The Brangelina Bunch Chicago Weekend!

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

In the above pics the whole Brangelina bunch were snapped visiting the Field Museum in Chicago on Saturday.

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

In the above pics Angelina and Maddox were snapped leaving Borders in Chicago yesterday. Maddox is sporting a fake tattoo!



  1. oriana says

    Nicki, I do know that the orphanage sold the pictures but don’t you think he did look nice in the bright colored outfits he had on? And the other kids looked clean and nice too. Granted they were not expensive but at least not dull and drab looking, that was my point. Ever since she brought him home it has been gray and black. Which is okay some of the time but not all of the time!

    I think he is very cute and have always said so, much cuter than Zahara to me, and I am quite sure they didn’t wear underwear a lot over there, money wise and weather wise but I just think in all the pictures we have seen mostly of him and Zahara, have been very plain and simple dressed. In the picture of Zahara feeding him with his shirt and underwear on, if we had never seen a picture of her before, she didn’t have those bracelets on, she would look more like a boy than a girl.

    I would love to see him in a nice colorful shirt sometimes!

    Have a good evening!!!!!!

  2. Nicki says

    oriana~ how care you compare a child who lived 3 years in an Orphanage, (copy and pasted) which every child wore the same outfits. If you had seen Angies actual interview, she has a hard time reminding Pax, that you wear underwear “with” shorts or pants. He thinks if you have one, (underpants on) you don’t need the other. Surely that is a “orphanage” thing.

    Your post…122. oriana ~ You have to remember they sold every bit of the Pax adoption. Angie didn’t, we knew nothing about it till it happened. You don’t think some of those pics from where he was housed for three years wasn’t an instant publicity shot for them? I mean come on they even showed his passport!!! Which he needed before he left. That wasn’t his new parents doing that. If it was, how come we haven’t seen Maddox (who has a passport FULL of places he has been?) or Zaharas or Shilohs??? Angie didn’t release any infor about Pax. It was them. She did the people “private hotel” shoot, to make or hope to make, the paps back off.

    Take care, and I wish we had new pics of ?????????”anyone.

  3. oriana says

    Wow, you have your hands full too! Ha! I was just wondering, for with boys they usually like white, black or navy blue shirts, with girls, they prefer more colors. With Pax being 3 1/2 I don’t see him picking out his own clothes that young, he did look so cute with his skin tone with the brighter color outfits he wore at the Orphanage.

    I have thought for a long time Angie still has some mental problems with the way she dresses herself and the kids as well. I wonder if she has sought any counseling at all?

  4. Jodie says

    i can not stand this lot. shiloh looks slow with her great big rubber lips constantly hanging open.

    zahara is miserable.

    pax, not much to say about him really.

    maddox has been completely pushed out by all these new kids.

    it’s very sad.

    brad pitt is a sad hanger on who must wonder what the hell he’s got himself into. he’d be out of there like a shot if it wasn’t for shiloh.

    and angelina is a control freak. i think she has mental health issues and needs to feel needed and important.

    i read that they are planning another biological child and to adopt an african baby girl.

    they are not thinking about the needs of the children.

    strange, strange people.

  5. ali says

    I read somewhere that Angie lets the kids pick out their own clothes, maybe because Z and Shiloh are so young they aren’t really interested and she picks out their clothes? Drab clothes and colors are pretty popular these days, just took my kids back to school shopping and my nine yr old did not end up with anything other than brown, grey, or black tees.

  6. oriana says

    I do think Maddox dresses more stylish than any of the kids, and Pax dressed better when he was in the Orphange. I remember the pictures of two outfits he had on, one was yellow/white, the other turquoise/white, very cute! Since then, mostly drab color clothes.

    These kids and Julia Robert’s kids dress very plain and simple.

  7. oriana says

    Nicki, I did notice the red barrette in Shiloh’s hair, it looks like her hair is getting long but looks very fine texture. I have noticed that Angie dresses her in white a lot too. I wonder why no pinks, blues, even pastel green or Red for that matter? I liked the blouse Zahara had on, very cute style, I think she would look nice in brighter colors. I do feel that Angie has an aversion to the kids wearing bright colors and I think it is because of her own hangups wearing black and gray mostly. It is like she wants only neutral colors and doesn’t want attention brought to the girls. It is a shame for they grow up so fast and I love to see a baby Shiloh’s age in cute clothes.

