Larry Birkhead Keeping Anna's Memory Alive For Little Dannielynn

Anna Nicole Smith

As preparations are being made to celebrate Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead’s first birthday, sources close to the little girl tell Us magazine that making sure she knows how much her mother Anna Nicole Smith loved her is a top priority.

Dannielynn, who lost both her mother and brother, Daniel, within six months of each other. was at the center of a months-long international media frenzy, as her father, Larry Birkhead, fought to prove his paternity. But now that he and his daughter are together, settled in the 5,5000-square-foot, five-bedroom L.A. mansion that Anna Nicole Smith purchased in 2004, keeping Anna Nicole’s memory alive has become Birkhead’s constant focus.

“Larry says that it’s important Dannielynn knows about her mom,” his older sister, Judy Birkhead tells Us magazine.

“He’s always telling Dannielynn how much he loved Anna and how great she was.”

Larry, 34, has put photos of Dannielynn’s mom everywhere. “He’ll point at pictures and show Dannielynn videos of her too,” Judy says.

Anna Nicole also set aside keepsakes for her daughter – including letters she had written for her – that Larry is saving for when Dannielynn grows up.

Longtime friend Jane Rose-Zupetz tells Us magazine, “When Anna was pregnant, she painted a lot for Dannielynn. Larry will give her those, also.”

But for now, the next milestone is September 7th, when Dannielynn turns one. Larry is planning a big birthday bash, and 200 guests have been invited to celebrate, inluding Dolly Parton, Dannielynn’s favorite singer.

“It’s a celebration for Dannielynn, but it’s also a celebration for what Larry had to go through to hold his daughter,” Rose-Zupetz tells Us magazine.

That’s so sad…


  1. rosita says

    #11 ur right on the money! if its your child u do anyting to support the family remember he was once denied knowing he ws the father until DNA rules….he deserves to be a happy Daddy no matter what….

  2. Lauren says

    Poor Dannielynn. She’s going to grow up without knowing her mother or brother. It’s nice that Larry is keeping her memory alive for her. 🙂

  3. Rea says

    I’m GLAD that larry is keeping Dannielynn in the publics eye. WHY NOT? I’m sure many out there as wel as myself want to see this precious babygirl grow up!

  4. Kamineko says

    Beautiful, beautiful, angel baby. Her blue eyes are gorgeous. I wish her, and her father, all the blessings they deserve.
    I think Larry is just as proud of having her as he can be, and being a photographer, he wants to show her off a bit. If he gets a dollar or two from it to help support her, well, maybe that’s not the worst thing he could do. You or I might not do things his way, but she is his child, and he calls the shots now.
    Happy birthday little DannieLynn!

  5. Blair says

    I kind of like the barette. Though, I have noticed that her clips are always placed right on the front of her head like this, (which works for the tiara), but does he know that most clips are traditionally worn on the side of the head, or in front of pigtails? Still, this is one beautiful baby. One of my faves 🙂

  6. oriana says

    200 people for a 1 year old child? Is a child that age old enough to know who Dolly Parton is? Is she walking yet? Or talking? I do agree that Larry needs to make money to support her and he is a photographer so go for it! But the part is not so much for her but for him!

  7. Anne says

    Larry just does not make the kind of money needed to maintain the house they live in etc. so I see nothing wrong with all the photo ops and the needed money generated to maintain their lifestyle. The estate etc. belongs to Dannilynn. He is a loving father with a good family background and that is what is important. He loves her and he loved Nicole-enough said.

  8. jojo says

    I am so happy for this little girl…..finally with her Dad…..A happy life is my wish for this Angel!

    Happy, Happy Birthday Dannielynn!

  9. Just me says

    Lurker, you said everything I was going to, right down to the tiara barette!
    Before her tragedy, Anna Nicole was only in the news for being, fat, a gold digger, a drug addict, etc. Everyone always made fun of her, and not in a good way.
    It does seem Larry loves his daughter, but now I’m wondering if he’s the money hungry one? I wasn’t a fan of Howard’s but at least he bowed out of this quietly.

  10. Lurker says

    #7 I think the clip is a maybe it’s supposed to look like she’s wearing a princess crown..?

    I also agree that though I was happy when Larry Birkhead was proven to be her father (sorry but that Stern guy always kind of gave me the creeps) and I believe him to be a good dad that truly loves his daughter, it does seem like he’s really promoting that little girl for some reason.
    Because though it was such a public fight over her and such a mystery the way Anna Nicole and her son both died and all that, I never realized she was considered to be THAT important of a public figure.

  11. onatear says

    She is the complete image of her mother. I miss Anna Nicole, but I am glad Dannilynn is there with Larry. She is a beautiful little girl, and I trust him to make her a priority in his life.

  12. Elsa says

    Sue, you took the words right out of my mouth. He appears (we don’t ever know) to be a good dad to her, but why all the publicity about his baby? I don’t like that either.

  13. sue says

    I worry about Larry Birkhead, he seems to do a lot of magazine interviews with his daughter. Why, I thought he had a career of his own.

  14. DMITZ says

    Wow, that made me tear up. I get sad too when I think about this little girl growing up without her mother. It’s great that Larry is doing all that for her. I hope he’s there for her always, she deserves it.

  15. Denise says

    Every time I here about this little girl it breaks my heart (my own daughter is just a few weeks older than her). I hope that the above is true and the Larry is keeping her mothers memory alive for her.

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