Brad Pitt & Zahara In New York

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Brad was snapped treating Zahara, 2, to a horse-drawn carriage ride New York City on Tuesday.

And more cute pics!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt



  1. Richard Alfaro says

    Brad just curious what is that spot on the left side of your chin. Check it out

    Take Care Richard Alfaro.

    Your day is going better then mine.

  2. SRM says

    i think all of you are crazy for ranting about ppl you don’t even know. how about paying attention to ppl you do know. like your own families.

  3. winnie says

    I think the only problem that Shiloh has is “Z” bullying her. You can tell in the photos how jealous “Z” is of Shiloh.

    As for “Z” being a Daddy’s girl, that is mostly Angie’s influence. I have no doubt that Brad loves his little Shiloh perhaps a bit more than “Z”. You can see it when he holds Shiloh.

    I think Shiloh is frightened of “Z”, her screaming, her biting and mean nasty looks. That is most likely why she is withdrawn, not because she’s retarded as some of you want to promote.

    They say what goes around comes around, with that in mind, I think as Shiloh grows she will learn how to handle “Z”, it’s just a shame that the two people in the world who should be protecting her from harm are not.

    I also think Shiloh will grow into a stunning beauty, while Zahara with her fondness for food will most likely be terribly overweight. If you look you can see the way Angie tries to cover up her rather large knees, and puts her in loose clothing so that the public is less likely to notice her tummy and her swayback in her rear. From what I’ve seen Shiloh looks like she is at a healthy weight while Zahara is looking more and more like Miss Piggy.

  4. gaab22 says

    how much bullshit can you talk? favourite child my ass. If you all have kids you know it is almost impossible to have a favourite. Im amazed with some of you, ladies.

  5. anoynomous says

    if i were shi, i would nopt smile either, look at how she is alway’s left out. if you see alot of pic’s were angie is carrying the adopted children, she is all smile’s and especially with zahara. there are hardly any pic’s that angie looked like she was enjoying time with shi, maybe on the boat. and this is just what i think, she should of never had children, look at how shiloh is left by herself with a nanny. and the way they change nannie’s. this could be harmful as she grow’s. not trusting anyone, just what her mom say’s. she should reap her own advice. she say’s in her interviw’s, that she does not trust people, and it make’s her sad, and inpart to that, she was alone most of the time. she did not have alot of girlfriend’s to hang with, maybe a few, if they were into her….. i just feel sorry for shi. that was my outlook on why shi does not smile. no purse’s like mommy, no bracelett’s, no central park and carrage ride’s with her daddy. how do you for see shiloh’s relationship in her future with her sib’s and her parent’s. i sure hope i am around for that. i often wonder was that a trap for brad. that was awfull quick time that she was pregnant. in knowing that, i think it was to hold onto brad because of the way he was attached to mad, z. she was thinking ahead, they both need daddy’s, and to sweeten the deal, she was soon with child. ang has low self esteem, and she may have got herself knocked up (that is what she called it) afraid she would lose brad to jen,she gave brad the one thing he wanted , a bio child. i feel for shi, and she will see this one day. especially all the place’s she was not on with the family. and in several interviw’s she say’s when asked about the children and there personalit’y. ang mention’s that z is daddy’s little girl. and the only thing she said about shi was, she is learning to walk and eating everything on the way. z rule’s the roost. they say she has a problem with her hip’s??? that is strange when she is running in alot of family outing’s. just another excuse, now if you were shi, would you smile?? brad is starting to leave her home to, he seem’s more attached to the other 3. even pax, and he was here with them only since march. like jen said, he need’s a sesitive chip. she should not have anymore bio kid’s. and recently a 5th child, they can’t even deal with 4. oh, another sis for z to bully, you should see when they are out, how she want’s all the attention. shi look’s scared to death when ange is holding her on the way to the museum, now they are saying there is a problem with shi and they are embarrased that all the hype would come shi’s future. brad, please stop ange, she has something hanging in the valance??? you are afaid of ange, that is why your ball’s are in her hand’s. you need to high tail it out of there, please this is the one time you have to take shiloh, don’t leave her behind like you and ange do now, run back to jen, that is really your heart.

  6. sandy says

    It will also be very nice to see “daddy, daughter” time with Shiloh, the youngest child also. Looking forward to it.

  7. NewHere says

    I made the mistake of reading this blog! I thought this was a site about a common interest in babies of celebs, not a site where any and all are criticized without merit. Makes it a bit unpleasant to say the least. Webmistress, you have good idea for a site and I think it is well put together, I just hope you don’t lose any revenue from the site due to potential viewers being so turned off by the hatefulness (and dare I say petty, catty and hurtful spew being tossed about innocent babies). I know “I” will not waste time reading the comments anymore!

  8. Deeds says

    #100 thank you, it’s hard to stay level headed on this site when people say things about incest and having sexual relations with animals. there is a person that visits this site, If you don’t agree with her she will slam you and hard until you give in to think the way she does. you should be proud of yourself because you are not silly like that you express your own opinons and will not apoligise for your comments. why people think they have to attack someone to get their point across is beyond me. (please excuse the spelling)

  9. Zbella says

    Very nice to see daddy-daughter time. The middle child too.

    It’s sad so many people have issues with race, large families & adoption. Because of those 3 things, you will always find something to b!tch about regarding the Jolie-Pitt family. I personally enjoy seeing pictures of Brangelina and children.

    As a mother of 3, teacher, former foster care worker & nanny, I do not think Shiloh has a problem. Simply my opinion. If she does, thank goodness she has loving parents like Brad & Ange rather than many of you!

  10. Fly On The Wall says

    Mayra, please don’t judge all Americans by the comments of a few despicable ghouls on this thread. They were probably sexually molested themselves as children and think this is normal behavior.

  11. oriana says

    Mia, and Xena, also to NIcki if she is reading any, on my way to New Zealand, Frodo and Hobbit’s country! See you in three weeks! Mia, hope my fans don’t lash at you too much and take out their frustrations and crap feelings about me on you while I am gone!!!! Ha!

  12. comment says

    Oh, I have never been so entertained by one person! So you, Oriana, a complete stranger, would walk up to a couple and tell them their child looks hateful thus you don’t care for her? And you would love it? My, my, I did not know old age gives one the right to be such an ill-bred b****. I’ll be sure to watch out for an old woman on wheelchair when I go about SJ and see if she would roll herself over to a parent with scowling faced toddler and spew her nasty opinion; I really want to see what you look like now.

