Angelina Reunited With Her Family Upon Returning From Iraq & Syria

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

After a visit to Iraq and Syria with the United Nations Refugee Agency, Angelina, 32, has been reunited with her family.

The very busy mother seemed immune to jetlag, as she took Maddox, Shiloh and Zahara out to New York’s Central Park on Wednesday, hours after she landed back in the states.



  1. says

    Sometimes is very hard to know that people don’t appreciate what ever you do, just because you’ve done some wrong in the past. That’s what I believe Angelina is feeling these days. All I hope is that people can stop beign cruel and judgemental all the time.

  2. bambamswife says

    can’t stomach Anjelina Joile and don’t care for Brad Pitt anymore for being with her, but their baby is cute

  3. sandy says

    I love Angie, I think she is gorgeous, but I definately think she needs some counseling and therapy for her emotional problems. I think DEEDS has some good points. All these dark, drab colors for her and the kids don’t cut it, and dressed in white a lot is a neutral color, it is nice, but what would be so terribly wrong with some brighter colors? Why not dress the girls like little girls sometimes? So many cute clothes, look at Violet, the world isn’t suffering because she is dressed brightly, uplifting and happy colors!

  4. Deeds says

    It seems to me that sometimes w/ AJ the lights are on but nobody’s home. I don’t understand a woman of her intellect, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, believes that if she wears drab colors some how that will change how many children suffer. Same w/ the eating. If she doesn’t eat less children will suffer? Sounds to me that ever since she met Brad she has been trying to become a Maddona.(SP). I hope Brand can give their children a happy life in spite of her lack of thinking. JMO

  5. sushmita says

    by the way …..there’s nothing wrong with the word “imitate” as long as u imitate the POSITIVE!…not the NEGATIVE!

  6. sushmita says

    spectator … not dumb….and hey what’s wrong with the word “imitate”?…what im trying to say is that she try to imitate princess D by traveling around the globe and help this unfortunate poeple i did not say anything negative against princess D…or negative against AJ coz really i dont care if she “cut”, uses varities of drugs” or slept many men”…..did i clear that up to you..i dont understand why did u overreact by the word “imitate”…but i do understand that u admire the late princess D…coz yeah she’s really admirable!!!
    so if u have high grades in law…so why did u not analyzed clearly the statement….coz again i did not say
    anything negative to both of them that outburst ur emotions/hatred WHATEVER!!! against me…
    OKAY…so till here…anyway the issue is not about princess D or AJ…
    coz mine is just a COMMENT
    and what i understand the essense of COMMENT is that….what you see is what u get…what u believe is probably what u can say…so no one can ever question
    individuals opinion, taste, views.
    THANKS…..*****feel free to leave ur comments GALS

  7. spectator says

    41. lifenarts
    You talk nice. but some bigotry people here may have no clue what you are talking about.

    They think Angelina Jolie cannot even be compared in the same sentence with Princess Di! I think the OPPOSITE may be true.

    WHY? Di’s millions was handed down by others and she left the millions to her children who needed the least. None to the charities.

    One may doubt her level of compassion and dedication.

    Don’t get me wrong. I like Diana, she is nice looking and seems kind and nice. but as far as greatness goes, I don’t know what to admire about her.

    Dianna has no known great talents and/or hobbit. What can a bored royal do after the kids are growing up and the husband is estranged???? You only go to that much parties and functions. Charity works are good pastimes. Of course we have to give credits to Di for choosing the right things to do.

    But as far as the level of compassion and dedication, D is no match for A.

    A is a pilot, Oscar winner, ass kicker…….. she is taking care of her young kids, doing movies, attending functions to support her partner, and still goes to IRAQ all at the same time. So, could we say charity works is a pastime for her? Not to mention the millions she donated.

    Only some cl assist, royal blood admirer will consider A is no comparison of D. And only an i d i o t will think A imitate D.

    If I were in D’s shoes, it’s not hard for me to image I would do the same thing as D did. On the other hand, If I were in A’s shoes, I can’t image I could do any of the things she does. I don’t think I will let go of my millions. I don’t think I have that big a heart to adopt so many kids. I don’t think I have that much energy to work on a film one day and fly to a war country the next day and the the day after that fly to another country again to support my man. And taking care of the children. I will be tired to death.

    I only admire people who I couldn’t do the things as they do.

  8. sandy says

    Deeds, Yes, Angie used to be a “cutter” a few years ago, she also was in an institution for a few weeks due to her depression when she was a teenager. She did state that she isn’t into lesbian sex, or S&M any more since she met Brad, she was still indulging her lesbian activities after she adopted Maddox so that wasn’t that long ago. She even told reporters she had a few “lovers” she kept secret when she had her needs.

