1. Deenah says

    In the fist two her boobs are bigger so that agood sign and she is not anorexic she even said so herself on the tyra banks show.

  2. phnxgirl says

    I love Nicole’s fashion style. She always looks put together. I think she looks so cute, and I love her shoes!

  3. says

    OMG, she looks lovely!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish them the best of luck!!!!!

    she has been skinny before, but I think that she is happy Now. they look happy, even if these photo’s are posed they sure do look sweet! Lady, in red looks atonishing!

  4. carleigh says

    The pictures look great and Nicole looks happier and healthier than I’ve ever seen her. Her hair and skin look luminous even in these pictures which weren’t “photoshopped” if they were taken in Cental Park. I think the baby will be exotic and stunning looking and can’t wait to see pictures. I hope this is what Nicole needs to get her on the track to healthy eating and taking better care of herself. Best wishes to these two even though I’m not what one would consider a Nicole Ritchie fan, I do love her dad’s music though.

  5. Team Jolie says

    Her “pregnancy” boobs kind of balance out her pregnant form. She looks healthier than before.

  6. sandy says

    Nice pictures, they look happy and I think they are, best wishes and good luck to a young couple in love!!!

  7. Lauren says

    What cute pictures! Nicole and Joel seem so happy despite what magazines are printing. She looks so much healthier too.

  8. Diana says

    Tea – I agree with your point in regards to the first three months being rough as I had terrible morning sickness and lost nearly a stone with all the sickness. People said that I was really thin and gaunt in my face. Since loosing the weight I haven’t put too much on either as I have had terrible heart burn and nausea even now at eight months. But, it will be all worth it I am sure!!

  9. Tea says

    I do think these pics look a bit posed, but I hope they are not. Nicole looks rather healthy for once and as a person who didn’t even know they were pregnate until 4 months, and only gained 29 lbs, I don’t think she looks to small for the time, maybe she had a rough first months and that is why she lost weight in the first place ( It can happen)

  10. cherisse says

    i think that Nicole looks better now than she ever did when she was not pergent. She looks peaceful and i can not wait until her baby is born.

  11. Miranda says

    She doesn’t even look pregnant, because she’s so skinny. Isn’t she supposed to have a bigger belly, when she’s over four months pregnant? But I do think she’s really beautiful and she looks so happy. Hopefully, this baby will make everything better. 🙂

  12. Just me says

    Cyberkitten37 … I don’t think she looks sad, but they do look posed. And apparently, I am the only one who still doesn’t think she looks that healthy. Her boobs grew, but that’s about it. I’m sure I’ll get slack for saying this, but, in my opinion, she looks like malnourished people, stick skinny with an extended gut.

  13. cyberkitten37 says

    am i the only one who doesn’t think she looks very happy here at all? that’s sad..this should be one of the most enjoyable and happy times of her life 🙁

  14. AmyY says

    The pics do look posed.. Id love to have a cute pic of me and my hubby like that haha Her boobs look great… ahh pregnancy boobs… where did you go? lol

  15. **S says

    I think she looks so pretty here. I am a fan of Nicole and hope she is content and happy with her life.

  16. Fly On The Wall says

    She looks like she’s gained some weight and is feeling content and healthy. Pregnancy does that to some women. I remember when I was having my son; it was the best nine months I ever spent.

    I don’t see her pulling a Whitney after the baby is born; I think being a mother is going help her become much more centered. I think (hope) she’s put her wild days behind her.

  17. Sandra says

    I am not a Nicole fan, but these pictures are soooo adorable! Look at him love on her and the baby!!

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