Katie Holmes & Suri In Paris

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes was snapped in Paris with 16-month-old daughter Suri on Thursday. Katie and Suri have spent most of the summer in Europe, as Tom is shooting Valkyrie in Germany.

Suri looks so cute in this pic!



  1. COLE says

    I reacon the little girl looks cute but Katie get new outfits you look discusting get a new wardrobe with vetter looking clothes!!!

  2. bethadilla says

    To respond to ? #3, children normally do like their relatives, not their parnets. I have twin boys and one looks like my sister. Does that mean she is the father? If so, we should be on 60 minutes. Anyway, who are any of you to say who’s baby this is or not!!!!!! NO ONE!!!

    Leave Tom and Katie alone. They have a beautiful family and don’t need anyones thoughts about where it came from. I’m sure it was beautiful night between the two of them, NOT YOU!!!!!!!

    To Tom and Katie: I have been a huge fan since you did your first episode of Dawson’s Creek. Tom Gun for Tom, but I relate more with Katie. I hope someday you and your family can have as normally life as possible. I am also very sorry about all these people who will not leave your BEAUTIFUL family alone.

  3. Malayka says

    Miapocca and her clones are at it again. From Shadow giel, now to Joyce and a couple of other names. Suri is cute though and nothing you say can change that fact.

  4. oriana says

    Mia, thanks for giving me a good laugh for the day! Ha, Ha! The statement, get your Paxil and money ready to go visit the surgeon was hilarious to me!

    #86, should be glad I only look like Sharon Osbourne instead of having her mouth, she would REALLY get her feelings hurt! I do like Sharon, a strong woman, a devoted wife and mother and a savvy Business woman!

    At least my hair isn’t purple like the style was in my grandmother’s day!

  5. Miapocca says

    Somebody tell the ra@c!st b!@tch that the mirror thing has already been explained….
    stop tagging on, go find out how to think..

    Pathetic b!@tch!

  6. Miapocca says

    #86..that is major ignornce..the world hns t stopped yet, we all age,..besided where are come form age is A RESPECTED thing not an insult…hahahha..it tells a lot baout in in one sentence that you are obsessed with youth,..youare goign to be a pitiful old lady, whereas Orianna is happy with herself as is….,…get your paxil ready and money to visit the surgeon at the first sign of wrinkles…hahahahha


    The webmaster is censoring folks and yet allows this pathetic f@@l to stay here…

  7. oriana says

    #86, It is better to laugh than to cry. For some reason you seem to have a problem with me, what is it exactly that sets you off? I dye my hair, have for 20 years, still have my teeth, wear glasses to drive, don’t need them to read, at least not yet anyway, and I do have a sense of humor, thank God for that!

  8. justme says

    Actually, Isabella and Connor are NOT with Nicole in Australia…Nicole is busy filming another WWII moving in Australia so Isabella and Connor are at camp in Colorado (I might be wrong about that – it might be California!)…anyway, they’re at Scientology camp and it looks like they’re having fun!…They have been spotted horseback riding, swimming, playing sports, etc…since this camp is Scientology run, each day the kids go to some sort of “school” for a few hours where they are taught the fundamentals etc. of Scientology…for anyone who was asking!

  9. oriana says

    #83, cornball? Oh My, NOW your age is showing thru! Ha! Exactly what brand of hair dye do you use? Miss Clariol or Loreal? Do you have all your teeth? Do you wear contacts or glasses? I bet the eyes are going! Poor thing! Oh well, I can sympathize with you, maybe not, I do have all my teeth still!!!!! Ha!

  10. PinkyLea says

    #80 – I can look back at what you wrote and see some sarcasm but I dont ever want to be preceived as rude or judgemental and so it does tend to bother me is someone uses my name to make hateful and rude comments. It is not a popularity contest for me anyway, I just dont want to have my name associated with hateful and rude comments, thats all.

  11. says

    You M@therf@ckers don’t know sh*t!
    How can you be so sure that That is the reason why they broke up? GET OUT OF HERE! Are you the Real NICOLE KIDMAN? HAVE YOU B@nged TOM?

    DID you, and Tom try to conceive, and your dried up ovaries couldn’t get it flowing? PLEASE HONEY….GRAB SOME LITHIUM, and a COKE, and sit down!

    Wh@riana, you are not funny, you are a cornball!
    Analise…you need to suck on banana frosties with oriana..are you the #2 watch mutt?

  12. N says

    #79……. you call it rude….. I call it sarcasm. Dont be so sensitive. It is a hilarious subject to me…..definitely not something to get upset about if you think the other person using the same moniker as you is causing trouble. You know what you said…Isn’t that all that matters. Or are you still in high school and you want to make sure your in the “popular crowd”.

