Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Take Suri To The Berlin Zoo!

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise

Awwwww! So sweet! The family was snapped at the zoo yesterday.



  1. Tam says

    You all are talking nonsense, why don’t you get over saying shes a test tube baby or some love child of chris klein and katies, its obvious tom and katie had a baby.. deal with it..

  2. obnoxious spice says

    wow, sorry to disappoint you orianna, i have merely been away….
    and by the way, i can’t believe that you are STILL obsessing over me…
    get a life…

  3. oriana says

    I for one am very glad to not have to see any more of Libra or Obnox Spice rants, and I do think they were/are the same person! I wonder if the webmistress got too many complaints about Libra and is putting her comments off?

  4. Shadow Girl says

    Gee, time to put labels on these old hags on here and put them into the zoo enclosure right next to old Crude and his hag! >:)

  5. cherisse says

    “Shadow Girl” what the hell is wrong with you. You know how stupid you sound right now, you probably are, you are maybe mentally retarded. Suri don’t even look like Klein she doesn’t even come close to his looks. And what is so damn funny to you! A happy family who is rich, are you jealous, you must have wanted to marry Tom, you mad because he did not pay attention to you! Oh thats right HE DOSEN’T EVEN KNOW YOU EXSIST!!!! Somebody elert the media Shadow Girl jealous of Tom Cruise’s Wife. I can see it now. Do me and the rest of us a big ass favor and get a life of your own.

  6. Martha says

    Shadow girl, you have no “friends” on this site. Talking amongst you and your alias’ doesn’t count as friends. So pathetic that you have to keep talking about your “friends” so that we think you are cool. High school what?

    You’re so nasty, you sound so unlady like. And the zoo comment was so stupid. What are you, 10? Have some adult conversation please.

  7. Shadow Girl says

    Haha, so much nonsensical rantings, not including me or my friends on here.

    I bet some zoo in Berlin, not necessarily the one they were visiting would love to put Tom in a cage labeled $cien freak show and his illegitimate offspring. Then introduce the hag and watch their bizarre mating ritual which includes her taking his pint sizedness up her butthole.

    No wonder Kidman bailed out! Crude’s more girly than she ever will be.

  8. Martha says

    I agree w/Oriana and Tia.

    Tia, thank you for the information.

    I think Shadow Girl/Miapocca are one in the same (maybe Libra) because all SG and Mia talk about is L Ron Hubbard and Sciento… stuff. No one is even talking about that and the insanity always comes up. Like I said before, get over it.

    I think where #74/sunnymaid posted is Libra. ALL her posts are in the same format (check out past posts if you don’t believe me). She starts a new thought on a different line and all in the same format as:

    yea, nice link Tia…a “doctor” who can’t even spell the word definitely correctly???? I don’t THINK so
    did anyone bother to check out this “doctors” blog????
    it’s hilarious and ridiculous, and she even bashes Tom Cruise in one of her blogs for being too controlling
    She’s the resident body language expert to the rag mags, thats her claim to fame

    And SG/Mia (possibly Libra) if you want to go off on me, do it all you want. It is what it is.

  9. oriana says

    What would Chris Klein have to gain for keeping his mouth shut? I don’t see him as a big time Star, or wealthy? And Suri looks nothing like him either.

  10. Shadow Girl says

    Haha, the smart ones know that Tom couldn’t knock up a girl if his sodding life depended on it. She’s the love child of Holmes and Klein.

  11. Shadow Girl says

    Oh, like ow, you dumb@sses. I probably am off my rocker a bit, but that’s because I choose to be. Why would I be jealous of a test tube baby that’ll be hailed as the L Ron Dumb@ss’s secondcoming? They’re a bunch of freaks that would be better situated on the side of the road in a freak show. Tom should be shackled to the wall where he should be gagged so he won’t offend anymore.

    He and MIscavige are probably getting it on or some weird $hit like that.

    Piss off, ladies, just because I do the research and am very well informed and express my own opinions…well, accuse me of whatever. My pals and I know what’s real and what’s not. Bunch of delusional idiots on here.

