Kate Hudson & Boyfriend Out For A Stroll With Ryder

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson and her new boyfriend Dax Shepard were snapped out for a stroll with Ryder, 3, in Boston on Friday.

Does Ryder have a blanket of pieced together bandanas? That’s neat!



  1. says

    Sometimes it is a bit hard to choose from the different brands and styles of baby beddings out there on the market. I usually pick the one that fits my budget”*

  2. N says

    Im not that sure….but I thought she had at least 3 boyfriends or hook-ups since her divorce from Chris and wasn’t she supposed to be cheating on Chris with Owen.
    She is so classy and morally upstanding unlike that obviously depressed mother you guys like to judge/bash.

  3. sara says

    i think she is taking this div. thing very well unlike britney spears who out many differnt guys out late with a 11 months old clubbing go to las vega speaking ill of people cussing and blaming others for her mistakes kate is there for her son you always seen her with ryder there are many differnt stars who talk bad bout thire exs i never hear her talk bad about chris i think she with diff. guys because she need the love

  4. Nicki says

    I agree with most here about Kate, and glad her and Chris are doing whats best for thier child.

    But WTF, is this the only new sighting in the last 4 or 5 days, probably more. I mean Jen was out with Violet at least 3 times, the Jolie-Pitts were spotted 3 different times, Naomi Watts was out with new baby, and smiled brightly for cameras. Is this what we get, Kate and new boyfriend walking around Boston in August looking like it is November? It is effin hot there now. Maybe this was super early, like 6 am, but where are the other pics? I mean even Heath was spotted at LAX with Matilda and the nanny. This is the only new pic , Kate and Ryder in a hooded carriage?
    Where is Violet feedimng the swans, or going to Farmers Market again, Matilda at Lax, the JP’s boating???
    Thank goodness for the updated sites. I do like this site, but it is slow, slow, slow to update.

  5. 2teens3beans says

    I kinda like the hippy-dippy blankie, it goes with his long hair which I also think is cute… tee-hee!
    Ryder does look a tad morose, but I can’t ever remember seeing him smile.
    @ Aimee – your ex was so RUDE!! Good thing hair grows back, and eventually your little guy will be able to speak up for himself.

  6. Lauren says

    Ryder’s hair is really long. He looks sad. 🙁

    It does seem that Kate can’t be alone. She went from Chris to Owen and now, Dax. She needs to stop jumping around and figure out what she wants from a relationship.

  7. oriana says

    DMITZ, I never really thought about it before but it does seem like she goes from man to man and can’t be by herself. Some women are like that, I actually thought she was a strong person!

  8. phnxgirl says

    I bet it is very confusing for the little guy to see his mom with other men. Not really being able to understand the situation. I have no doubt that Kate loves him and is the best mom to him that she can be. I think it is great that she and Chris are very civil to each other. I don’t blame her for being lonley and wanting to be with someone. Just very hard on the kids involved.

  9. JJ says

    Yeah! Ryder does look sad. Gee, I wonder why? Could he be possessive of his mom – just like Owen Wilson had claimed in many gossip mags…makes one wonder if the rumours are true. That hankie blankie is hideous – but maybe for those that like the hippie-dippy-trippy- craft-a-po-looza, Salvation Army style of bedding accessories – it might appear “trendy” & “fashionable” – yuck!

  10. Elsa says

    Not only does she seem to be co-dependent, do starts think? Is it good for her son to see her and Daddy split, then she’s with another guy, then another… and they wonder why Hollywood kids are messed up.

  11. marla says

    O wow, her new boyfriend is quite a handsome man isn’t he? I’m happy she found a new man in her life and sure hope they stay together; would be nice for mummy and Ryder, allthough i’m sure Ryder is already very loved by his mother and father and is short on nothing 😀

  12. says


  13. DMITZ says

    Is it me or does Kate seem co-dependent? Has she even been single since her and her ex-husband split? I don’t even think she was separated from him when she moved on with Owen, but I’m not certain.

  14. Sandra says

    Wow Aimee that is disgusting that your ex did that. Glad you got away. I hope he doesn’t abuse your son, as that would be horrible. Good Luck with your custody battle!

  15. Aimee says

    Ryder doesn’t look none too happy …
    I love his long hair, however. I’m going through
    a custody battle and the first thing my ex did
    on his first weekend alone with our son, was
    chop all his hair off. Beautiful white hair (Danish).
    Then, he put it in a zip-lock
    baggy and forgot to tell me it was in his transitional
    backpack. When I finally discovered the chopped
    off hair, it was moldy. I guess it was his only means
    of control, as he is abusive.

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