1. Missy says

    To come to the defense of the poor bunny….I’m 18 and still sleep with a teddy bear. A HAND MADE by my Mommy teddy bear! He’s my TV watching buddy….I can’t really get into a movie unless I’m chewing on his ear.

  2. lj says

    She is beautiful and her son is too!!! A mother could and should put what ever she feels like putting on her child. She is the one purchasing the items and I am sure she knows best.

  3. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Cute kid.

    #3 – How naive.

    #11 & 12, I agree! I’ve heard before that they aren’t supportive enough for young feet, especially very young toddlers as the arch of the foot isn’t fully developed. I also don’t think they’re really protective enough.

  4. mom123 says

    I happen to think that Sarah Jessica is one of the most glamorous and appears to be one of the most real and descent mothers in showbiz….it’s sad that she is referred to as “ugly”.

  5. Just me says

    Crocs to me look girly, no mat ter what their color. I think I remember reading somewhere crocs were dangerous for kids.

  6. Elsa says

    CROCS COMMENT: My daughter had a pair that she loved and wore regularly, until she wound up stepping on a peice of glass and it went THROUGH her shoe into her foot. No more CROCS for us.

  7. Sarah Bea says

    I am with you #8. Gees, he is just a little kid…don’t put labels on him. Let him have fun…real life will begin soon enough for him. As for him smiling at the paparazzi…does he have a choice? Poor kid probably thinks thats the norm.

  8. 2teens3beans says

    He’s just a little guy, why shouldn’t he wear purple crocs or clutch a bunny if he wants to? Kids that age take great pride in dressing themselves, and he looks pretty happy – good for him.

  9. Gillian says

    I think he looks adorable!!

    Why shouldnt he wear purple shoes?? – You are very niave if you think the colour of his shoes will make him gay! – How ridiculous and old fashioned!! = On no, my daughter is playing with cars instead or dolls… will that make her gay??? tut.

  10. Sarah says

    He’s wearing an Arsenal shirt, London Football Club. Nice one James.

    I can’t stand Crocs either, plastic shoes can’t be good for little toes.

  11. says


    I am with you! I hate those shoes! I think that they look sooo gay. I am tired of seeing these shoes…I wish that I can burn all of those shoes!

  12. Blair says

    I can’t stand crocs. I know they’re like the “it” thing right now, but not my style. Cute kid though.

  13. Nicki says

    Wow thats good she allows him to dress himself!

    Can we say highwaters and purple crocs???WTF. Not even saying anything about the giant over the shoulder ??bookbag. Let alone the “baby bunny” or whatever he is clutching.
    He does have a cute smile, the best one I’ve seen on him so far. (oh yeah other sites have 2 or 3 more pics) He does look like he is playing the cameras, and having a great time doing it.
    The pants have to be cut into shorts or thrown out.JMO.

    He looks happy and having fun with the paps. Sarah looks unhappy, and undyed. Roots girlfriend, take care of them. Carrrie is off duty, huh?

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