    I am sure the water was choppy and can see why the kids wouldn’t be all that comfortable out too long on the boat. It seems like she wants to dress Zahara more like a boy than a girl most of the time, gray pants or blue jeans. I guess Brad won’t say anything for he doesn’t want to make her mad. I know his mother would love to see Shiloh dressed more like a little girly girl sometimes!

    I think the name of movie was The Wild Ones, it was over 30 years ago. I read where the townspeople of Gilroy hated all those motorycycles there. They still have ralleys there once a year too.

    I love my Raisin Bran cereal and I especially like the Buckwheat pancakes! Ha!

  8. Nicki says

    oriana~ The report says it was choppy and they all had to go inside within an hour because it started raining. Maybe the lifejacket was uncomfortable to her.
    I’m waiting for:lol: A mention about her all white outfit, and her red clip thingy in her bangs. All totally “out of Angies always in black.” And Zahara has a very pretty white top one. No mention. I’m not picking on you, or just you. I hear constanly about always dresses the kids drab, and in black dull clothing. I just would expect you and the many others who always mention it, to make a comment about when its not always like that.
    Again not picking on you per say, and if you think she looks drab and dull in all white, I would expect you to say it. Just an observation on my part.
    You know I think this family is the greatest, so I don’t care if the all had those green lawn garbage bags on:lol: But they do look cute here to me.

    I couldn’t imagine not being able to eat grains. Oatmeal is my favorite, as are rolls and bread. I’m sure she will do fine with whatever she has to subsitute for it. People adapt when they have too.

    Been to the outlet in Gilroy. I still have 2 sweaters and a blouse I got at the Liz Claiborne store. Great prices. I’m not sure what Brando movie. Do you mean the one with Natile Wood and Sal Mineo? Talk to you again.

  9. ali says

    just wanted to add another coment on shilohs expression. This “blank” or “vacant” look could be contributed to any number of things, fear of the paps, trouble breathing (maybe she has allergies and her little nose is always stuffy- my youngest had issues like that) trouble seeing (maybe she needs glasses and just can’t see anything but a blur – also an issue with my youngest) maybe she’s got that well documented issue of the youngest sibling, just sitting back and letting the older kids do all the talking, just observing. I’m just shocked by the mean nasty people who would refer to this baby as retarded or slow without any hint of that from her parents, I still think shes beautiful.

  10. oriana says

    Very nice pictures Nicki, Shiloh doesn’t look too happy on the boat. Maybe it is the life jacket she didn’t like. Maddox is full of confidence! So tall now too.

    A nice family outing, they do a lot of things together.

    My sister-in-law has to watch everything she eats, can you imagine, nothing with any grains in it at all! I am going to read up on it. My brother said he had fresh homemade strawberry Cobbler in Gatlinburg! Yummy! Blackberry is my fave.

    There is a nice big Outlet Center in Gilroy too. That is the place where they filmed the motorcycle movie years ago that Marlon Brando was in, many years ago!

    Have to run, have to go gro. shopping, gardner hasn’t been here for two weeks, and tons of errands! Sorry this is short!

  11. Nicki says

    oriana~ thats the “chess pie” legend the chest they were kept in. But like I said my older neighbor added an old tale about a wife who said it’s just pie. Which he heard as Jus pie. And it was later told as Chess pie. Whatever—-it makes a good tasting pie from not much. Try a chocolate one sometime. It doesn’t take much but a cup or so of chocolate added.

    To anyone who is bored from this…………Get a life! This is an old thread, and we aren’t clogging up any conversation!
    Take care, and best wishes. Good night oriana! Nice talking to you.

