Jill Hennessy Expecting Her Second Child

Jill Hennessy

Crossing Jordan star Jill Hennessy is pregnant with her second child.

When asked at a party for Hamptons magazine on Saturday if she was expecting, the 39-year-old actress joked, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I think it’s just too much beer and burritos.” She then added, “No, no, no . . . I’m almost six months pregnant with a boy.”

Jill and her husband, Paolo Mastropietro, already have a 4-year-old son, Marco.

Of keeping the pregnancy news quiet for so long, Jill said, “I like to be sort of tentative about these things, but it’s definitely a boy. I’m still trying to find a name that goes with Mastropietro . . . maybe something Irish.”

As for her diet, she says she hasn’t had any odd pregnancy cravings. “I haven’t been eating anything strange. If anything, it’s more about what turns me off, anything fried – hamburgers, fried chicken.”

Like many other mothers having their second child, Jill noted, “I’m definitely less worried, much more relaxed about it this time around. I’m still dying to meet this little person, but now I’ve got a pretty good idea about what will happen over the next few months and how uncomfortable I will be, especially if I go past my due date, which I did with Marco.”

Jill, who starred on Law & Order in the late 1990s before landing Crossing Jordan in 2001, is now focusing on her other love – music.

“I’m working on a CD. We should have it done by fall,” she said. But first on the agenda will be her newborn, she insisted, pointing to her bump. “I want to get some quality time with this dude, especially in the first few months of lactation, and then maybe even tour. Music is actually what I did before I acted.”

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  1. Zbella says

    I want to see her son, and her pregnant belly. Jill is so beautiful. I understand the whole loooong tonge twister last name thing. It can be difficult.

  2. Kamineko says

    I always loved her, she is so down to earth and has a great sense of humor! FYI: She is an identical twin. Crossing Jordan was so much better than CSI and all those other preposterous shows. I miss Jill being on tv. Hope she comes back for another super show on tv! Congrats on the new bambino!

  3. Lauren says

    Congratulations! I love her on Crossing Jordan. I hope she continues starring on the show now that she’s branching out into music. 😉

  4. Befair says

    Webmistress, I like the web site and check every other day for new picturesof my favorite celeb moms and their babies, and you have obviously featured all of the Spice girls and their children, Mel B, Ginger and now Emma, what about Posh. She is a celeb mom of three beautiful boys is there a Grudge?

  5. Misti says

    Will this mean no more Crossing Jordan if she continues with her music career? I hope not! I LOVE that show! Congratulations to the family!!

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