Katie Price Incures The Wrath Of "Breast Is Best" Organizations

Katie Price

Above is a pic of Katie giving Harvey his bottle in 2002.

Britain’s Daily Mail reports:

Charities are calling for a total ban on the advertising formula milk to ensure as many mothers as possible breast feed.

The call came yesterday as a baby foods manufacturer was reported to the Food Standards Agency over an magazine advertisement next to pictures of glamour model Jordan feeding her newborn baby with a branded bottle.

It is already illegal in Britain to advertise bottled milk for babies under six months old – but it remains legal to advertise ‘follow-on milk’ for older infants.

Groups including the National Childbirth Trust, Save the Children and the World Health Organisation however believe this creates a loophole which means mothers are targeted to swap more breastmilk for the bottle.

Just a fifth of British mothers breast feed at six months, compared with four fifths of Norwegians. The WHO advises all children should be breast fed until two.

And a feature on how Jordan – real name Katie Price – and her husband Peter Andre are coping with their new three-week-old daughter, the bizarrely named Princess Tiaamii, has thrown the issue sharply into focus.

In the article, in OK! magazine, a double-page photograph shows the surgically-enhanced model feeding Princess Tiaamii with a clearly labelled bottle of SMA Nutrition formula.

On the next page is an advertisement for SMA Follow-on Milk, bearing the slogan “Baby in your arms, love in your heart, carrot in your hair”. Opposite the advertisement Mr Andre is pictured feeding the baby with the bottle.

And in the interview with Jordan, the model is asked whether she is breastfeeding.

Jordan, who also has two young sons, Harvey and Junior, replies: “No, it’s brilliant. I have 20 crates of teats and bottles – I don’t have to sterilise or heat anything, you literally take the teat out of the pack, screw it on, throw it away.

“I don’t care what people say – you don’t have to breastfeed. They gave me a tablet that dries your milk up so my boobs haven’t hurt or leaked or anything.

“I don’t want a baby drinking from me – the thought of it makes me feel really funny. I think only a certain person could handle my knockers!”

Former pop singer Mr Andre adds: “Junior didn’t breast-feed and he’s turned out fine.”

The NCT and Save the Children are enraged by the advertisement and surrounding editorial and pictures, and have brought them to the attention of the FSA, the Advertising Standards Authority and Trading Standards.

And the Baby Milk Action campaign group has joined the chorus of complaints, even claiming the advertising slogan “carrot in your hair” is a reference to the fact that Princess Tiaamii is ginger, which is copiously referred to the interview alongside.

NCT chief executive Belinda Phipps said: “Money couldn’t buy this sort of publicity for formula milk.

“It looks very much like it is product placement, and with the advert on the opposite page, it looks like they are connected. But it is probably not prosecutable.

“There is a very good reason why advertising bottle milk for newborns is illegal, yet companies are doing whatever they can to get round it.”

And she claimed that follow-on milk for older babies had only been invented by baby milk companies to get round the advertising ban introduced in 1995.

Mrs Phipps said: “There is no purpose and no benefit to follow-on formula milk. It is simply to get round the ban.

“Because of the loopholes in the law manufacturers are continuing to advertise formula milk for babies under six months.

“We believe mothers should be free commercial pressures when choosing how to feed their babies.”

SMA denied any deliberate product placement and said it had no commercial relationship with Jordan and had no knowledge of the article or picture before it came out.

An SMA spokeswoman added: “Katie Price is simply doing what any new mother does, and bonding with her baby whilst feeding.”

I personally think breastfeeding is the best choice if it is possible, but some women latch onto it as a “self-righteous” part of their personality and use it to boost their own egos…(yes..that is undeniably weird….please note that I am thinking of the women who breastfeed children into toddlerhood/preschool….not those women who are breastfeeding their babies until they are ready for solid foods and cups!) so Katie is simply being honest and I find that refreshing! It is so much more about love, than breastmilk alone!