  12. Nicki says

    oriana~ hope your brother stays safe. If I make a bunch of typos it is because I have my Ipod blasting. I’ll try not too.
    AHA-Gilroy the garlic capital of (I’m thinking the world) of at least CA. I know who the heck could even TRY garlic ice cream? I love garlic……….bread, and to add to pasta dishes, but come on…….garlic icecream???? No way!!! And they have it and advertise it, at least they did in 2004 and 2005. But it is a tiny place, anf I guess they need something draw people into to spending a buck or two. I liked the people in Gilroy, and we only spent about $5.bucks each time we stopped in for the restroom from Fresno.;lol: Nice people though.

    I have heard of your sis-in-laws Celiiac disease. No one personally, but it sounds like a major life adjusting change. Best to her.

    I’m sorry if I missed a bunch of your topics, but trying to answer you with what I remember from reading your post.

    Best wishes to you and yours. All the best for your BBQ next weekend. I’m sure your chess (or jus) pie will be a hit! Talk to you soon.

  13. oriana says


    Oops, forgot to add that I have heard it was called after the pie Chest pies were kept in back in the olden days.

    Also, wanted to say Angie in her red sweater looks like she has gained a few pounds back to me, I think she looks nice in those pictures.

    Sorry to everyone else bored by this!

  14. oriana says

    HI Nicki, my brother just called, on the way back home from Gatlinburg, big brush fire down that way off freeway I-75.

    Have never had choc chess pie but sounds yummy! I love Chess pie, kind of reminds me a little of the filling inside a pecan pie without the pecans for those that have never heard of it before. Cracker Barrell has Choc cobbler for $1.99, very reasonable!!!!!

    Your neigbhors in LA. made me think of canned veggies! I love the hot Chow Chow and pickled green tomatoes! People here don’t know what I am talking about, but did find some Corn Chow Chow at a fruit stand down by Gilroy, CA. where they have a Garlic festival every year, even garilic ice cream! Ha!

    I asked about the disease where my sister in law can’t eat any grains, it is called Celiac disease and she has to be on a glutten free diet. Just was diagnosed about two years ago with it.

    Boring today, going to watch Entourage tonight, Ha, I enjoy that show. Love Jeremy Piven, and he is good to his mother! Ha! Fixing to have some watermelon, like it room temp where hubby wants it cold. My sister puts salt on hers, guess it is a Southern thing, that is why everyone from there has high blood pressure! Ha!

    Take care, I am envious over you going to MIMI’s, but love my Cracker Barrell at home the best. I am so sick of cheesecake here in Ca., they don’t have good desserts like in the South as you know!

    Have a good evening my dear!

  15. oriana says

    Miranda, I too thought it was a little short but guess he likes it like that. He is really getting tall also!

  16. Miranda says

    Am I the only one thinking that they should not cut Madd’s hair that short? Of course he’s a cutie even in the short hair, I just loved when it was a bit longer 🙂

  17. Nicki says

    oriana~ I forgot to add, to my last post berfore I go.
    Just to bore some and to add to my #107 post to oriana!

    In Louisiana, I had a few elder neighbors, great people, had great southern hospitially(sp) and always sent over homemade whatever, chutney, biscuits, canned veggies, or perserves. Great people my neighbors were. Anyway the elderly lady on our left called it “just” (wiithout the T) pie, because her mama said it was changed to Chess pie after it was mistakenly heard. And it was just repeatedly said over and over. My not so elderly neighbor on the right side of us, said it was Chess Pie, named so after the pie Chest it was kept in to cool. So it is a debate as to why it was called that, but it is good and I LOVE chocolate Chess (or jus) Pie. Talk again tonight or tomorrow. Best to you!

  18. Nicki says

    104. oriana` Yes everyone is talking about the horrific mining accident. Even more so since the horrific thing that happened to the resucers. An older lady I bowl with weekly, her grandson is working on the rescue efforts. She is grateful he wasn’t killed, but everyone is praying for all involved. Tragic accident all around. Mining is very dangerous. I am praying for all of them and thier families.