    Now why did you defensively claim “I am not a two faced person”? Same reason you defended yourself as “not kissing a****” I bet.

    107: It is typical of an idiot to call others dumb.

  13. Miapocca says

    Orianna , stop wasintg your intelligence on these asshats..Kick back and make some intresting comments that I can enjoy ..not engage with these ases that have no orignal thought it thier effing empty barrel of a head…..

    Essie you are soo sumb..just spend some time reading something of importance…maybe you can help angelina wrtie up some interesting campaigns and learn something…if she can teach your half backed cooked grey matter a new trick..I willbe kisisng her bony vagina too…what a uselss peice of gery matter, wasting space,..,maybe they should combine all the sses on her intoon ebrain and I bet even Shiloh would out smart them..ahahha enough candy ..ciao

  14. Miapocca says

    Maria #102 ..if you are so offended scroll the eff over the posts..what the heck is it with you asshats, think you can

    Ingnorant loco putas!!

  15. oriana says

    Jossie, you are too ignorant to even reply too but I will for one reason only, my two boys are grown, I do have nieces and nephews. One niece is 10 years old, grossly overweight, (almost 200 lbs.) has sleep apnea, (may have spelled that wrong) her mother is in total denial about her weight and health problems, so yes, I do voice my opinions and comments, you don’t have to agree with me, you don’t have to like me, but to wish any child be born retarded says a lot about your character and intelligence!

  16. oriana says

    Tea, thank you. I think time will tell and I am sure you have encountered many poses and expressions, as well as acting out behaviors, taking pictures! My sister in law works in a Photography studio and loves it!!! Doesn’t make much money but she is happy with her job.

    I do think that Brad has a soft spot for Zahara and I would love to see some pictures of the two girls together, eventually we will. I do think if Shiloh is developing slowly that Brad and Angie won’t hide her away like I think John Travolta and is wife have done with Jett, but I don’t think Angie will be as close to Shiloh as the others, has nothing to do with her personality, I just think Angie’s heart is with the adopted kids.

    Maybe when Brad has his special days with Shiloh one on one like he does with the others, if he takes her to a Park (she can run and play too at 15 months) or anywhere in public, then maybe we will see some interaction that shows a happy well adjusted baby, hope so!!!!

  17. mayra sanchez says

    es increible,que personas adultas se pongan a escribir tantas ofensas con una bebe de 2,y hasta definen su personalidad,ustedes estan ralmente enfermas mentalmente.
    nunca,pense que los estadounidenses fueran tan miserables,para hacer este tipo de ofensas a una nina

  18. idiots says

    Well, no shocker here. Everyone going at it back and forth like children about the Jolie/Pitt kids.

    I, for one, think Zahara looks cute in this picture. Still don’t like the family much though. Oh no, probably started a whole new war with that remark.

  19. Tea says

    Oriana, I actually don’t find a problem with your comments so much as many of the other peoples, and I agree with Baby on that some people are just being plain nasty, and about children!!! Your comments at least are rather respectful, (even when I don’t agree) You have wondered if Shiloh has a problem because of the pics you have seen, but others are saying that she does, and Brad and Ange are hiding her, ashameed blah blah blah. They are stating things as facts, when they are just their oppions based on a few pics. They are the ones who annoy me. We all come here because we like to see cute pics celeb babies. but many seem just seem to have the need to attack babies!! The people or person who made the comments compairing Zahara and Brad to Woody Allen, well that is just sick.

    Oh and I have a little girl, who is actually Zahara’s age, one thing to remember is not all babies photograph well, My daughter, who is most definitly lively and not slow by anymeans, takes horrible pics most of the time, she even looked a little slow because she always seemed to get that face right when the picture snapped. I have also seen this with many children when I worked at a photo stutdio once for a christmas season. We all assume that because Brad and Angelina are photogenic that their kid would be too, but that may not be the case. Consider that as well please. (I have never seen Shiloh in person, so I really can’t say if there are any problems or not, just based on what I know of children I don’t think there is)

  20. oriana says

    Jenna, I know you are a fan of this family and you like Zahara, many people do, but you have had to see that she looks grumpy, grouchy and frowning in most of her pictures. Not only from her pictures, but from Angie describing her is where I formed my opinions, I think she would be perfectly happy if she was the only child in the house and could have them all to herself. They act like she is 2 months old instead of 2 years old! She has legs, she can walk, and run pretty good also from watching the video. I really think she gets most of the attention from all of them.

    #81, Zahara had rickets when they first brought her home, it looks like one leg is curved to me still but from what I have read about it, she can grow out of it before surgery is required when the child gets older that has it, it doesn’t look severe to me like some pictures of poor children I have seen. I had wondered why she wasn’t in a brace but apparently she doesn’t need one. They can afford the best doctors in the world and for Miss Queen Bee, I know they are on top of it, as I think they would be with all the children.

  21. oriana says

    Tea and baby, I am not trying to find anything wrong with Shiloh, it just seems odd to me that she is so expressionless and no activity out of her so far that normal babies do in ages up to 15 months. I am hoping and praying she is okay, I just think she may be slow in developing, not retarded! I have stated many times I think she is a beautiful child but intelligence wise, I have doubts, no proof, very few pictures, and I am only judging her pictures by the other celeb kids her age. That is why I asked the question to some of the moms on here that had small children that would know better than me.

    To my darling friend Xena, always big Pink hugs to you my Dear! And if I am wrong I will gladly apologize and admit to it.

    Jenna, thank you honey, I am so glad you understand where I am coming from. I do have two grown sons. I do have my opinions and I know they aren’t the same with everyone, I don’t care for this family (love the boys) but I do care and enjoy a lot of the people on here that are fans of them. How anyone that could sit up and wish any child be born retarded or with any disabilities isn’t fit to comment about me or anyone else! That is plain ignorant and low class!!!!

    I do think Will Smith’s son is so cute, but also love Heidi’s little baby, he is precious! And if I was 12 to 15 I would walk up and give Tom Cruise’s son Connor, a big smackaroo right on the lips!!!!! Ha!

    Jossie and Essie, please, just shut your piehole when it comes to me! You are both stupid in my opinon!

    And for those of you who might think I would not say the same things I have said to Brad and Angie’s face, Oh buddy, I would LOVE it!!! Make no mistake about that! I am not a two faced person and I am too old for that shit! Just ask all my fan club on here that calls me old hags! They know!!!! Hair dying time in two weeks!!!!!!!!!!