(I do think that it is worth pointing out that celebrity mothers can exert a tremendous amount of influence..sometimes good…sometimes bad.) Back in 2000, while I was expecting, I read all the articles about Cindy Crawford’s natural birthing experience. She pointed out that she delivered Presley at home in a birthing tub and did not have an epidural…hence it was 100% natural! My OB had advised me to have a c-section due to my musculature….my apologies if TMI! I was stubbornly adamant that I would be as 100% natural as Cindy Crawford and it turned out to be quite traumatic! Yes, I lived through it and all, but I had to undergo reconstructive surgery three months post-partum and jumping jacks were almost impossible for many years. When my second child was born I had a scheduled c-section and it was wonderful. Sure, the spinal tap was VERY scary, but I felt so present for my daughter’s birth. I wasn’t writhing around in pain…I was totally focused on the moment.

I am not saying what birthing method is better than another…only that it is important to be true to yourself and your own circumstance. I think this comes into play a lot with “natural” versus c-section births and breast versus bottle. In the end, love trumps all!



  1. selina says

    After two weeks in slow labour and a emergency c section I struggled to breastfeed my son.I lasted a week and because of pressure from midwives media and myself I totally exhausted myself in the process.At the end of the day it is a decision that should be made that is in the best interests of both mother and baby. Breastfeeding is of course best for baby but under certain circumstances its impossible.in our busy society I feel women’s lifestyles play a huge part in whether breastfeeding is successful.
    Even if I could have continued to breastfeed my son I would have found it very restrictive.Society frown upon bottle feeding yet don’t give us new mums the support or facilities to breastfeed successfully or in public.

  2. ang says

    Ionce to was ignorant to the bottle feeders, coulnt u nderstand why they were so “lazy” that they would not try there very hardest to do whats “best” for thier baby,breastfeed! but you know what, i have expereinced alot of trouble again recently…has beed ongoing battle i care not to discuss…this last month i have done nothing but stay at home to try to get my milk back dispite the docs advice…..ive tryed sooo damn hard you dont even know….its time for bottlefeeding…the last thing i thought id ever end up doing……and im doing it sooo my baby can actually grow proply, enjoy feeding time and most imporantly survive!!!………………PLEASE LADIES DONT BE SO QUICK TO JUDGE….i judged to and i feel so bad…and im still afraid of being judged …..not fair …do whats right for the baby and yourselves and pls keep an open mind cause mine sure is open now!! xoxo

  3. amanda says

    well, all i know is i am breastfeeding because i want what GOD intended for my baby to have. I have plenty of milk for him and have no need for formula. formula will never be the perfect food for babies because you cannot duplicate what is already perfect. if you cant breastfeed. formula may be your only way, but most moms that think they dont have enough really do. its very rare not to.we all have rights to do whatever. Peggy your a smart girl

  4. Peggy Haines says

    As a Mum who has struggled to breast feed despite having terrible problems, as well as expressing milk for premature babies after suffering two still births, – I think Mums who make a real effort to breast feed ARE caring Mums, and their babies are very lucky. Its terrible to penalise Mums who breast feed, because they are anxious to protect their children against many nasty diseases via the vital antibodies, and yet accept women who flaunt their breasts in a provcative manner,
    As a nursery nurse, I’ve seen many babies suffer appallingly through NOT having the protection of breast milk. As well as gastro-enteritis and ear infections, certain childhood cancers, and juvenile diabetese ( a devastating disease that can BLIND a child) are less common in breast fed babies.
    There’s a GREAT difference between Mums who cannot breast feed due to real difficulties, and those who REFUSE to even try. Mothers who REFUSE to even TRY to breast feed, DESPITE being told of the health benefits to their child, are surely being as selfish as mothers who persist in smoking while pregnant, despite knowing its dangerous for their child.
    Don’t BABIES have any rights, when it comes to feeding??

  5. Niki says

    No one can make you feel guilty unless you already do. If I say to you, “You drink cow’s milk” would you feel guilty?
    Only if you had decided yourself not to have milk.

    If you decide to formula feed and are 100% certain you’ve made the best decision, you won’t feel guilty no matter what anyone says.

