Brangelina In New York City

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina, Brad, Zahara, 2, Pax, 3, and Maddox were snapped picking up supplies at Lee’s Art Shop in New York City on Friday.

Later in the day Brad treated son Maddox, 6, to a hot dog.



  1. Zbella says

    That is funny – as if they take their children out IN ORDER TO DISPLAY THEM is ridiculous. They should stay locked away if they don’t want your silly comments about not all going out at once. You are so silly. I have 3 children and a husband and no, we do not go everywhere together. He is out with the older 2 right now as I rest and the baby naps. Duh!

  2. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Dori – they go out in public therefore they deserve to be criticised? Where is the logic in that? They care about their kids (ALL OF THEM!) and are taking them out to fun places! Would you prefer they kept their kids locked up indoors, never to see the light of day? Some people just let themselves run off at the mouths without thinking because they are so desperate to criticise others. Pretty pathetic really.

  3. dori says

    why should we leave them alone? they go out on outings in public to display their family , which leaves them wide open for criticism …it’s all in fun we all make comments and have opinions ….if you don’t like that you shouldn’t be on this website.

  4. liliwaton says

    people..leave this family alone!!why do you keep saying all these nasty things about them..they are fine..okay..leave brangelina alone!!!

  5. Blair says

    #51-But it WASN’T a family outing. Even you state, that would imply that “everyone goes.” But 2 family members–Brad and Shiloh–stayed behind.

  6. dori says

    I can understand taking 1 child out at a time to give them one on one time. but to take 3 kids out and leave one at home is a bit strange. A family outing is a FAMILY OUTING means everyone goes. But on the other hand we don’t know the situation maybe Shiloh was sick, or napping or something. Don’t be so quick to judge when you don’t have all the facts.
    What I do know is that this group doesn’t need anymore additions….. each parent has 2 kids to handle now where would you put 1 more young child who needs parental attention.? Then you need a nanny all the time and they don’t seem to use nannies a lot.

  7. PoorBlob says

    People, don’t be so naîve! What Angelina said should be taken at face value: she doesn’t feel for Shiloh as much as she does for the rest.

    Pictures speak a thousand words. Why isn’t Shiloh with them? Because Angelina doesn’t want to be with Shiloh, end of story.

    When the others were babies, she carried them everywhere. Why not Shiloh?

    Maybe crazy Angelina should seriously think about giving Shiloh up for adoption.

  8. Blair says

    Oh geez! I don’t know what happened! I clicked on the carasoul link after reading the webmistresses comments underneath that photo, but somehow I got linked to this instead.

  9. Blair says

    OMG, people get off the “WHERE”S SHILOH?!” thing, already! A toddler her age is probably still on a nap schedule (the webmistress says she was with her father at the time this photo was taken), and would clearly have different interests than her older siblings. A carasoul ride might be too overstimulating for her right now.

  10. &yY says

    Well, when Angie said she felt more for the adopted one, she wasn’t lying.

    Where the hell is Shiloh???

    Why is she hiding her?

  11. says

    Julie, I just saw those. Very cute. The webmistress there did say that Shiloh was home with daddy, so she really still is with the family 🙂

  12. says

    OMG people grow up and get a life already….. Your hating is so stupid, its like you’re just digging for something to criticize..
    I always wonder why the webmistress always takes the least attractive photos. There was a really nice one with Z. You can’t even see her in this photo. I have seen about 2 other pics with her sucking her thumb. Anyway, in the 2nd pic, Brad was telling the paps that they were doing a good job of keeping their distance when the kids are around. Very cute pic by the way. Love Brangelina 🙂

  13. oriana says

    #38, My Dear, I am sorry if that gives you the creeps or offends you. I am from the South and it is just a lifelong habit, I don’t mean anything offensive by it and all my life I have been called, and heard people called “Honey”, it is just an expression, and I know it probably does sound stupid and silly to some people, but I don’t think it warrants a slap in the face! Please! Ha!

  14. Mybabysredhot says

    The passive aggressive use of ‘dear’ or ‘sweety’ is so friggen creepy, right? Or is it a female thing? Somebody did that to me in person I’d slap her, just on principle.

