Angelina Jolie Takes The Kids For A Carousel Ride

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina was snapped taking Maddox, 6, Pax, 3, and Zahara, 2 (not pictured), for a carousel ride in Central Park Saturday in New York City.



  1. Angelee says

    Angelina and Brad always holding the kids knowing they can walk well is for a show purposes as to how much they love these kids with a conscious mind that the cameraman will be everywhere taking pictures of them. It’s for marketing themself as a caring individual. THey hide Shiloh for her protection. It is all publicity for their fame as to how they care about others. She is mimicking Princess Diana worked except in a different way by adopting different children from different world. How contradictory to her own movies as to how much she likes violence with those guns and fights. Be real! Pure humanitarian doesn’t even need to draw attention or to show off for the good will purposes! She has her own agenda to gain favor/ votes from different nationality people by adopting different nationality kids all over the world.

  2. liliwaton says

    i wonder why people attack angelina so much..complain and say nasty things about her and criticize her ladies have nothing to do..just shut your mouths and leave them alone..why even bother and comment on them ..get your lives in order..brangelina don’t care what you say..just leave them alone..okay???we move on…

  3. oriana says

    Fly on the Wall, apparently you are on here as much as I am or you wouldn’t be reading my posts! So BUZZ away if you don’t like it!!! As for those of you that don’t like me defending Nicki, too bad, too damn bad indeed! I do enjoy looking at the different pictures of the kids, Brad is so scroungy looking any more, nothing missing there if no pictures of him, and there are way too many of Angie with the photogs hounding her day and night!

    And I am not kissing anyone’s Ass when I said her writing was not that bad for it wasn’t, I have seen much, much worse and everyone that can read knows that also.

    Nicki, read on Katie and Suri and you will see my post about me going to New Zealand. Take Care, I will catch up with you when I return. Also, the BBQ went great, a smashing success, over 50 people showed up but was prepared with tons of food, weather was good, everyone had a good time eating, dancing and just visiting.

  4. Nicki says

    It appears anything with a link is not showing up. If there are 3 or 4 tomorrow, that is why they were reposted.

    Oh so sorry for any double or triple posts.

  5. Nicki says

    Ok….My posts haven’t shown up, ever reposted another later. Oh well I’m sure it will be double posted, even with the revised post. Sorry for that.
    Again it is very easy to scroll past my posts, my name appears at the begining of eaach and everyone of them.

  6. Fly On The Wall says

    Oriana #61 says: “Believe me, I wouldn’t lose any sleep if I never saw a picture of them again! And I may have said the family was growing on me, but my meaning was, the kids, not Brad and Angie who I don’t like at all!”

    And that’s why you practically live on this thread, huh? ROTFLMBAO!

  7. oriana says

    #50, if you have EVER read anything I have written, you would know I don’t care for this family. Nicki knows that, and she and I have “agreed to disagree” and still be friends! In fact, I have said many times I can’t stand Brad (puppet) or Angie whom I think is mentally disturbed, and have stated that many times. I also don’t care for Zahara and have said that before too! Maddox and Pax are the only ones I like, I think Shiloh is dull and somewhat slow, have said that before also.

    Nicki is a huge fan of this family, I am not, and never have been, and Nicki is well aware of that and we go forward, so don’t worry about my and Nicki’s friendship!

    Believe me, I wouldn’t lose any sleep if I never saw a picture of them again! And I may have said the family was growing on me, but my meaning was, the kids, not Brad and Angie who I don’t like at all!

    As for Libra, I have said two things positive about her that I still stand by, I said she was pretty, and I thought she was when I saw her picture, I said she is very intelligent, and I think she is. I also think she is paranoid and obsessed with Tom Cruise, that has been proven, so No, I don’t miss talking to her, she said she blocked my emails, I wasn’t aware of it for we didn’t email each other that much, like she tried to imply on here, and I was the one that wrote her and told her I didn’t want to have anything further to do with her after her falsely accusing me of talking to Tia about her, which I DID NOT! And when the truth came out, she realized that! So if you can see clearly, then you would understand that!

