A Sad Britney Spears & Jayden James

Britney Spears

A glum looking Britney was snapped with 11-month-old Jayden James leaving Beverly Hills eatery Cravings Monday night, where Britney dined with her two boys. Britney is in the middle of a custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline.



  1. lorraine says

    Bad chioces shes made. we have all made them. .No one should throw the last stone. And Kevin is only out for the money he will get. If you can’t see that then your nuts. Brittney needs to stay in more and be a better mother to her boys and bring her self respect up. Shes a good girl just alittle mixed up and she needs good friends she can trusts.Brittney has come along way and she will do it again if not for her for two adorable boys.

  2. cindy crawford says





  3. oriana says

    Well it is pitiful with the photogs but I still say she should have been home with the boys at 10:00pm at night, too late for her to be out with them having dinner.

  4. oriana says

    terri, Brit is beautiful and Jamie Lynn looks just like her. I do think she is a good dancer but I have never thought she had a nice singing voice. Christina can sing circles around her, now there is a major talent!

    I do think her mother should have had a tighter rein on her and set more limits when she was younger, but now, she has only herself to be accountable for and she is definately lacking in some good judgement!

  5. terri says

    I’m sorry but where is there to admire or respect about her as an artist or person? That comment doens’t make sense to me. I guess I can admire that she has made such a successful career with such pretty okay looks and singing, but pretty good dancing.

    Anyway, I don’t see Jamie Lynn acting out just yet. I wish people would stop blaming her mom. Yes, I’m sure she made some poor choices, but Britney is a divorced mother of two now. It’s time that she be held responsible for her actions, not her mother.

  6. oriana says

    I think Kevin is serious about going to Court for these kids! You would think a sane person would stay in out of the clubs and bar scenes with this looming, even if she doesn’t have the kids the nights she is out, she is all into her image, she should be equally as concerned about her image as a stable mother as well as getting her figure back and a new album.

  7. oriana says

    #93, the rotten bastards! I do know they have to make a living but this is stooping pretty low! I do think though that Brit knows when she gets into a car and bends over, there is always a chance of someone snapping at her butt! I used to have a nice looking ass too, yes Nicki I did too!!!! Ha! But I didn’t want to show it to the whole world!

    You don’t see pictures of Reese or even Julia Roberts for that matter, with her butt hung out to the moon like you do these girls so I do think it could be avoided some of the time!

  8. cindy crawford says



  9. says

    I have proof that the paparzzi, actually takes pictures of the stars underwear! This scum got caught red handed!
    His own team developed him in the act!
    HA! The camera man loves to aim for the places, and that is why you get these pictures of the stars underwear!

    they can wear what they choose, it sould be a law that the scums can’t do that! click on the name to see the picture!

  10. oriana says

    I heard Britney’s divorce lawyer dropped her today. I wonder if that is true?

    kimmy, they don’t look like they are wanting for anything, they just look tired to me, and the only ones that Jayden has looked like he was happy in are the ones taken in her backyard when they were in the sandbox playing.

    I also think the media will make up lies but I am going by the pictures, she looks like is a mess to me and on the brink of a nervous breakdown, again.

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  12. kimmy says

    The question we all have to ask ourselves is: Is the media always telling the truth on every aspect of Britney’s life? And also: Are the people closest to Britney reliable sources or are they just out for a buck or two? Those babies don’t look like they are wanting for anything. Until we are in Britney’s life or in her house I don’t think we have the right to make a fair judgement.

  13. says

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  14. N says

    Alot of the ladies on this site think they are perfect sinless human beings. They talk all this crap about morals and class…..but they are making judgemental comments and speculating on tabloid gossip/rumors.

  15. Zbella says

    Sure it’s sad. But it’s worse to have those boys ill cared for. Are you waiting for her to completely loose her mind?

  16. says

    I just found some beautiful pictures of Ms. Britney Spears..maybe it will stop all of you…from calling her trash!
    She is back…and I want all of you to eat your words!

    Click on the name..to read further!

  17. says

    D@mn you are saying the same thing…LOOK saggy skin..I do not want to entertain your lame @ss, tonight!
    GO e-mail one of your cyber buddies, and talk about Greek war, or something!

  18. oriana says

    If you don’t care what I think or anyone else for that matter, why do you go on and on with your babbling? All I did was make a statement about what I truely think, and I do think you are stupid, STUPID! So don’t fret about me any more, and if the names you have called me is the best you can do, then that isn’t saying too much about your imagination!