    But perhaps you might like to look into the differences between the two feeding methods because I find it very hard to believe that anyone with a full set of facts to hand (and not just a wishy washy ‘it’s healthier’) would choose formula purely on health grounds. And that’s what the row is about really: in the UK, the formula industry spends £27 per new baby on promoting its product. Less than £1 per head is spent explaining why breastmilk is superior. Why is that?

    These companies have no interest in infant nutrition, just profits. They vary the recipe daily according to what’s cheapest to buy in. It has to have a certain proportion of protien, fat, calcium etc, but the actual ingredients can be anything.

    As for Katie Price – she lives and breathes to be a celebrity. When did that make anyone a good mother?! You have to devote too much time to yourself when you’re that famous to be good at much else at all.

  6. kimmy says

    terri- the reason people are so defensive about bottlefeeding is because there are other moms that breastfeed who think that they are higher and mightier and judge them. Moms that bottle feed get a ration of crap from moms who breastfeed. Just take a look at all the blogs here and you’ll see. That is why Moms who bottlefeed get so defensive. I know that we shouldn’t worry about what other people say but sometimes as humans it can take a toll on you.

  7. ashley says

    Go her! More women need to know that bottle milk is okay. I had a terrible time Breast feeding my son and I felt so guilty about it. I don’t see the problem with advertising and letting women know it is an acceptable alternative. Not everyone can breast fed whether it is supply issues or just not for them.

  8. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Zbella, I think that TV programme made a lot up there! The family moving twice because of having a ginger son, now that is hilarious. Yes there is a little prejudice towards gingers ut its in a funny sort of way, “ginger jokes” here are just like “blonde jokes” in the US.

    Oh and hey #54, I should be studying there next year!

  9. terri says

    I don’t care either which way since I don’t have kids, but some people sound very defensive about their choice to not breastfeed. You may not make enough milk, your child may still get sick a lot anyway, you may this and that. Well you didn’t try so you don’t know and stop talking about all the ifs and buts. Just say you didn’t want to breastfeed and be done with it. It’s nobody’s decision but your own anyway. No need to try and rationalize it, if you can, to anyone.

  10. Emma says

    Being English and living in the uk that comment is so funny. I must watch that program. I wouldn’t believe everything you watch and read especially about the royal family.

  11. Zbella says

    I saw a news program called Nightline last week. They interviewed ‘gingers’ in England and they talked about how people would yell out at them on the street. One women was harrassed by her boss, a boy’s family was forced to move twice… all because they have red hair. I was really shocked. And the comments I read about gingers on this very website showed some real prejudice. I also heard that Prince Charles was very upset when Prince Harry was born with red hair.

  12. Emma says

    As you are such an expert why dont you fill me in!!! explain how being partially blind and how having hormone deficiency affecting his growth ( as well as being autistic) This will be interesting. Oh i suppose it is to do with all those drugs she took and the fame going to her head.I know sorry i must be thinking of someone else. Maybe we shouldn’t allways believe in what we read hay!!!. Nature can be cruel somtimes and from what you see on her program she is a brilliant mum and her kids are well cared for. As well as she hardly goes out much now as she has more important things to do like being a good mother.

  13. Jessica says

    #47 Sorry I don’t know what affended is. Also I suggest you read up about some of the things Jordan did while pregnant with Harvey.

    #49 If you are in financial difficulty that’s all the more reason to breastfeed as it’s the free option. As for going back to work, heard of expressing? And of course, all those examples of your neighbour’s, sister’s 17th cousin being breastfed and sick or bottlefed and healthy are obviously more relevant than research by the WHO and other reputed organisations.

  14. honeyrose says

    There has been a lot of bad publicity in recent years about manufacturers promoting baby formula milk in third world countries where mothers can’t sterilise the bottles etc. As a reaction, in the nanny state we now have in the UK, the government, egged on by the natural childbirth lobby, has banned advertising of formula milk for babies up to 6 months. It is actually pretty irrelevant in the Uk with plenty of access to sterilisation bottles and kit but I suppose we are meant to set an example…….the NCT are like evangelists and demand everyone feeds their baby themselves for 6 months. This is all very well for middle class mothers who stay at home but for mothers like me who have to go back to work for financial reasons it is quite impractical. I fed my son on formula from the outset and he has always been extremely healthy. My nephew, who was breastfed for a year, has poor health and has had since he was born. This are many factors which affect your child’s heatlh beside what milk you feed them when they are babies.

