Christie Brinkley & Family Attend James Taylor Concert In The Hamptons

Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley

Christie Brinkley, 53, was snapped at the James Taylor “Benefit” concert in the Hamptons on Saturday night with her son Jack, 12, and her daughter Sailor, 9. Christie also has a daughter Alexa Ray, 21, with Billy Joel.

Isn’t Sailor a little too young for a martini? Just kidding! 🙂


  1. Marianne says

    Talking about a little girl being overweight on a forum like this is going to set her up for a lifetime battle with weight. I was chubby from 9-13 and then my legs grew and I was teased for being too skinny. No wonder people feel like they’re never good enough (because to some people they never are sadly).

    All she needs is to be loved and to recover from her father’s mistake, he is the bad guy in that family and I hope the kids don’t blame themselves. I also hope they all have a long and happy life unfazed by the cruelty of superficial people.

  2. Zbella says

    I hope some of you never have daughters. You are cruel. Who raised you to think that way about children?

  3. Laura says

    Another example of the epidemic of childhood obesity in this country. 90% of fat kids end up being obese adults. That poor girl is FAT and needs to exercise. Christie’s ex is a pervert cheater!

  4. Patti says

    I don’t understand why everyone picks on Christie all the time just please leave her alone. Her kids are the best all of her children

  5. amy says

    Sorry, gotta go with the minority and say the kid needs to go on a diet. There is NO REASON for a child to be overweight (unless it’s for medical reasons)-it is just a recipe for disaster (obesity) in the adult years.

    Kids these days play too many video games; watch too much television; and overall don’t get enough exercise. I suspect that is Sailor’s issue. Too many doughnuts/candy, too little exercise. It’s an American epidemic and must stop!!

    Christie: put Sailor on a diet! Please!

  6. 2teens3beans says

    Some of you are really mean!
    This little girl is slightly overweight, no reason to call names. She doesn’t need a diet either, children shouldn’t be on diets… they need fresh air & exercise. Didn’t this kid just go through the trauma of her parents separation?

  7. Liliana says

    Wtf—Oh please. You wouldn’t know the truth if it walked right up to you, shook your hand and introduced itself. People who speak meanly about children for no reason have real issues.

  8. Liliana says

    I can’t believe some of you, referring to a 9 year old little girl as a “heifer”, saying she “looks like a boy” and needs to go on a diet! What is wrong with you?

  9. Renee says

    She looks SO AMAZING!!!! i had no idea that she was 53 years old she looks like she’s in her 20’s or 30’s not 50’s!!!!

  10. JJ says

    When i first looked at the picture of Christie and her (ahem) “daughter” I thought it was a boy and assumed it was her son. Sailor (an idiotic name) doesn’t look like a girl – she looks like a boy in this picture. Christie’s son Jack, looks much prettier – even though he is a boy. I think Alexa Ray is much, much prettier than these kids.

  11. 2teens3beans says

    I think those kids are real cuties! The other child, Alexa Ray is beautiful too. Good genes I guess, when your Mom is a model.
    I agree w/ Liliana about the name Sailor, it’s unique without being too off the wall.

  12. christie says

    of course its not alcohol in her daughters glass…….come on people think about it!!! and who cares if she’s a little chubby….lots of children go through that and out grow it……..she’s beautiful and looks happy with her mom and brother and that’s all that matters!!!!

  13. Liliana says

    There is NOT really alcohol in her glass, get real. Like she would give her a glass of alcohol with a bunch of papparazzi snapping their picture. I seriously doubt it. Look closely at her cup. It looks like it’s filled with candy or fruit snacks. There doesn’t even appear to be ANY liquid in the cup. Look at her mothers cup, with the frost and you can see the drink inside. I don’t think Sailor is drinking.

    BTW–I really like the name Sailor for a little girl! 🙂

  14. Won says

    Um, why are you kidding about her being too young for a martini? We are all bashing Britney, but what about this mom giving her child alcohol?!? HELLO??!!??!!

  15. Bub says

    Look at that little girl’s smile. She must be feeling like she’s drinking gold from that martini glass.

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