    I do think that since Brad, she has put that behind her but I do also think she still has emotional problems, or should I say psychological problems. Hence, only wearing black, gray and white practically all the time, and likewise dressing the children that way too. Psychological she has a hang up about her children wearing bright colors, it is sad to me.

    Her brother made the statement once that she felt so strongly now about adopting orphans, that she felt she should wear those colors for the darkness the orphans endured, he also said when she was overseas, she couldn’t bring herself to eat because of all the suffering she witnessed. I think she has a hard time dealing with it and that is why she doesn’t want biological children, she wants to save as many orphans as she can.

  9. says

    Hi there guys. While we are here arguing about D and AJ, the world still needs help.

    D is dead Unfortunately, AJ is still alive and wants to make a big impact on the issues that is preventing some part of this world coming out of the s****. We should congratulate her for her excellent works and encourage her and her family to keep the good work happing.

    The life can be see through an artistic way.

    Cheers from lifenarts.

  10. spectator says

    oh……………why my comment is being moderating?

    hey what’s wrong with me saying Entenmann’s Cake and Sandy are dumb and full of hatred?

    They probably got dumped by their men(most likely with valid and good reasons), and with their non discerning minds, they vent their anger toward AJ ???

    Okok, it’s hard to ask these kind of people to do themselves a favor to stfu, they do what they do…..these are virus of societies.

    what can you do? just leave them along, just like their previous men………….hahaha…………..

  11. Deeds says

    Wow I didn’t know AJ is a “cutter”. I know someone who is a “cutter”. From what I understand a person will cut themselves to relive them from the emotional pain they feel. #29 It doesn’t take guts to cut ones self, It means they are emotionally suffering. I hope AJ has been able to get herself relief. Cutting is not a good trait!

  12. spectator says

    34. sushmita


    You are dumb! I ate breakfast this morning, you ate breakfast this morning, is that means you imitated my eating?

    Truly outstanding people all loath the word ‘imitating’ .

  13. sushmita says

    espectator… that means D is everything when Anjie is not…and vice versa!

    and what im trying to say is that she tried to immitate the way princess D tavel around the globe and help this unfortunate people…and we did not worship even one of them

  14. spectator says

    31. Entenmann’s Cake


    No, I am not a judge, nor do I want to be. But, hey, I did great in my law class. So, clearly I am very capable of rational thinking and reasoning!!!

  15. spectator says

    Too bad, Sandy, that’s just your wishful thinking. Clearly the world is obsessed with this woman. The world follows her every move. They compared the birth of her child as the one. Shiloh earned millions for charities the day she was born.

    Personally, I don’t like to worship anybody. I think everyone is just a fallible human being. But, clearly I am really fascinated by Angie. It’s you who is probably worshiping D?

    um, so what’s so great about D? what separated her from us ordinary people, personality wise? –She is done some charity work. That’s all. How much did she donated again?

  16. sandy says

    Angelina Jolie cannot even be compared in the same sentence with Princess Di! The whole thing is beyond compare! If you don’t know that by now then there is no point in me wasting my time and energy trying to explain it to you! I am gone back to my reading. Worship your idol, she’s no one to be revered or put on a pedestal by any stretch of the imagination!

  17. spectator says

    27. sandy | September 1st, 2007 at 10:30 pm

    So Angie was crazy and Diana’s normal. But how does Angie’s past ‘nuttiness’ make D a great person? – We are talking about what’s so great about D.

    Does Angie still using drugs? – when people are young they are allowed to make some mistakes

    Is one’s fault to cut oneself? — one must under great pain to cut oneself. Sometimes I admire people who can cut themselves. It takes gut to do so. I couldn’t do it even if I??????????









  18. sandy says

    #9, liz, yes, there is a hint of a smile, but that is about it, and the ext picture, nothing! As usual! I don’t understand why people try to make out like it is a big bright smile and she is showing sooo much expression when she clearly is not? Why? I like this family very much, but something does not seem quite right to me, can’t figure it out yet?

    This is a beautiful baby, very pretty, but looks very unresponsive too much of the time, I am not the first to have noticed it either. It worries me.

    Maddox is very cute and appears to be very bright. Loved the picture with his arm around Pax, so sweet!!!!

    Pax seems happy and is a loving part of this family.

    Zahara is very cute but I think they let her have her way too much, it is obvious she is not controllable but Brad and Angie seem to like it that way. All in all, a very happy loving family that doesn’t appear to care what anyone thinks about them, as it should be!