  8. PP says

    it’s funny, when Angelina is out with her adopted children, you guys shout “where is Shiloh” and when Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are out with their biological daughter, you guys shout “where is their adopted children”.

    It seems both couple are looking after their children well whether they are biological or not, don’t make too much fuss as if they are neglected.

  9. someone w/ eyes says

    I did not resort to this name calling to defend the Jolie Pitts. They don’t need me or any one to defense them. And I am not one fond of name calling. I did it because I found these two’s attitude despicable. Just thought I gave them a shot of their own medicine and see how they’d react.

  10. someone w/ eyes says

    #56: Then you shouldn’t have written: “perfectly said”. By writing so you told the world that you considered these non-white children monkeys. Surely you know that this word is derogatory when use to label colored person in this country.

    And your saying that Brad should claim custody of Shiloh only is offensive to women. To suggest that a man should take away the children from a mother who is in no way unfit just because he likes to leave a relationship is disgusting enough, let alone suggesting that he should be petty minded like women like yourself and take only his biological child.

    I abhor women like you, if you are a woman.

  11. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I certainly would, and I’m sorry “someone with eyes” called your kids pigs. I wish that she hadn’t, because there are better ways to defend the Jolie-Pitts, which I think was the ultimate goal.

  12. idiots says

    Hey, I’m not arguing with anyone, just don’t call my kids pigs. Have to atleast stick up for them. You would do the same I’m sure.

  13. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Oh….my…..gosh. I certainly hope that you all don’t have children.

    “Idiots”- funny how you mentioned how pathetic it is to argue over the Jolie-Pitts, and then you turn around and join in yourself.

    “Poor blob”- no name-calling. Enough said. I feel like I’m speaking to my two-year-old.

  14. dori says

    Angelina looks very pale and thin to me. She doesn’t look healthy at all not anything what she looked like in Mr and Mrs Smith and Brad is always wearing the same dirty pants whats up with that? Is that cool or just a pig?

  15. idiots says

    Don’t compare me to anyone #49. I didn’t post any name calling. Simply agreed with a few things that were said concerning Shiloh. I certainly do not consider the Jolie/Pitt children ‘monkeys’. Nor would I ever call any child such a thing. So don’t call my children any names. They have nothing to do with this, you or what is being written here.

  16. myrna says

    where in the world is carmen san diego???!! i meant to say Shilo….. lol!!!!! poor Shilo!!! tsk tsk tsk!!!!

  17. Lola says

    With regards to the pictures in the park from the Justjared link offered by #28, cute pics. What no one want to complain that Brad doesn’t have Shiloh with him. Hmm hmm hmm. Now if it was Angelina we would be starting to hear how she is ignoring that child.

  18. someone w/ eyes says

    Oriana, some where buried in archive here is your statement: this family is growing on me. You said that to get a friend out of Nicki just as you once said Libraesque has sensible mind to befriend Libraesque. I’ll see what you’ll say about Nicki when she cuts you off like Libraesque. Poor good nature hearted Nicki!

  19. someone w/ eyes says

    I see nothing wrong with Shiloh.

    #46 & #45 you two pigs can ignore threads about this couple and their ‘monkeys’ and blob, and focus on raising your little pigs to be pink and dumb as you are. I do hope that when your men woke up from the comas they are in because of you, they’ll get to take the biological piglets from you.

  20. Leila says

    It is not their fault if the blob has a problem, and can not go out often. Anybody with eyes can see that she is not ok. We are going to see less and less of her.

  21. PoorBlob says

    My bet is Shiloh is somewhere in Missouri with Grandma Pitt.

    Obviously, Shiloh wasn’t in New York with them, like the naive people here seem to think. Brangelina doesn’t have time with Shiloh. All their free time is probably dedicated to their 3 monkeys. Remember they had to get ready for a dinner in The Hamptons, including the helicopter ride. That doesn’t leave any time for Shiloh.

