Bridget Moynahan & Tom Brady Name Their Son Jonathan

Tom Brady
New dad and New England Patriots star Tom Brady gave a winning performance Friday night in a 24-7 victory over the Carolina Panthers – just two days after missing practice to visit his newborn baby with actress Bridget Moynahan.

Announcers told the crowd in Charlotte, N.C. that the baby boy, born Wednesday in Los Angeles, was named Jonathan Brady.

Brady, 30, skipped the customary post-game interviews, but several of his teammates and friends said they’d offered congratulations upon hearing the news of the birth.

“We’re just happy that everything went well and it’s a healthy baby,” Brady’s friend and backup quarterback Matt Cassel told People magazine. “Tom will be the best dad in the world. He’s a great guy.”

Teammates saw Brady at the team meeting Thursday night, said running back Sammy Morris. “There were a couple slaps on the back and questions about how it went. But I kind of kept the conversation to football.”

Patriot linebacker Chad Brown told People magazine, “I congratulated him and told him his whole life is going to change,” said Brown, father of two children, ages 11 and 8. “He said, ‘It’s changed already.’

“I’m sure Tom will handle it just fine and will try to strike a balance between his duties as a father and his role with the team.”

Brady and Moynahan, 36, broke up in December after a three-year relationship; he’s currently dating model Gisele Bundchen.

Brown says nothing has been discussed about doing something for the baby as a group. Laughing, he says, “A football team is not quite a ladies reading club.”

Some teammates said they were glad the good news didn’t seem to distract Brady, who completed 17 passes Friday including two touchdowns. Said wide receiver Donté Stallworth: “He was focused today, and he was coming here to do his job.”



  1. Lola says

    Tom Broke up with Bridget for a Reason
    Seems conveneniet that after brigett and tom dating for 3 years tell me why? she never got pregnant during the 3 years?
    All of a sudden she gets pregnant AFTER they breakup?….um….yeah like we believe this was an accident. Its one of the oldest Tricks in tbe books…to try and hold onto a man.
    Tom Obviously did not Love her… even with a baby on the way ..he still doesn’t want to be with her..
    Lets be real here…there is a REASOn he brokeup with her. Just cause she got pregnant is NO reason for him to go back to her…so many woman think that a man should…getting pregnant does not magically make ytour relationship better. All he needs to do is suppport and care for that baby, as he said he will. He does not owe brigette anything. Im sure he will be a support & caring dad to his son. Im sure Bridget will be a good mom and do fine!

  2. kathrine brady says

    leave my baby brother alone toms a great dad and he loves his son his does his best to try and see him but i cant blame him for no going as often as i would. would u be able to leave ur son after just a few hours and then go and play football personaly tom does his best and does his job trying to handle this is hard for him hes stressed out enough. GOD CANT U VULTURES PICK ON SOMEONE UR OWN SIZE?!!!!!

  3. S says

    Hey!I was in the exact same situation she is the same time….got pregnant last december accidentally/never been pregnant before so I never imagioned I could be nor tried to/..then my boyfriend of 2 years broke up with me and 2 days later I found out I was pregnant….I misscarried due to stress….And I can tell you one thing;until you are in the exact same situation and you know what it feels like being left alone,going to the ultrasound by yourself while watching all the other happy couples in the waiting room yet don’t have the heart to kill your unborn baby by having an abortion and having sleepless nighs trying to figure out what to do all alone DO NOT talk badly about Moynahan!!!!!She’s more strong and braver than most of us will EVER be!!!!!!!And Brady???Just like my ex was at the time,too much of a coward to make a decision to settle down and want to play the field,wich is ok it’s his life. BUT I bet if he told Moynahan 3 years ago that he was only gonna waste her precious time in her mid thirties,get her pregnent and leave her you think she would of wanted to get involved in the first place???She never made a secret of the fact that she wanted to settle down and waited 3 years.What was he thinking?That she should wait to give birth until she’s in her 40s just to wait until he decides to”finish” his wonderful football carrier?….Where is what’s called LOVE???Guess what?She has a great carrier as well,a great actress,a celebrity and a beautiful woman!!!Go Bridget!!!There is someone out there who will be happy to be in your life FOREVER…AND you have a beautiful little baby.. 🙂

  4. Cyndi says

    ! forgot, I believe she still loves him and would like to be together to raise their son, she is no doubt feeling the highest of highs and lowest lows at the same time, evn w/o the postpartum that may come over her. I feel for her and wish her the best. Her break up and his hookup are so public, and we all know how hard it can be with anonymity! Show some compassion, this trashing people is so immature, and so totally a blogging thing, these are my first blogs, i decided to go about it differently! gab on ladies, aren’t you glad it’s not you with her problems. Babies rule!!

