto you are a vulgar person with a filthy mouth and mind. Where is the moderation on this board?!? I can’t believe the diarrhea coming out of your mouth.
    It doesn’t surprise me at all that someone like you thinks that smoke in a baby’s face is OK, running around town with your ass sticking out is OK. Quit while you are ahead… you don’t have the intellect to debate in a normal manner with educated people.

  68. myrna says

    LOL!!!!…and do you all think she even cares about the comments and criticism and ridicule is made of her?? Ha ha ha ha!!! NOT EVEN!!! More power to her!!!!

  69. says


    No, honey, you didn’t have me stressed..I just had to let you know…And I did! That is your opinion, but do you think that she cares what you think…faceless b^tch! She don’t care!
    and you shouldn’t be trying to bust a gut, trying to bring her down!

  70. DMITZ says

    Yes, good point Kim. Because young children are able to realize what a lousy mother Britney is. Good job there.

    Whatever was I thinking?!

    I happen to like Britney’s music. It’s catchy and easy to sing to. I don’t like her mothering techniques, they suck!!

  71. DMITZ says

    Wow Kim. You must have really been stressed last night.

    #83 – looks like we got to her. She’s going crazy trying to show Britney some luv!

    Good for you Kim. If it helps you sleep at night to try to force feed your opinions on us, go right ahead.

    Have a GREAT day!!

  72. says

    OK..I know that you don’t venture out of your houses alot, but here is proof that it is other people that love her!
    click on the name!

  73. says

    do I know you? better yet, do I care?

    This little blog won’t bring britney down, you better believe the world is bigger than you hags four walls! Her new single is already climbing the charts….NO MATTER what you stiffs think! She can be trailer trash, disgusting, all of that, but..It is always a bigger crowd than this..that LOVES her, and her music. The single isn’t really released, it is LEAKED, and it is already climbing….UH OH..somebody’s about to get sick to their stomach’s! Britney is back B^tches!

  74. Sandra says

    Molly and N You don’t have to worry about me. I actually worry about you guys and all the others on here. If you guys can speak about hate so much, I can ONLY imagine what you teach your children. So sad!

    I don’t smoke, I don’t like smoking, and do I allow my child to be around smoke NO! But that is because I choose that for my child. If Britney and her Hubby decide to smoke then let them. And LIKE I SAID if you don’t like that there is a cigarette or pen close to her child and you fear his safety call CPS!

  75. My name is important says

    i agree with DMITZ…this little mature Kimmy is shit!
    she already did this to Hiedi Klum…anyway just like what i told before she’s just insecure she dont know what she’s talking about!
    and Kimmy its not that we dont like this baby blog its just that ur comments dont match to us even though we have diff. opinions,diff. taste, and diff. views here..coz ur comments are always negative..try to make something new….something POSITIVE!

  76. says

    ohhhhhh..iI bet you feel like you did a big thing! Do you think that I care what a bunch of faceless h@es think? NO
    keep that bulls^it moving! and that bulls^it that rolls off of your sh^tty tounge!

    Tabs..I know that you are lonely, and you just felt the URGE to jump in something that don’t concern your lonely @ss!
    Stop trying to pick up H#es on the blog..because this stiff @ss..can’t do sh^t for you!

  77. tabs says

    Agreed DMITZ, kims really showing her maturity. talking about others sitting at their computers..when shes got a response to pretty much every post. maybe she’d like to clean brit brits shoes with her tongue? seems that much into her.

  78. DMITZ says

    Classy Kim, classy. Stick to the subject @ hand.

    Sounds like you’re the one who has been burned from a down-low man. Too bad honey… sux for you. You brought it up for a reason. Who the hell is talking about homosexuality? Sounds like you have unresolved issues.

  79. tabs says

    ^spell check. calm down, getting all caps on us. wow. and she knew what she was getting into in show business. its how it works, you dont like it dont get into it. why sit & defend her. im sure youll be the model mommy. 😉

  80. just another ex-britney fan says

    So what? It’s called being a celebrity. Betcha if she didn’t draw so much attention to herself it wouldn’t be that bad.

  81. says




  82. says

    who cares about what you like, or think! You don’t run everyone’s life! Who gives f@ck that you don’t have tolerance….f@ck you! And I wasn’t directing….the comment about her kids towards you, towards someone else..get it right! If you know that you didn’t say anything about that..shut up!