  15. #48 says

    #31 and #36…Katie wasn’t the one with the “problem” or “musculature”…that was the WebMistress talking!!!

  16. Emma says

    #46 that is just plain ignorance i suggest you do some research into Harveys condition before applying that. You have just affended several parents whos children have that condition or somthing similar.

  17. Jessica says

    Gosh what a lazy woman! Surely she can hire someone to make up the bottles. I dont think she’d have the brain power to actually screw the teats on the ready-made formula in any case. Those of you thinking she’s a martyr for having a disabled child, SHE caused it with her crap lifestyle while she was pregnant.

  18. SYDNEY says

    I bottle fed both my kids and they are super healthy. Breastfeeding is find but just remember you still have to watch what you eat because certain foods can cause severe gas and breakouts I was pregnant for nine months and ate and drank healthy. After almost a year of being pregnant I just wanted to eat and drink without worrying if I am going to harm my child.

  19. eminencegrise says

    Well of course peoples’ supplies differ, hence, why I wrote, ‘could interfere with supply’ not ‘will interfere with supply’.

    Although it’s far more likely to interfere with supply when the baby is a newborn and breastfeeding isn’t well established and the infant is of course too young for solids.

    I pumped myself, because I had to go back to work when my children were 6 months, with no real drop in supply because I was only breast-feeding once in the morning and 3 times in the evening/night by then.

    I was one of those people who had so much milk I was freezing colostrum before they were even born, and good thing I did, because I didn’t get either one of them latched well for a day or so after they were born.

    Mixed feeding DOES work for some folks when their babies are newborns or before 6 months, but in general it’s not recommended because it can cause drop in supply.

  20. Sandra says

    #42 It hasn’t messed with my friend’s supply. She pumps because she works and then her daughter also gets formula on occasion, seems she has loads of milk. I think some people make more milk than others, hence why there are breast milk clinics where you can donate your breast milk

  21. eminencegrise says

    They need to feed more – more feeding, more skin to skin, perhaps express, and see a breast-feeding counselor or attend some breast-feeding clinics, not top up with formula.

    No need for it.

    Different story if a woman WANTS to do this, to mixed feed, but not necessary and could interfere with supply.

  22. Emma says

    #33 you are right in saying that some breastfed babies do need more then just breastmilk and from working with babies for over 11 years i know several mothers who neded to do this and were advised to do so.

  23. Analise says

    How amusing. ““We believe mothers should be free commercial pressures when choosing how to feed their babies.”

    Then don’t ban bottle feeding! What a bunch of imbeciles. A`woman has the legal right to kill her baby in the womb, but not how to feed him???

  24. eminencegrise says

    But Emma, her OB advised her to have a csection with Harvey because of her ‘musculature’ and she had the child naturally, so obviously he was talking out his backside.

    So what’s the difference with the other two?

    It’s usually easier the second time round, anyway.

    Aisha, that’s a myth that breastfed babies need topped up with formula. The weight/growth charts are out of date.

    And Katie’s issues with gingers are just that – seriously outdated and sad.

    Most people nowadays don’t give a toss.

  25. BritishMumma says

    Zbella where the hell did you get the idea Brits dont like red heads? Im a Brit and I really couldnt care less what colour hair a person has.

  26. Joanne says

    Breast feeding might be better, but it is not an option for everyone. My kids were adopted (some as babies, some as toddlers) so I was not able to breastfeed any of them. They are healthier than most kids I know and my husband and I certainly bonded with them when we bottle-fed them or spoon-fed them.

    Whether or not to breastfeed is a very personal choice and nobody has the right to attack anyone on either side of the issue.

  27. Aisha says

    Bottle milk can sometimes be beneficial, sometimes breastmilk isn’t enough for a baby and they don’t put weight on as they should be. I know of mothers feeling totally guilty for supplementing their own milk with bottle milk even though it was the best thing for their babies needs.