  12. theresa says

    They look so “normal” in these photos. Whatever the truth about themselves is, only they know – but these pics sure make it seem like they are a genuinely happy and in love family.

  13. Tomkat says

    I dont find them cute/perfect couple!..but Suri’s cute….
    i dont like Katie’s new hair cut…looks old to me…and Tom looks “Tom& Jerry” Miyawwwwwwwwww!!!!!


    I have this feeling that Suri is a science baby….dont u think she is? Why does Tom and Kate expose her to public after six months?….is there something “behind the scene” here?….

  14. gigi says

    84. Shadow Girl, why there are people like you? You are really the deciple of satan. Leave this famliy alone, they have a very happy life, that’s why you are jealous.

  15. Tia says

    I get it you’re upset because I’m a fan and I like this family! lol
    You’ve your opinions and I’ve mine and I’ll believe whatever I want to!!

    And all I can say is wow on the spelling! yes I miss type some words and I typed “said” wrong on my post because I was fast…no big deal but that isn’t a crime and everybody does it!

    Again I won’t lower myself to your level and be nasty so I’ll go on and ignore you as always.

    I’m off to look for pictures and if I find new ones I’ll come back and share it with others here and you mind your own business and wait for one of your regulars to fight with!

  16. Shadow Girl says

    I don’t like it when u pick on my friends, all right? You’re completely off in some unknown loony dimension and can’t look @ the facts. Suri is not his by any means, she’s too old, Katie was bribed into marrying Tom because it helped her career, plus the pathetic anti psychiatry rants he did just made me want to reach for him and slap his sorry face.

    You pro Crudes just make this site more interesting with your silly ranting and uninformed pathetic loony ways.

    Try to spell, Tia, that’s all I can say right now. Go get a hooked on phonics.

  17. Tia says

    Shadow girl what is your problem? I’ve always tried to avoid you because you sound like you’re off your head and now you want to drag me into one of your fights? Not gone happen! I’ll be around!!!

  18. oriana says

    I guess Tom wants a good image as any movie star would, but big difference to me the way he carries himself and dresses from the way Brad Pitt goes around looking dirty and grungy all the time! Big major difference!

    Did read though that Brad is a generous tipper and treats staff and public respectful, that impressed me. I can’t stand people that are cheap tippers!

  19. Laura says

    Thanks for the video link.
    Suri is so sweet…it looks like she looked at Tom then Katie then she gave it a try….very cute!! 🙂

    #60 From what we’ve seen of Suri from videos and pictures that article described her perfectly!!

  20. oriana says

    Tia, very cute video, thank you! I don’t look at other Tom Cruise sites so would have missed it. Also, doesn’t surprise me one bit if that isn’t Libra posting under another name, with the same comments, I don’t understand why people do that for!

  21. Tia says

    #74 is Libra, she siade the same exact thing on another blog about the article. Libra I actually believe the doctor because she is not a bias fan of Tom., so she has creditability in my book.

  22. sunnymaid says

    yea, nice link Tia…a “doctor” who can’t even spell the word definitely correctly???? I don’t THINK so
    did anyone bother to check out this “doctors” blog????
    it’s hilarious and ridiculous, and she even bashes Tom Cruise in one of her blogs for being too controlling
    She’s the resident body language expert to the rag mags, thats her claim to fame

  23. Nicki says

    No doubt Tom loves her, Katrie adores her too. Connor and Bella are wonderful with her. I don’t think anyone doubts the love for Suri.
    Tia, your article is perfect. It explains an Aries baby to the 100%. I am one and my Mom and Dad, and Husband can tell you first hand, you CAN’T TELL AN ARIES ANYTHING. We need proof, hence Suris “go get em” attitude. You can’t tell us anything without proving it. I will bet Suri will rebel before she is 16, and it won’t be because of anything other than her being Aries. It is there nature,show me. prove to me, etc. They will test you till the end. And I think it might be earlier than 16, if they try to control her every move. She is a very cute little girl. I wish them luck with thier lil Aries child. My brother had sole custody of my niece, and Aries child, since she was 4 months old. She is 16 years old now and the best of relationships. But he was frustrated about her “I know-you can’t tell me~or Prove it” attitude, thats an Aries. I think Suri is adorabke and she has it all under wraps. She knows whats going on, and how to work it. I have to give it to my fellow Aries gil, Suri, She will get her way, and turn things around to make it work for her. She is adorable, and “:working” it. Go girl!

