Ben & Jen Take Violet To The Aquarium

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Ben and Jen were snapped taking Violet to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA. Violet’s pigtails are adorable!



  1. kissy45 says


  2. KT says

    I think Violet is adorable. for all those who comment on her “unhappy” face, come on kids don’t have a smile on their faces 24/7. To me she looks like any child I see. Mood changes all the time. Also, if i had a camera in my face when i went EVERYWHERE with my family I wouldn’t smile either like Ben. I mean imagine if everytime you went out with your child, people followed you and took pictures ALL the time. It would suck! Out of all the famous families, they seem to be the most normal. I like how Jennifer is always taking Violet out to the park or farmers market, not restaurants at 10pm or through a McDonald’s drive thru…

  3. Nicki says

    19. Zbella ~ I love her attitude.too. She is happy and having fun, and I love her smile!! I think she looks like Ben, but when she smiles she is ALL her Mom!!!! She has the cutest smile in “hollywood”. She has the best smile of any “hollywood” kid. Her smile alone would be all it takes!!With that adorable smile she is one of the cutestt babies ever.” She has her Moms adorable and dimpled smile. Just precious.

  4. wtfrog says

    All of you making negative remarks about that doll baby of a little girl should be so ashamed of yourselves.

  5. wtfrog says

    I will lose my faith in love and family if this couple don’t makeit. They seem so much like a family not in the Hollywood mess. That little girl is the prettiest of all the Hollywood babies.

  6. MizLiz says

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Ben and Jen weren’t cautioning Violet NOT to look at all the annoying men jostling each other, crowding too close, yelling all sorts of stupid things hoping to get a reaction….this is one of the downsides of fame…losing all of your privacy. I’m glad they take her out anyhow though, even if they have to run the gauntlet every time.

  7. MoniKah says

    They look so CUTE together, Violet is a pretty baby just like her mommy. Violet is even cuter than Suri and Shiloh, she loks so natural & adorable.

  8. joey says

    he always looks so glum when he is with them..Does he ever smile? Violet looks happier when she is with her Mother..JMO

  9. Heidi says

    I really think Jennifer is an awesome mom. I can’t warm up to Ben…I still see him a womanizer and he doesn’t often appear in photos with his two ladies….Not sure what it is, but there’s just something i don’t like about him.

  10. daisy says

    This is such a sweet, sweet family – just like the Cruises (hate Tom tho).

    Violet seems like she will grow up to be a happy well balanced kid.

    Jennifer seems like the most involved Mother.

  11. JJ says

    I can totally visualize Violet being a bit of a sucky baby. She has that natural pout happening in this photo and I’ve seen it before on other pictures. I think that Jennifer is the disciplinarian in the family. Ben is probably the one that gives in more often to the pouty face sucky baby. I don’t have much tolerance for toddlers that pout and whine. I see them on the street, in the the malls and on the buses and when they start whining…oh god! I want to scream!

  12. Carly says

    Such a cute family. I sure hope they can make it last. It so nice to see this kind of normacly in Hollywood.

  13. toby says

    What a lovely little girl, and Jennifer Garner seems like a really god mum. I don’t like Ben Affleck. I cannot get over the “Bennifer “thing!!!! but his daughter is lovely.

  14. 2teens3beans says

    It’s hard to tell because of the stroller, but Jen’s stomach looks pretty flat to me.

    Violet is cute to me because she always seems so happy (except in this pic).

  15. oriana says

    Violet doesn’t look too happy to me in this picture. I don’t see her as a beauty in any way, she is cute when she smiles and a happy child, glad for this family. I do hope Jennifer gets preggies again soon.

  16. Liliana says

    LOVE Violet with pigtails! What a sweet little girl!….I hate the crocs though….Am I the only one that thinks they are ugly?

  17. Lauren says

    Love this family. Violet is so adorable with her pigtails. She’s getting so big. I hope Jen is pregnant again. 😉

  18. DMITZ says

    I love seeing pics of Violet! She’s quite th beauty and her hair has really grown. She looks just like her mommy.

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