  19. sandy says

    spectator, let’s see now, hmmm,

    Angelina used many varieties of drugs, including cocaine, Princess Di did not.

    Angelina had a fetish of cutting herself, Princess Di did not.

    Angelina shacked up with her older boyfriend when she was 14, Princess Di did not.

    Princess Di had two biological kids she dearly loved and was not afraid to be a loving mother showing affection to her children, Angelina has not, not to Shiloh anyway!

    Princess Di went into mine fields, she spent time of herself giving to charities way before Angelina Jolie ever thought about it. She never did until she adopted Maddox!

    Princess Di was a classy lady, Angelina has zero class about her, there is NO comparison, I don’t remember seeing Prince Charles name tattooed all over her like I did Billy Bob Thornton?

    Wasn’t she an actress before she adopted Maddox? Where and what were all her charity works then? How many men did she sleep with?

    I don’t recall Princess Di going to all the S&M bars that Angelina loved to hang out in with her bi-sexual lover? Was that when she was so saintly?

    So let’s get the facts straight, and stop idolizing this woman, who I don’t think is yet married to her lover and father of her child, and father to her adopted kids either for that matter!

  20. spectator says

    Some people just have compassion and empathy more than the others.

    Can’t imagine a great actor without great empathy. If you feel empathetic about other unfortunate people, of course you want to help if you can.

    Helping others is not about exteriors motives. Helping others also help yourself spiritually.

    Some people can never understand that…

  21. spectator says

    22. sushmita | September 1st, 2007 at 2:11 am

    i had this feeling that Anjie tried to immitate Princess D
    Are you nut?
    I like Princess D. she is good looking and did some charity works, which is admirable, other than that, I am not sure what else is great about her.
    Angelina, on the other hand, she adopted 3 children, which D did not. Angelina can kick ass, which D can’t. A earns millions by herself, which D didn’t. A donated millions(1/3 of income) to charity, how much did D donated? A is tough and hardworking, while D is a princess.
    I never sure what’s so great about D, maybe because she is a princess? Maybe I should read her bio.

  22. Lauren says

    Shiloh is a beautiful little girl! Maddox is such a handsome boy. It’s nice to see Angelina looking healthier.

  23. CLARE says

    didn’t buy her Iraq syria jaunt. but she does look healthier. shiloh looks nice for once. suri is still cuter.

  24. jr says

    Brangilina bunch are boring! they are always on the spotlight everywhere they go…though it is understandable coz they are celeb. BUT DAH!!!!!!!

  25. Tea says

    See Shiloh does have expression, the photographer must have caught her right. I do find this site seems to put the worst pics when I go to a link someone provides.

  26. ann says

    We love Angelina she” a wonderful person and great Mom. Brad is too goog to be true , Shiloh”s gorgeous she is a angel.

  27. onatear says

    Honey…my son has worked for an security agency, which provides body guards as needed. For inst. when a celeb vacations in our area, they can hire someone to just stay near, and keep an eye out. I thought little Z. was pretty friendly with a man in the park the other day…and wondered if he wasn’t a “spotter” for the family. These guys are making a living, in shifts for their families, like any other man or woman who watches children, are doing. It’s a livlihood..a paycheck.

  28. celine says

    she’s gorgeous, like the rest. the dark tourquoise eyes, the nose, the lips, the softness and fullness of her chubby face, and that hair one can almost believe is air around the angelic face. wow, shi rocks!

    and angelina… oh. always the same clothes but gorgeous. that profile. hmm… like her.

  29. says

    Thanks for the links to justjared…do any of you ever wonder about those grown men whose job it is to be playmate/babysitter/bodyguards to this family? I just wonder what that’s like? They probably have kids of their own at home but their days are spent with these kids doing kid things. I don’t know if it’s just because they’re men that I find it curious or what….

  30. Fly On The Wall says

    She’s a little sweetheart. Brad and Angelina are so blessed in all their children. You can see them all developing their own unique personalities now. Shiloh is quiet and laid back; Maddox is serious and responsible although he has a mischievous side as well; Pax is energetic and always into everything, and Miss Thang is a little diva. There must be very few dull moments in that household.

  31. says

    This is a very nice seen. Mother and kids out enjoying themself ‘s in the park once again. They look cute together all of them. I love angie,and think she’s a wonderful person and a great Mom. Who think she’s a bad mother is just jealous of her, just because she’s with Brad now. As the same with Kathie Holmes, people are jealous just because she’s married to Tom. I can’t wait to read all the foolish and negative comments you KIDS, yes KIDS write on this site. It can’t be adults, because i can’t believe adults are this stupid. Anyway I think brad&Angie are doing a great job with their kids.

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