Bridget Moynahan Welcomes A Son!

Tom Brady

Bridget Moynahan welcomed a baby boy on Wednesday in Los Angeles. “Mother and baby are doing well,” according to her publicist, Christina Papadopoulos.

The actress, 36, announced in February that she was expecting her first child with her ex-boyfriend, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, 30.

The couple split in December after a three-year relationship.

During her fifth month, Bridget talked to Martha Stewart about becoming a mom, saying: “I’m a little nervous, ’cause I haven’t done it before.”

On Monday, Tom called impending fatherhood “a very joyous, happy situation.”

Though it’s unclear whether Tom, 30, was present at the birth, he was not at Patriots practice yesterday, and team officials wouldn’t say why. Reportedly Tom caught a ride on the Kraft family’s private jet, leaving for LA Wednesday morning from Hanscom Field in Massachusetts. Entertainment Tonight spotted him at a hospital in Santa Monica with flowers.




  1. Lisa says

    Congrats on you new baby boy. I hate what the tabloids are saying, I think you and Tom will make great parents,
    being a parent myselt, treasure each day they grow up so fast. My little girl is 21, Don’t let them go buy so quickly by working so much, before you know there all grown up. Bridget, you looked radiant pregnant, and Tom I a huge fan enjoy every minute, before you know they are all grown up!!! GO PATRIOTS, I’M A SUPER FAN!!!!

  2. carleigh says

    Tom Brady is a stupid jackass…he hasn’t been there for her and by her side during this pregnancy. He’s been cavorting and galavanting around the world with Ms. Victoria Secret Twat Gisele…but either way Gisele needs to back off and back out of a situation that has nothing to do with her. I would feel much differently IF Tom and Gisele were married or even engaged but whoever above stated that Gisele is just “one of many” is very correct! Now that the baby is here TB better get his priorities straight and be a better father than Mr. Beverly Hills C*ck Eddie Murphy!!!!!!! Babies need to have their mother and father’s while growing up, not necessarily together but to have a relationship with each of them is extremely important. Congrats to Bridgette on her beautiful baby boy and Tom for the donation required to make the beautiful baby boy

  3. Elsa says

    #22. EXACTLY. Look, things happen, I get it… but I’m sorry, no man should be parading around the world with his new supermodel ho when he has ANOTHER woman having his baby. A little decorum is nice. Of course most celebes don’t know the meaning of that.

  4. nosoupforyou says

    Word from the hospital is that the baby’s name is Jonathan.

    Gisele states she is a “step-mum?” Give me a break. She is one in a long line of women. They arent’ even married.

  5. Jenna M. (UK) says

    I don’t know this couple, but its great that he is sticking around for the baby even though they’ve broken up *cough* Eddie Murphy *cough*. Hope all is well for them.

  6. eminencegrise says

    Celebs NEVER have vaginal deliveries. It’s also ‘complications’ this and that.

    They do it so the surgeon can perform a tummy tuck at the same time and they don’t lose vaginal tightness.

  7. Lauren says

    Congrats Bridget! Your baby will be loved no matter your situation with Tom! Can’t wait to see pix.

  8. GiseleSucks says

    Another article!! He missed the birth!!

    Baby Update: Tom Brady Too Late for Bridget Moynahan Caesarean Section

    By Jennifer Cox
    Aug 23, 2007

    Tom Brady didn’t quite make it in time to see his baby boy born in Los Angeles. And apparently there were some complications. According to In Touch, Bridget Moynahan had to have a caesarean section to give birth to her baby son on Wednesday after difficulties developed toward the end of her pregnancy, In Touch has learned exclusively.

    Baby Update: Tom Brady Too Late for Bridget Moynahan Caesarean Section

    And the boy’s father, NFL quarterback Tom Brady, arrived at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica moments too late for the birth. He reportedly grabbed the (Kraft) family private jet for the coast to coast jaunt, but missed it by “that much.”


    But don’t worry – everything turned out fine and the 7-pound 14-ounce, 22-inch baby is healthy. “Mother and baby are doing well,” says her rep. The Boston Herald says Bridget has not decided on a name yet, but is leaning toward calling her first child William.

    Insiders say the problem was that the baby was in a “transverse lie,” meaning he was laying across the uterus, giving Bridget, 36, the huge baby bump she sported toward the end of the pregnancy. Attempts to manipulate him into a better position for the birth were not successful.

    In Touch reports that Tom, 30, arrived at the hospital carrying a large bunch of orchids and white flowers shortly after 2 p.m. yesterday, but he was just minutes too late. “It was odd,” says one witness. “Here was this man with this beautiful bunch of flowers on this happy occasion – but he looked pretty sad.”


    Tom has now had to fly back to the East Coast to rejoin his team, the New England Patriots, and says he will play in tomorrow’s pre-season game in Charlotte against the Carolina Panthers.

  9. GiseleSucks says

    I hope she names the child Tommy Jr!! LOL I can’t stand GISELE and beautiful Bridget just gave him a SON!!!!!!!!

  10. babyhates says

    They broke up before that but hooked up and she got preggo… he moved on and now he’s by her side for the baby, Congrats !

  11. mags says

    I just have to know what the baby’s name will be!
    did anyone hear yet? please post it asap….thanks.
    best wishes tom & bridget!!!

  12. Sassy says

    Does anyone know why they split up? For the child’s sake I hope he’s their for his little quarter back…

    I can’t wait to see the photos….

  13. baby says

    I give her credit for being so open about letting Tom Brady even be involved in this whole process-I’m not so sure I could be that open minded, especially with the other woman already saying she welcomes being a step-mom.
    Congratulations and God Bless.

  14. Martha says

    Thank you for the article #11. I sure hope they can work things out for the baby. But even if they don’t, at least he’s not being a jerk about it.

    I didn’t realize she was Mr. Big’s wife in Sex and the City, no WONDER she looks so familiar. Thanks for the info! 🙂

  15. GiseleSucks says

    Found this online, yeah! He was with her!!

    Bridget Moynahan Gives Birth To Son
    23rd August 2007 18:01:01

    Actress Bridget Moynahan is celebrating motherhood after giving birth to her first child, a baby boy.

    The I, Robot star went into labour in Los Angeles on Wednesday (22Aug07) with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, the baby’s father, by her side.

    The couple split in December (06) after dating for three years. Brady is now dating supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

    American footballer Brady is reportedly taking a break from his sporting career and his romance with Bundchen to enjoy fatherhood.

    Moynahan’s publicist Christina Papadapoulos said that ‘mother and baby are doing well.’

    No indication as to the child’s name, weight and actual time of birth have yet bee released.

    Moynahan, who is 37 next month, has a had a strung of succesful movie roles including The Recruit with Colin Farrell and Unknown. But many will know the actress as Mr Big’s wife in Sex and the City.

  16. Name says

    Ok…A- there are ALWAYS two sides to every story, B-who are we all to judge. He could be like some other celebrity fathers and completely deny fatherhood. At least he’s owning up to it….Anywhooo…congrats to BOTH of them and baby is a true blessing

  17. Megs says

    Yay! She is one of my fave yummy mummy’s! Congrats to them and can’t wait til they announce his name!

  18. phnxgirl says

    I have no doubt in my mind that Tom is excited and will love this child. Just because they are not together doesn’t mean that he does not feel some sort of devotion.

  19. Irishlass says

    I’d tell him what to do with his flowers. The last thing a child needs is an untrustworthy parent.

  20. FINALLY! says

    Congrats, Bridget and Tom. I know you’ll make a great mom, Bridget. Tom, let’s hope you finally come ’round.

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