    I swear, I didn’t ask for a life story on you, and your boring husband! NO..i didn’t! This is not DMITZ’S life…maybe Oriana would love sniffing your @ss, but I personally don’t give a sh^t!

    she might have mad a @ss out of herself, but you don’t know if she do it everyday….You are one of those dumbo’s that believe that your husband isn’t on the Downlow….after you find a gay porn..dummy!

    And who says that 75 posters are the whole world? she must be doing something right, or your hating ass wouldn’t be sitting at your computer ragging on her..I know that she will be thrilled that a mfer that she can gives two sh^ts about hate her..and she don’t even know her! Keep hating, maybe you will hate yourself to death! LMAOOOOOOOOOoo

    “I work, 40 hours, while my husband creeps with BILL!
    check that out! you might have sh*t on your breath, from deep Thr@ating!

  83. DMITZ says

    I have no tolerance on mothers who put themselves before their children. Plain and simple. It irriates me that people bring kids into this world and don’t set good examples for them. Like I’ve said before, I’m not perfect, but I don’t make an @$$ of myself everyday.

  84. DMITZ says

    Ok, Kim honey? Let’s get schooled so that we can learn to read.

    Where in MY posts did I say she needs to have her kids taken away? Where did I say that because she constantly smokes around her kids should she have them taken away? I’m pointing out the facts, and if you don’t like it, I don’t give a $hit. I’m stating the obvious – she needs help and needs to quit acting like a selfish teenager and grow up and act like a mother (for the sake of her children).

    And just like you say I’m acting like I know Britney, let’s sit her and count all the posters on here that are saying the same thing I am. Don’t call me out or start hating on me just because I’m coming correct on my $hit!

    I work 40 hrs/week, and when I’m not working, I take care of my children and husband, just like they do for me. It’s called being a family. My husband and I like to go out with friends OCCASSIONALLY. I’m no housewife, but even if I was and there’s nothing wrong with it, WTF does that have to do with what I think of Britney? What does my sex life have to do with Britney? You don’t know me or my sex life with my husband. Get a grip teeny bopper. I’m commenting on the pics and videos and commentary we see everyday on Britney.

    Britney must have stole my man… classic. Where’d you get that line from, your last slumber party? Geez. Original. Oh yes everyone here on Babyrazzi, I live for this site! Kim figured me out. I’m jealous of Britney because she stole my man!

  85. says


    PLEASE! ok..if you insist on me explaning this is call growing up! She was maybe 11 when she started in the business, and about 16 when she came out with her first album! She is human..she is one of us..that mean that she is human! HA! How did you come from being the viginal mybaby’ opening yur legs, and having a baby? GET REAL! she is about to be 26…that is not viginal territory anymore!

  86. Mybabysredhot says

    Not a fan but how did she go from the ‘virginal’ Britney to this? Talk about, a fall from grace. Yeeesh!

  87. says

    it is sad that you hussies want to see her fail!

    Who cares that you don’t smoke in front of your kids, or let anyone else smoke…..GOLD STAR FOR…….. Now pat yourselves on the back! But…I don’t think that people care what you(s) do!….EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!

    It is people that smoke in the car with their kids..what the h@ll are you nagging about? this is not leave it to beaver!

  88. says

    Dmitz, and #43

    you could never tell me who I am! I know who I am!

    Do you people think that the world only exist as this baby blog! You are a bunch of stay at home wussies! Nag, and complain all day! It depends on how the picture was taken!
    dmitz, you act like you know Britney personally..I am sorry that she took your man..if that is what your beef is!

    You don’t know sh*t about her, or what her real life is like!
    You only know what you f@cking read! and that is sad!
    I can write “Dmitz, is out partying, and leaving her kids at home alone” and if it is someone out there like it is on this baby blog..knowing their small little minds..they are going to believe it, and you would probably fall for it to!

    I know people that smoke in front of their kids all day long..that don’t make it right, but if they take her kids away just for smoking!!!!!!! they might as well take 75% of the kids right now, and place them in custody!

    all you lame h@es always say that she is a train wreck..please….you are on the BRITNEY train, and you can’t seem to hop off! That is right Dmitz, and all of you plain janes..just like the NO-D*ck getting hussies that you always take the man side..that shows how hard up for men that you really are! LMAOOOOOOOOO!

