Charlotte Church Planning A Water Birth

Charlotte Church

Showbiz Spy reports:

Singer turned TV chat show host Charlotte Church, who’s due to give birth next month, has bought a deluxe birthing pool ready for the big day, and rugby star boyfriend Gavin, has even been told he can jump in with her and help during the birth.

Charlotte’s mum Maria told Closer magazine: “Charl’s friend had a water birth recently and told her how fab it was, so she’s decided to go for it. Birthing pools are all the rage at the moment and there are lots of benefits too.”

But despite their excitement Charlotte is finding the last stages of pregnancy tough. “She’s finding it hard to sleep and is getting tired all the time which is to be expected. I remember when I was pregnant with Charl – the end of the pregnancy was hell.” said Maria. “They are both just so excited now and want to find out if they have a little boy or a girl.”

I remember watching a show called “A Birthing Story” on TLC, or some such channel, when I was expecting my first child and one episode featured a woman who had chosen to have a water birth in a birthing tub in her own home. I’ll simply say that it wasn’t something I was keen on, but I’m sure it is a wonderful way to give birth for many women.



  1. Nat says

    How sad that even young, pregnant women are not immune to the barrage of image obsessed commentary and weight related insults in society now.

  2. Jill says

    Water birth has been researched extensively and there is clear evidence that it reduces the length of labour, lowers the need for episiotomy, and is overall better for the health of both mother and baby. (Michel Odent) Added to home birth which is just as safe, if not safer than hospital birth CC has positively made an informed choice for her…which is what every individual mother should do As Sandra stated previously making a birth plan relevant to your own specific needs is essential in order to be in control of your own child’s birth day -even if you are having planned CS.

    The pictures reflect a beautiful pregnant woman.

  3. Zbella says

    I agree with Sandra. Each woman can make her own choice, but be careful! I was happy to give birth in a hospital 3 times. My first was a sunny side up baby caught in my pelvis for 20 hours. Thankfully I didn’t need a C-section since the doctors were able to turn her and the cord was not around her neck. My third child was not breathing for 5 minutes after she was born – very scary and I am thankful we had nurses, doctors and all the medical care right there.

    I wanted to do a water birth but my water broke the first 2 times, which can lead to infection, so they would not let me get in the water. My last came so quickly I didn’t have time to lounge in the bath tub.

    And, these pictures are hilarious!

  4. Blair says

    I don’t that she’s “BIG” because she “let herself go”, as Poster # 11 (AHA) states. She’s just pregnant. Weight gain is obviously to be be expected. Some women just gain more than others during their pregnancy.

  5. Blair says

    Water birth is the way I want to go when the time comes. I have heard delivery is less painful for the mother, and the transition from the mother to the water is less traumatic for the infant as well. Makes sense, really easing from one liquid to another.

  6. Just me says

    Some people simply gain more weight than others during pregnancy. I know you should gain X amount of weight, but you can also gain too much. Eating for two is just an excuse. My doctor actually reprimanded me for gaining too much weight one month. First of all there’s health risks for the mom and baby. And second, it’s really hard to take off later, especially when you’re tired from taking care of a baby!

  7. Sandra says

    #14 I am not jealous at all. I had a beautiful little boy whom is happy and healthy. I think you are the one that needs to check you’re jealously and attitude. I never attacked Jules. I made a statement how some people make birth sound like it is so easy and amazing, I am sorry but it isn’t! I know I am not the only one that had a problem during birth. 99% of births are not complication free; you need to get some better data my dear. And in case you cannot read I said that I would do a water birth provided it was at a hospital and yes believe it or not you can make a birthing plan, stick to that birthing plan and have a child all natural without meds in a hospital. Get a life before you start attacking and accusing others for making statements!

    BTW wasn’t Charlotte skinnier, because from this angle it doesn’t look like she is pregnant, it looks like she is just chunky.

  8. Won says

    #9- Just because you had complications and are jealous of those of us who have had natural births, doesn’t mean you need to lash out at us. Under normal circumstances, home/birthing center births ARE less stressful and the deliveries are easier and more comfortable. Don’t attack the supporters of natural/home births just because you had complications. In 99% of births, there aren’t super crazy complications, it’s usually the hospitals and doctors following “the rules” of childbirth tought in Med school. So you need to chill, and realize birth is a totally natural, normal thing, and doesn’t need to be a sterile, monitored medical procedure. So relax, and maybe your next one will be easier!

  9. 2teens3beans says

    I think 1st time moms do gain more weight. I gained about 60lbs with my 1st, and I had those log-legs like Charlotte does. My legs were so swollen you could poke them and the finger dent would stay! In my defense, the baby was 10 lbs though! My 2nd pregnancy I gained 35lbs and it was much harder to get the weight off – go figure!
    I think Charlotte would be justified in punching out those paps for taking that lovely picture of her backside though!

  10. says

    She is BIG! she let herself go! I hope that her weight is easy to drop! that is one of the main reason’s why I do not want to have babies naturally!

  11. Sandra says

    jules- Sure it can be more stressful because you are in a hospital, however having a home birth won’t change the fact that some people have delivery problems. It is not the hospital that makes the delivery problems; it is the baby or the mother’s health. For example If I had a home birth it wouldn’t change the fact that my son was sunny side up in the birth canal stuck on my pelvis. It also wouldn’t change the cord being trapped between his head and my pelvis, thus causing his heart rate to go down. It also wouldn’t have changed him having a fractured skull from all the pushing. I am glad you had a wonderful experience but not everyone will I just hate that everyone sugar coats birth. Just like having a baby on TV it will squeeze out in one push, with one drop of sweat on your forehead!

  12. jules says

    i had a water birth (in my bathtub) and it was amazing. Not that I have anything to compare it to, but it was relatively easy and very calming to be in the water. A lot of complications can happen because you are in the hospital where it’s very clinical and stressful, and you are on a time constraint to get that baby out. home or birthing center births are more calm and relaxed and subsequently result in less complications. i would highly recommend water birth as a great way to go drug-free.

  13. phnxgirl says

    Anyone who isn’t pregnant, but was thinking about it are probably changing their mind after seeing Charlotte and Salma! Poor girls, it is so hard when you gain a lot of weight. Not all pregnancies are like that, though.

  14. cc says

    Man she really let herself go, even before she got pregnant, but now I think it’s safe to say she’s using that I’m eating for two excuse quite often.

  15. Danica says

    You can have caffeine but you should limit it to two drinks a day. Like you can have a coffee and a coke but that is it.

  16. says

    I hate to be the one to point this out, but she’s drinking a Coke? Aren’t you supposed to stay away from caffeine during pregnancy?

  17. KLou says

    I had two great water births at a birthing center (attached to a hospital), and I have to say that water is such a fabulous natural pain reliever! I felt soooo much better in the water, and was able to truly enjoy the birthing experience. With my second I actually got out of the water at the final moments, but the water was very helpful during labor! It is at least worth a try for anyone who has the option of using water. I have heard that even the shower helps a lot.

  18. Sandra says

    Not the most flattering of pictures! I personally would only do a water birth at a hospital. After knowing how seriously dangerous some births can end up, I would want to be next to the specialists. Good Luck, hopefully you will have a healthy delivery.

  19. Bunny says

    I am totally not a hippy – but water births are much easier on women than “dry” births or with drugs. I had an epideral, but will try it the second time after watching my best friend do a water birth. She also recovered very, very quickly and didn’t tear at all. It’s good to be open to different ways of giving birth.

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