  13. PinkyLea says

    #77 – I have thought about the fact that there are other people have the same name as myself. You need not be rude to get your point across. I just want to make sure that there is no mix up with me and another by the same name. Some people on here make awful and rude comments and I do not want to be caught up in the mix because someone is using the same name as me.
    Like I said though….you need not be rude to others in trying to get your point across. It is uncalled for and just plain rude.

  14. Tia :) says

    Hey Tia who is using my name…can we try to differentiate ourselves? Oriana and i think other people are thinking you are me..iv been at this website forever and there hasnt been another Tia…except for a few months back

  15. N says

    Have you geniuses ever thought that there is more than one Tiffany or Tia or Anne in this world. Why do you guys always think someone is trying to steal your id. I could understand if your id was ……..eatshit or Ibelievegossipmags or ihavenocommonsense and someone used that same exact moniker. But most of you have common names…… Hilarious

  16. The real Tiffany says

    By the way… #18 is not the same person as #4. I am #4and I did not post #18. Just wanted to put that on the record. Is it that hard to come up with your own handle? Why take someone elses?

  17. Shadow Girl says

    # 44, EXACTLY! Why all the shopping sprees and friggin’ designer clothes when she could be working for a higher purpose. How about some charity work for the poorly informed public that she does care about say, AIDS, IBDs, and other stuff?

    Shop compulsions…ick. Surely, the material things in this world shouldn’t count as much as real spiritual enlightenment. She would find that out of a REAL religion.

    No photos of her taking a fall with the test tube kid in her arm, how typical. Someone should tell her that wearing spiked heels while carrying an older than stated age sperm donor child is just not good! I mean, every mom jack$hit of her should know that fact.

    Typically, the kid should be running on her own and not being carried. I mean, come on. The only way the hag can feel good about herself is to shop? Hello, uh, no!

  18. phnxgirl says

    Oh my lord, people who come up with these crazy conspiracy theories have way too much time on their hands. Oh, and of course Tom loves the spotlight, he is an actor! If he didn’t he wouldn’t have choses this profession. Plus the paparazzi are like bloodhounds, they search out the celebrities and it doesn’t matter if you are taking out the trash or walking down a street in Paris, you are going to have your picture taken.

  19. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I’m not a TomKat fan, well, at least I’m not a Tom fan, but Suri is a cute kid.

    And I have to say that although when she was younger she looked quite big for her age, right now she looks exactly the same age as my little sister who is only six days younger than her. I also think that Suri looks a lot like both Katie AND TOM! But much prettier obviously.

  20. !!!! says

    The way Katie fell was with such class you can only feel for her. Even falling she looked so cute and adorable!

  21. Tia says

    Mia I did and that is how I knew it was you with the reverse name. How else did you think I knew it was you? Who is calling who stupid.

  22. Anne says

    #60 Lola, next time before you start use nonsense please try to google or check your information.

    Nobody knows why Tom and Nicole divorced not even those close to them!

  23. Anne says

    I agree with you Tia. And people please stop using my name!!

    Suri’s pictures are heart melting!!!!

  24. Tia says

    MIA is back and changed her name? She is also calling herself Carla on another Tomkat thread. What a waste of time!!!

    Anyway the hater are giving too much power and credit to Tom Cruise! If only he knew, some ppl actually think you can get away with all those conspiracy?! Specially to have a baby in LA hospital and all the staff and the hospital helping him to hide the date…..well all I’m gone say is …Stupid is as stupid does.

  25. ACCOPAIM (use a mirror :) says

    Stepford Bimbo learn a lesson in heels…maybe time to call posh skeletor for the follow-up lesson

    The sad part is that , the publicist released all the pictures they paid for with all the adoroble mother bonding pics..and then someone must have stuck it to them and sold this pic to the highest bidder..so its pretty quiet everywhere and no one is running it except the brave x17..ahahhahah

    I think the clams are out..all the normal people can se e the superficial nouveau riche arses for what they are, frankly who goes shopping in those heels..now wonder she fell on her ****..lucky she didnt drop suri….

    Jared is kind, look up teh photo on http://www.tomkatcrazy.com…that kid will have those parents of hers arranging her face before she turns 5 . And those feet and nose are bigger than her frame.


    Next time, fool take the heels off even if its for photo opp, try to look like you actually hold your kid for once…****

  26. Heidi says

    This might be a really stupid questions…but who is Tom’s cousin that Suri looks so much like? I personally think she looks like Tom…..