  22. comment says

    Agree w/ baby (#94) and while they are at that they should post pictures of their babies or baby pictures of themselves on it for opinions.

  23. baby says

    I come on this site to see pictures of my favorite families-once in a while I read comments-I am shocked and saddened at some of the things I’ve read today. Who are you people and why are you so full of anger? Especially towards children. No one knows what is going on with this family-no one lives with them day after day and sees what goes on behind closed doors. Why would you think that this couple is any different than the people living next door to you-with the same kind of problems? Why are you trying to find something wrong with Shiloh? Angelina may have said she was a blob when she was a baby (and as a mother I know exactly what she was saying) but you people are trying to make her a blob. So what if her mouth is open in her pictures? I’ve seen plenty of highly intelligent men and women who still walk around with their mouth open.
    I’ve got an idea-why don’t all you Brangelina haters who all have a perfect right to voice your opinions start your own website when you can write all the despicable things you want and leave this website to people who are just interested in how these babies are growing.

  24. comment says

    By using Woody Allen to judge all adopting fathers, you could also say the following: all American men will be Charles Mansion or the Zodiac killer, child molesters, etc..; and all American girls are whores (Miapocca’s favorite word for Angelina, skanks, drug addicts, black widows, etc.

    What a bunch of idiotic sickos!

  25. Miapocca says

    Jennifer Anniston, please start screwing you dogs so we can have some dram zhex adulteres..cant wait for Zee to run off with Pitt..ahaha…mayeb he will start coloring his skin black and buy an afro..ahahhahaha

  26. Miapocca says

    Essie seems to have not been born when Soon Yi run off with her adoptive father Woody..its quite telling when you miss that refrence only to come back screaming when its rephrases in the terms for simpletons….is you dont knwo soon yi refer to this..
    Ignorance is soo disgusting ahahahhah…no wonder they claim an obession for Jolie…if youlove her great ,leave other people alone and get on with your worshipping…I for one willnto stand in your way unless you keep attacking others on her..

  27. Fly On The Wall says

    Kayla — you can’t rule out an affair between Brad and his little girl? I can’t rule out an affair between you and your father or your brother or your son! Or maybe you do all three at once? I wouldn’t put anything past a mind as despicable and twisted as yours is.

    I could sooner see Jennifer Aniston screwing her dogs before I could see Brad harming one of his children.

  28. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Jossie – it is horrible to wish a disability on someones child. Why should a child suffer because of something their parents may or may not have done? That says a lot about you as a person that you would say that.

    And I’m pretty sure Oriana said before that she does have grown-up kids. I don’t agree with the things she says about Zahara but i think she is just voicing her opinion, rather than meaning to be hurtful.

  29. Jossie says

    Oriana I bet you do not have any kids that’s way you are consantly on babyrazzi talking about other kids It is very unbelievable that you will give all these opinions and probably don’t know anything about kids never raised any because if so your would’nt be on babyrazzi everyday you would be trying to raise your kids and if you have some kids in the future hope they come out retarded. The comment Will and Jada kids it the cuttest kids of black parents believe me Ive seen better looking kids than theirs.

  30. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Kayla – I strongly suggest you see a psychologist and quick, especially if you have your own / have access to kids.

    You see a father carrying his daughter, whom he obviously adores in a father-daughter type way, and your immediate thought is that they are having an affair?!! How can a two year old even have an affair? You are a sick and twisted person and I beg you to seeek help.

    Anyway back to top, I love Zahara. She is my favourite celeb after Maddox! She seems like a very sweet little girl. Yes she looks grumpy quite often but so would most kids if they had loonies screaming at them in public (just watch a video of the Jolie-Pitts out in public) and flashbulbs going off in their faces all the time.

  31. Mary says

    I agree, the latest pictures of this family look too staged. I think its for PR because Brad has a movie coming out in a couple of weeks time.
    Zahara looks cute when she smiles.

  32. Miranda says

    What have happened to some of you guys? “Zahara will have an affair with Brad?” Are you out of your minds, all of you? Zahara is a two- year -old toddler, remember? Brad is her dad, remember? It’s just soooo horrible thoughts like that even excist in your brain.

  33. Totally shocked says

    80. Essie | August 30th, 2007 at 1:14 pm
    Thank you, ITA ,even on perezhilton (and they have hate there to spare) I have not read anything so despicable.
    It is bad enough to even have such thoughts, but to actually write it and have it out there for anyone to see, for shame Ladies! I do hope everyone is using a fake name and that you are in that 42 % of the population that does not believe in God!

  34. 2teens3beans says

    DANG!!! This forum is a lively one today!
    I only have one thing to add: Does anyone know what was wrong with Z when she was sick as a baby? I’m wondering if it was related to malnutrition because her legs always look more bowlegged than is normal and ricketts comes to mind.
    I think she is a pretty little girl, and I also agree that she is quite a handful.

  35. Essie says

    Brad will have an affair with Zahara??? That’s the most disgusting thing anybody has written on this site and you people have written some pretty disgusting things!!! There are some sick people out there, for real!! SICK, SICK SICK!!!

    On justjared and delisted, even though some people post nasty things about this family, NOBODY has ever said anything like that!!! In fact, of all the things I’ve read posted about this family, nothing like that has even been hinted at. You people need to check yourselves. You’re sick!!!

    Oh, and some of you said the exact same things about Zee that you are saying about Shiloh . . . she’s “slow” or “somethings wrong” with her or she “can’t walk” or whatever. Now that Zee has proved you all wrong I guess it’s time to dump on Shiloh!! No problem. She’s loved and cared for, healthy and happy. Apparently some of you aren’t so lucky!!!

    I wish the webmistress for this blog would be as vigilent as they are over at celebritybaby because this thing has gotten out of hand!!! An opinion is one thing but out and out sick comments is something else altogether!!

  36. Deeds says

    I think everyone is missing the big picture. I’m sure that AJ said that she wanted to be pregnant with Brad’s baby before his divorce with Jenn was final.(I could be wrong no bashing please). AJ wanting to be pregnant was more of a in-your-face to Jenn. AJ already told Brad that she would have his child so there wasn’t much she could do about that. When Shiloh grows up and hears about that and also the fact that her mom called her a blob on TV. That will cause a rift between her and AJ. If my mother did that to me I wouldn’t have very much to do with her!