  19. says

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    I truly dont care what you think…
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  20. oriana says

    It seems like you can dish it out but you can’t take it. Too bad! You stated the truth, about what? And I haven’t asked for your opinion about me in the past either but you gave it, and I actually have gotten some laughs out of it, so please continue by all means!

    You are low class, you may actually be stupid, you just talk and act like you are, so I could have been wrong about that.

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  21. says

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  22. oriana says

    As I said, You are STUPID!!! And your low class way of expressing yourself proves it yet once again.

  23. says

    And if she doesn’t want to wear a MOM SKIRT she doesn’t have to! That is your choice if you want to look amish!

    She can dress like she wants to! I think that it is harassment for the camera man to shove his camera up her snatch! I think that she should sue the magazines..for writing bogus sh*t about her! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
    That crap isn’t true! True, she has problems, but everybody does…SHE IS HUMAN! WHAT IS IT, That you people are not getting! BLOOD flows through her veins like yours!

  24. says

    and you are stupid also, ORIANA!

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  25. Zbella says

    IF U HAD ON A SKIRT THAT SHORT(WHICH SHE CAN WEAR..SHE IS GROWN) THERE IS NO WAY THAT YOU CAN GET INTO A CAR..WITHOUT YOUR PANTIES SHOWING! That’s it? Since she is grown, she can wear a skirt in which it’s impossible to enter/exit a vehicle without flashing the world? That is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  26. Aimee says

    Accusations don’t have to be true to wreak havoc. I’m a responsible mother. I haven’t put my kids at risk any more than any mother who lets them out of the house to play. This is crazy. Hopefully we all agree that if there wasn’t money involved, Kevin wouldn’t be so interested in his kid’s best interests.

  27. Analise says

    I can’t wait to see her with half her head in curlers, a cigarette hanging out of her mouth, a tank with no bra to accent her saggy boobs and fuzzy slippers. It’s just a matter of time.

  28. cyberkitten37 says

    oh for gawd’s sake..it’s a pair of friggin panties!! i can’t beleive the uproar over a pair of panties! lol At least she’s wearin SOMETHIN!

  29. CeeCee says

    Right, but getting into/out of a car properly even with a mini-skirt is something celebrities do learn.
    Britney probably has been told she should pay attention to this or doesn’t care…

    Anyway, paparazzi are always trying to find the right angle to get that kind of shot!

  30. says


  31. says

    oh come on people did you see the other picture of her bending over showing her ass and panties give me a break she is a sick-0 people need to really look at the situation i love her to but she has lost it.
    If she does something to her-self and the boy’s then it will be to late….

  32. oriana says

    I personally don’t think Kevin or Brit are fit to raise these kids but it does seem like Kevin is the more stable one, at least mentally. He may be a jerk, an asshole and money grubber, but she is obviously off the deep end, nothing new with him, from Day One he hasn’t changed from not having talent or a job to having one, or being latched on to a meal ticket, she on the other hand, has steadily gotten worse.

  33. CeeCee says

    IMO, that baby looks tired, but anyway…

    I have a comment on the title choosen for the topic, and a question.

    The person who posted the photo says “sad looking Britney”; that’s probably the most obvious you can guess.

    Am I the only one to think that Britney could simply be mimicking her baby’s face expression for the persons/paparazzi in front of her?
    Doing this is not unusual after all, is it?

    We can’t know with no doubt if she is sad or mimicking for the fun, but the comments would really be different, don’t you think?

  34. says

    Kevin needed be voooded to death adn hope his pr–ck falls off or disentegrates….

    Where are all tehhit men when you need..the kids can do fine without the arse..at this point the only lesson they pick up fomr him is how to leech off a young starlets…

    sad SITUATION in all

    Wish the children all the best!

  35. CeeCee says

    I do agree on all the good principles about education that were mentionned here.

    One thing makes pointless commenting on such a situation for me:
    we only get to know what THEY (celebrities, media, paparazzi…) want us to see; this is public opinion tampering from EVERY side, all the time!
    I admit it at least gives us an opportunity to spend some time chatting…

    Incidentally, if the paparazzi’s work -the way they do it- is legal in the US, it is not in all countries; there are indeed reasons for more restrictives laws and one result is that celebs are not so keen on using the media for their own purposes. As long as everyone will find normal that (ex)friends and (ex)employees tell everything they want and the contrary, with no possiblity to check if it’s true or not, and that the media give so many space to it, that’s what you’ll have: Britneys, Lohans etc… the more interest they get, the worse they’ll behave.