  15. conehead says

    Why are people so done on Brad and Angelina…They seem like a very cute and caring couple, yet every news posting or picture seems to enrage people who are so convinced that since they see a bunch of pictures they understand who they are and how they must be awful parents for not holding one kid in 6 out of 8 pictures

    I seem to remember a recent interview with Angelina where she said that Shilo was intentional…if she “she resented her because having her would mean less children she could adopt.” why would she have intentionally gotten pregnant???

  16. to joyce says

    I’ve never heard her say she resents Shiloh. You have hearing problem too and perhaps reading comprehension problem as well.

    I don’t see any problem with her. You, I do, for suggesting a man to take such shameful action. She is not an unfit mother in any way. Jealous of her, aren’t you? And of other women who appear to have it better than you too. Do you go about telling men you think their wives don’t deserve them to take the children and leave?

    Is it any of your business two people should stay with one another? Get your nose out of people’s affairs and stick it with yours. Better yet, seek professional help and see what those psychiatrists / psychologists say about your mental state.

  17. Julie says

    It keeps coming up, this comment AJ made about Shiloh being a “blob” when she was really little. I love my babies more than anything in the world, but I have also described them as little blobs referring to the fact that they really didn’t do a whole lot in the beginning. I completely understand what she means. My dad cracks me up, because as we were sitting by my son’s crib in the NICU watching him sleep, my dad says, “It’s like watching paint dry”. That gave me a much needed laugh, but it’s true! They’re teeny and cuddly and wonderful, but let’s be honest…they’re not much for entertainment until they get a little older.

  18. Lola says

    I don’t believe I ever heard or read that she resented Shiloh because it would reduce how many children she could adopt. A little exageration going on here.

    And someone said take Shiloh (what about the other 3) and give to Brad’s mother to raise (uh, how about the parent/s raising their child). Any man that would choose 1 out of 4 children and give it away to someone else to raise doesn’t sound like much of a man to me.

  19. Joyce says

    If I’m a dumb broad, are you blind? Anyone with eyes can see how she treats that poor baby. She said after Shiloh was born how much she resented her because having her would mean less children she could adopt. She is a collector, she is collecting children. She called Shiloh nothing but a blob. This is a very sick woman, she needs professional help. FAST.

  20. Jessie says

    Hey! I sucked my thumb until I was 13! Yes 13! I have no problems at all! I actually have beautiful teeth! All my life.

  21. To Joyce says

    Why should Brad take only Shiloh? The other three are nothing? WTF (I don’t like cussing but this idea deserves an exception) is wrong with you? Would you like your husband to take your child away from you when he’s tired of you? If so, go to Middle East and live there. What a dumb broad!

  22. Joyce says

    I think Brad needs to wake up from the coma he is in and take Shiloh and leave. After that the first order of business would be to take a bathe. He should also take Shiloh to his Mother and let her raise that child, it’s obvious Jolie doesn’t like her. Jolie is completely insane, she is looking for something she will never find. She is so unhappy inside herself she is trying to fill the void with a bunch of kids. Happiness is your own responsibility, not your childrens. No one can make you happy but yourself.

  23. Andrea says

    #11 Nicki,
    I was actually thinking of other pictures of Zahara when I wrote the comment of the drab colors. She does usually wear dark colors: black, brown, gray. And white is not a bright color to me. Reds, orange, yellow, green, and these are what I consider “bright”, meaning they have a hue. (Since you want to get into an argument about color definition. White does not have a hue.)

    And you sound like a very pleasant person to jump all over me for that small remark. I will be ignoring all your remarks from now on. Useless remarks, from one very unpleasant person.

  24. phnxgirl says

    Granny, those are great pics at just jared, I don’t usually visit that site. Shiloh is so precious, I just want to eat her up, she is a cutie pie. I think this family is great and I think all those children are loved equally. Like you said, how can we decipher their lives by a few pictures we see taken on the street.

  25. granny says

    These people do not have to perform to our standards of parenting. If they choose not to take all children on all excursions that is not unusual. Other everyday average families also make the same choices. Parents dress their children as they feel fit. Not all parents put little girls into frilly fru fru clothes often. I certainly didn’t – wasn’t my style. I wouldn’t call the blue jeans and t-shirts that my granddaughters way as drab but maybe I should?