  27. lola says

    I am not sure about Tom’s hemosexuality,but am sure
    about his sterility……….
    The reason Nicole and Tom split was her pregnancy despite his not being able to have kids.
    I am not blaming him for anything,It’s what may happen to everyone and it’s non of our bussinesses,but it’s the truth.

  28. Analise says

    phnxgirl Tom loves the cameras. Suri has to be paraded around to prove his heterosexuality. Course they had to wait til she was older to cover up her actual birthdate.

  29. oriana says

    #56, it would have taken me about 5 min but I had a phone call!!!! Again, don’t worry or fret about me or Nicki, yes, I will defend my friends and even those that I don’t know that I think are in the Right! So don’t lose any sleep over me tonight, I am not “watching you”! Anyway, have to run, going to watch A&E, Dog the Bounty Hunter! And oh yes, Everybody Loves Raymond reruns!

  30. oriana says

    #53, surely you are not so delusional to think that dying a person’s hair makes them young! Ha! I have seen too many rich old bags with dripping diamonds, wrinkles galore and gorgeous blonde dyed hair, and they did not look young, pretty with thier eye shadow and designer clothes, but still wrinkled and old.

    Look at Suzanne Somers and Melanie Griffith. Great figures, beautiful clothes, but dying their hair didn’t make look young.

    As for me, thank you but as long as I can afford $30.00 every 8 weeks, I will not be gray! Ha!

    And NO, you can’t afford me, but I am willing to treat you to a Bananas Foster if it would make you feel better!

  31. says

    Yes, but Cher has a ton of money! A TON!
    No, I am not Jealous of nicki, it is just you are a good Watch mutt, and I want to know can I hire you!

    That is your opinions that you don’t respect Scientology..this is not the ANTI SCIENTOLOGY WEB SITE!
    And that is right keep dying your hair..if that makes the illusion that you are young again..OK..Go with that, but we know that all you love to do is NAG, with NICKI!

  32. oriana says

    phnxgirl, I have always thought Suri looks like Tom and I do think it is becoming more so as she gets older, and the nose is definately getting more prominent in some pictures.

    You know I don’t respect Scientology as a Religion, but I do think this is a nice family. Katie is a big girl, and I don’t see anything wrong with her shopping, why not? I would too, but I would also do some charity work, my choice would be with an animal shelter, a homeless shelter and I would do some work for Juvenile Diabetes If I had their kind of money, and who knows, they may support many charities and not publicize it?

  33. Lauren says

    Suri is one lucky toddler. She sure filled up her passport this summer. Love Suri, so adorable. 😉

  34. oriana says

    Tia, how funny! Hope things are well with you my Dear!!!!

    At least whoever stole your name didn’t be nasty Ha! Loved the pictures though! Ha!

  35. phnxgirl says

    Anyone who doesn’t think Suri looks like Tom is crazy! She is such a mixture of both Tom and Katie. I agree with some other posters, why can’t anyone accept that Katie may actually be happy. I don’t get why everyone hates Tom Cruise, so he has gotten a little eccentric (sp?) in his maturing years. So what, he obviously loves that little girl and I’m pretty sure he is probably crazy about Katie as well. Katie is a big girl, I’m sure she knows what she is doing.

  36. Tia :) says

    Oriana, #12 is not me…but thanks for the Hi! anyways!! i’ll probably have to go back to my smilie face again…people keep stealing ym name! haha!

  37. oriana says

    #43, Please do not worry about Nicki! Are you jealous of her for some reason? As for Anne, I like her very much and enjoy her posts, NO, I don’t have her email address and it wouldn’t be any of your business if I did!

    As for me being over the Hill, you are right about that! As for being a Hag, well some days I guess I do look like one, but look like Sharon Osbourne only hair not that Red! Ha!

    Isn’t it amazing, Cher is the same age as me? Wish I looked as good as she does! Ha!

  38. days says

    Please eat a sandwich, Katie.

    And how about doing some charity work instead of shopping all the time for yourself?

  39. says

    YAP, YAP, YAP, YAP, YAP, YAP, AND YAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






  40. oriana says

    I agree with Anne, a stroller would be less stressful, but apparently Suri loves to walk! Oh how cute she is!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks to Tia for the pictures my Dear! Many thanks indeed! And hello to you also. (And DMITZ and NIcki)!!!!!!!!

  41. oriana says

    I think she looks her age, she is precious and is the best dressed baby other than the Royal children indeed!

    Katie looks tired to me too and I think Suri is a hand full! I would be worn out every day!