    OT to Oriana: I just explained the origins of the habit: it is no surprise people who have been educated in this cultural background keep these habits if nothing forces them to change.

    Sorry for being so far from the initial topic, thanks for reading!

  36. oriana says

    #41, No, I haven’t had babies in a long time, and the times have changed, but babies haven’t, they need their rest and I think 10:00pm at night is too late to have small children out, and I also think the same for Celine Dion’s son, she isn’t any more special than Brit is in my opinion!

    And yes, I did vote for Bill, love him, and would again if I could, not Hillary is a different story, she is a brilliant person but not my cup of tea.

    I could understand eating late because of the climate but my Greek friends here aren’t in hot, hot weather and they don’t take siestas during the day, they say it is a habit with them.

    I also think Britney’s mother spent many years taking her to auditions, traveling with her and encouraging her, so she did have her interests in my mind way back in the day! I think she did much better by her, don’t know for sure about the younger sister, than Lindsay Lohan’s mom letting her live by herself in Ca. and 17 years old, and certainly better than Angelina Jolie’s mom, letting her older boyfriend move in and live with her at 14 years old! The parents are definately to blame for the way a lot of these stars have turned out and done due to lack of parental control and proper guidance.

    They are mothers, not girlfriends!

  37. y.b.g. says

    @ NicNic #48: If she’d truly “do anything to make her boys happy, ” she would (minimum) keep them out of the spotlight and stay out of any unnecessary limelight herself. As for “trying to get her life back on track,” we’ve only seen evidence of her (desperately) trying to get her *career* back on track. And finally, family court judges don’t give a whole lot of weight to “god knows what she’ll do” (and K-Fed’s not asking for full custody, is he? just > 50%?). Anyway, this is the mess you get into when your career is based way more on image than talent. You just can’t keep that image up, certainly not in the way you used to, when you’re the mother of two toddlers (and even if she were childless, her attempts so far have been desperate, pitiful, and smelling of flop sweat).

  38. NicNic says

    personally i think that it BRITNEYS business how long she has her babies out for. its not like she takes them out everynight till god knows when. actually ive only seen a few pics of her out at night with her babies.

    i dont think kfed should get full custody of the boys only because i think britneys trying too get her life back on track and if he gets full custody god knows what she’ll do. she seems to be a good mum, the boys seem happy and i think she’d do anything to make her boys happy.

    i think these boys have gotta be the cutest boys ever

  39. Bahia says

    Everything she does, you find something to criticize. She went out with her kids to eat maybe it’s around 8:30-9:00, that’s not so late. She’s with them, it’s not ok, she’s without them et it still not ok.

    Strange, the son of Celine Dion stay up until 1:00-2:00 in the morning et he sleep with his mother and father and you don’t say anything. He’s even sometime wait for her in backstage at the Casino but is it because it’s Celine that make it ok.

    I think she’s got problems but i’m sure she’s a good mother who really love her kids.

  40. y.b.g. says

    OK, we all raise our children differently, and we all make mistakes. BUT … if you’ve ever had a custody issue–or know someone who has–or can imagine it: celebrity or no, if a parent’s public behavior is *one-tenth* as troublesome as Britney’s, that parent is going to be in a world of hurt in family court (not even counting private-life testimony). How could anyone here argue otherwise?! As for the paparazzi issue: unless they’re declared illegal, or mags & websites like this one, who need their product, disappear (not to mention our interest in them), the only realistic way celebrity parents can cope is to lead circumspect family lives (think of all the successful examples!). Three cheers for the last paragraph of #43!

  41. nosoupforyou says

    Nikki and Zbella, your comments are mature and well thought out.

    Once you become a parent, your children come first.

    Brit has some serious problems.

  42. peige says

    Is Britneys sister Jamie pregnant?

    Why has kevin never fought for his children with Shar Jackson. I’ll tell you why because she doesnt have the money Britney does so he wont gain anything. Don’t fall for his crap!!!

    Britney has probably lost her mind because everyone has let her down and betrayed her and she has no one to turn to.

    Marrying Kevin was the biggest mistake of her life and career the only good thing to come out of it was them to lovely boys.

    No actually the biggest mistake of her life was spilting with Justin, if you look back Britney has been on a downward spiral since then, I dont think she truely got over the heartbreak and Kevin and all the other unsuitable men were just an effort to numb the pain and replace Justin.

    Now Britney is just into deep and doesn’t know were to turn for help or what to do to get her life back on track. And this custody battle is just dragging her down further. The media and the haters and everyone just want to see her fall and won’t stop until she has. She needs support and help not further critisim .