  89. Burn Baby Burn says

    Same as everyone else, the first thing I notice was how close ‘ what appears to be a smoke’ so close to the baby’s face. I think the only thing between her ears is smoke. Sad for all involved.

  90. tabs says

    Wow…Im young…and i have a 10 yr old, regardless that i dont smoke, i also DO NOT allow people to smoke around my son. that cig in/near his face is just plain sad.

  91. DMITZ says

    It’s a cig, I can see the butts (sp?). The only time Brit’s going to holding a pen is to sign a credit card receipt, legal documents, or she’s getting a number at a club.

  92. sandy says

    She is not a train wreck waiting to happen, it has already happened!!!! And she looks like pure trash in this picture!!!!! Wait! She does in most of her pictures!!!!!! As classless as they come!!!!

  93. Miapocca says

    I never bought a britney song, but she sure knows how to sell stuff that song will be in every club in the country and especially in Europe adn Japan..she has another #1 coming out..that combine combined with her stage presence is going to sell like hot cakes the clubbers…its a gay man anthem..ahahha

  94. 2teens3beans says

    @Neda #53, you are so right.
    Neither one of them is better than the other. Britney is useless and K-fed does the exact same as Britney but he is not getting the same bad press. He is just as much a loser, but he is a loser without an income. They need to stick with 50/50 custody… at least there are usually nannys around.

    @Dmitz #27 HAhaha!!! OMG thanks for sharing that link… what is wrong with that girl??? She is not living in reality if she thinks it is ok to walk around in public that way. Typical messed-up-in-the-head child star who peaked too soon.

  95. Miapocca says

    Its not healthy for the child if the parents smoke around them

    But Ihave seen some of the most educated peopel blow smoke into their childrens faces…

    Liousiana folk smoke a lot everywhere..its could be just that she was sitting away and the kid called her to come look at something, so she went…

    In anycase most of her habits you picked up from mama lynn..I have a friuend who smoke a lot and mentioned that his mother smoke smoked throught out her pregnancy..these are higly educated parents so of course I was shocked..that goes to tell you folks will do what folks want to do

    I sincerely hope Britney has a Pen in her hand looked kind of long for ciggy

    I still do nto think anything about her in the media are grounds to take her kids away..again I have seen worse and we all have our moments…

  96. Molly says

    I worry about individuals like Sandra and Esto who defend such filthy and unhealthy behaviors. Any doctor would advise you not to smoke in the presence of a young child. It is very dangerous and second hand smoke kills. I hope that if you have or plan to have children someday you will practice common sense and do everything in your will to keep them safe and protected from harms way.

  97. Neda says

    Who in their right mind would defend the father? Brit and Kev are EQUALLY insane and irresponspible with or without their kids present.

  98. Zbella says

    Sad. Pitiful, really. To defend a mother smoking in her kid’s face? Just as pitiful. She is really an awful mother. 🙁

    BTW, maybe Sean did come running up behind her, or maybe he will one day and get burned in the face. One good reason NOT TO SMOKE NEXT TO YOUR BABIES. Second hand smoke is a leading cause of athsma, allergies and SIDS. What a LOSER!

  99. N says

    Excuse me….Makes kevin look better? He smoked around Britney the whole time she was pregnant. There is an old picture of them out on a walk and kevin is smoking and Sean is right there in his stroller. None of you know if she moved immediately after Sean ran up to her. These photograpers are using cameras that can probably take a picture every 3-5 seconds. Are you guys that naive!….
    I think alot of you ladies live in a little prejudiced bubble. SORRY JMO. Also…her new song Gimme More is HOT and I am not 12 years old.

  100. Monica says

    Pretty sad when the only influence you have on your son is “SMOKING IS COOL”… WOW… I have a son and I would kick someone’s ass if they had a cigarette in my sons presence, especially if they were family!… I honestly feel bad for her sons, forget any sympathy for her. She’s an IDIOT! She just makes Kevin look better and better!!!