  37. says

    The last few comments are just disgusting. Grow up people. I don’t think that people should compare babies at all. No child is like another!!!!!!!!! If Shiloh does have a problem (which I certainly think she does not) time will tell. So what if Angie said that Z has the strongest personality in the house. It doesn’t mean that she is an awful child and must get her way all the time.She also said that she’s recognizing some of herself in Shiloh and that she’s going to be a bit of a problem. She was laughing when she said that as well….All in all I really do think that Brangelina love their kids equally. Just becasuse there are more photos with them and Z doesn’t mean anything.

  38. Kayla says

    You are right Mariah, something about Shiloh just isn’t right. She seems too too lifeless. She hardly has any expression. I realy hope she is OK. I don’t thik she is the most beautiful baby. I think many people are conditioned to think so since her parents look nice. Z has a strong personality no doubt and will kick some ass.

  39. Kayla says

    The latest Jolie Pitt pictures look too staged for me. I think they want to potray a certain image. I also think they now realise how unpopular they are after the dismal performance of A mighty heart. I too cannot rule out an affair between Zahara and Brad. Their relationship seems a little cozy for a father and daughter and she seems to dislike Angelina. She is one of my favourites though, my least favourite is Deacon Phillipe, I just don’t like that child. Shiloh is also too lifeless for me but I like a picture of her from time to time.

    I love Suri, that is one beautiful child full of life and personality. I loved Maddox when he was younger, he seems sullen now apart from an occasional smile. I wonder if Brad is really happy. He seems like one living a day at a time. He seems cut off from his former life. I don’t think that is how it should be when you have kids. He doesn’t seem to have friends and Damon his only friend these days seems like he feels sorry for him. I wonder how long this will last.

  40. Mariah says

    People who want to believe Shiloh is normal can. A lot of fans are scared, why?she is still the most beautiful for some. But do not count on it been true. I remember a pic of her with Brad on the movie set, when she saw the baby. That was then i was puzzled, and thinking that when a child meet another child they play , they point at each other. That she was so passive makes me realize she is not alright.

  41. Xenafan96 says

    Oriana-you are not a lost cause at all dear 🙂 I saw your posts and then warmed myself by the flame fire that resulted. Toasted a few marshmallows too, s’mores anyone??
    Ann Curry-‘jokingly’ referred to as the Jolie-Pitt Official Family Interviewer, was interviewing Angie and asked how Z was responding to her new sister. I remember the conversation after that, Mad was great with her, Z screamed at her to wake her up and it took awhile to get her to not do that. Both parents realized that it was due to Z’s awareness that she was no longer the baby of the family and both have made a point of spending one-on-one time with all the children. I’m very confident that Brad and Angie both put their children far above anything else.
    Miss Z-she is and I think always will be a handful. The child is no shrinking violet, and I expect her to be a powerhouse when she grows up. She can be a bit clingy right now, perfectly ok for her age. I think (as a mom of 4), you have different ways that show you love a child. It is adapted to the individual child. You don’t love one child more than the other, you celebrate and embrace the unique qualities each has. My younger son and younger daughter are both fantastic artists. My oldest son hates to draw a line. I can’t enthuse to him how great his art talent is when it doesn’t fit for him. I applaud him when he makes some of the best food in the world, as his chef side is quite talented. My other 3, burn water. We don’t quite know about our older daughter. She’s 14 and seems to excel at text messaging, giggling, and sleeping 20 hours straight. I guess she is very good at being a girl then!!

  42. dori says

    I also think it’s pretty crazy that WE ALL have these opinions of people we don’t KNOW and make our judgements from pictures… Aren’t we ridiculous? It’s kind of laughable isn’t it?

  43. dori says

    Angelina said Zahara has the strongest personality in the house… great… that kid is in control?? They have their hands full with that one! I also heard she use to scream in in Shilohs face … great for a baby isn’t it?
    Occaisionally you see a cute pic of her but in general she scowls a lot I don’t know if it’s the cameras or the personality. Either way she’s on the bottom of favorite celeb baby list I….. think she looks like a monkey and acts like one too!

  44. Irina says

    #67. Well said, and i always think about Woody Allen when i see this family.Those stars are not known for their morals, and values.

  45. Tia :) says

    67- Grow up! that is disgusting! dirty mind! I love how you can “for see the future” get a life!

    I honestly dont believe that Brad has favourite children, i believe he loves them all the same. There are plenty of pictures of him carrying around Shiloh..the same goes for Angie.

    And as for Shiloh being slow, leave the poor baby alone people! She looks like a normal one yr old to me! There were pictures of her the other day when they were on the boat where she looked like a healthy, normal one yr old!!!

  46. Misha says

    When I heard about Owen Wilson, the next person that came to mind to commit suicide was Brad Pitt. He seems like he is trying to make this work but sadly, the beginning will always mar his good intentions.

  47. Lauren says

    Z looks like she will hate Angelina in future and will have an affair with Brad. They seem close and she looks to grow a huge crush on him. Since he is not exactly Mr Morals, I think they will have an affair. Mad will fall for Angelina but will not have an affair. Shiloh is going to be overweight with issues.

  48. comment says

    Oriana, you are a lost cause! People, go study your own child and relationship. I know some relationships/marriages fell apart at very late years in life with the husbands took off for another woman (not a young pretty thing mind you) and I always wondered why? Now I know. The wives were like Oriana and the psychology experts here and these men were tired of taking their craps.

    Does any of you tell your friends or neighbors your opinions on Brangelina and their children? I bet not, and they are teaming in your heads, burdening you so you have to come here to relieve them. Miserable green hens!

  49. minkysmom says

    I think people forget that this is a BABY. And she is their first daughter. I don’t like Angelina, but that has absolutely nothing to do with their children, matter of fact, I have yet to see a nanny holding Shiloh. Nobody knows these people, better yet, why doesn’t Angie just send Z back to Africa so everyone can be satisfied. Apparently Z should be treated like a second class citizen in her own family.