    As for Lynne Spears I think she is a loving Mom and is just cursing the day she allowed her young daughter to go into show business. Its a case of too much too young as with most child stars!!!

    Britney should go back home, step out of the spotlight, get some help and try and to get her life back on track. She should forget her career for now and stay out of the spotlight, concentrate on getting well, being a good mom and getting her life together again with the help of her family.

  43. CeeCee says

    I’m sick of seeing the paps snapping her everywhere she goes and of reading comments on what she should do or not. Such frenzy is also painful for her and IMO, celebrities deserve to have some private part in their life…
    I have my own lifestyle and my own views on my children’s education (indeed similar to what has been said in a few posts above): these are good for us and adapted to who we are and the place where we live. What do we know of the real person Britney is? How can we seriously comment on what a photo is supposed to show? It’s only interpretation and some may have a different take on the same photo.

    To Oriana:
    it’s not a matter of “fashion” if peoples around the Mediterranean sea are used to have late dinner.
    In fact, the daily life revolves around the climate: the habit is to stop working during the hottest hours of the day (2-4 pm) for lunch and siesta and go back to work till late; that explains dinner is at 10 pm.

  44. says

    blah blah blah

    comeon Oriana, you haven’t had babies in along time..so you know that time has changed! You are narrow minded in your point of view! It is hard to believe that a woman that voted for bill…think like this!
    That is Britney’s money! She danced, she sung, she put on those heavy costumes..not her..mother, but her! If she want to donate all of her money to the salvation army..that is her choice! I bet you that u,and nicki..have a rack full of tabloid magazines, and live, and die by them regulary! her mother is mudd…but not dirtier than kevin! he is slime! He is so repulsive to me.

    shut it up nicki! and make those banana witchamajigs!!

  45. oriana says

    I do agree that her mother should be in control of her 16 year teenage daughter and I think she should have been in better (stricter) control with Britney. Hopefully she learned from her mistakes but it doesn’t sound like it. I do agree also that her mother prob is sick at heart over all the money Brit is just wasting and spending uncontrollably, I would be!

    And I may be old fashioned, but I think 10:00pm is too late for young kids to be out and about in restaurants for dinner. Look at Jayden’s face, he looks tired and irritable, and why shouldn’t he be? I live in Ca., I see the lifestyle here, and NO, a parent doesn’t have to wait till that time of night to out to dinner. It may be the fashion in Europe, I know some Greek friends, and some Vietnamese also, that eat late, but usually at home, this is not a special occasion, like a BD, or whatever, it is the normal behavior for her!

  46. Nicki says

    38. Name isn’t important—- Wow you sound like you are on drugs. Are you sucking the same morp.. lollipops that Brit is so fond of? If so then we excuse your rant, if not, then go back to school and learn something.
    I’m betting drug crazed. And even then it is pitiful.

  47. says

    oh hell the xxx team, they always are sucking on each other..so nicely! I am so glad that they only compliment one another! “Hey, you did good, NO you did better, Oh NO you did the best..etc….Who cares!

    And take it from these 3 people….they actually live with Britney..to tell you that she hasn’t done a thing!
    Yes…they actually live inside her walls! LMAOOOOO!

    And for the record..you don’t know what she was doing at 10:00…and like i said” she is d.a.m.n.e.d. if she do, and d.a.m.n.e.d. if she don’t

    that is your opinion…I know plenty of mothers that have their kids out at that time! So..that is ure close minded opinion! and i already know that 2 of your friends are going to come after me like the good watch dogs that they are! So ..i will type again!

    Oriana..i bet you that her mother cringes everytime just to think about the money that she isn’t controlling!
    16, and already moving out..she can’t control her!

  48. Nicki says

    Children, no matter “if they don’t” have school, all need some type of a schedule. Having dinner at 9:30pm, isn’t “on schedule” unless your mom is like my Nieces “ex-bio mom” who only cares about herself and her “habits”.

    When you are blessed to become a MOM your world revolves around your Babies. You don’t make them adapt to your party schedule. You are there for them, breakfast, snacks, earaches, tummy aches, throwing up, lunch, dinner, monsters under the bed, whatever! Britney has two of the cutest babies, and she is in danger of losing 50% custody of them. And what does she do?, No matter if she had them that night, hopefully she didn’t, SHE goes out to a club! All I can say is LOSER.
    She has done nothing in the last 10 months (probably more, I’m being nice) that makes her look fit as a parent. And no one day here and one day there doesn’t cut it. She is constantly going to clubs, not just a night here and a night there. She needs help, NOW!