  24. oriana says

    I forgot to add I don’t think Suri minds the cameras at all, I can even see her running right up and grabbing them! Ha! She has a geniune smile and I would love to hear her laugh!

  25. oriana says

    Tia my Dear!!!! Wonderful article, thank you!!!!!! Love this little girl!!! I am waiting to see more pictures of all the kids toegether when they come back from Nicole, I know they all love each other! I think she is just adorable and I absolutely love the way Katie and Tom dress her. Yes, it is obvious to anyone when Tom looks at her he is sincere and heartfelt in his love for her. I hope they have another baby soon!!!!

  26. Jane says

    Tia, thanks for the article. Suri does look very independent and happy. It looks like Tom and Katie are doing a great job raising her, Connor and Bella they all look happy and well adjusted.

  27. DMITZ says

    What a cute article, thank you Tia.

    Suri is so adorable and just reading that makes me want to hug her! I do think Tom and Katie are good parents despite what people say about them and their beliefs.

  28. Tia says

    Oriana, my fave picture of Suri is also the one at the soccer game…she looks so cute. I also like the dogie pic her look on that pic is priceless. .

    Here is an article about Suri’s body language



    I just had the opportunity to watch a videoclip of Katie Holmes with husband Tom and baby Suri at an outing at the German zoo where Knut the polar bear is housed. It was clear to me that in observing little Suri’s body language she is A very secure and independent child. While the paparazzi were snapping away taking photos, she was happy about it as she began clapping her little hands together. As Katie carried her, she asserted her independence and wanted to walk but then submitted to being carried by Katie without making a fuss. She was calm and connected to her enviornment as she appeared to notice all that was around her– her parents and the paparazzi.
    As she was being carried and cooed to and constantly spoken to by Katie, Suri began moving her head from side to side as though she were responding to something happy like a song or even to kind words. Her body language was typical of body language exhibited when a child is happy and pleased about something.
    Maybe Suri was pleased by all fo the attention and love she was receiving from Katie who who seemed to plant kisess on Suri’s little head every few minutes. Tom is also in awe of little Suri as he consistently stares at her while wraping his arm affectionately around Katie. He smiles at her differenty than the contrived Hollywood wide grin smile he usuallly does in front of the camera at premiers and photo ops. This smile was heartfelt. It was genuine.It was full of love and tenderness. You could see it in his eyes

    Both Tom and Katie’s body language towards little Suri indicates that they are nothing less than extremely loving an affectionate towards her. This will undoubtedly allow her to grow up to be a self assured, emotionally secure little girl.
    She’s definately on her way.So no matter what we observed about Tom and katie in the past, one thing is for sure.. they adore little Suri and the openly show her love. You can’t ask for more than that!

  29. oriana says

    Nicki, my brother just called from Smokies, they had dinner at MIMI’s in Knoxville! How funny! They got the chicken salad with cranberries, and the Andouille sausage soup, the huge big muffins they serve, his wife is on a health kick, she wears like a size 2, she has some kind of disease where she can’t eat any grains, can’t think of the name of it, but if she eats cereals or anything like that she gets very sick, she is going to a Specialist in Nashville at Vanderbilt next month for testing, but anyway, Mimi’s has like four pages of food on their menu the Mgr. brought out of foods she could eat that people with that disease can eat. She said Outback has a menu also of foods she could choose from also.

  30. oriana says

    Oh I love the one with the little doggie! Her laugh must be joyful! She is so cute! My fave though is the one watching Becks play soccer with her hands clasped wearing a pink shirt. Adorable in that one. This kid is very photogenic. I think she would be perfect in Baby Gap ads too!