  50. kelly says

    wow, i am glad some of you feel the way i do. i alway’s thought something was wrong with shiloh all along to. i notice in alot of pic’s she alway’s has her mouth open and it look’s like her eye’s our crossed, remember that is my take on thing’s. and we are all entitled for our opion. yes, i have noticed what a brat z is to. she know’s she can get what she want’s from both parent’s. i laughed when i saw the pic’s where they went on the boat, the look on z’s face was priceless, she was pissed that daddy was carrying shiloh. i feel bad for shi, she is alway’s left out. she will see all of this and it might cause alot of resentment. i know i would wonder why i was not included in family fun day’s. i never thought it was brad’s idea right away to have a child with angie, he seemed content with mad. i think she got pregnant so early into the relationship because he may have went back to is true love, jen. and this was almost a guarante brad would be in her son’s life and in the future life later on with z. angie get’s off on telling the persons interviewing her. that mad has a buddy freindship with brad, and zahara is daddy’s little girl, what about shiloh???? brad is starting to treat shi like angie does. i can’t wait until shiloh grow’s up and kick’s z’s ass and give’s angie a real run for her money. and why is z alway’s seem to be carried everywhere?? i saw pic’s of her running just a few day’s ago in central park, i know she has leg’s. and one more comment. angie is all over the world, trying to save it. and so not into gun’s, war, and has a war themed party for mad, boy her kid’s are going to be messed up. you have a better chance of saving everyone in the world, just as a chance to save your relationship with brad. and she went on to say she was not making any more film’s that were violent, she sad her and brad felt that was the wrong message to send to her children . they often went with her and brad to the different set’s while they were filming. there is gun’s and violence in wanted, i am sure seeing that and a war themed party , really was giving him mixed feeling’s.

  51. celine says

    brad the dad… pffff whatever. he tries so hard to be sexy so every minute, it”s a bit overwhelming. all these hand-in-hand with his own coloured children pictures seem to be part of this sexinness matrix. so sexy so cool always, it’s a bit tiring. zahara has grown to be so pretty. i also get the feeling she’s very spoiled and very queeny types. but whatever.

    i somehow don’t find these pictures adoring. cute and all, but i’m suspicious. hahahaha. who am i? true.

    these days i love matt damon. i get a feeling of genuineness when i see him, his daughters, his wife….

  52. oriana says

    I know that many of you on here have small children, some maybe 15 mos. old, some younger. My question is this, don’t most babies around this age, sometimes, point their fingers, wiggle, wave their arms, shake their legs, jump and move up and down, bounce around, don’t some babies, I would think most babies, do these things, some even giggle and smile!

    I have seen Dannielynn do all these things and she isn’t a year old yet! And she had a drugged out, doped up, messed up mother for a few months of her young life, and has been raised since then by a single father. And she has been hailed as a very happy baby! Not two parents who are hailed as the Brad, father of the year, and Angelina, the Saviour of the kids in the world! I have yet to even see a picture of either of them even kissing Shiloh, not one time!

    So yes, I have wondered why the vacant dull look on Shiloh’s face, why not only a lack of expression but a lack of anything that I have seen out of many other babies. And for those that say all babies are different, that is true, but don’t all babies do something, sometimes?

    I have seen retarded Down Syndrome babies with more energy, and personality than I have seen out of Shiloh, but maybe, with Brad spending all his one on one time with each child as they say they do, eventually we will see pictures of him interacting with her on her day, and maybe then there will be some activity out of her.

  53. Lauren says

    People! This is a celebrity baby blog website. If you want to be negative, go somewhere else!

    Brad seems like a great father. Z is getting so big. 😉

  54. oriana says

    #44, Thalia, A BIG PINK HUG to you from me!!!!!!!!!!!

    All I know is, when Zahara was 15 mos. old, 10 mos, 7 mos., you couldn’t blink without seeing a picture of them wagging her on their hip, they never left home hardly without her, I just can’t help but wonder WHY not more interaction with Shiloh, WHY?

    #50, JJ, I swear I actually did laugh out loud at your post! It was funny!!!!!!!!!!

    Bahia, sounds like you do have good intentions at heart.

  55. Granny says

    My experience with children is that their behavior at 1, 1 1/2, 2 , etc. yrs of age is always changing. So if Z was loud or aggressive or whatever to Shiloh or any other child and that early age (which her mother said she was loud) it doesn’t mean she didn’t outgrow it. And unless someone spends a lot of one on one time with a child how in the Hades can you know that a child is spoiled? Certainly not from pictures or statements regarding behavior in a toddler from a year ago are necessarily a true pic of that kid today. Young kids are constantly changing.

  56. Bahia says

    Dori, it’s Angie herself who said in april or may that she just stop breastfeed her little one.

    So a couple of months of almost a year, she did the right thing for her little angel.

  57. Tea says

    Man, do you people ever let anything go. Angelina said that Z would scream in Shilohs face (yes I saw her say that) so you all assume that she 1. Still does, 2. that they did not put a stop to it. I really couldn’t say if she does or not, but it very well could be Ange talking about something she has done that is bad, and found it a bit funny as a story, but very well could have been stopping her and teaching her not to in private. I don’t know about you, but I tell all kinds of Stories about my kid, when she is misbeahaveing makes the best ones, but I don’t put up or let her get away with anything.

    As for Shiloh being slow, I won’t say that it is not possible, but sorry but from Pics I don’t see her as being any different than any other shy baby who freezes up when too many people are around, and with the mob that follows these people all the time, well what do you expect. Of course I am not a doctor like the rest of you who can diagnose from a few pics.

  58. JJ says

    milanross & jessie sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g…first comes love…then comes marriage…then comes Zahara…in a baby carriage….congrats you two you will make wonderful parents of an ADD child…always defending your spawn…never seeing the real thing…delusional and seeing everything through rose coloured glasses…your children may be the new Charles Manson and you will still see the sunny side of life…to-do-to-do-doo -doo-doo

  59. Bahia says

    Wow Thalia, i didn’t know that a kid at 15 months it’s not a baby anymore. You teach me something.

    Oriana you said that Angelina doen’t love her Shiloh like her others kids. You leave there? You saw what happened behind close doors?

    Me either but i know she breastfeed her little Shilok almost a year. She have surely a bond with the little one.

    Zahara is only 2 and a half, It’s normal to see her running and make noises. If she didn’t do that, you will said .. oh she must be autism like Shiloh… pfff because everybody here is a doctor and know Shiloh is not ok.

    Bullshit.. that little one is only 15 months and maybe she’s just scare to see all the people around them. It’s not every kid who are sociable..

    I don’t think that Angelina meen bad when she’s said Zahara is screaming in the face of little Shiloh in the morning. Maybe just maybe Zahara is like my little one. When she’s up, everybody has to get up. She’s running, playing with musical toys et talk loud.

    Come on, nobody is there and those kids don’t look miserables.

  60. Confused says

    How can anyone turn so hateful towards others concerning the personal lives of others who they don’t know or haven’t met? How can one presume that a person loves a child more or less than someone else based on staged interviews and pictures? How can so many people post such horrible things about eachother based on uneducated opinions. This is a website about family photos and happiness. Why is this such an issue to so many people?