  101. adri says

    THAT IS DEFINATELY A CIGARETTE!!! I cant believe her!! I get pissed as hell when someone smokes anywhere near children, especially my own child. I dont see why she would think of endangering her childrens health. Something needs to be seriously done. These kids should not be in her custody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. DMITZ says

    Britney is always smoking. Why can she enjoy the little time she gets w/her boys making it about them? She only gets like 3 or 4 days a week with them so holding off smoking for a bit won’t hurt her. Besides, there have been many pics with her smoking around her kids or them bringing her “lollipops” to her. She promotes those cigs to her kids.

  103. Ur Not in Important says

    #45 Just exactly how is a picture suppose to show her moving her hand away? Or her jumping over 3 feet to avoid the cigarette from his face?

  104. name not important says

    Sandra a loving mother would move away if her child came running up behind her. I mean I don’t know the fact that cigs are not good for anybody would have a motehr wanting to keep her child away from it not standing their like a dumbass and not making any initiative to move away from the child and a foot away from second hand smoke is still not enough space. I bet the child already has a smokers cough. Also it is not like britney has kept her kids free from danger well nobody can keep their kids completley safe but there are ways of like not driving with them on your lap or if you are going to carry them keep a good hold on them just incase you might accidently almost drop their head on concrete.

  105. name not important says

    Esto you are retarded to defend her cig in the childs face sure others have smoked in there childrens faces as well i’ve seen them but those people don’t have their pics on the internet she does and these comments are for this pic not the other people who smoke in front of their children. It is one thing for you to defend her new crapy music but for you to defend the cig in her childs face that is a whole different story.

  106. Just me says

    I’m sure it’s just the angle of the photo, but it looks like she’s sharing a drag with her 2-year-old kid.
    And as far as the post about not critizizing her because we haven’t walked in her shoes … I don’t get it … No matter what she has been through, pointing a smoke in front of your kid is not right!

  107. DMITZ says

    What’s wroing w/you Esto? What kind of people do you know? Guess that answers my question. As the saying goes, “tell me who you friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”. Where do you get that she cares about her children? If she really cared, she would quit partying, straighten up her image, and work her @$$ off NOT to lose custody. She’s on thin ice. Anyone as a mother would know that there is nothing more important and worth jeopardizing your chances of keeping your children.

    Drink and smoke in front of your children. Listen to yourself. I live in Dallas, it’s one of the BEST cities for paryting. Like I said, I’ve seen it and done it all. But that was BEFORE I got married and had kids.

  108. Sharrie says

    she is a mess! Doesn’t she have a mirror? Good grief, her “style” is going the same route as her career….right down the toilet. What a train wreck!

  109. says

    i think that all of you live in a small village, or something!

    I know parents that drink in front of their kids, smoke la la in front of their kids…WTF!

    wake up, at least she actually care bout her children!

  110. Mikki Ward says

    Brittany needs to be done w/ this industry. Something is wrong w/ holding a cigarette w/ your 2 yr old right there. I’m getting sick of the celebs pathetic lives. Too many are into drugs, alcohol, rehabs, jail time… when does it end?

  111. sara says

    It might sound a little cliche but, I guess I’d just like to give “the celebrity” the benefit of doubt. I can’t imagine my life under a microscope like that…It would be hard.

  112. Ruby Jackson says

    Any person that would go out in public without pants on is night right. She’s a vulgar piece of trash. End of story.

  113. AmyY says

    Holy Crap DMITZ, I just clicked on your name… I swear she is the trashiest celeb in Hollywood. I always thought Kevin Federline was an idiot but hes apparently much smarter than people give him credit for…. hes acting sane and out of the spotlight while she acts wackier everyday. Hes definitely gonna get those kids and you know what? He should

  114. says

    Quit making excuses for her ESTO and Sandra. She is trash and people aren’t just judging her, it’s thrown in our face contantly by the media. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. She lives under a microscope just like every other celeb, yet she is the one that we see making irresponsible decisions DAY AFTER DAY. Okay, I forgave the car seat thing like right after it happened. The high chair – it could happen I guess. But this girl does NOTHING but put her children in danger. SHE is the one that wanted to be a young mother and in this case it truly is a baby raising babies. I’m not old – only 27 years old (what is that, 2 years older than Brit?) I have 2 kids and I wouldn’t be caught dead doing half of the things she does. I’ve had my partying days (and believe me, I’m NO SAINT); but enough is enough. I know you saw that pic of Brit (see my link) where she actually walked in public with her thong showing. This girl is either on really good drugs or she truly does not have a clue. There is no excuse for her behavior because it keeps happening! She is not going to make a comeback because way too many people are never going to respect her or want their children listening to her. She just doesn’t care about what people think. I’ve had faith in her 1 too many times and each time she has proved her lack of class. I actually thought that Kevin was the bad influence and gave Brit credit for taking care of her 2 boys. When she separated from K-Fed I thought she handled herself with class. Look back at everything she has done and said and most importantly, the way she “mothers” her boys and let me know if you seriously think that’s ok behavior. If it is, there is something to be said about you as a parent.