  28. kimmy says

    minkysmom- don’t worry honey. It’s no one’s business but your own. A baby isn’t going to suffer because it was formula fed. I’m pregnant and I plan to formula feed. I think it is rude of people to keep pressing the issue, even Doctors. Once you’ve made that decision people need to respect it. Look at women who have had masectomys. Are people going to judge them too? I’m sure you have a beautiful healthy baby so don’t let these b!tches bring you down!!

  29. Emma says

    #29 Katie gave birth to Harvey naturally but was advised it would be safer to c-sec the other two because of her problem. I see know prob with that if it means its a safer delivery for both mother and child. Lots of celebs give birth naturally and others chose or are advised not too. Also Katies breast implants havent stopped her from feeding as the milk duct hasnt been cut it was her rightfull choice not too!! We all have choices to breastfeed or bottle feed there is far too much pressure put on people to B-feed now. I know my friend has been very upset because her health vistor was not impressed she choose to bottle feed.But she had tried it and it just wasnt for her.

  30. minkysmom says

    I am so sick and tired of bottle feeding mother’s being crucified. My child loves me regardless. this is bullshit.

  31. eminencegrise says

    And she was advised to have a csection because of her ‘musculature’?

    Erm, yeah right!


    Do any of these celebs actually use their vaginas and breasts for the purposes they were designed for?

  32. T. Eat says

    Who is this plastic bimbette quasi-celebrity anyway?? Maybe she’s worried her implants might shift.

  33. Zbella says

    Did anyone else notice that the word for the thing that covers a baby’s butt AKA d.i.a.p.e.r is not allowed on this site. But you can write anything ELSE!

  34. Zbella says

    On another note. I was more upset with the fact that she uses a bottle and nipple once, then throws them away. Now that is a WASTE. Here I am doing my part reduce – reuse – recycle… Using cloth d i a p e r s to save the landfills and she’s tossing “teats” right and left!!!

  35. Zbella says

    Wow, I’m really surprised that it’s illegal to advertise formula in England. It’s not tabacco for god’s sake. But then again, they don’t like “gingers” or people with red hair, so they are obviously idiots. Sorry, but I’m a red head!

    I don’t care how people feed their kids. PERIOD.

    However, please don’t call moms who nurse past 6 or 12 months weird. And don’t be crass about out children ‘sucking on our tits’. It is a special bond. If you choose not to enjoy it, fine be respectful. Otherwise you’re as bad as moms judging you for bottle-formula feeding.

  36. OMG says

    It is so vulgar to say boob. If yours are not boobs then are they just breasts? Which is the same thing no matter how you call it. What do you call that thing on the top of a bottle? Heaven forbid it is called a NIPPLE!

    Either way it doesn’t matter what everyone chooses to feed their children that is the right for the family’s to decide. (Well as long as it is not alcohol of course)! And you need to relax on what a boob is called. Boob, Tit, Breast, Nipple, omg the profanity!

  37. says

    While I agree that the method of feeding should be up to the mother, I still believe that breastfeeding is best. While I will leave that argument up to those of you who wish to argue, I will say one thing. I am very offended by those of you who are posting things like you don’t have to “give your child a boob” or “sucking on a tit”. That is such a vile and cheap way to describe what is one of the most beautiful, intimate, and natural ways to nourish your child.
    By the way I completely agree with Elaine in #20. Just because a child is old enough to eat solid foods is not completely indicative that he/she is ready to be weaned.

  38. Miapocca says

    I beleive the webmistress is entitled to her opinions as well….state yours and leave others alone

  39. Elaine says

    Webmistress, I must take issue with you labelling women who breast feed beyond the stage of their baby taking solids and drinking from a cup “weird”. Just because YOU didn’t do that it isn’t weird. As you say, The World Health Organisation recommends continuing feeding way beyond that stage, and certainly in the UK women are recommended to continue if possible at least until the child is one, which is well after babies are onto solids and sippy cups. By making this comment you are as bad as the people who critisise women for not breast feeding at all, by implying its not natural or detrimental to the child. I have no problem whatsoever with women chosing not to breast feed if they wish, or to stop breast feeding earlier than I would – its their child and life – I just want to have the same courtesy in return.