  61. laceybj says

    Can’t Brad ever look clean and not like a slob. Also, the kids do have legs, let them walk already.

  62. comment says

    I do not see any problem in the very few pictures of her. If crying is one reaction worth enough value to prove to you that she is normal then there was one on which she cried (from long lensed picture).

    But the important point here is so what if she has problem. Do you want her parents go on national tv and cry “my baby has problem” so you can rejoice “See, I was right”? It is none of your business. Every one is free to have opinion and voice it but if one does not like someone and keep on badmouthing this someone, it is indecent a character. It is downright immoral in my old fashioned opinion.

    If this couple were standing in front of your face, would you say all this craps (I don’t care for your child, she a monkey, she is the most hateful child of all, she is slow and dull, etc) to them? Probably not for you wouldn’t want to get a piece of their furious mind, or worse yet, a slap on your face. If you don’t care for the child or their parents stay away from them.

    And to me, anyone whose mouth spews filthy language is not fit to judge anyone else, especially a woman, and more particularly a mother. All these women spewing nasty opinions are just gossip hens who can’t gossip in reality, lest tarnishing their upright reputation and being looked upon as freaks that is all. Disgusting is my opinion of them. There, I exercise my freedom to give opinion.

  63. Where is Shiloh? says

    This where is shiloh? will stop soon, in my opinion Shiloh is retarded and i feel for Brad. They can not keep it under wraps forever.

  64. Thalia says

    When people were saying Shiloh has a problem now i believe it. Because she is not that far in age with Zahara, at her age she should be out to discover,and being curious . Brad has a lot of interaction with Zahara, and we have never seen Shiloh having any with either of the parents. Something is not quite right. Leave oriana alone , she is a mother you can tell she knows what she talking about. All the celebs children are happy, or cried and react like children should, it is not the case with Shiloh. And do not give me that S….t she is a baby , she is 15 months.

  65. Allison says

    Um, is it my imagination, or has Zahara been 2 years old for, like, an eternity???!!! When is her birthday?

  66. Blair says

    Aw, Zahara looks so cute in this picture. I like her little penguin-It looks like it might be from one of those movies… March of the Penguins or Happy Feet, maybe?

  67. says

    OMG. Pathetic really, what’s going on here…. I have said a million times that I think Brad and Angie love their kids equally. Don’t have time for that again… I am upset however at the fact that….THE WEBMISTRESS AWAYS CHOOSES THE LEAST ATTRACTIVE PICS IN THE ENTIRE BUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My God. That really bothers me. Celebrity Baby Blog and Just Jared had so many lovely, beautiful pics. Jeez. Anyway, I love Z. She’s so cute! I saw the video as well, very adorable. She always has that “this is my daddy” look on her face when she’s with Brad! Too sweet. Love Brangelin 🙂

  68. says

    yeah yeah yeah yeah!

    Brad’s fav child! You guys don’t know sh*t! The way you guys have personally worked for him..hahahahaa!

    Mia..I am laughing MAO wondering how the h@ll do you know the kids personalities! Have you babysat for them?

    HATING PEOPLE! EVERY KID is a Brat! IF they don’t do it in front of your face, you better believe that they are doing it behind your face!

  69. nat says


  70. oriana says

    Mia, don’t know where you are heading on your plane, but have a safe journey! Vegas in August is miserable, absolutely miserable!!!!!!

  71. oriana says

    Essie, Shut your damn mouth when it comes to me! As for Zahara, I don’t like her, that isn’t a big secret or shock to anyone. If I hated her as you say, I would have no qualms about saying so, none at all! You Fool!!!!

    It would take more than seeing Zahara hug Brad to make my blood boil, like that football player torturing those dogs, like Hulk Hogan’s son speeding and putting his friend in the hospital in critical condition, like pedophiles and politicians not giving a damn that our brave men and women are dying in Iraq to save their sorry ass, so No, you need to come up with better than that! I don’t think for one minute that Brad cares anything close to as much for Shiloh as he does Zahara and Maddox also. If you don’t like my opinions, who is holding a gun to your head to force you too? And why should I comment on her sitting in the carriage, was she sitting in it or running, I commented about her appearing to be hyper while in the Park, and again, that wasn’t a big insult or sin? Why does the truth hurt?

    And now I am going to take Mia’s advice and ignore you and your buddies, and not respond any more. I may be an old hag, I don’t deny that, and getting older by the minute, but you are a stupid fool if you think you can rile me by snide insults.

  72. says

    Some folks actually suffocate from sheer foolishness..
    Others are siting in a boring room with very little idea of the rest of the world and so they see jolie and pitt as some ultra or sub human gods….

    Y’all need to visit other parts of the world, these two are nothing special and they tellyou so everyday, you refuse to beleive them

    ciao Orianna, going to the airport…till later…
    hey was in vegas teh other as satans living room, dont think I want to go back there ever..
    LA was much nicer though , alwyas good to know it remains nice and cool in the morning and evening…run int oa few actors hiking in the hills…ahahha

  73. says

    So what id someone hates Zee…what your issue with that…cant stand narrow minded arses/////

    Maddox-terrible brat
    Pax-Sweet child
    Shiloh-patient and calm

    Suri–no comment, I will rather look out the window than at herr

    August..-Handsome devil

    Kingston–Punk charmer

    Hhahhahahha…these are my opinions based on my mental models..does writing an opiion mean you hate someone? I think not…does writing a cristism mean hate–I think not

  74. oriana says

    #28, Mia, my Dear, you are absolutely right again as usual!

    Some of these people, who worship Angie and Brad, eventhough they know I am speaking the truth, it irks them and annoys them because they don’t want to admit it to themselves or hear it!

    Even when Angie says the same thing I do, they tend to ignore it and act like they didn’t know about it, pitiful! Especially when Angie and Brad wouldn’t give a shit about them any more than they would me! And I have actually formed my opinions about Zahara from comments Angie has made her own self! And from the pictures of her beautiful, warm, friendly, sunny smile on her face all the time! There has never been a frown or a hateful look, that has been all in my imagination!

  75. Essie says

    Shut my mouth???? I have a right to an opinion just as you do. And you seem to give that opinion ad nauseum!!! As Comment mentioned, you hate Zee and always have . . . you’ve called her names from the beginning and used your usual passive-aggressive behavior to do so.

    You hate her so much that even seeing her running in the park and hugging her daddy makes your blood boil!!! Doesn’t it? What is “hyper” about a two-year old running? Nothing. It means she’s healthy and full of energy. That’s a good thing. And she sat nicely in the horse carriage and wasn’t “hyper.” But you didn’t say anything about that. Guess that doesn’t fit your agenda when it comes to Zahara.