    I’m sure your BBQ will be great. Yes Chess Pie, I know and is very good. I’m sure your day on the 25th will be a happy day for all involved.
    My sis-in-law has worked with the same people for 25 years. She rents a place on the beach every summer for 1 month, she has 2 of those weeks reservered for them. 2 or 3 days each for her special group. For two weeks about 50 plus get to enjoy beachfront cottage time during the peak of summer, something they never had until her. She is truly special and loves all her clients. We always tell her “God has a special chair for you when you get to heaven.” She just laughs and says she would rather do what she is doing for another 25 years here on earth. She is the best. I’ve learned a lot from her. As is my friend in NH. Thanks for asking.

    My omlette was as good as always, and I still have my huge muffin to save for later tonight or tommorow am. (sorry about your sis-in-laws ?wheat? problem, or was it yeast? Sorry. I am glad I can eat bread products, would go crazy without them. But if had to, I would adjust.

    Glad you mentioned Nicole Kidmans new movie, as just being ok. We almost went and saw it, but decided to go bowling after brunch instead, which we usually do on Sunday afternoon. The last 3 weeks we have been going to matinees instead, it is hot here, movies are as cool as the grocery stores,:lol:. I will wait until it is on DirectV.
    Sorry if I didn’t answer anything else in your post, in a bit of a hurry right now, should be back in 4 hours or so. If not tomorrow. Take care.

  19. terri says

    Shiloh actually looks a lot like her maternal grandfather when he was young. Find a picture if you can, the resemblance is uncanny.

  20. oriana says

    NIcki my dear, I am glad you understand and sometimes I do say things just as they pop in my head, and they may come out too blunt. I enjoy my talks with you very much and enjoy reading a lot of the other comments on here from others that have made me laugh too. My only excuse when I read some of their bull, as my husband says, when he hears my friends and I talking in the house, he said, at least I know I am full of shit even if they don’t! Ha!

    I pretty much agree with you on a lot of things, other than Angelina and her family, I definately do agree on one thing about her weight loss, I know it is quite possible to lose weight over grieving as well as stress and I think with four kids it would keep anyone active, even with Nannies and helpers.

    Sounds like a blessing indeed for your friend and glad she got some good tidings for a change!

    Oh, I wish I could go back tomorrow!!!!!! Next week a very busy week, having a BBQ on the 25th with over 40 people, about 30 Special O group, dread it but got myself into a commitment now can’t get out of! Don’t know why I do that for!!!!! Ha!

    Am going to fix a Chess Pie, about four of them, I know you have heard of them before!

    Saw Nicole Kidman’s Invasion today, it was okay, my sister likes scary movies, I am one for Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, also loved Bourne with Matt Damon, he has turned into a pretty good action star!

    Enjoy tomorrow, I will check in to see how you did! Ha! My husband is a “soup” person so he wants some of that spicy soup with the sausage in it.

    NIcki, on another note, is your part of the country talking about the tragedy with the coalminers? It is just terrible to me! I hate coal mining, I know this might be a sore spot with some readers, and no disrespect intended, Please! But it is soo dangerous, I hate it! I do know some of the best people I have ever met in my younger days back home were coal miners and truckdrivers, hard working and honorable people!

  21. oriana says

    Deeds, when Angie was talking about Zahara, she said she was a little “smartass” in trying to get her way with her and Brad. She said it in fun and I definately got the impression she was amused by her and admires her spunky little disposition.

  22. says

    hey angie an brad i am one of ur biggest fan i watch all ur movies an i just want to say u do look like a family an angie is still beautiful but seriously she needs to quite stressing over nothing an gain her weight back please its not healthy an i know that she wonts to be around for her babies

  23. Nicki says

    93. oriana ~ apparently I misread something, which is easy to to while on the phone or IM’ing and blogging all at once. Yes I do think we could “talk it out” or at least respect each other enough to question what one might think would be a problem, or issue. Soryy for any misunderstanding, or more so my misread of something.
    I have always laughed off the “ass-kissing or whats her name says as- n*pple licking, or what ever” I have always had fun with it, as Stupid as it is. But thats them.
    I wouldn’t use the word wounded, but even though I don’t agree on some of what you say, that doesn’t mean I am right or you are right. It is what makes up a good conversation. I enjoy that, maybe because I’m “old” like you:lol: and girl………Please you aren’t that much older than me.
    We do have to realize that a few of the “kids” here are still in high school, so anyone over 30 is as good as “useless” and can’t understand them.