  5. Cyndi says

    the babies name is John Edward Thomas Moynahan and i doubt that the first three names spelling JET was on purpose and she has EVERY RIGHT to give her baby her name. they announced his name at a football game as Jonathon Brady but that is not his name.

  6. dori says

    excuse me???? I have seen at least a half dozen pics of brady and Giselle so where have you been????
    #Oh you’ve been married 24 years and if your husband told you he didn’t love you would have no hard feelings? Boy are you full of s**t. LOL LOL LOL

  7. Miapocca says

    All the nmes re irish, I am sure both of them have folk sin their family with those same names…its quite a burden for a little baby to be names after all these revered religious figures in the new testament\\ JOhn and Thomas

    Bridgette seems very accomdating and understanding of Brady eeven clarified that he was able to make it to the C section…ahahhahah..try to celan up his imae I bet..Since there was no way in hel she wa s goign to add the brady name I suppose the compromise was to incoprate some part of jocks name, but it could be her uncle thomas and edward for all you know…most women who try to trap usually use thier LAST name come hell or high fury..I doubt she will even be asking for child support…..I actually am beginging to feel sorry for bradyhhaha..with this situation and bridgette to asking for anythign form him, he will have to work really hard to prove to teh media that he is a goo dfather ahahhahaha….

    When is the wedding date for the jock and Girrafe, I suggest they set a divorce date as well..cant wait..ahhahaahh

    TO whorelina aka skankalina fans: she just gve an interview , part of it in on the other more detailed celeb baby site…

  8. boo says

    I bet their baby is absolutely beautiful!
    And beautiful WITH a normal name, can’t get much better then that!
    Congrats to the parents, can’t wait to see pics!:D

  9. Nicki says

    34. dori– So he should have stuck around with her until the baby was born, then snuck away quietly????LMAO.
    He would have been labeled even a worse person than some of you have already.
    I have been married for almost 24 years, my hubby still opens the car door for me, even in the garage, not just in public places. I have NEVER opened a door to a resturant while in his company. He is considerate and loving towards me at all times.
    If he didn’t love me anymore, then I would have no hard feelings towards him, yeah sorrow, but wouldn’t expect him to “pretend” for the publics view.

    When did Tom ever flaunt his relationship with Giselle?? I have never seen any PDA out in public with the stolen paps pics.
    I think and have said, that when they first got together, TB and BM, she was too old for him. Not just because of age numbers, she the people they are. She has gone on and on about wanting kids. He never has. That right there says alot.
    He will be a stand up Dad to his son.
    And #38, if you don’t think she is getting every penny out of Tom she can, then I have desert waterfront to sell you.

  10. Pam says

    THOMAS and EDWARD are both Tom’s names, so she DID incorporate him. Good for her I say. And see? My earlier post about the name not being Johnathan was right. There we go.

  11. Miapocca says

    There are a lot of stupid mamas who need to go to sex ed and teach their sons some repsonsibilyt..teh word trapped is sooo irritating ezpecailly in world where the stakes of engaging in protected or unproteced sex is high….

  12. Miapocca says

    Its a moynahan…now doesn tthat that you trapped folks a lot about this woman ….she doesnt need him..he is welcome to be involved but no pressure…she is a big girl

  13. baby says

    I’m glad she didn’t give the baby the last name Brady-
    She proved herself an independent woman by continuing the pregnancy on her own and hopefully she’ll raise this baby without Tom Brady and Giselle lurking in the shadows.
    You Go Girl.

  14. yummy says

    Name has been confirmed as John Edward Thomas Moynahan. No Brady, but she did throw a “Tom” in there…hehe.

  15. Elsa says

    Amen Dori.

    ANd yes it is 2007… and it sure is not a good place to be. there are NO morals or values left in most of society. Most celbs are a sorry example and it is a shame that people look up to them.

  16. dori says

    Stand up guys don’t have an exgirlfriend that is prgnant and flaunt a relationship with another woman in public through out the entire pregnancy. A Stnad up guy would have stuck with his girlfriend until the baby was born and then quietly left.
    You women today settle for scraps when you should want steak. Thats whats wrong with this world today any behaviour is acceptable and justifiable. Pitiful what you women today will settle for.
    I come from a generation where there was mutual respect and courtesy do any of young ladies go on a date where the guy comes to the door and waits for you? opens a door for you? Call me old fashion but call me on time or get lost.

  17. Donna says

    Oh please people. Get a grip. It’s 2007. Being raised by a single mom I have NO ill feelings toward Mr. Brady. He is doing the right thing and will be a good father. No one trapped anyone. Tom and Bridget broke up for a reason, which of no one else’s business but theirs. Giselle, leave her alone. I am sure she stuck around because Tom wanted her too. This is a life of a celebrity, in the media at all times but people give it a rest. Move on and get your own lifes.

