Noah Wyle & Son

Noah Wyle
Noah Wyle, 36, was snapped helping son Owen, 4, ride a scooter bike during a family outing. That’s quite a scooter! Noah also has a daughter named Auden who will turn 2 this October.


  1. y.b.g. says

    @Gillian #5: “With everything going on in the world,” why is anyone even bothering to visit this site? … ya know? ; )

  2. Andrea says

    What’s Noah doing these days? I’m glad he shaved that awful beard off. It wasn’t becoming.

  3. boo says

    Are you seriously Bitching about crocs??? Seriously, they are shoes!!! end of discussion.
    As for Noah and his Son, well all I can say is Owen is a gorgeous little man, just like his daddy!!:)~*

  4. y.b.g. says

    Yay! Sane, healthy people! As for the Crocs: I wouldn’t care to have them on my feet, but I’d let my kids wear ’em, regardless of gender … in whatever color appealed to them and however they wished to decorate them. Why the hell not?? (And “Nicki,” I’m sure the Wylies and the Parker-Brodericks are relieved that in the face of their grievous parental errors in this instance, you’ve decided to “let it slide”!)

  5. Nicki says

    Very cute boy. I hate crocs on boys, and any girl over 5 and under 75. I even more hate the litle “charms thingys” like flowers and buterflies on the, especially for a boy. SJP kid, James has about 5 on his crocs. I sorry they are just horrendous to me, even more so with young boys, not talking about toddlers. But even then I hate them, but will let it slide. I saw a pic of Dean Cain—–yeah—-Superman—in a pair of orange crocs. Uggg. A sad day for me.

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