    I am glad I can have a conversation with someone, even if I don’t agree with always, and I do enjoy it. So again, soryy for my mistake in reading one time, while doing 1 or 2 other things. I should concentrate on what I’m doing and thats that.

    My friend is doing much better, thank you for your concern, She finally got paid for the year she was being the nurse. She FINALLY got all the back pay, which turned out to be $18,000. So that helped with everything and allowed them to have central air installed, and a few personal things he needed, insurance didn’t cover.
    All seems to be well. Thanks.

    Again, a misunderstanding on my part, can we forget it and go on?
    Going to Mimi’s Cafe tomorrow for brunch, will think of you and let you know what we all had and how it was, so you can “try” this or don’t try that::lol: Take care.

  24. oriana says

    Deeds, she said she was jealous of Shiloh in a television interview she gave to Anderson Cooper that I watched on CNN. She said she was the strongest person in the house when they were in New Orleans and she called her a “smartass” when they were in Prague. And yes, I could tell by the interview she was speculating on her personality when she made that remark.

    I have also noticed that Pax and Zahara play together much more than we have ever seen him with Maddox, and I haven’t seen any pictures of Zahara and Shiloh together, have you?

  25. Deeds says

    oriana, when did this take place? I missed out on it.
    comment, was Angelina speculating on her personality when she said she was a “smartass”? Or when she said she was the strongest personality in the house? OR when she said she was jealous of Shiloh?

  26. oriana says

    Nicki, look at #77 on Brit Spears and Jayden and you will see an example of what I was referring too! Ha!

  27. oriana says

    Nicki my Dear, I have nothing but the utmost respect for you and I hope you don’t doubt that! I am sure many people on here can tell I am quite fond of you and enjoy you, that is why I have been accused more than once by more than one, of kissing your ass! I have laughed about that and I hope you have too!

    There was no rebuttal from me over why you admire Angie so much because I understood it, I think that you see only the good in her and I don’t, so guess that is the difference in how we feel, you are much younger than me and you see and think the best regarding her, I on the other hand, still have reservations about her mental and psychological makeup. I should have said something about it to you on the other blog but just didn’t. But Absolutely in no way did it reflect on you or about me being upset for any reason.

    I really was just stunned over you thinking I was not doing right by you, you, Tia and Xena I would never be unfair too, or DMITZ either on purpose!

    I am sorry if you got upset or wounded in anyway! I have been accused of being too chummy with you on here and it doesn’t bother me, I hope it doesn’t bother you.

    I am very glad you are straightforward enough to ask me about anything that distresses you so there won’t be any misunderstandings. I am very glad about that!

    Now you don’t fret, you have a nice weekend, and I have also not forgotten your friend and hope she got her basement problem taken care of too.

    Now things are okay with me and they always were as for as you and I are concerned!!!!

  28. Nicki says

    89. oriana ~ I guess because of the last two days, any comment to me we were not personalized or adressed to me. I did answer your question on the other thread about when and why I was a an Angie fan, and Brad also. I got no comment back, no biggie, but gave you an honest answer and would expect at least your rebuttal, or just an acknowledgement of my answer.
    Also, last night in some of your posts you made mention of what I said without adressing me. Like I said no big deal because people do all the time, but I thought we were “friends’ of sort, and could at least could have a conversation between us. Yes, we do agree to disagree, but in a nice way. I thought, and maybe I’m reading more into it, we could always adress each other with some sort of respect.
    Like I said no big deal. I have always enjoyed “talking with you” although I don’t agree with everything you say. Take Care.

  29. oriana says

    comment, was Angelina speculating on her personality when she said she was a “smartass”? Or when she said she was the strongest personality in the house? OR when she said she was jealous of Shiloh?

    I didn’t draw all the frowns and scowls on her face we have seen!

    And when did I say I was a fortune teller and could see the future? I said what I think and that things would not be surprising to me, that is all!

    And NO, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but I don’t see a wonderful COVER when I look at Zahara’s face with a sour look on it 99% of the time!