    Until Brad gets out of his coma, Shiloh should remain with the Pitts. Then Brad can claim full custody of Shiloh, once he leaves that crazy woman.

  22. idiots says

    I can not believe you all argue over such crap. Who the hell cares what they are doing. NIkki, get yourself a life. Although, the entertainment is quite funny, watching you go back and forth over someone you will never meet. Furthermore, I agree 100% with what people are saying about Shiloh. I was watching entertainment tonight last night, and again they were all out with out Shiloh. I have never left one child behind with a nanny or sitter to do something fun with my other one. Pathetic. But then again, who cares. Let them live their lives and raise their children how ever they want to. MOVE ON!

  23. oriana says

    #42, I am not a fan of this family at all, do like the boys though, but I am a fan of Nicki. I don’t think her writing is all that bad, I have seen much worse and people do get in a hurry! I personally wouldn’t care if I never saw another picture of them but I do realize and respect the fact that many people like Nicki, are huge fans and love this family.

  24. ****XXX says

    i dont really like seeing Anjie always carry her children everywhere she if they cant walk!!!!….carry them the way “badjao” tribe did it!!!!! its SUCK!!

  25. x says

    Who are you? Like their maid? Get a real life.
    And by the way, you have horrendous writing skills.
    No one needs your approval to write about Brad and Jolie so lay off and get off your high horse.

  26. Fly On The Wall says

    It’s amazing how well those kids have managed to cope with paparazzi and strangers staring every time they go out. Of course Z doesn’t like it, I imagine none of them like it; what child in their right mind would? But I love Miss Thang’s attitude in the photos where she’s pointing to the cameras as if to say, “Last warning, mister! Get that thing the hell outa my face!”

  27. Natai Zap says

    it must be very scary to bring the kids in public with all the paparzi. These kids must feel at times very afraid of all these people stairing at them. Zahara is very aware of these cameras and you can see in her face she doesn’t like it one bit.
    I know if stragers were always taking my kids pictures they would freak out.
    Shiloh was probly with Daddy napping, so whats strange about that.. How many of you people out there have a dopted one kid.. Don’t throw stones.

  28. Nicki says

    Please excuse my “simple word” spelling, like the 1st grade word “and” wow sorry for that, hopefully the links will make up for my stupidity on easy words.

  29. crazykraut says

    I have 4 kids and believe me I do not always take all of them with me. And it is hard to go on rides with the older ones if you have an infant in a stroller.

  30. Alyssa says

    Too cute. It’s funny how some people jump to where is Shiloh..

    I mean these pictures are what… 2 hours maybe 3 hours out of the WHOLE day. I mean come on. Who cares if she didn’t bring her for a couple hours. Doesn’t mean she doesnt love her any less.

  31. Fly On The Wall says

    Those pics make you wonder who is having more fun — Brad or the kids. He looks like he was born to be a dad.

  32. LAUREN says

    What cute pictures. Angelina should let them walk. They’re not little babies anymore. I wonder where Mad and Shi were. Probably at home with Daddy. 😉

  33. Nicki says

    18. dori –Wow it has been hard for you to keep up. No Angie was shooting her movie in Chicago, that was done over a week and a half ago.
    Brad has a movie to shoot in NY which I believe starts shooting in a week or so. But yes the whole family is there together. Brad and Angie had a Hamptons dinner fundraiser last night, Hope they raised much money for the Katrina project.

  34. Tea says

    Okay, do you people really think that Angelina should stay at home, and not take the older children out for some bigger kid fun!! Shiloh is too young for this kind of thing, so should all the others miss out because of that? Really what do you think she should be out doing with Shiloh? I am sure Shiloh gets plenty of attention at home, but why take a baby, who probably is having nap time, or is just going to get bored and antsy waiting for the others to go on rides, when she can be home with Daddy and enjoying daddy time? Just because Angelina doesn’t constantly take Shiloh out shopping, so the world can see them and thing “ah she is a wonderfull mom” doesn’t mean that she isn’t one, but just because Shiloh is a Bio baby doesn’t mean that the Older children should not get to do things that they will enjoy but Shiloh is to young for because they are adopted. Cause qutie honestly that is what it sounds like you all are saying!!