  18. Elsa says

    OK – so one comment is awaiting moderation, so let me restate…

    For all I know they are both major jack arses… quite possible. But Tom was not assaulted by her… he slept with her and that’s the bottom line. And he’s not 17 and can not plead stupidity (or maybe he can??) but I think he KNOWS where babys come from… so I’m not saying “Poor Tom.”

    Giselle is a HO because no decent woman would be off flauting her boyfriend of 22 min when another woman is carrying her child. No woman with class or integrity would ever do that. Clearly, she has neither and Tom, for doing so, has less.

  19. DJ says

    JoJo I agree, I have known people that trap someone and deceive them into thinking they are using protection when they are not and because they think they can save or win someone over or a last ditch effort. That is wrong Especially if a clock is ticking. – I am sorry but I do not feel sorry for someone who takes it upon themselves. if that was the case here I feel sorry for him and the baby.

  20. Nicki says

    #8 JoJo~ you said it perfectly!
    #19 dori-WTF- we know when she got pregnant, she delivered 9, or maybe 9 or 9 and 1/2 months , as her camp says. No surprise there. Who cares, they broke up and 2 months later they knew she was pregnant.

    Tom has always said he would be there for his baby, unlike Eddie Murphy, Billy Cruddup who left his 8 month pregnant baby momma to be with Claire Danes. or the many others.

    Tom Brady is a standup guy and he will do what he needs to for his lil baby boy. Best wishes to Tom and baby and Bridget. I hope they all put the baby first.
    I am hoping for a baby pic soon.

    Just remember people they broke up, apparently the week Bridget got pregnant, after 3 YEARS of togetherness and she NEVER got pregnant until they broke up! Who is suspect here. Tom Brady has done the right thing. he was there for the birth of his ex-girlfriends and his baby. How does that make him a bad guy. Most guys of “every-day” people would never show up and nothing would be said.

    Tom Brady is a stand-up guy and he will love his child no matter what any of you say.

    Giselle has done nothing to anyone to warrant the attacks she has had on her. If Tom and Giselle break up, Tom will NOT got back to Bridget. You can buy stock in that!!
    Just let him be Daddy to his boy, and hopefully Ms. Brigdet allows that to be. Seems like she will, and thats the best thing for the baby. I hope it will go smoothly.
    I have many friends from AZ, CA, etc, and they say, (the women) I hope a DNA test was done. To them it sounds suspect.

    But best wishes to Mom and Dad and the Baby.
    Please tell us his name!!!!:lol: I’m sure it will be normal.

  21. Get real says

    There is no chance Tom could run on family values. And he is a terrible public speaker. He did a Sunday morning talk show and it was an embarrassment. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t care about the flaunting with Gisele. He knows he has no future in politics, so he’s trying to make as much money as he can off his celebrity status. His good-guy rep has always been phony. Now that he has given up on politics, he doesn’t care any more.

  22. baby says

    My husband seems to think that Brady will be running for some sort of political office once his football career is over and will use the “family value” platform so he HAD to be involved in this whole process-whether he wanted to or not.
    You can’t make someone love you if they don’t-Brigitte got the baby she wanted and Tom can say he was there for the baby. I just hope she had some sort of “prebaby” agreement and gets tons of money from him and uses it to help other single moms.

  23. N says

    I Robot with will Smith….. Mr. Bigs wife on Sex and the City…Some movie with Colin Ferrell I forgot the name.

  24. Just me says

    Who knows? But what I find weird is that they dated for 3 years and didn’t get pregnant. Then they break up and … viola! But if she got pregnant on purpose, obvioulsy, it didn’t work!
    And I’m still trying to figure out what the fascination with this couple is? Unless you like football, Tom Brady means nothing to you and I can’t think of a movie she’s been in. It’s not like they’re Brangelina.
    Anyway, I bet the baby is beautiful.

  25. says

    I sincerely hope that child is a Moynahan or else Bridget is just as stupid as all the geese in hollywood..or a joint last name, because papa is an arse..I guess when God blesses you with atheletic talent, he doesnt leave much in the grey matter for logic.

  26. Elsa says

    Dori – I’m with you too!

    His flaunting Giselle was/is a DISGRACE and he’s pathetic.

    IF she gave the child his last name, she’s insane too.