    I do think she may inherit Tom’s nose and Oh Lord!!!!! His mother and cousin both have that snout, haven’t seen his sisters either, would love to see what they look like and if any of their children have that nose! But she is a wonderfully sweet little girl!

  42. Sandy says

    Best dressed baby around except for the Royal children! She is soo cute! I think she looks her age and she is walking more and more too, love seeing that!

    I think Katie is classy looking, not slutty like Posh and definately not whorey looking like Brit, and Paris! I think she does look tired somewhat, but why wouldn’t see, those plane rides across the Atlantic, and Suri is a hand full! She would wear anyone out! Tons of energy and I is very alert! Love her!!!!!! I am worried though, the older she gets, I am very afraid she will have Tom’s snout! His cousin and mother have it also, haven’t seen his sisters so don’t know about them, but I think she is precious!

  43. Anne says

    Suri is adorable and a stroller would be less stressful for Katie. Katie looks 10 yrs older since she married Tom and even with all his money, she still has no taste in clothes. Ditch the heels and dress more relaxed when out with Suri and some makeup would help.

  44. DMITZ says

    Oh my gosh, sounds like someone had a cup of bitter for breakfast.

    This child is 16 mo old. My daughter is 15 mo and they look the exact same age. So find a better arguement than that. How the hell would they pull off Suri being born the same day as Grier Henchy @ the same hospital?

    And so what if Katie likes to shop. My mom spends all her free time shopping when she’s not with my father and that doesn’t mean she has a problem.

    Here Katie (and Tom) spend lots of time w/their daughter and you find reasons to knock her. Just because they aren’t as down to earth and Jen and Ben doesn’t make them bad people. Tom’s a little off his rocker, but no one is perfect. His beliefs have nothing to do w/the way he feels about his children.

    And in worse case if Tom isn’t her daddy, so what?? That doesn’t mean he’s a bad parent, but maybe they want Suri to think he’s the natural father. I’m sure there are many adoptive parents that live that same route in life. However in this pic along w/many others, Suri looks just like Tom. Gosh, everytime a TomKat pic is posted, the claws come out. And all because of jealousy or predjudice against his religion.

  45. says

    NICKI..If people didn’t care about them, they wouldn’t make comments on: How old Suri Is, About Katie, and Tom’s Beliefs, Whether he’s gay, or not..etc…

    So you can save it! Save that for someone that is willing to agree with that stupid statement that you just made! (SMH)

    And You don’t know what is behind Connor, and Isabella Absence! DO you know them personally?
    Are YOU NICOLE KIDMAN? I am just asking!

  46. Julie says

    Ok, for me, that was just Suri heaven looking at all of those pics. Loved it! I always love seeing her!!! A couple comments, though. I don’t know how much time elapsed while these photos were taken, but the two guys who were with her (bodyguards?) could’ve pitched in and helped her carry a few things. She looked absolutely overloaded! And then I have to say something else. I love Suri as much as a celeb baby watcher could love a baby she’s never met, and I’ve never said anything negative…until now. I’m not sure I like what’s happening with her nose. It’s getting, well, bigger. But I still think she’s just precious. I guess she’s just starting not to look like a baby anymore!

  47. Nicki says

    32. KARMA — No blog can tear any star down,(SMH) all you want, except for Suri, most people don’t care about them.

    14. cherisse_ yes Suri does look happy. As she did in the Nov. 06 wedding pics. The pic of Connor interacting with her was beautiful, but the only one we saw. The older children seem to mostly be pushed aside, and never mentioned. Aren’t they as important as Suri??

    It seems like they only have Suri and I’m thinking how would that make his older children feel??
    All children should be made to feel like they matter. No.

  48. chinny says

    eek, katie’s starting to wear a little thin… especially in this picture. just look above her chest and in her face. She sure isn’t joey anymore!

  49. says

    You have to be bitter!
    You, and the other Prudes!

    If her breast are looking graunt with her bobbies hanging out..so..guess what? She is famous, and rich!

    This little blog, isn’t going to tear her, or Tom cruise down!
    Joyce, You must be really close to tom cruise, for you to know what broke their marriage up! Who are you, and why haven’t America heard of you?

    You love your life…..REALLY? Be true to yourself!
    If you did, you wouldn’t care what Tom believes in! That is his choice! NICOLE KIDMAN, IS that you?

    Is Keith, treating you right?


    another bitter poster, that has access to a local library computer! SMH(shaking my head)

  50. mommy004 says

    I just wonerding where are his two other kids? I have seen a ton of pics of Suri but none of his other kids. Its like they disappeared.