  115. AmyY says

    **S, Shiloh is smiling in one of the pics with the animals…. and whats the deal with those ginormous veins in Angies arm? She needs to gain weight but I think shes said she already knows that. BTW ESTO, it doesnt matter if its 1950 or 2007, Smoke isnt and has never been healthy and good for kids so if youre a good parent, why subject them to it? And why should you just be thankful it just isnt crack… if she was smacking them around would you just be thankful she hadnt killed them? Get serious!

  116. **S says

    Kim-I checked out the pics of Angelina and Shiloh. She is a very cute baby. Not the cutest of all the celeb babies out there. Also, she is not smiling in any of them. Whats up with that? Starting to make me thing that maybe there is something wrong with her. I hope not though. And please don’t start yelling at me for having an opinion. Or by telling me she is only a baby and to young to smile or some weird crap like that. I have two boys and both smiled at ages quite younger than little Shiloh.

  117. **S says

    I think the cigarette in Sean’s face is low of her. Just my opinion, don’t yell at me. I do, however, like Britney. Just not fond of some of the stuff she has been doing.

    Also, you can see Jayden James little head above the pillow on the chair.

  118. Julie says

    Kim, thanks for the link to all of those pics! There were awesome one’s of little Shiloh. She looks exactly like Brad but with Angie’s mouth. How cute! And Britney needs to at least hold her cigarette in the other hand. That poor little guy is going to run right into it!!!

  119. says





  120. says

    What earth do you people live in?

    I have been around people that smoke way more than cigarettes in front of their kid(s)! I would be happy that she isn’t smolong any other drugs around her kid!
    Is that really going to make him a messed up individual?
    My parents smoked cigarettes in front of me, I guess what? I don’t smoke…I think that you people are jumping off of your rockers because of this! They are not gong to take her kids matter how much you write..SAVE IT!
    If they she was a bad mother that the scums say that she is..they would have been takien those kids away..GET IT!

    And why is she trash..she live her life like you live yours..this trash makes money, that you can only dream of..trash that! When you get done typing, and sweating..she is still going to have fans, money, her kids, and now her diginty! PLEASE SHUT THE EFF UP, and raise your kids!

  121. Brookelyn23 says

    Poor child he is going to be on fire one of these days somebody shld keep a fire extinguisher close by. What kind of motherhood skills is she dispalying considering she in locked up in a child custody battle. This is the time she is supposed to be at her best and convince everyone dat she is capable of taking care of the two boys. But now with this am sorry…………..

  122. says

    Obviously smoking around your kids is not a reason to have them taken away – half the people in the world would be childless. It’s ridiculous to react so severely to ANYTHING Britney does anymore. Honestly, why are you so up in arms about this photo?? It’s just a day in the life of Britney, nothing new, same old trash, why do any of you expect more?

  123. says

    That is child endangerment, PLEASE take those kids away from a trash that smokes. 2nd hand smoke kills, ANY person that smokes is a damn stupid idiot, and are so pathetic, they don’t even realize it. Smokers are murderers, I wish their cigarettes would kill them all off quickly so they’d quit harming kids and smart, caring people who have the decency and common sense to not smoke. Filthy…inhaling smoke??? Why? Stinking everything up when they light up? Making everyone around have to breathe it and get lung problems? Harming anyone they are around, and they don’t even care. Kill THEM off I say!

  124. WTF says

    Seriously–you have nothin to say about Britney’s lack of mothering skills, no you reserve judging people if they decide to become parents in their 40s. But Britney sending smoke right into her baby’s mouth (that would be SEAN, walking next to her, not an 11 month old baby…) is just fine. All you can say is how impressive she is. LOL.

