Marcia Cross & Husband With Their Daughters

Marcia Cross

Marcia Cross
Marcia and Tom were snapped with 5-month-old twin daughters Eden and Savannah at a Santa Monica park on Saturday. Marcia looks so relaxed and happy!



  1. Zbella says

    They are certainly not identical. I agree it is a little distasteful to be commenting about the egg donor and IV and so on. Just enjoy the pictures, enjoy the babies – that’s what it’s all about!

  2. Andrea says

    #17 Jenna (UK)

    No, I don’t feel the NEED to know or DESERVE to know, as you put it, whether they were her eggs or not.
    Someone posted a comment on it and so I replied with a question. It was curiousity because I have several friends who did IV.

    And if it was published information, I don’t see what the problelm is in asking someone what the article said.

    And it isn’t distasteful to ask how the children were conceived because many women have trouble conceiving and sometimes they just want to know what worked for someone else.

  3. Sandra says

    Meg they don’t have to disclose anything. People can think whatever they want. Very cute lil girls though!! Congrats to them and their new family!!

  4. Meg says

    Jenna – I don’t think it’s disrespectful at all – I’m simply stating a supposed fact. And by the way – she should have been upfront about it because many women believe that they can still have healthy babies in their 40s using whatever eggs they may have left.

  5. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Beautiful family!

    Meg, Andrea and Tempany, why does everybody feel like they NEED or deserve to know whether or not Marcia used her own eggs. I think its really distasteful to be commenting on how their children were conceived. Its just like asking “what sexual position were you in when you conceived?” or “did you have an orgasm?” or something.

  6. says

    Very sweet. They look more like their dad, especially the one that Marcia is holding. They seem like great parents. Lovely pics 🙂

  7. Liliana says

    Eden and Savannah are such pretty babies, and I just love seeing pictures of a happy family together!

  8. Lauren says

    I think I read in the People cover story with Marcia that they were fraternal.

    Eden and Savannah are getting soo big. Cute family. 😉

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