    You poor, stupid, old hag!!! You aren’t worth the space you take up on this earth. Anybody who hates on a baby is a fool and should not be tolerated. What an ass you are!!!

  76. oriana says

    Once again my dear friend comment can’t refrain from mouthing off about me! Waging a hateful campaign?

    By saying I think she is a spoiled brat? Isn’t she?

    Did I say she ruled the house? NO, Angie did!

    Did I say she woke Shiloh up every morning screaming in her face? NO, Angie did!

    Did I make any of that up and falsely report it to CNN? So I have voiced my opinion about it, big deal! I said here is Brad with his favorite child, and your feathers got ruffled, much worse has been said than that in the past by others.

    And Zahara being a spoiled brat has absolutely nothing to do with color! That is stupid! I have also said I think Suri Cruise is a spoiled brat too, so big deal there also!

    And comment, one thing you don’t have to worry about, I won’t be kissing your ass at any time!

  77. says

    Well essie..anybody can say anything about a star…remember we are all watching from the outside so we can blow our mouths off…

    No one person is right unless you are jolie or pitt…so good or bad comments may or may not be incaccurate, we all have different mental models and as a result there are so many diverse opinion.s.cherish the freedom to be able to express yourself and refrain from coming to the conclusion that someone is wrong simply because their opinion differs from yours or you cannot imagine how they came to such a conclusion…..You dont understand that persons conclusion simply because YOU ARE NOT THEM

    An educated and wise individual is one who can read a comment and try to understand from the individuals perspective, not from theirs

    Narrow mindedness is certianly a disease, teh cure is free, yet folk refuse to take the free medicine..achooo!

  78. says

    If you all simmer down you will try to note that everyone is entitled to theri opinion wether you agree with them or not…do you folks actually have conversations with anyone other than peopel who agree with you on everything..what tyrants you must be in your homes..

    Orianna, my advice is not to bother responding, stating your opinions does take away from all your contributions to this site..I commend anyone brave enough to express their opinion without fear that some a-hoel are goign to gang up on them

    What a pathetic lot!

  79. Essie says

    Something else I meant to say . . . how can ANYBODY say a parent loves one child more than the other child when they aren’t with those people 24/7??? It’s ridiculous!!!

  80. oriana says

    Well thank you “x”!!!!!!!

    As for you Essie, I do think I said she was a very lucky little girl and looked like she was having a BALL in the park, where was the negativity in those statements? And yes, I do think she is spoiled, I do think she is hyper and there is no sin in saying that! If it is, call Angie and Brad and complain to them for they have said both Zahara and Pax were hyper!

    And when Zahara was Shiloh’s age, weren’t photographers taking pictures of her too? She wasn’t left with Heidi or any nannies, she was taken EVERYWHERE with them and carried constantly, so Yes, there has been a big difference made with her when she was Shiloh’s age!

    So SHUT your mouth Essie, I have seen the pictures, I haven’t made up any lies!

  81. says

    I can hear Mia Farrow heart thumping…just thinking Soon Yi and Woody Allen…:) Come to think Mia is in Sudan and Jolie in Iraq..what a coincidence…

    They look good though..seems like Zee is the Queenie like Jolie described, she certianly is dotted upon by both Brad and Jolie. Wish then well..She has come a long way..good job to both of them for bringing her up to her current healthy baby status.

  82. comment says

    Oh, when Oriana leaves Zahara alone then she’ll be left alone. She has waged a hateful campaign against this little girl for so long, if you (x) don’t know, go read the archived threads. The old hag needs to get some gossip pals in real life so she can stop going on cyber space attacking little girl whom she doesn’t know and kissing asses (her words, not mine; and yes, you did kiss **** Oriana or else you would not brought it out yourself).

  83. jessie says

    jj it has everything do to with color i agree with milanross…this is a child we are talking about…bless ur soul!

  84. comment says

    Oriana, when are you going to stop this rant? And enough with your idea of love. 99% of your time looking at these people’s picture is mere seconds of theirs so it tells nothing. You don’t like Z or her parents so quit looking at them and going to their threads. You are the kind of person neighbors shun because in one breath you utter honey and poison. Leave them be, wouldn’t you?

  85. Essie says

    Hateful, hateful people!!! It just amazes me how hateful people are on these blogs. Here is a picture of a happy child having the time of her life with her daddy and all we get is negative crap from people about this baby. Calling her a “spoiled brat” is the most ridiculous thing in the world. How do you know she’s a spoiled brat? And, if she is a spoiled brat, SO WHAT???? All children should be loved and spoiled.

    Brad spent this particular day alone with Zahara; he spent the day before alone with Pax (having lunch); and he spent another day alone with Maddox. Sounds like a great dad to me. I have no idea where Shiloh is but I’m betting she is being taken out by Angie’s assistant Heidi because Shiloh is obviously upset by all the noise and activity that surrounds the family when they go out. All those people scare that baby to death. That’s why she looks like a deer caught in the headlights all the time.

    These pictures represent only an hour or two in the lives of this family and to draw conclusions like some of you are drawing is just plain silly and kind of stupid. Stop thinking you know everything about this family. The children are healthy and happy and obviously loved. They are clean, well fed and active. Stop inventing problems where there are none.

  86. x says

    Why don’t you all leave poor Oriana alone? She saw the video clip and made an innocent comment about Zahara being “a handful”. That is NOT an insult– and you people are NOT these people’s guardians, relatives, or personal friends and do not know them any better than the rest of us do through the media, so lay off and play nice.

  87. oriana says

    Canada, PLEASE, my point is that that Brad and Angie don’t love the biological child any more, it is that they don’t “the same”! And I don’t think they do the same. I think they definately have shown more affection and tenderness towards the adopted children! I never said it was wrong to love an adopted child as much, those are your words! I did think that Brad, since he loves kids sooooo much, and wanted a baby sooo badly, that he would really LOVE her, but I haven’t seen that. I knew that Angie would not because she never wanted a biological baby to start with, she only went thru with it to please Brad. And I think if Angie adopted a Red, Black, Brown or White child, she would still have stronger maternal feelings for them than she has for Shiloh.

    Now is it so impossible for you to think they would love Shiloh as much as the adopted kids? I don’t think they do, neither one of them, that is my feeling, hopefully, time will prove me wrong, and I have been wrong before.