  49. Zbella says

    Too bad she doesn’t have a clue how to be a mother. Hopefully Kevin gets full custody.

    We all have 1 or 2 things we do our own way as parents and say to hell with what others think, but the list is so long for her that it’s just sad.

  50. says





  51. Lyndee says

    I like Britney. There is nothing wrong with having her boys out late, they dont go to school so who cares if they sleep all day? I wish people would leave her alone….I would like someone to show me the “perfect parent”. Im sorry but it doesnt exsist. We make mistakes as parents, hers are just in the spotlight because she is a celeb..When all of you who are bashing her become the perfect parent and raise perfect children then you can talk crap about her. Until then shut up.

  52. cookiemonster says

    I was just using ‘trailer trash” as a figure of speach, no offense to anyone. She most definatly is on the fast road to self destruction. How sad. By hooking up with K-Fed, that was the demise of her career. As the saying goes, what goes up, must come down…………………..in this case, her career.

  53. oriana says

    ON a path of self destruction is the best phase I have heard describing what is going on with her! And I think she knows it also.

  54. says

    Lol…. looks like I really started something. Kids need a good night’s sleep… that’s all I stated. I’m not going to “yell at anyone for stating their opinion.”

  55. Émilie says

    I don’t like Britney at all and I hope Kevin will get those kids, but Jayden is really cute.

    I just want to pinch his chubby cheeks!

  56. carleigh says

    I think Britney’s kids have more square feet of clothing on them than she does at any given time. I’m sick of her and her stupidity…those babies suffer and it obvious to anyone who cares to take off their “Britney Spears” fan club sunglasses. This girl isn’t on her way to a breakdown, on her way off the deep end, or on her way to a comeback…she’s been there and done that and is continuing to go down the same path of self destruction she always has been on for the last 3 years.
    She has beautiful children, she does love them but she is just DUMB!

  57. the real yummy brittaneyi says

    My son stays up late until 10 or 11pm I do that just so he will sleep late. I dont see nothing wrong with her letting them slept late! More power to her. I think Kevin is only after them babies for the freaking money. I dont see him fighting Shar Jackson for “more” custody of his other 2. Maybe those 2 are together and since Shar’s so call career is gone she is sleeping with fedaloser to get more money for more plastic surgery. Keivn is just jeaulous Britney left his sorry a$$ and that he is going to be broke in a few months. He thinks that he plays the good daddy and keep them cope up all day and with a nanny that he is the good one and can get more money so he can live the high life he was use too. At least she makes the effort to be there for her childern and bring them out. what unesscary risk is she putting them at? I hope she gets them babies and dont pay fedaloser a dime

  58. Joey says

    I don’t quite understand the words “trailer trash”..I have seen alot worse then Britney coming out of million dollar homes… and really decent people come out of “trailers” . Not defending her..just stating my opinion. And before you start jumping..NO, I don’t live in a trailer…I, for one feel sorry for the boys and her..She’s a product of “poor” upbringing.

  59. cookiemonster says

    Once trailer trash, always trailer trash. Parents who allow their children to start in the entertainment business do it for one reason only……………………..MONEY. They are not looking out for the best interest of their child like a parent is suppose to do, they are selfish people who mooch off their young children. There should be laws against it. How many young child super stars make it through with out succumbing to drugs and alchohol? Look at all the young tragedy’s in the entertainment industry! To many names to mention or remember but we could start with Britney, Lindsey, Nicole just to start off with.

  60. Emma says

    She dresses those boys so cute. It’s her life, and people shouldn’t be saying things about Britney. Just because they see something about her on a magazine or the internet.

  61. says

    u don’t know how she treats her kids! Who are you to decide whether she’s a good parent or not!
    You are human, just like the next person!
    Are you there with her? NO..why ddoes she have to be trash? are you trash? You sound like trash!
    everywhere she goes it is going to be cameras there..that is why you are making you hallow comments!
    You might not like the way she dresses, and she might not like yours, but is that a reason to call her trash?
    start with her mother..now that is trash!

  62. ali says

    so sick of her white trash ways….has been has been has been…. using her babies for more limelight, arghhh!

  63. cookiemonster says

    Put the boys up for adoption so “REAL” and caring parents can give them the love and devotion that they deserve. Not parents like K-fed who uses them to get more money from their mom, or to further his career. Brit uses them as arm trophys and neither one should be allowed to be a parent.
    They are both scum of the earth and poor excuses for parents. They don’t deserve the privlage and honour of being called Mom and Dad.