  27. Elsa says

    It takes two – I’m with you! And you are right – it DOES take 2 to tango…so I’m not feeling much sympathy for anyone BUT The baby here. Tom did not have to get back w/ Bridget, but he should not be flaunting his new little ho all over the world while another woman – one he DID have a long term relationship with – is having his child. It’s disrespectful and gross. It shows what a little ho Giselle really is because NO self respecting woman would be in her shoes. I’m more of a traditionalist, not saying they should have run off and gottne married, but trust me, a child born into this situation – you can hope for the best, but it’s a mess and the CHILD has to deal with it.

  28. Sandra says

    He is taking responsibility. He showed up for the birth and he intends to take care of his son. What more do you want? He doesn’t need to be with the mother to make a good father and to fulfill his daddy duties!

  29. dori says

    I don’t think any of us knows for sure when she got pregnant or when exactly they broke up. But the child was conceived in love and when a guy walks away from that he’s an a##hole. Sorry but I’m from a generation where a man takes resposibility for his actions.

  30. eminencegrise says

    ‘He’s extemely lucky she let him in’. Erm, he’s the child’s biological father. Unlike the Eddie Murphys and Steve Bings of this world, he NEVER denied that or publicly proclaimed he wouldn’t support Bridget or his child.

    They BROKE UP and then viola she fell pregnant.

    I agree w/JoJo/No. 8.

    And FWIW, Bridget started her ‘career’ as a model, too.

  31. Lurker says

    I really don’t know anything about this family, save that this woman has been plastered all over the site since she became pregnant.. but in any case was happy to see the baby sounds to have a very ‘normal’ name. 🙂

    I guess even in Hollywood it happens once in awhile! LOL!

  32. N says

    I guess condoms dont exist where Tom and Bridgette live. Women dont have to trap men. A smart man would use protection, especially if he’s just trying to get some A$$…. CONDOMS WORK!

  33. terri says

    How is he trapped? He never looked back even after finding out that she was pregnant. Give me a break. I assume he knows what a condom is.

  34. LAUREN says

    It’s wrong to say if Bridget tried to trap Tom or not. We don’t know the actual reality of the situation. All we do know is that this little boy will be loved by both his parents. 😉

  35. it takes two says

    It takes two people to get pregnant. It’s total garbage to blame pregnancies on the woman. A 30 year old man should not be sleeping with someone he does not wish to marry if she gets pregnant. Tom has behaved horribly to Bridget. He is extremely lucky she allowed him to be at the hospital.

  36. dori says

    There is no doubt the child is going to be loved by both parents but I wouldn’t call Tom Brady a great dad just yet. time will tell.

  37. Amy says

    JoJo, AMEN!!!! Thanks for your post! I too think she trapped him and that is really the reason that Tom never went back to her after he was told about the pregnancy. How do you trust a woman that would do that to you? He was right to move on although I think Gisele won’t last.

  38. JoJo says

    Now, lets really get this straight. They broke up in the middle of November BEFORE they knew they were having a baby. He starting dating Gisele a little over a month later. He obviously fell out of love with her and why be with someone you do not love, how is that good or healthy for anyone let alone a new little baby? It isn’t. He did the right thing by moving on, but he has said from day one that he is excited and will support his child.

    Fact is, her actions are suspect here. She dated this man for 3 years and just all of the sudden as their relationship was going south she gets pregnant? Oh, yeah, that was an accident. Please, she turned a year older and her TV show was just put on unexpected hiatus and her relationship of 3 years to a man she wanted to marry and settle down with. She told anyone that would listen that she wanted a family and he told the world he wanted to wait until after football so he could be a dedicated husband and father.

    This baby will be loved by two parents that have the means not only to love him, but care for him beyond most of our wildest dreams. Why can’t that be good enough for some of you? Tom Brady is a great guy and will be the best Dad he can be. Bridget will be a good Mom and will have to live with the repercussions of her decision to get pregnant.

  39. dori says

    Ok Lets get this straight… he and she break up when she’s 3 months pregnant. During the last 6-7 months he’s been dating another woman. Now the baby arrives and he is at her side and everyone congratulates him and calls him a great father?
    I must have missed something here…. to be a good father you actually have to be a part of the family don’t you?
    He shows up for the delivery so nows he’s a hero. Puleeez give me a break
    he’s a huge a**hole
    I’ sorry but there’s something very wrong with thi picture.

  40. Michele says

    I love his name. Jonathan has always been my favorite boys name.

    He’s going to be a gorgeous baby.

  41. Matia says

    Absurd to say that “it is the best Father of the world” already they spent 9 months in which one saw that his IS always concerns mothers to him prefers to the vixen porno of the model

    I do not believe that it is the good Father this very very far from that adjective

  42. Irishlass says

    “Best dad in the world” decided he’d rather be with a model than with mom even before baby came out.
    Way to go dad.

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