Christina Aguilera Out & About With An Expectant Glow

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera (who is rumored to be 4-months-pregnant) was snapped out and about with her husband Jordan on August 19th. (and out shopping in the top two photos) Christina has not “officially” confirmed her baby joy.

She looks gorgeous!


  1. Deenah says

    Did she get implants or a lift only answer me if your positive.It either a boy or girl.One source said boy another source said girl.

  2. Deenah says

    She looks beautiful Iw onder if its a boy or a girl and stop insulting her husband she obviously likes him and he likes her,besides on one of her fan websites she said she liked him because if she wore something inapropiate than he would just say that she needs to express herself that way.Her husabnd does not even tell her how to be sexy she said on mtv. I wonder what religion it will be jewish like the dad or christian like the mom.

  3. fee says

    she looks so pretty.

    Her boobs look as though they are enhanced by pregnancy and a good push up bra.

    congrats to both of them and I wish them all the happiness in th world!

  4. oriana says

    Boobs look huge!!!!! She and Celine have two of the best voices in show business. I don’t think her husband is all that much to look at but clearly they are happy and that is what matters, I don’t think he is after her money either like Kevin was Brit, I hope she has a healthy baby!!!!!

  5. PinkyLea says

    I wish that Christina would go more with the natural look. She is very “plastic” looking with the tan, bleached hair and lots of make up. I do however think that she is a great role model for kids in showing that looks are not important when picking the man of your dreams. She chose her husband because of who he is not what he looks like and I think that shows just what type of person she actually is. I think that if more people chose their significant other based on personality and heart instead of looks and money than there would be alot less divorce. JMO

  6. Tia says

    who cares what she is wearing?? this woman can wear a sac and still be BEAUTIFUL! not to mention, a voice to boot!

  7. madison says

    She got implants a while ago. If you look at the pics and video’s of her before, she was pretty small, maybe an A only. The first video she made after the implants was that “Beautiful” song I think. Her first video, “Genie…” and “Dirty…” – was BEFORE implants.
    Though it does seem like they’ve enlarged some more with the pregnancy for sure.

  8. sushmita says

    she look nice on this pics….just curios why she did not confirmed she’s preg? i dont understand why..i think there’s nothing wrong with that she’s married!


  9. amy says

    For sure implant boobs enhanced by pregnancy. Too much make up, but let her live the way she wants. She is super small for being 4-5months preg, but she’s a small girl. Very stylish with/without all the make up. Jordan,while not so cute, seems to truly adore her (and vice versa). However, I gotta admit, I hope the kid looks like xtina!!!

  10. Nicki says

    I saw pics about a year or so ago, and she was posing, but leaning forward with a sheet or something covering the basics, but they looked like they were moving with her, not rock hard stiff like Pammy Andersons or like Anna Nicoles. I think if she did have implants, it was only a lift, and god knows why a young 20 something year old would need that. But they look real in those pics I saw, not like the known people who have had rock hard soccer balls placed in them. Best wishes to her and her family.

  11. Jenna M. (UK) says

    SHe definitely looks pregnant in that second picture! Her belly is huge, and the rest of her is quite slim. And I think that those are “pregnancy boobs” rather than “implant boobs”.

  12. Andrea says

    Meg- It looks like her breasts have gotten swollen due to the pregnancy. But I thought that she had implants long before that– not sure.

  13. Nicki says

    I love Christina. She is very pretty and she has an incredible voice. The girl can sing.
    Best wishes to her and hubby and the new baby.

  14. says

    I love her! I think she is gorgeous. Who cares what her husband looks like, they are in love! She will make a great mum. Congrats to them and I read that she was having a girl. I hope she is, I can imagine her little mini me. She looks great! 🙂

  15. Megs says

    Did Christina have implants or is her chest real? I agree, she seems really grounded and happy since getting married. I wish them all the best!

  16. says

    At least she is not wearing a 25 lbs of makeup, and tight panty hose! I swear that girl can smother her baby that way!
    This is the 1st picture that she actually looks like a girl!

  17. ME says

    Ugh,finaly a good pic definately revealing that she is indeed pregnant!!! I was getting sick and tired of those spectaculations. I`m happy for her but wasn`t she just not long ago photographed partying and living clubs dead drunk..hardly walking??!??!

  18. myrna says

    looks?? who cares about looks when she is soooooooo happy!!!!!! she looks great!!!! congrats to both!!!!

  19. DMITZ says

    I think she looks cute. She sure has changed since marrying Jordan. She does look like she has a bump. I sure hope she is pregnant!

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