  88. Canada eh... says

    Do you seriously believe parents love their biological children more than the adopted ones?
    These children were adopted as babies, isn’t it possible to love them just as much.

    Is our society so selfish that we can only truly love an innocent if it has our DNA?

    I hope not.

  89. Canada eh... says

    Zahara was about 7 months old when she was adopted, and although the family was chased by the paparazzi at the time, that is nothing compared to the price on their “Golden Child’s” Shiloh’s head.

    I have no doubt Shiloh is loved by both parents, and sibblings. I think it’s wonderful that both Brad and Angie make separate time for all the children which I’m certain includes Shiloh. None of the children appear neglected to me, and the many photos of Brad and Zee in the park on JustJared are just adorable.

    Angelina realizes the world will treat her daughters differently simply because of the color of their skin, just knowing that she is aware of that fact will make all the difference. I’m sure Brad & Angie are intelligent enough not to show preference to any of the children.

    I think that what really irks many of the hateful people on websites such as this, many expected B&A to parade Shiloh around and publicly dote on her; but they haven’t so that must mean they hate her. Shiloh is a beautiful child, born of the love between her parents, I’m sure her parents are in awe that created her together.

    I don’t understand why many of you take things out of context and regurgitate it the way that suits. Angie said Shiloh called a “blob”, Gwen Stephani made the same comment about her son when he was a baby. Until they smile at you, which usually takes several months, they pretty much just poop and sleep.

    Zahara rules the house; good for you Zee. Middle children have to make a place for themselves. According to AJ Zee was a little jealous when Shiloh came along, that is perfectly normal behavior for 1.5 year old child.
    The photos with your brothers show a loving little girl, I don’t know what the rest of you are seeing.

  90. oriana says

    #13, Who ever said that they thought Brad and Angie hate Shiloh? I have never read that before?

    I personally, never expected Angie to parade Shiloh around for I have always listened to her and observed her in pictures with the adopted children, and could plainly see where her affections are. I did think Brad would be more focused on Shiloh than what he has been but now it doesn’t surprise me that he isn’t. I think he dotes on Zahara and cherishes her so much he can’t help himself with the lack of love to the same degree he feels for her over Shiloh.

    I am waiting to see the pictures of the “separate time” as you say, of Brad with Shiloh also. Since Zahara is older than Shiloh, I would think she would be carried less than what she is?

  91. Canada eh... says

    Zahara was about 7 months old when she was adopted, and although the family was chased by the paparazzi, that is nothing compared to the price on their “Golden Child’s” Shiloh’s head.

    I have no doubt Shiloh is loved by both parents, and sibblings. I think it’s wonderful that both Brad and Angie make separate time for all the children (including Shiloh). None have the children appear neglected to me, and the many photos of Brad and Zee on JustJared are just adorable.
    Angelina realizes the world will treat her daughters differently simply because of the color of their skin, just knowing that she is aware of that fact will make all the difference. I’m sure Brad & Angie are intelligent enough not to show preference to any of the children.

    I think that what really irks many of the hateful people on websites such as this, many expected B&A to parade Shiloh around and publicly dote on her; but they haven’t so that must mean they hate her. Shiloh is a beautiful child, born of the love between her parents, I’m her parents are in awe that created her together.

  92. oriana says

    JJ, YES, it is true! I didn’t read it, I heard Angie say in an interview out of her own MOUTH on TV. And that is one of the reasons why I don’t care for her and I think Brad is a weak wimp for standing by and allowing it to happen. Angie didn’t seem to be bothered by it at all, she was laughing about it. She is a spoiled rotten brat that gets her way with everyone in the house.

  93. oriana says

    Wasn’t Zahara around 7 months old when they adopted her? How MANY pictures have we seen of her being attached at the hip by both of them? The same cannot be said of Shiloh when she was that age or since. It is only recently we have seen Angie carrying her period! Even now Zahara is carried more by them than Shiloh is, she is in a stroller or with a nanny. So yes, there has been a big difference made between the two girls! And I guess it is because she was so sick in the beginning and Brad and Angie formed a stronger bond with her than the littler one. It happens, and there a lot of families that the parents have favorites, it doesn’t mean they don’t love and care for the other children, just not as much as the favored one, and Shiloh will never be the favored one.

  94. JJ says

    Oriana – is that true!? Did Z do that? Where did you read that? Just curious…it doesn’t surprise me that Z would do that …she definitely is a handful !

  95. says

    I know Angelina commented once on how Brad is a big push over for Zahara, as I think most men are with their daughters. That would be the only indication that she might be his favorite from what I recall. I think Shiloh was too little at that point to need as much from him anyway. Otherwise, Zahara does seem like a pretty active, happy little girl and she is absolutely adorable. I think it’s sweet they’re having some alone time.

  96. oriana says

    Lovie, yes, most kids are hyper and have lots of energy, did I say there was anything wrong with that? Of course we have not seen Shiloh acting very hyper though.

    As for Zahara, also write Angie and tell her how you feel about Shiloh waking up every morning with Zahara screaming in her face! Or do you think that was okay?

  97. oriana says

    Lovie, there is no doubt in my mind she is Brad’s favorite child and I have always thought so!

    How do I know she is a handful? I have eyes, I can see! And also Angie herself said it once in a interview long ago, so if you have an issue about that, write to Angie and tell her how you feel!

  98. Lovie says

    Oriana how do you know if she’s a handful
    most kids are hyper and have a lot of energy. Why do she have to be Brad’s favorite because she’s with him do you live in their house to know this.

  99. oriana says

    The cutest child of black parents is definately Will and Jada Smith’s adorable gorgeous son!!!!!

  100. says

    I don’t think Zahara will fill anything for you either because she do not no you or have ever seen you. You do not no these children to make any comment about them personally you don’t know if shes a handful or not You can’t tell by looking at someone. Shiloh or Pax or Maddox could be the handful. I don’t think they give a hoot about what you say you do not know them. and it has nothing to do with their skin color (right) I no and I’am white, because if it did’nt you would not have mention color.

  101. oriana says

    Brad and his favorite child!!!! Saw the video, very cute, she is a handful and very hyper, they had a BALL in the park playing and she appeared with fond of the bodyguards also, playing with them. A very lucky little girl!

  102. JJ says

    Zahara looks like she is a handful. Not one of my celeb favourites…I see her and I don’t particularly feel anything for her. And no! it has nothing to do with her skin colour as I do in fact find Heidi Klum’s son Henry soooooo cute!!!

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