Little Dannielynn Looks Just Like Her Mom!

Anna Nicole Smith

Us magazine reports:

Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead may not have many memories of Anna Nicole Smith, but as she nears her first birthday, it appears that just looking in the mirror will be a lifelong reminder of her mom.

Family friend Tricia Barnstable Brown tells , “I think she’s really starting to look like her mom. She has those pouty lips like Anna — she’s breathtaking.” Aunt Judy Birkhead adds, “She has Anna’a smile and Larry’s eyes. She also has her laugh, and her personality is fun like Anna’s.”

That big personality that Dannielynn got from her mom has already helped her win friends. Dad Larry Birkhead tells Us “When I took her out for her first big dinner, she looked around at the table and grabbed this big Alaskan crab leg off my plate and started swinging it around, making all these crazy noises. Everyone in the restaurant was laughing.”

So cute!



  1. Xenafan96 says

    Nat, I second that. I love seeing her growing, but a part of me always thinks, that poor little girl lost her mother and brother. In our celeb hungry society, she’s always going to have that to deal with, the comments regarding her mom. I personally have utmost respect for Larry. He fought to have her and be her father, and he’s got tremendous support from his family. Why would it be a bad thing he lives at Anna’s former house? He may feel the need to be close to what was hers and to share that with their daughter.

  2. nat says


  3. oriana says

    I have to say I admire Larry for moving forward, forgiving Howard and being willing to let him see the baby. I think it is a wonderful thing and I think she will benefit from Howard’s love for her also. I think Larry is a good man. She will be spoiled just like Suri and other kids that are indulged, but Larry is doing the best he can by her. Just my opinion. I do agree that he should set some limits with her and be teaching her not to grab food off of someone’s plate but kids will be kids.

  4. dori says

    you’re a total jerk hows that? He’s not exploiting her but Howard Stern sure was. Aren’t you happy to see pics of her and Larry I think the rest of the world does. We’d all like to see her growing up . We are lucky he’s sharing her with us. Exploiting no Not at all.

  5. kathleen says

    Larry really needs to stop exploiting this baby. He is already trying to turn her into a mini Anna and is showing everyone how he is using this child for money. His allowing Howard K. Stern back into her life is disgusting. People need to cancel subscriptions to the magazines that support his pimping of this poor child.

    He is a total jerk. Does he think it is cute to allow her to grab food off someone’s plate and behave that way? Or is he bragging he was spending Anna’s money and can afford to order crab?

  6. Joyce says

    Anna Nicole was ugly before all of her plastic surgery, and she didn’t look much better after all that work. She did drugs all through her pregnancy, I hope that poor baby will be ok.

  7. I love babies :) says

    Yeah, I still think she looks like her dad…I try and see Anna in her, even with that pic of her next to her, and just can’t!

  8. Uniquely ~Taylor Mastronni says

    I’m sorry webmistress Dannielynn looks nothing like her mom Anna, she looks like her daddy.

  9. JJ says

    No! she doesn’t look like Anna. She looks like her father. She’s a spitting image of Larry. Anna Nicole was so fake and plastic.

  10. Michele says

    Who cares who she looks like. She’s a cutie. But she shouldn’t be on magazine covers.
    Daddy’s whoring her out, and I think it’s a little disturbing.

  11. dori says

    I see Larrys eyes and Annas smile in her. She is really getting big Wow I year already unbelieveable isn’t it?

  12. Tia :) says

    She looks EXACTLY like Larry…i can kinda see Anna in her, but when i look at her i think Larry!

  13. Lauren says

    Dannielynn is the spitting image of her dad. Maybe, she’ll resemble Anna more as she grows older. 😉

  14. y.b.g. says

    She’s LarryLarryLarry —- and given what the poor child was born into (‘genetically’, on both sides, is only part of it ~ ), oh my … good luck to her.

  15. Pika says

    I have to say that, right now, she looks like her daddy. Maybe she’ll favor Anna Nicole as she grows……..

  16. felys says

    Those are definitely Larry’s eyes. Is baby picture compared to hers is identical. I think she has Anna’s mouth but that is it. She looks just like her good looking daddy.

  17. phnxgirl says

    I was going to say the same thing, she looks EXACTLY like Larry. I can’t find the similarities with Anna yet, but she is obviously her mother!

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