  64. Stop the bashing says

    You all bashed her when she was out at night without the kids and now you’re bashing because she’s out with the kids. You know sometimes it’s not the celebrity that has the problem but people like you/us that has the problem. LIke was mentioned before we don’t know what time it was that she was out and more than likely she was on her way home to put her adorbale kids to bed. I don’t agree with some things she does but just beause we don’t agree doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Maybe she would think things you do/how you raise your kids is just as bad. Stop the bashing….

  65. says

    I think that she can have them out as late as she want to!
    As long as they are with her!

    If she was out, without her kids….then they would say.
    “why isn’t she at home, with her kids..she is abandoning them..

    Then she is out with her kids..they think that it is too late..GIVE HER A BREAK..she can’t win for loosing!
    I think that her mother is a greedy c_nt!

    If I was her, I would be feeling sad too…it seems like the world world want to see her kill herself!

    I pray to god….Yeah I do..that she will keep her babies…and that god don’t let evil like kevin get those kids! I think that because Britney isn’t messing around with her mom, and there for Lynn can’t see the kids..i believe that she will go do anything…She should be worrying about JAMIE…who is 16..pregnant, and on the move to live with her boyfriend! When I was that age..my mother would have put a foot in my @ss!

  66. Danica says

    People! Babies are allowed to go out at night! They don’t have school to wake up for. And how do you know what time it is? Maybe it is only 9 pm. Anyway, you same people are the ones who bash Britney for not taking her kids out enough. Sheesh.

  67. felys says

    I started to think why she was out so late with them but maybe that is their schedule, stay up late, sleep in. When I had my first child I didn’t work and he would stay up with me until 11 or 12 and sleep in until 9 with me. I didn’t have him out in the street or anything but he was just on my schedule. Anyway, if you watch on TMZ the video of all the cameras flashing and trying to mall her car to see the kids it is just sad, they should just leave her alone. I never felt sorry for her until I seen that video and now I do.

  68. Carla says

    I think she looks beautiful. I’m not a big fan of hre but I respect her as an artist and as a person, And also, for Comment # 1, I have a little boy the same age as Jayden, and he as very odd sleeping habits just like a little babies do. They can go to sleep in the day, and be up all night. That’s how kids work. Maybe not your kid, but mine does. And don’t yell at me for saying my opinion. Anyways, her dress is a bit too short but it’s cute. And Jayden is an exact replica of Britney. He’s my favorite celebrity baby.

  69. jo says

    Please check out justjared for the pic of her flashing her purple polka dot panties on the same night.I really think this girl has lost it.

  70. Lame..be in bed by 6pm! says

    I love how everyone has a preconceived idea that because the article says she was out Monday night that they think it was late. Who cares if she is out having dinner with her kids, at least she is having family time! I seriously doubt she is out at midnight doing this! Lame People!

  71. KTT says

    Everyone always has something to say about how other people raise their kids – especially celebrities. The fact is that she is living her life and I’d rather she do that with her boys than without them. I’m sure she has them on a regular sleeping schedule – even if it’s not what may be normal to other people.

  72. name not important says

    I agree with your comments that Britney’s kids should not be out late at night but you all couldn’t wait to see Jayden James and I bet if you still haven’t seen pics of him your comments would be omg britney doesn’t spend anytime with her children the nannies always take care of them. So but we don’t know how late this was they were out having dinner. but i do agree that she does need to step up her parenting skills because the boys were out late before.

  73. Sassy says

    Britney get you life together for the sake of your boys, once you lose them, it’s going to be very difficult getting them back.

  74. Lauren says

    Why does she constantly feel the need to tout her two babies out late at night? Those boys need a regular bedtime not constantly being out with flashbulbs going off in their faces.

    Lately, Britney is just losing it. It seems like she’s using Sean and Jayden for publicity. Those boys deserve to live with their father.

  75. denise says

    I wish they would stop photographing her w/ the boys – it seems she just uses them for the publicity. Cute boys but there mom needs some serious help. You know you out of it when you make k-fed look like the better parent.

  76. DMITZ says

    How sad for JJ and SP. I hope she gets it together for her kids sake! My comments are related to her actions lately.

  77. says

    I’m not a Britney-basher but these boys should not be out at night all the time! When is their bedtime? They’re going to be sad and crabby the next day unless they get a good night’s sleep.

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