  30. oriana says

    Nicki, where in the world did you get the idea I was upset with you????? I would not be hateful to you, we agreed long ago to disagree and I know you do love this family. I have wondered why you admired Angie so much and you answered that question when I asked you the other night. I did see Gia and she was good in it, I myself never really liked her except in Girl Interrupted, I do think that a lot of the acting was coming from deep within her own self and that is why she did she an excellent job.

    We are definately friends and I have enjoyed you very much and will continue too.

    I responded with what I said about Lizzie for to me she does seem to have an inside knowledge instead of the rest of us with our comments and speculations, it didn’t reflect negatively on you for any reason, not at all.

  31. myrna says


  32. comment says

    There’s a saying: don’t judge the book by its cover. Zahara may looks aggressive or hateful in some pictures but she is a toddler. Her heart is still pure, something I can’t say about some posters here.

    She has beautiful features and therefore is a beautiful child. I wouldn’t speculate on her personality, not living with her.

    The same is with Shiloh.

    So someone here can look at a few pictures of a toddler and predict her future. I wonder if she were shown picture of Kenneth Lay or Charles Manson as toddlers many years ago, would she be able to forewarn the people that these two will rob them of their hard earned retirement money and kill respectively. Was she able to tell from looking at her son every day at two that he was going to turn gay? What a lame excuse for a sixty year-old.

  33. Nicki says

    oriana~I am not saying anything about your comments. You seem to be upset with me. Was it something I said?? or something I didn’t say??
    I enjoy your “cyber-friendship” I thought we had a decent thing going on, no? You seem to be hateful to me now. Thats fine if you could explain why I’m “toxic” now. If not, and you have nothing more to say, I will understand,(?) and never bother you again. Best to you and yours. Just my ???last words??? I wanted them to be nice….I thought we were “friends” somewhat. Take care, and all the best to you and yours.

  34. oriana says

    I think I have seen a total of four pictures of Zahara smiling in her whole life. She does have a beautiful smile which is rare, but she is one of the most hateful looking kids I have ever seen most of the time.

    I do think in 20 years she may be exotic looking and stunning, I also think she will have a role in the United Nations like her mother. She has a strong personality, I think aggressive and used to having her way, hopefully and I think with Angie’s influence in helping third world countries, she will continue the role. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if not in politics if no scandals surround her when she gets older.

  35. Nicki says

    Zbella ~ I’m sorry I didn’t mean you! Please forgive me. I meant oriana, yes I think she is adorable. Catch more than 10-15 seconds of thier life here and there. Zahara is a beautiful girl and she will “WOW” you all in 20 years.

  36. Nicki says

    80. Deeds —He is thier bodyguard.. Don’t know his name name, but he was with Brad in Prague everytime Brad dropped off or picked up Maddox, Zahara and Pax. Mickey was with Angie and when she was with the kids, he is usually her bodyguard overseas. Back in the states seems like Brad has his bodyguard with Angie. Mickey has been “guarding” Angie since the 1st Tomb Raider movie. But he is usually always with them only overseas.

  37. Malayka says

    Maddox is still mu favourite. May be Shi will get more characher later. She is not so animated as most other babies but each child is different. If Suri was born any time earlier than her birth date then someone would have mentioned that fact in 2005 but since no one did, I guess we will just have to let her be. Speculation is expected after all we all thought Tom was sterile for years. She is cute and I think she does look like Tom especially her smile and squint. They seem like a great family and am still cracking my head over those who a determined to pull them down.

  38. oriana says

    Zbella, you know I like you, I really do. And I know you are a big fan of this family, but don’t you have to admit that most of Zahara’s pictures are not flattering?

  39. Zbella says

    “YIKES!! Z is not pretty at all. let’s not be hypocritiacl about it.”

    Hypocritical: a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess.

    So – your comment doesn’t make sense. Are people pretending to have virtues they do not possess? No. Some of us think Z is adorable. So there.

  40. oriana says

    I do know this is a blog to give comments and opinions, my point about Lizzie was I think she has more insight to them than we do for she is in the Business and therefore is more professional than me and a lot on here. I for one find her comments very interesting.