    Here is the site where you can see Angelina holding her “biological” child. Good grief. We even expect these people to keep a tally on how often each are held. Maybe this child lives on her lap at home. We don’t know and it sounds rediculous to me that we speak as if we absolutely know their private lives and feelings. I certainly don’t think pictures taken by strangers on the street are to be considered accurate profiles.

  26. lulu says

    Re: Why Angie never carries Pax: Perhaps Pax doesn’t like Angie…you can’t make a child love you.

  27. phnxgirl says

    I just have to laugh at what people think of all these poor babies – fetal alcohol syndrom, their lip is hanging out, they never close their mouth, they never smile, we don’t see them enough so something HAS to be “wrong”. People they are babies, why does it feel better to expect the worst of a situation. I wonder how our kids would be portrayed if they were constantly being photographed and picked apart. I’m sure someone would find something wrong somewhere!

  28. I do not think she is ok. says

    I remember when Maddox and Zahara were younger than Shiloh, she would go shopping and was all over the place with them. But for shiloh she does not do that, my theory is Shi pics are in demand and she does not want to give away her pics all the time. And also i think Shiloh has a little problem, do not know the exact nature, but i do not think she is allright. with all the celebs babies out there, she does react as a child should.

  29. Julie says

    Well, another picture of Angelina not holding or touching Pax. I wonder what’s going on with that? I’ve seen so many pics of them and they’re always switching up who’s holding who, but she is NEVER holding Pax. Seems like she’s never even looking at him.

  30. lulu says



    Brangelina, remember Shiloh is your biological daughter. She deserves to spend time with you as much as the adopted ones. And Zahara is getting uglier by the day.

  31. oriana says

    Nicki, off for tonight and prob till Mon, tomorrow is the big BBQ, over 40 Special O athletes, some parents and their buddies! I am tired, 12 pies, macaroni salad, 5 doz. deviled eggs, in the morning will fix the baked beans, tonight hubby did potato salad, New Zealand style!

    Oh the sweet dogs! It is heartbreaking when they get older and can’t get around as much, I have a soft spot for animals!
    Have a quiet and peaceful weekend!

  32. Nicki says

    Hey oriana~ did you have your cookout yet? Is it this weekend? Hope all goes well and eveyone has a great time. How many Chess pies are you making? Hope it all goes great. My hubby is on vacation starting 2 hours ago. He will be off for 10 days. I will be checking in once in awhile. No long trips planned, 2 older dogs, 14 & 15, need a bit of extra time and encouragment to get up and go out. They are doing fine, just older and slower. The oldest can’t handle the 12 steps on our back deck, so he has to be encouraged to go out front (we do have a ramp on our 6 steps there) and he does fine. It is a bit hard for us as they get older, not burdensome, but harder to do anything over 6 hours. So his vacation we will just enjoy our last years will our older dogs (and cats).. I’m just used to opening the back door and letting all 4 just run at break neck speed to go out. So it is a bit sad to only see 2 run out and 1 walk out slowly and the oldest just lay there and look.

    OK sorry for boring everyone. I will only be one two or three times in the next 10 days, so rip me apart and say all the nasty things you want.

    Take care oriana and let me know how your cookout went.. Best wishes.

  33. oriana says

    Nicki, Angie is certainly dressing her kids the way she wants, no doubt about that, even down to gray and black socks for the girls a lot also. Guess Brad doesn’t object and if he did, doubt if he would say anything. I do think with Shiloh’s complexion she would look darling in some of Bluebell’s dresses. As for Zahara, people prob would think what was Angie up to, for would be so out of character for her to dress like a little girl instead of a boy most of the time.

    Suri is adorable in her little stylish clothes, even the bluejeans she had on with the pink sweater was as cute as could be! I think Zahara would have looked very cute also in that outfit. No, White is not dark and drab, it is just usually how Angie dresses the kids, I don’t think clothes are important to her but kids grow so fast, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing for her to mix it up a little more often.