  125. Sandra says

    I am quite frankly sick and tired of all you quote unquote perfect mothers out there. What if this child came running up behind her, what if the angle of the picture is misleading and the baby is still a foot or two away from her. What if it is NOT a cigarette? I am not denying that it is possible that it could be a cigarette. But instead of complaining and saying it is child endangerment and your so worried about her children, then get off you butts and do something about it. There is a thing in the United States called the Child Protection Services (CPS for short) call them. If you really think this child is in harms way do something about it, otherwise until you ACTUALLY get up and do something about it quit slamming her and start looking at what is so sad in your life.

  126. Blair says

    And another thing–what “lies” are you referring to? Nothing posted here is a lie, rather observations from a photo. And btw- I was VERY CLEAR in my posts that I could not be sure it was a cigarette, but that it looked like one. I spoke responsibly and YOU are the one making things up, falsely accusing people of “saying shit” about Britney. 1st you stand up for putting a child’s health at risk and then being rude to people for no reason–You should think before you post, because your comments do not speak very highly of you.

  127. Blair says

    ESTO- it is one thing to smoke AROUND children (which i still do not believe in–anyone who knows the health risks wouldn’t)-but it is clearly a VERY DIFFERENT thing to stick a cigarette into a child’s face. If you don’t see anything wrong with that–which by the way is child endangerment–well then shame on you.

  128. says

    here is another song! I love it!

    She is wiping her hands of all of the people that dogged her out, and I love it! She is strong, and through it all she has kept her head up! If all of you posters have the perfect answers to life, then yours would be perfect, but I know, and you know that it is not perfect, and neither is hers!
    I love how she is able to stand, and walk proudly!
    Do your thing Brit, Brit! Make music! Sell records! and leave dirtbags like K-fraud alone! PLEASE! he is the reason that she was down! K-fraud bought her down!
    Men, can make a woman in need of TRUE LOVE can do that! If you say that it is not possible, you are lying to me, and the whole world! That is @posters!

  129. says

    What such a vivid imagination! Just because your turn of the century ancient @ss don’t like is your opinion! I know that it is parents that smoke cigarettes in front of their children..I don’t know what world that you people are living in, but this is not 1950! honey!

    You sound like Trash! And if you happened to get offended, don’t know Britney, and you think that her kids should be taking don’t know her, just the bs that people claim that she does! If she was that bad, don’t you think that the people should have been taken those kids away? obviously you believe everything that you hear! SMH~

    Anyway.This is THE new song..that Is popular..already before being released! This is a club is to young for some of you ancient posters…ENJOY!

  130. H says

    I think Brit needs to have her children taken away. That is the only way she is going to clean up her act. She is such a trash loser. And to #4- Do you smoke this close to your children and think it’s ok? Probably not. Since you like her new song, you are probably only 12 and don’t have babies… yet.

  131. says

    Ok..Is she the first parent to smoke a cigarette in front of her kids? NO..she won’t be the last! Just be glad that she wasn’t smoking crack in front of her kids! D@mn what is it with you people! Sh ecan’t make a move, and flinch a muscle! My girl Britney, is going to make it! I wonder how old is the web she 35, 45, or 55? Her song is cool! Everybody is waiting on her to fail, and that is sad! I would never want to see a person fall on their face..unless they ahve done something evil to me, and she has done nothing evil to none of you, the lies that you read are made up, they mean sh*t!
    If you don’t know her personally, then you shouldn’t say sh*t, because you don’t know what her life is like!

  132. Nicki says

    Wow. I know this pic is kind of old, but the lit cigarette in the kids face, to me is just sad. She has nannys, bodyguards, etc. if she needs the have a ciggy, she can step away from the babies. He looks like he is just breathing in the “first hand” smoke right into his face. I wish her babies the best, I hope Brit gets her act together for them. And no I’ not talking about smoking cigs. She has so many nore things she needs to deal with.

  133. Blair says

    Does anyone else think it seems innapropriate the way Britney is pointing what appears to be a cigarette at her little son?! Talk about irresponsible and not thinking. Let’s hope for this kids sake, that I’m wrong–It COULD be a pen or something, but it sure LOOKS like a cigarette from here. Especially the way it is positioned in her fingers. Lots of people hold a cigarette in that same exact position when they are actually smoking it, so it APPEARS (like i said, i have no proof) like she just took it down from her lips.

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