  40. Sandra says

    Kimmy I agree with you! Every time my son needed to be fed he was held by someone (myself, husband, grandparents) Never ONCE did he lie on the floor, in his car seat, in his crib with a bottle propped up! I have so many fond bonding memories of doing this with my son, it just shows that you don’t have to give them a boob to bond or get the closeness!

  41. kimmy says

    You can bond just as much with your baby if you bottle feed. It’s all the way you wrap them up tightly and hold them close to you. You can even kiss their forehead and talk to them. Sucking on your tit doesn’t make them any closer.

  42. 2teens3beans says

    Maybe she can’t breastfeed because of implants. I am not sure if implants would affect someones ability to do that or not?
    Her comment about not wanting a baby feeding off her sounded pretty lame.
    I still think that it should be up to each individual how they want to feed their baby. My 1st child was not nursed but my 2nd was… this was 16 years ago and the pressure to nurse a baby was just gaining momentum in the US.

  43. Melissa R says

    Both my kids were breastfed until they turned 18 months of age. It is any mother’s right to decide which way to feed her child, no one else’s. That said, I still think that she is an absolute idiot to say she doesn’t want her baby feeding off her, it just shows how ignorant and vain she is. I think she is more concerned about her looks than nourishing her child. From now on, Whenever I see anything about her or her husband I am going to just scroll past it, she makes me sick!!!!

  44. Emma says

    If breastmilk is best how come my friends two children who were breastfed from birth till 12 months have been so poorly than my own son who was breastfed for five weeks then bottle fed till he went to cows milk at 12 months.Hummmm!!.Better for there health, yes it may give them a good start having all the goodness from the mother at the beginning but i have cared for hundreds of children over the last 11 years in my career and i am still 50/50 on this breast is best regardless to all these so called studies that are out.. I certainly loved the bond me and my son got from breastfeeding and would do it agian.And if thats what Katie(jordan) wants to do (bottlefeed)and its free let her. She knows whats right for her child just like we do

  45. Alison says

    er, hold on, did any of you actually READ this story? Jordan broke the law on advertising formula. that’s the point, not how she chooses to feed her baby but accepting a big crate of formula from a company to be photographed feeding her baby, not with an ordinary bottle but with a massive logo on it. She isn’t “sticking up for what she is doing” – she is taking a bribe to break the law. unethical and cheap.
    and,by the way, there are 15,000 scientific surveys that demonstrate that breastmilk is better for the health of a baby than formula. how much more evidence would you like to see before you are convinced?

  46. Lauren says

    I believe it’s the mother’s opnion whether or not she wants to breast-fed. She knows what’s best for her child so she should be allowed to base her decisions on that.

  47. Elsa says

    This is so refreshing! After seeing the article I was sure I’d see 100 comments with people attacking anyone who does not breastfeed until a child is ready for college…that’s what I’ve become used to. So I was pleasently surprised to see this instead!

    The “Breast is Best” contingency fails to take several factors into account…NO ONE solution is BEST for everyone. Everyone needs to make their OWN choices and formula does NOT hurt a child. I’ve known breastfed babies that were sickly and bottle fed that were super healthy (my own child included) and everything in between.

    It’s almost laughable when you see a report ‘Breastfed babies are smarter and do better in college.” GIVE ME A BREAK. I’ve known women who have breastfed and then neglected their chidlren and were not involved in their studies for years. Do you seriously think we are dumb enough to beleive that those children will fair better academically than a child who was bottle fed and recieved attention and parents that were involved in helping them academicaly? Give me a break.

  48. denise says

    I feel that “Breast is Best” is nothing but a bunch of bullies who want to push women to there way of thinking. They don’t know the circumstances of every parent and child and there decsions.
    My daughter was formula fed and is now a year old and she has been extremely healthy.
    I am so happy to see other women sticking up for the right to formula feed there childern.

  49. eminencegrise says

    They don’t gaze at you as newborns! All mine was interested in looking at was my huge bap and then closing her eyes to fall asleep.