    Myrna is right, Zahara is far from a cute kid, Sophie is right in Shiloh appears lifeless, that is not normal, even in a quiet baby, I don’t think she is retarded, just dull and slow in developing. LOOK at her pictures!

    And I did wonder why Angelina had on a long sleeved sweater, isn’t it hot in Chicago this time of year? She did look pretty in the Red though!

  41. Sophie says

    Shiloh looks like a retarded. It is ok not to be animated ,but strange when she looks like she is lifeless.

  42. comment says

    My friend’s baby was born with one bottom tooth then got her other three within three months. Does that make her older than her age? Some babies I knew did not get their first tooth until seventh month of age? Were they younger than seven months? Some people lose most of their teeth in middle age, are they old? No, teeth are not absolute indication of age. Stop thinking within the box. Each baby/person grows differently.

    Suri just looks older than being one or two months older than Shiloh. She looks as old as Violet.

    And my intention was to point out that Shiloh is normal. My older son watched cartoon until high school age and seemed naive into his college days. He is working now as a supervisor and going to school full time, quite smart and sharp minded. Then there are my friends’ kids who were quite precocious in development in babyhood and childhood but are quiet and naive, lacking street smart almost completely now in college.

    There really is no way to judge how a baby or a child or even a person will turn out.

  43. Janine says

    # 59 Suri has only six teeth so she can not be older than sixteen months. As a mother i can not continue with thinking about her been older, because i will look like an idiot. It is goog that she smile a lot, CBB had to count her teeth by doing so it is solid proof, so i can not think they pulled out her teeth. People need to look for another conspiracy now.

  44. traveller says

    #68 – Zee is an adorable little girl. Definitely my favorite. She seems like a little spitfire!

  45. liliwaton says

    you ol’ ladies..just stop right now..these kids are so young..give them a break..they don’t really understand how popular their parents are..and it is not their fault..i’m sure if any one is being followed all the time will get you all excited and even scared just shut up already!!why say nasty things about these lovely kids..i think brangelina rocks!!!

  46. myrna says

    #58 I think YOU have to check the dictionary……!!!! for all of those saying Z is a cut pretty baby??? far from that!!! come on people….let’s call things the way we see them….!!!!

  47. Kimora and Kariah's Mommy says

    I’m appauled at the shallow, judgemental comments made about the beautiful children in this family. I honestly can not believe that some people have nothing better to do than sit at their computers and bash someone else’s kids. For the Shiloh scrutinizers, you’re not qualified to make judgements on her developmental progress. You can not say that she has not smiled yet simply because you’ve never seen her smile- do you realize, despite the many pictures taken, that they only document fragments, glimpses in time, of Shi’s life? To me, she seems to be a pensive, thoughtful baby. To the Zahara criticizers, she has the most adorable, exotic features. So what if these girls don’t flash huge grins at the paparazzi? I wouldn’t have when I was 1 and 2, and it doesn’t make them any less adorable.

  48. oriana says

    Nicki, I do think there are many times when the cameras are up close, but not all the time, there have been quite a few with long lenses, I don’t think they are right in their faces when they are boarding their private airplanes. My point is, being close to Shiloh cannot always be the excuse for her blank vacant stare.

    And there have been many clicking away at Suri, and she has been down walking and being quite playful. She is a bundle of joy from what I have observed! The same cannot be said for Shiloh. Sorry! I haven’t taken the pictures, just looked at them!

