An Expectant Nicole Richie Running Some Errands In LA

Nicole Richie

An expectant Nicole Richie was snapped running some errands earlier in the week.



  1. Lauren says

    Nicole looks cute with a baby bump. She finally looks healthy and has curves in all the right places. 😉

  2. dori says

    It’s so great to see her looking so healthy. I wish her the best. It looks like she has really turned her life around.

  3. Lyndee says

    It is so nice to see Nicole at a healthy weight. I agree I think this baby is going to put life in perspective for her.

  4. daisy says

    Nicole looks gorgeous. I think she is so pretty anyway but being pregnant really compliments her. I hope she enjoys her 9 months and sees the beauty in being pregnant.

  5. Essie says

    She’s been wearing some really pretty maternity clothes. And she looks healthy and happy. Good for her.

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