  51. celine says

    shallow kate, around in high high high vain heels, with bad bad boobies out… teaching her daughter how to shopt till glory. suri’s such a character, very funny, interesting face expressions.

    they’re useless, who gives a shit wether they’re together or in for the money or whatever. what katie holmes amounts to is her loboutin or whatever heels

  52. Joyce says

    Because he can’t father children and Nicole was pregnant, that’s what broke up the marriage. And yes I am anti-Cruise, but certainly not a fan. Bitter, I think not, I love my life.

  53. GiseleSucks says

    My GOD that woman looks like she’s starving herself! Must have got some great tips from POSH. Look how bony she is!!!!!!!!

  54. says

    Joyce, sound like a Bitter anti TOM cruise fan, WAIT…are you Shadow scum, or LIBNASTY?

    DID he shoot one with you? Do he even know that you are alive? WHO are you? What is your name again?


  55. says

    I knew that all of u bitter housewifes were going to say something about Scientology, or How old his kid is!

    And maybe Connor, and Isabella is at that point where they want to hang out with their friends, and don’t want to be under mommie, and daddy! GET REAL!

    Suri, was born on APRIL 18, 2006!

    #7 I guess that is one of the reason’s why you don’t have KATIE, and TOM’s MONEY..IF you did you would spend it on Material things….Maybe that is what she likes to wear..I am sure that it has to be someone on this earth that don’t like the way you dress…SO START AT HOME, JUDGE YOURSELF!

  56. Jane says

    Wait! Didn’t Nicole suffer a miscarriage right before their breakup? If he can’t father children, who did with Nicole?

  57. Joyce says

    Tiffany, that rumor has been around for years. It’s not Cruise’s fault that he is shooting blanks, but he should at least be honest about it. Suri looks just like his cousin, think about it. Cruise is so creepy he makes my skin crawl.

  58. Tiffany says

    I have a hidden secret ,Tom is Azospermic ,that is,
    he can’t father any child…he has no Sperm and that
    is why the 2 other women couldn’t get pregnant…
    I leave the judgement to you all…

  59. Jane says

    OMG thanks for the link Tia! Those pics are so precious. Suri’s so adorable and so animated! Tom and Katie are obviously doing something right.

  60. cherisse says

    Suri is always smiling or she is smiling and waving at the cameras it is soooo cute.
    And as for why Toms other two kids because they are with their mother. I think people forget that they have share custody of their kids and that means that they spend 6 months with each of them. I mean that is not the question you should be asking any way. The question you should ask is why Nicole is never at her kids games. I mean she have the time to fly on vacation or to see her husband, but why not her kids?

  61. Sassy says

    Leave the Cruises alone for goodness sakes..
    They both love their daugthter, who cares what religion our beliefs they have..they both made such a beautiful little girl..and leave Kate alone, if she wants to shop let her she has the money to do so…I don’t think it’s a crime…

  62. says

    Awwww I love this pic 🙂 Suri’s outfit is adorable. Beautiful! They look like twins. I agree with #4. You people need to get a life because she is their daughter, she is how old they say she is, they are great parents and his older kids are with their mother!!!!!! I’m not even going to bother about the scientology trashing….. space alien…..really now. This is a happy family so lets just leave them alone.

  63. Jen says

    What an adorable picture.

    Why do people keep changing their name but still going on about the same nonsense?!

    #8 bella and connor are in Austria with their mother.

  64. Andrea says

    I keep wondering why Tom’s other 2 kids, Isabella and Connor, weren’t asked/ or didn’t come along on their Europe trip. It’s a little biased if you ask me, favoring your birth child over adopted ones. It’s sad.
    (And he’s been there all summer so they didn’t have school – or at least Scientology homeschool)

  65. Joyce says

    Katie Holmes is in this mess for the money, everytime you see her she is shopping.
    Jennifer Garner looks like she absolutely adores her daughter. Violet is a very lucky girl.

  66. Tiffany says

    I think this child IS 16 months old. Why would she not be and what characteristics make her seem older? Also, why cant we all just accept the fact that Tom and Katie are together, have a child together and are happy? I am not a big Tom fan but I think they are great parents and both seem to have Suri’s best interest at heart.
    I dont know why there always has to be some conspiracy theory going on about this family. Lets leave them alone for goodness sakes.
    It is what it is and thankfully Suri is in a safe and loving environment and thats all that really matters.

  67. Joyce says

    Jodi, how old do you think she is? I don’t think she is Cruise’s child. She looks just like Katie and Tom’s cousin.
    Holmes must want the money really bad to do the things she has done.

  68. dori says

    How fun for them ! Summer in Europe!
    They look great. Must be cool there. Suri is filling in and getting to be a big girl. Very cute…..

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