  35. dori says

    the kids look great on those links… thanks passerby
    is she still shooting her movie in New York? I’m having a hard time keeping up… they keep moving around. Where is home for them? New Orleans or was that home for Brads movie?

  36. Nicki says

    13. lulu – You best go run and hide then, because pregnancy is next. Starting after her and Brads movie promos through late 2007, she is taking a year off. What do you think, except for her still to be shot Wanted movie with Clint Eastwood, which would be or should be by Thanksgiving, a new baby Jolie-Pitt. She has two movies to promote and he has his major one, maybe CCOBB , but I think that is early next year.
    Expect more family happiness with Brad and Angie and the children.

  37. Nicki says

    1. passerby ~ Oh thank you for that beautiful pic. I will go back and look at your other links. Too cute.

    Shiloh is under 2 years old, and for the screaming people who are yelling about where Shiloh is, because you didn’t bother to read what the webmistress wrote….She is at how with her Daddy. Oh yeah and by the way Children under 2 can NOT ride the carousel at Centeral Park. Babies under 2 do take naps, they were probably back within 30 minutes of her waking up to her Daddy. Wow she should be so lucky as all of the working Moms and Dads who leave thier kids at daycares or random sitter, whoever you can get before daycare.
    Everyone looks like they enjoyed themselves. I have been many times to DisneyWorld, Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, Six Flaggs Majic Mountain, and many places in between. If you look at any family walking between rides, events, etc, they are smiling like nutjobs, unless the just got off a great ride. And while walking the aren’t smiling like a cheshire cat. And with any family 1 or 2 kids loved it and the others either didn’t or it was boring to them. The kids are trying to figure out whats next. If anyone took a pic of your 2, 3, or 4 kids walking between activities, they wouldn’t be smiling like circus clowns either. They laugh and mile for the moment, then lets go to the next.

    OH yeah, Shiloh is napping at home with Daddy waiting for her to arise.
    Great family. Best wishes to all of them.

  38. Blair says

    I LOVE these pictures! The one with the sunglasses is hilarious and so cute! It is great to see them doing something fun and playful!

  39. Danica says

    Ahhhh, people! Don’t worry about where Shiloh is! She may have been napping and they didn’t want to wake her or maybe she wasn’t feeling well. Or maybe they wanted to take the older kids out to do big kid stuff. This family is VERY into their kids and they do NOT depend on nannies to raise them. They may have nannies to help out, but I seriously doubt they would leave Shiloh home because they don’t love her. They obviously love all their children. It shows.

  40. lulu says

    You bunch of naives, why do you think Angie is hiding Shiloh? Because she has no time for her!!!

    WHERE IS SHILOH? Probably at the hotel with the nanny. Don’t ever get pregnant again, Angelina. Keep adopting instead.

  41. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    Seriously, Shiloh’s just over a year, and amusement rides are not the place for such little ones. My girlies would get scared, plus they’re so clingy right now.

  42. says

    Thanks passer by!! Beautiful pics 🙂 Such lovely children. Brad was not with them so Shiloh was definately with daddy. Love Brangelina 🙂

  43. onatear says

    Check out the shades on the kids! Too cute! Shiloh was safe at home, no doubt. THIS is a wonderful family.

  44. conehead says

    Shiloh probably wouldn’t have enjoyed a carousel ride…kids her age get scared by it unless they can sit with their parent and most carousels don’t allow you to sit with them…only one person per a seat

    What do you have against them?

  45. **s says

    The other pic is much better. Either way, I still am not fond of this family. And again. poor Shiloh…..

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