Bridget Moynahan Excited About Being A Mother

Tom Brady
Bridget Moynahan is “thankful” for her new son John Edward Thomas Moynahan, her rep tells People magazine.

“She is thankful for a healthy baby and is excited about being a mother,” Christina Papadopoulos says in a statement.

Bridget, 36, welcomed her son on August 22nd in Los Angeles. She was “very pleased” that ex-boyfriend, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, 30, was able to skip practice and “be there for the birth and spend a few days with their new child.”

The couple split in December after a three-year relationship. Tom is currently dating Gisele Bundchen.



  1. Elsa says

    #13 – OR CLASS…she clearly has no CLASS.

    And please, is there not something so WRONG about shopping with your boyfriend for presents for HIS newborn? sick world we live in.

  2. baby says

    I’m glad she left the Brady off too. Read today in the Boston Globe that Tom and Giselle were out buying presents for the baby and one of Giselle’s gifts was a onesie that had the word “supermodel” on it-I guess a person can have looks, fame and tons of money and not have a lick of common sense.

  3. dori says

    yes!! you are absolutely right #11
    Now he’s suppose to be some great guy because he showed up for the delivery IN reality he had to save face after the way he behaved for the last 9 months. I also don’t see Giselle being much on the motherhood business but we don’t KNOW her and so it’s hard to say what she’ll be, if anything at all, who knows??? sometimes a baby can draw a man in and sometimes it can push a man away. Time will tell.

  4. I love babies :) says

    Plus he was nowhere to be found during her pregnancy. She had to do everything alone, why would he get the “privilege” of having his last name given to a baby he was too busy with his new girlfriend to be there for for 9 months? Yeah, I would have done the same thing if I were in her shoes. That’s HER baby.

  5. Lauren says

    Yay for Bridget! I think it’s so great she gave the baby her last name. She’s the one who is going to have primary care. Tom just provided the sperm.

  6. says

    I never put my ex’s name on my daughters birth certificates and its the best move I ever made! They have a new daddy and the ex never bothers with them and it stops all the “why is my name different” stuff! Well done to both parents however! x

  7. Elsa says

    Why on earth would a mother give a child it’s fathers name if they are not together? Bridgette was smart not to do so.

  8. Dee says

    My husband is a HUGE Pats fan and we live in California so very big fans of Tom Brady. My own 3 yr old is named Brady Tomas (I did say my husband was a HUGE fan, right?). Sad that Tom’s own son doesn’t have the Brady name. Anyway, even divorced parents raise good children together or apart. I have sure their son will be loved by both and have a great life.

  9. mags says

    Has a fan of the New England Patriots and Tom
    Brady…I was disappointed that the baby did not
    have Tom’s last name but I can totally understand!
    Good for you Bridget and you did the right thing.
    The name is a wonderful and strong name and
    I know you will be both great parents. Can’t wait
    to see a picture of John. Love his initials too
    JET Moynahan! That is great!
    Good Luck wish you all the best!

  10. Pink Poodle says

    Here’s how I see the future … Tom is going to get into this whole baby thing, Gisele is NOT going to have it – Tom and Bridget will get married, with baby taking on the Brady name. I don’t know, they seem like normal people and whatever the reason for their breakup will not seem that important?! Just my take on these total strangers that we all have interest in.

  11. DMITZ says

    I have to give her props for giving the baby her last name. I orig read it was Brady. Good for her!

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