  34. Nicki says

    oriana~~ Ok white is a neutral color, yes. But she said she would like to see her in bright colors for a change instead of dark drab colors. Since when is white dark and drab?
    If they take thier kids out people scream “they are just doing it for the photo-op” or “why can’t they just stay home?” You don’t see they for a week and they scream “Oh they broke up” or “Why are they hiding?” They don’t bring Shiloh to the art store, and you hear why isn’t Shiloh there, Angie hates her. You go to an art supply store and grab a few hotdogs, maybe takes 2 hours tops, with all the paps stalking them. Why couldn’t the baby be napping then? I would rather a baby nap in comfortable bed than say walking around in an upright position on Moms shoulder while shopping. Thats just me. But I also think that toddler we saw napping twice in 2 or 3 days on Moms shoulder while shopping, picks her own nap times. And it appears she falls alseep for 15-30 minutes here and there when she wants, and absoultely needs to. I can bet noone has enforced a nap time on her in the last 5 months. She isn’t even 2.

    OK sorry, back to the bright white color! It looks good on her. If Angie dressed her in one of Suris puritian dresses, even if it was light pink with yellow, light blue, and red flowers, they would ask what she was up to. Lets wait until Zahara and Shiloh pick out thier own clothes, and they will be some crazy ones, like all kids. I can’t wait untill cute lil Suri starts picking out her own. They might be exactly what Katie likes, or who knows they could be stuff the uppercrust wouldn’t even look at. Kids are kids and they should be allowed thier choices, as the parents should be allowed to dress thier child as they want.

  35. oriana says

    I don’t think she sucks her thumb all the time, at least this is the first picture I have seen with her doing it, maybe I have missed more but don’t remember them?

  36. Blair says

    I was also wodnering where Shiloh is, but to t he poster who says there are never pictures of her parents holding her…I really don’t mean this to be rude, but have you been to this site before? If you click on the brangelina link to the right (Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt) there are many pictures where Shiloh is being held by Brad/Angelina.

    BTW-I know everyone always says you shouldn’t let kids suck their thumbs, as Zahara is doing in this picture, but I always think it’s cute. Yes, I am aware that it is said to cause dental issues such as buck teeth, and speech issues like a lisp–I’m not saying it’s a behavior that should be encouraged, but i still think a child with their thumb in their mouth is adorable. (Watch everyone freak out at me now like they did last time I commented on the topic, but it’s still just my opinion)

  37. oriana says

    phnxgirl, to me, the cutest dress little girls are Suri and Bluebell, now she is just adorable in her pretty little dresses!

  38. phnxgirl says

    I think Brad looks like the BEST dad!! As for the colors of the clothing, some people are just not “color” people. You tend to dress your kids in the colors you like. Angelina definately likes the color black! You never see her in bright colors of florals or anything like that. The most color I have seen her in is that red sweater a few pictures back. I know, people are going to say that children need to wear color, but I am just saying…….. 😉

  39. oriana says

    Nicki Dear, I think white is kind of a neutral color, I do love the style of the blouse Zahara is wearing but I think it would be nice also if she wore some brighter colors sometimes, like the pretty turquoise dress she had on not long ago.

  40. Nicki says

    10. Andrea — Is that the generic comment you say to all pics of Zahara? She is wearing freaking all white. White is a dark drab color to you? OK maybe it is time to visit your local optician.

  41. mc says

    shiloh is more than likely at the hotel taking a nap. love angie’s bag.anybody know where to get it. p.s. z looks great.

  42. conehead says

    The only time i have EVER seen any pictures of Brad and Angelina with all 4 kids is the Chicago boating trip…usually they only have one or two with them

  43. Uniquely ~Taylor Mastronni says

    Where the hell is Shiloh? It seems like that poor kid gets the shaft, you never see her with her mom and dad.

  44. LAUREN says



  45. oriana says

    Brad looks like he is enjoying himself! Nice fun picture! I love Godiva chocolates also, and the Cheesecake is really good!!!!! My son used to work there and that is how I got used to them, the dark choc is the best, and doctors say it helps lower blood pressure! Nice picture!!!!

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