  31. oriana says

    Nicki, this picture is a few days old. Very cute dress!

    Shadow Girl, she does walk, and run, Shiloh is the one we don’t see walking hardly any, actually I haven’t seen any, a couple of standing up and that is it. Suri is very energetic and there have been several of her recently walking and running. Very cute!

  32. Shadow Girl says

    Yuk. Let’s see, why don’t they let that kid walk around? I mean, she’s got to be walking by now, unless Crude’s ponied up for some freakish $cieno levitating thing….

  33. Jen says

    There is another jen now (#49)….

    Anyway I hope there is going to be another Suri and family sitting this weekend.

  34. jen says

    so pretty baby, everyday i always searching for new pictures of baby suri. I just enjoyed seeing her pictures.

  35. Jen says

    I’ve watched a couple of videos at x17 and TMZ and I counted 6 other ppl with them. Three of them look like bodyguards (one for each I guess) and one looks like Tom’s sister or a nanny and the other guy I think is Tom’s nephew.

  36. Nicki says

    I saw the video of this on one of the entertainment shows, about 20 seconds, and they have 8 people with them. I’m sure besides the bodyguards, there is a nanny or two in there.

    I love the pic of her with the bow in her hair and her standing at the railing. Very cute.

  37. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    They must have some sort of staff with them..the blankie totally disappeared in the last pic.
    Suri is the epitamy of adorable!

  38. Zbella says

    #23 – They do not have staff as in nannies because they only have 1 child. Angenlina & Brad have 4. Heidi Klum has 3 under 3 and her husband is touring. They must have body guards??

    Suri is cute. Picture #3 is interesting. Tom looks like he’s got Katie by the throat.

  39. daisy says

    I think Suri Cruise has to be the cutest celeb baby – she looks full of spunk and personality. I just hope Tom is a good Dad and not too controlling.

  40. Shadow Girl says

    Uh yeah, we all know that…duh. Worst photo ops and publicity pimping I have ever seen. The TomKat pays paparazzo at every chance they get just to try to mend Tom’s horrible image.

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! Get a life, Crude lovers!

  41. Jane says

    Face, that is a gossip by Life and style magazine and according to them Tom and Katie have turned down the offer from GAP. So she won’t be a model.

  42. face says

    I just read that suri is a model for gap for a lucrative amount, she will be the most adorable and beautiful baby model. How proud tomkat for their prettiest baby in the world.

  43. Laura says

    I agree this is the happiest I’ve seen Tom ever. He looks more relaxed and not to mention doesn’t care about the tabloids. I guess being in the movie business for over 20 yrs and surviving he has earned it!

  44. Laura says

    I can’t help myself but like this family now. Tom Cruise was a bit strange for a while but I guess that is done and dusted and he is keeping his opinion to himself. Every pictures I see they look very happy together and I didn’t think they’ll last this long but I was proven wrong. So I’m on board the Tomkat and family appreciation train. All the best to them.

    Thanks WM very adorable pictures. Suri takes the cake on being the most adorable baby.

  45. Elsa says

    I’m not a Tom Cruise fan, by any means, and don’t get me going on Scientology…. BUT Suri is such a little doll. AND I have to say, Tom seems much happier now than he has in ages. Of course this is speculation beause I don’t know him from Adam. LOL

  46. Deeds says

    I think Suri is the most adorable child I’ve seen on babyrazzi. Tom and Katie look at her with unadbandon admiration.

  47. Hana says

    Awwwwww, these pictures are precious!!! Tom and Katie look so happy and I think they’re doing a great job with Suri…she is very happy baby! Katie is probably still jet lagged.

    #27. onatear, the hair cut is for a movie he is shooting in Germany.

  48. sara says

    SO cute! I love Suri! I saw a video of them at the zoo and Tom just kept his hand in his pocket the whole time while Katie was trying to wrangle the little one. She totally had her hands FULL! It was funny he didn’t take his hand out and offer to help her…but she managed. 🙂

  49. onatear says

    PLUS….did anyone else notice, Tom is wearing, both, a wool looking jacket over a LEATHER jacket??? What’s with that?

