Heath Ledger & Matilda

Heath Ledger

Just a sweet pic of Heath Ledger watching over a sleeping Matilda (his daughter with Michelle Williams) at the airport!



  1. Nancy Manzo says

    Some people have nerve to actually comment on the most stupid things in life, your life has probably no concept of meaning to worry about what others dress like, look like and wear, have you looked in the MIRROR lately

  2. lisa says

    I looked at another site and thought she was a rather pretty little girl, anyone who can call a two year old child ugly is pathetic

  3. Sandy says

    Heath used to be nice looking but he is looking to grungy for me, the baby looks just like him, and looks like a boy instead of a girl too!

  4. Nicki says

    8. Won – that was funny:lol:
    This child is forever barefoot. Nice to see her in the carseat on the flight. I think that is the safest thing for any baby, good job.
    I used to think he was nice looking, but the last 2 or 3 years, not even good looking a bit. JMO.
    I do think he daughter looks exactly like him.
    They seem to be good attentive parents. Thats what any child needs.

  5. yummy says

    There are better pics in this set too. Ones where you can actually see the babies face. These are also a few days old.

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