Colin Farrell's Baby Joy Denied By The "Rep"

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell’s rep is denying reports that he’s expecting a child with his girlfriend, 22-year-old medical student Muireann McDonnell.

“She is not pregnant,” Colin’s rep, Danica Smith, has told

The 31-year-old actor already has a three-year-old son, James, with model Kim Bordenave.

I try to show some reserve and not talk like this…..BUT Colin Farrell is one of the most handsome men in the world….I think so at least! He is THE HOTNESS! So, it is sad to hear that he may not be fathering more children. Oh well…. 🙂

P.S. Sure, I could be wrong, but I think Colin and Muireann have baby joy on the way, as you can tell that their relationship is a very passionate one!

OFF TOPIC: If you have not had the chance to enjoy Miami Vice (the new one featuring Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx) you NEED TO! Their hotness combined with an amazingly powerful soundtrack is indescribable! It is a truly transcendent experience!

Colin Farrell


  1. Anonymous says

    Youre disapointed hes not having anymore kids?!

    Hes full-time alcoholic…do we really need another stereotypical drunken father not taking care of his kids?

  2. eminencegrise says

    Did I say I was going to lock them up?

    No, there’s no Sharia Law here.

    But would I be happy if they took up with some bloke who had a kid with some ex-girlfriend?

    Can’t say I would.

    You want to know why society is going to hell in a hand basket?

    Look no further than kids looking up to celebs and ‘stars’ who can’t be bothered to wait till they get married to go having kids.

    Yes, that’s my opinion.

  3. Zbella says

    He has ONE CHILD, for god’s sake! How is that “spawing this child and that with whatever… tart…” ?!?!?

    I have 2 daughters and will raise them the best I can and allow THEM to decide who to date, marry and spaw a child with.

  4. eminencegrise says

    In case you haven’t twigged, I’m not in the US. I’m not going to comment on whether or not I know him or who I know, suffice it to say I have my reasons.

    And men who go round putting it about spawing this child and that with whatever gold-digging tart they can find are hardly role models or someone I’d want to see any of my 3 daughters with.

  5. Zbella says

    Yeah, why the hate? I think he is handsome in a grungy sort of way. If you think he’s bad for having one child, maybe 2 – what do you think of Clint Eastwood? He has 8 or 9 children with half a dozen different women. Eddie Murphy? I’m sure we could list a bunch of Hollywood types.

  6. says

    Eminencegrise, why are you commenting so much on this guy? Why so much negative things? You sound like you personally know him and you have a grudge or something? I’m not bashing you or anything, so don’t get me wrong, but just curious to know why the hate? I don’t know him of course, but I’ve read alot about what other celebs had to say about him and he seems to be a very nice person. Yeah he might have some player ways but come on now, he’s not the first and there’s a lot worst in Hollywood.Who knows he might be a changed person. I personally think that he is a very good actor and extremely goodlooking, and a great father.

  7. eminencegrise says

    What’s wrong with him? He’s a skangy Jakey who puts it about, that’s what’s wrong with him.


  8. Miley says

    I dont think his gf is pretty at all. Not that he is extremely handsome or anything, but come on even the nerdy, or less attractive celebs have trophy wives! At the same time its nice to think maybe he likes her for her personality? lol.

  9. eminencegrise says

    He can’t, that’s why he’s so skangy.

    Walking STI.


    I’d be furious if one of my daughters took up with a bloke like that, much less got sprogged up by him.

  10. says

    As I said before, I love him. His rep’s denying it, but in this photo she does look pregnant. Oh well only time will tell. I do wish there were more pics with his son though. He is such a cutie! I don’t think his girlfriend is attractive at all. Lucky her. Lol

  11. eminencegrise says


    I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s sprogged up. It’d keep her in Burberry and plush prams whilst she waits for the DART to get her and the sprog to the shops.


  12. Lauren says

    Colin Farrell is so HOT. Loved him and Jamie Foxx in Miami Vice.

    His girlfriend does look a little bumpy. Cute couple. 😉

  13. JJ says

    Colin is a sleazy man…yuck!
    Rumour has it that he is equipped with a big ding-ding-dong. I guess when it’s that big – he has to use it productively like spreading his seed and impregnating women. Creeepy!

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