  50. onatear says

    Very cute pictures…cute family. EXCEPT that I cannot understand that weird haircut on a man who is otherwise pretty good looking. Yuck…Does his wife think it’s becoming to him???

  51. DMITZ says

    Suri looks so precious. Tom and Katie look so happy in these pics. I agree, Suri seems to have lots of energy. That’s how my daughter is, not wanting to sit still in a stroller. I just thought it was b/c of the age. Suri is 1 mo older than my daughter.

  52. Jen says

    Aww, those are a very nice pics of this family. They looks so happy and content. As always Suri is so adorable and I can’t get enough of her.

  53. cherisse says

    if you noticed that when Katie don’t wear heels they both can c eye to eye with each other.
    I think that this is a cute family . You never see them with staff all around them like other celebs. And Suri is just getting cuter and cuter every day. Is it me or do every time you see Suri the first thing you notice is her eyes, their so attracting blue eyes you can’t take ur eyes off them. P.S. It is not Toms fault for the hair cut it was for a film he was doing.

  54. kim--original kim says

    Suri is so cute, and Katie looks beautiful…but every time I see TC I just get SO creeped out!!! Yikes… he looks very controlling…. Suri is going to be rebellious, I have a feeling…

  55. JJ says

    Yup, Tom and Katie look like brother and sister. Same complexion colouring and similar short ‘do…yikes!

  56. Lauren says

    Suri is adorable. Love seeing pictures of her. She’s always so happy. Not loving Tom’s new haircut, though. 😉

  57. Vanessa Hudgens says

    Awww she is such a cutie and Katie Holmes is totaly my fashion icon. We have the same motto ” comfort over style”

  58. TEa says

    Though I can’t stand Tom, I have to admit that Suri is adorable.

    I don’t think it is weird that they don’t have a stroller, I have not managed to keep my Daughter in one since she was a little over a year, and after a while it just became easier to carry her (it is really awkward to push a stroller and carry a toddler at the same time)

  59. oriana says

    OH she is too cute, they don’t carry her all the time, I have seen many pictures of her walking and she is very energetic! I can see where they indulge her and I would too! She is precious!!!!

  60. 2teens3beans says

    She’s such a precious little thing!!! But I do agree it’s weird that we never see a stroller. Obviously she would sit in a stroller if she is tired of walking, they just carry her all the time!

  61. says

    I love these pics. I saw the pic with the bow in her hair! Too precious 🙂 They look like such a happy family. Suri is the sweetest little girl. Awww 🙂

  62. Germaine says

    Thats funny you say that Lilo. I happened to be at the Glendale Galleria , at one of the shoe stores, 3 hours ago, with my daughter, and this lady was fitting her daughter with those same shoes, the problem is that when she asked the store associate if they could get her daughter’s size, they associate came back saying they ran out. Well the shoes are pretty and stylish!

  63. Clare says

    Somehow I doubt Suri can stay long in a stoller. I watched a video of their zoo trip on TMZ and she was restless and squirming like a cat. She has way too much energy. I agree they do make a nice couple. They seem happy.

  64. Lilo says

    My cousin works at the kids shoe store at the mall and she told me that ever since this morning the etnies toddler callicuts have been flying off the rack and now they don’t have any more left in stock. Those are the same shoes Suri is wearing!

  65. kimmy says

    Haven’t they ever heard of a stroller? My arms would be falling off. Do scientologists not believe ion them?

  66. Lola says

    I agree they do look alike but I think it is also because Suri looks like both of them totally and now they all have short hair of the same color. Suri is precious.

  67. carleigh says

    Tom and Katie are morphing into each other…OMG, I’ve never seen them looking so much alike…LOL..sorry I had to say it. Katie does look pretty though and you can see the joy and contentment in their family just by observing their gestures and body language. Suri get’s cuter all the time!

  68. Malayka says

    Yay, my fave baby. Look at her. Katie looks beautiful as well, Tom’s Nazi cut is hideous but I guess that is work, he looks like a content daddy. Beautiful family.

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