Update On Bridget Moynahan & Tom Brady's Son

Tom Brady

Bridget Moynahan had to have a caesarean section to give birth to her baby son on Wednesday after difficulties developed toward the end of her pregnancy, according to In Touch magazine.
NFL quarterback Tom Brady, arrived at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica moments too late for the birth.

But everything turned out fine and the 7-pound 14-ounce, 22¼-inch baby is healthy. “Mother and baby are doing well,” says her rep. The Boston Herald says Bridget has not decided on a name yet, but is leaning toward calling her first child William.

Insiders say the problem was that the baby was in a “transverse lie,” meaning he was laying across the uterus, giving Bridget, 36, the huge baby bump she sported toward the end of the pregnancy. Attempts to manipulate him into a better position for the birth were not successful.

Tom, 30, arrived at the hospital carrying a large bunch of orchids and white flowers shortly after 2 p.m. yesterday, but he was just minutes too late. “It was odd,” says one witness. “Here was this man with this beautiful bunch of flowers on this happy occasion — but he looked pretty sad.”

Tom has now had to fly back to the East Coast to rejoin his team, the New England Patriots, and says he will play in Friday’s pre-season game in Charlotte against the Carolina Panthers.



  1. Nicki says

    I don’t think Tom and Bridget have any differences. They broke up (once before she became pregnant and then finally in Dec. after 3 years of being as together as you can with different professions and schedules) I mean come after 3 years, sometimes things aren’t going to work. If anyone thought Tom was giving up his multimillion $$ job for an income of a TV series actress, who could blame him? He has job security, she has season to season. She lives on the west coast and job wise he has to live on the East coast. If all you Brigdet fans will say if he loved he he would have made it happen. You must be young. You know nothing about 401K and job security, paid healthcare, on the job mishaps, paid for by team. Miss Brigdet can lose her job, network ratings, etc. any season. Tom won’t! If she didn’t want to give up her TV job for the love of him and his job,, which is WAY more secure and stable than a network tv job, then why would a multi million dollar quarterback want to leave his job. And please before people jump on me, they went out for three years, broke up for a couple weeks then got back together for about a month. Then broke up in for good in December. She announced in Feburary to the press, she was having his baby. He has always said he would be there for his baby. Obviously after three years without her ever getting pregnant and she gets pregnant after they split, but try to reconcile, makes me question the whole thing.
    Thats just my opinion, and I don’t think Ton should be beheaded as he has been.
    They are together, for whatever many reasons, they aren’t, but he is there for his baby, and I think he should not be slammed like some of you have done.
    He will be a good Daddy to his lil boy, when work season isn’t in the way. As with any Pro Ball player, Football, Baseball, etc. If the Mommy who is getting 100K a month can;t move to be near the breadwinner, and paying the bills, then that is vindictive on her part. If she want XXX amount from Tom, and he is willing to pay XX amount for her live near him while he plays, and she won’t. Then she shouldn’t b!tch one bit. I mean crap, she was born and raised in the Boston area, so it wouldn’t be an unfamiliar place she was moving to.
    If she wants to stay in LA area, fine, but please stop slamming Tom for doing his job.
    I hope she will be an easy ex to get along with. They share a child, and it should be an easy thing to do, at least for the baby. Best wishes to all.

  2. LAUREN says

    Congratulations to Bridget and her son! Hope Tom and Bridget resolve their differences to be good parents.

  3. Miapocca says

    I doubt that baby willbe name thomas…I dont think he is much popular with bridgette and her family…I think she keeps him informed but doesnt expect much from him…

    She is a brave lady and getting on with her life in the best possible way and wether or nto she deiced remain a single mother or get married some day, I wish her all teh happiness in the world..she deserves a lot better the the dumb arse jock..besided Giselle is welcome to the trash, seems liek that what sh edoes for aliving anyway ,pick up dumped men who are foirever grateful to her…go G…take good care of TOM now, and make sure hte door doesnt hit him in the arse a second time..ahaha

  4. Jean says

    I am glad they won the game last night just to shut the nasty mouths of the PatsFans who think Bridget has ruined Tom Brady’s life. What they forget is that Bridget was a Patriots fan long before Tom Brady wore a Pats uniform and will remain a Pats fan long after Tom Brady’s career is over with the Pats. She was raised in MA and her family and friends are PatsFans. Yet the PatsFans are quick to crucify one of their own for what? A QB who was raised a 49er fan. When Tom Brady is finished playing football, he will move back to California or New York and only come to Boston for certain alumni celebrations. Bridget will still be a fan. Her son may become a new fan.

    Regardless of the how and why she got pregnant, the most important thing is that a baby is born, the most joyous occasion for most people. If Tom Brady can be a good father from 3000 miles away, good for him, but in reality it’s going to be tough. He still has to juggle his life around his career, the baby and of course let’s not forget his Supermodel.

  5. mags says

    I live in new england and i don’t think anyone
    really knows what the baby’s name is!
    one station said the baby’s name was
    John and another one said Jonathan?
    Now i hear William and another website
    said Thomas after the dad.
    Does anyone know for sure? Just hope
    mom and baby are doing fine and home soon!
    Hope Tom heads back to LA to make sure they
    doing fine too! Come on Tom….do the right thing!

  6. phnxgirl says

    It’s a sad situation all the way around. Babies are such a joyous occasion, just too bad that it has to be this way.

  7. Nicki says

    OK so quote a tabloid, which is at least 98% wrong with any fact.

    Watching the Patriots game with Carolina Panthers now and it was announced the babys name is John. Maybe it was said in a guess way. I didn’t hear the announcement, I was outside with one of my dogs, and my hubby came out to tell me the announcers said Tom’s babys name was John. So he might have heard what they “think” or it might be actually John. Thats a nice name if it is. I like William also.
    Congratulations to Tom, Brigdet and thier new baby boy.

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