1. Dignan says

    I just wanna run up to her and touch her tummy and go…Boogeeboo boo..doogeeboo boo….(Jim Carry style)

  2. Dignan says

    I read somewhere that she’s due sometime in October, but from the looks of it…anytime now. I’m curious to see how she will look after the baby. My opinion, she’ll still have her looks (with a little movie magic make-up of course). And of course since the media is not really paying full attention to her, she’ll be able to relax a little bit more. She’s smart, at least she don’t drink and drive and don’t look like the type who will drag her baby around like a rag doll (or shave her head..ehem..)

  3. Kamineko says

    Not a fan of the 70’s “Goodtimes” throwback dress!
    She is still beautiful, though. She looks bigger because she is a short woman who already has a full figure. I have the same type height and figure as Salma,and being pregnant with larger breasts makes you look huge, unfortunately.

  4. dori says

    I was just thinking the other day that she must have had the baby by now…. but I see she has not> She must be due any minute! She looks great I’ll bet it’s a girl!!

  5. Zbella says

    Her boyfriend is a very wealthy French business man. Pregnancy for Salma is not flattering, but she’ll be fine. She’s still a beautiful woman.

  6. JJ says

    Look folks!!
    All I’m saying is that no matter how big she is – she can dress better than what she is dressed as in the pic…it has nothing to do with her body size…Catherine Zeta Jones was quite a large woman during her pregnancy but she worked the big factor and dressed so stylish…she looked stunning !!
    I’m not talking about looking conventional or skinny while pregnant…I’m saying Salma can look more stylish the way she did pre-pregnancy. Salma knows how to look good…but it’s as if she has given up entirely and that is….sad!

  7. sue says

    Come of it, the dress is yuk I admit, but she is just a NORMAL woman who is 40, in her third tri, and most likely exhausted, not like the pregnant stick insects we mormally see on here.

  8. JJ says

    Either some of you have been smoking to much weed and your judgement is askew…or you have no sense of aesthetics…it’s like throwing pearls to a sow. The dress is hideous…I have a tablecloth just like it on my kitchen table!!

  9. yummy says

    I think her hair looks great also. I like the natural look alot. Although if she put a small bit of an anti-frizz product in it then she would be perfect right here.

  10. DMITZ says

    I think it’s her hair that is really throwing off her appearance. If she had straightened it or softenend the curls, she would look as beautiful as she normally does. I give her props for keeping it real though. She’s probably just a tired pregnant woman just waiting for her due date!

  11. 2teens3beans says

    When you are short it’s very hard being pregnant because you look huge from your 4th month on. There is no room in the torso area so baby goes straight out. I’m 5’2″, and people always thought I was “due any day” when I was 7 months along… frankly, I chose comfort over style when choosing what to wear. I admire Salma and I think she’s trying and suceeding in looking cute. I don’t know how she teeters around in those high heels she’s always wearing though, pretty dangerous when you’re that off balance IMO.

  12. celine says

    a peasant farmer’s wife can be very hot. or the idea of it. what, everybodu should be heidi klum, or katie holmes. boring.

    selma has been the best about pregnancy with her sweet but enuf with the hollywood bullshit attitude.

  13. Natai Zap says

    wow even though she’s not that tall she looks so cute pegnant, Hope the baby looks lke her…

  14. yummy says

    I really like the dress she has on here. She looks very nice. The girls don’t look quite as big here as they have appeared to on other occasions.

  15. JJ says

    Don’t get me wrong – i really like Salami I mean Salma…but ever since she became pregnant she has forgotten how to dress. i mean, not once have I seen her in a tabloid magazine or elsewhere (ahem, this blog) where I can honestly saw “yowza!” she looks radiant or sexy or stunning…or even pretty. I realize that she is pregnant and that it must be quite a challenge to carry around all that extra weight let alone trying to squeeze into something flattering…but come on she has the money to hire an assistant or stylist…so what’s up with her??!!! She reminds me of a peasant farmer’s wife.

  16. Nicki says

    She is beautiful. Not some much in these pics. But she is.

    Best wishes to her and her newborn baby to be…Congratuions!!

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