    Katie’s got a lot of on her plate – including a profoundly disabled son to look after.

    She’s also got more silicon in her tits than entire regions of California.

    Good on her for not apologising about how she chooses to feed her child.

  50. Emma says

    I breastfed my son and he has suffered from bad ear infections ( from 6 months)so it didnt give him the Immunity everyone was telling me…. But it was the best bonding you can do with your baby and i would do it again but like with my first child i choose to mix feed after 5 weeks so my husband could share the night feeds as did develop an infection which then ment i couldnt breastfeed as the tablets i was taking were not the kind you could feed with.So it worked well for us and all i can say is parents should do what they feel is best for there babies and not be made to feel bad if they choose a bottle.( My heatlthvisitor made me feel terrible because of starting a bottle and thats the last thing when you have just given birth with several stiches , and the lack of sleep.
    Im not against breast or bottle whatever works for you and your baby.

  51. Lorien-Duh says

    For the simple fact of taking a picture! Jeez! She was obviously showing him off for quite possibly the first time.

  52. says

    All I have to say is, look at the difference between the posture she has with her baby and the posture you see between most nursing mamas ans their babies. Baby and mama are often gazing at each other in a nursing relationship. This baby is gazing at his bottle.

  53. Sandra says

    Oh I forgot to say Way to go Katie Price for sticking up for what you are doing and why you are doing it. It is nobody’s business as for why you choose to feed via a bottle as oppose to your boob. All that matters is that the child is being fed, happy, healthy and filled with love!

  54. Sandra says

    I have no problems either way. I just think it is horrid how they treat the population who choose to bottle feed like they are scum for not wanting their child to have the “best”. I won’t apologize for putting my son on formula. No one knows why I put him on formula and until they know the story they don’t have the right to judge me. When those that threw “Breast is Best” in my face when my son was little I took comfort in the fact (and laughed) that my son was NEVER sick with a cold for over the first year of life unlike the claims of evidence that breast milk makes child immune systems stronger than formula. Also I remember something about children who get breast milk have little to no ear infections, if that is true I don’t know, but my son is now 6 and has never had an ear infection.

    #2 I don’t know your situation or the reason the hospital didn’t ask you personally about feeding your baby, as they should have. My best friend just had a baby in March, she strictly wanted to breastfeed. She ended up having an emergency c-sec and so she was out for a good 12 hours. The doctors asked if they could feed their daughter formula and at the time they allowed it because she was happy, healthy but wanting to eat. My friend too had problems with getting her to take the breast milk after the formula I think more out of frustration that it took longer to eat than a bottle. However she kept at it and didn’t back down even though she was really frustrated. Now she is almost 5 months old and is still on the breast and also gets the bottle when I watch her.

  55. Angie_in_Arkansas says

    The article was about breast/bottlefeeding..where did the birthing choices come into play?? (confused…)

    I dunno what to think about the whole law against bottlefeeding…there are so many issues that come into play- you can’t throw everybody into one big box on this issue. Yes, we GET IT; breastfeeding is the best but there may be other reasons (gasp!) that a woman doesn’t breastfeed. In my own experience, the hospital where 3 of my children were born gave them formula right away, even as I was trying to learn to breastfeed with my first. I was getting frustrated so they mistook that to mean that I wanted them to supplement and didn’t even ask me. By the time we got home 3 days later, she didn’t want anything but formula. I was heartbroken and then had to undergo countless lectures about “Breast is Best”: as if I was a complete imbecile. I have equally wrenching stories with the rest of my children and I’m wondering……
    Am I the only one that was ultimately cheated out of this experience?? Did any of you moms have a similar situation?? I feel like I’m the only one (sigh)….

  56. #1 says

    I think that if she doesn’t want to breastfeed then she shouldn’t and she doesn’t have to explain or defend herself to anymore. More importantly, I think it wise that she isn’t cause I suspect the baby would suffocate under her huge boobs!!! And before all you out there start knocking me, know that I myself did breastfeed my first child and am now breastfeeding my second child!!!

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