  49. Nicki says

    56. Lizzie– I have no doubt that any tabloid will pay more for a fulll face pic of Suri, Violet, Kingston, any of the cute babies. I mean look at how Katie in the last pics is holding Suri, full front so face is right there. Of course a tabloid will pay more for that than the back of Shilohs head getting on and off an airplane.
    But there still are many pics of just that, the back of Shilohs head or side view getting on and off private jets all over the world. They are stalked everywhere they go. We don’t have airport pics of any other child unless they are from LAX. Noone is waiting for Violet, Kingston or Suri to land anywhere in the world. Just to get THE pic. The major money shot.
    So when you say tabloids pay more for a “cute” pic of the kids, you are right. (just curious, which one do you work for?)
    But that doesn’t mean that they are fighting to get just any pic of them. They actually follow the Jolie-Pitts around the world, all in hopes of THE pic, the money maker. Yes they have people all over the world, but I will bet you if Violet and family and Shiloh and family were going to the same location, different airports, 1 or 2 cameras would be waiting for Violet. I would bet that anywhere from 10 to 25 cameras would be waitng for Shiloh.
    I guess my point was in the original post was way more cameras are focused on the Jolie-Pitts at any given time, than the others. Suri and Mom and dad being a very close second.

    oriana~this is a gossip baby blog- we are suppose to speculate and give our opinions.:;):

  50. oriana says

    I enjoyed Lizzie’s post and sounds like she knows what she is talking about wheras the rest of us speculate and give our opinions.

  51. comment says

    Well, it is true that Shiloh was born into everything, even by US high standard of living. And overall US children have welfare so not to go hungry, housing assistance so to have roof over head and free education for a better future which are much more than 70% of children of the world; I’m speaking from the pov of a former refugee, from Pax’s birth country. There are shelters, church kitchens etc to help besides government’s help. If the US children are hungry and homeless, their parents/grandparents are at fault, no one else, not the society, not the government. Frankly, where I came from, adults choosing to have children are solely responsible for them.

    I don’t fault her for trying to be sensitive her adopted children. I find this respectable just as I find most adopted parents from wealthy countries admirable for their ability to love adopted children like their own (my neighbors belong here in this group). I can’t do that. I’ll always watch out for my blood so I opt out of adopting.

    I am sure Shiloh is loved by her mother as well as her father. All children are loved more by one parent and there is nothing wrong with it. So if Angie loved her slightly less than Brad, Shiloh still has plenty of love.

  52. Names not important says

    I cannot get over Angelina saying that Shiloh was born into everything and the other children have struggled and so her bond with them is closer. I hope for the kids sake that they are all on an equal playing field with their mother.

  53. comment says

    I do not want to pick on Suri but she is definitely older than published age. She has some cute pictures and some not so cute. So is every one/baby.

    It’s true that Shiloh is not animated in most of her pictures (the few we have seen). But she does not look slow or autistic. Nor does she look vacant. Some complained of her always open mouth. Well, it’s her father’s gene right there.

    Z is beautiful too. And the boys are handsome. My little fellow country boy is chubby now and appears to adjust quite well. I’m so happy that he’ll get to travel and explore the world. These children will grow up to be so cool, with flaws like all of us, but cool human beings still.

  54. Lizzie says

    I work in this business but Suri’s picture is prized highest despite the fact that we see her more often these days. She has some really lovely shots whereas Shiloh rarely has those (nothing against her), she is a sweet baby but we have not had nice pictures of her in recent times and however rare she is these days the quality of her pictures is not good especially for international tabloids which are more interested in the beauty of pictures. Those pictures with Brad on the set of his movie were a gem so they cost a lot. Sometimes even Kingstons and Violet’s pictures cost more then Shiloh’s because they are good quality and more attractive to readers. But we still have to pay lots of money for Suri pictures especially where she is smiling or making faces and is with both parents.

    However Nicki is right, photogs will still follow Shi in a bid to get THAT picture. However Oriana has a point, they are just about the same number that follow Suri if not more because we have seen Suri close to paps and apart from NY Shiloh, has not had that many paps in her close vicinity, they are usually far and that is why the pictures are rarely good quality.

    Attacking a child to get at her parents is base and I don’t think those posters even deserve a reply.

  55. Kamineko says

    Zahara looks so sweet with her little smiling face. Glad to see a smiley pic of her. Shiloh may just have a placid personality. Besides, these are split second pix, not a 24/7 video of her actual behaviour all the time. As to Angelina’s clothes, I think she at least looks decent. Look at Brit with her sleazy wardrobe! All that cash, and all she can buy is trashy micro minis!? A mother at least needs to look pulled together and not trashy when out with her kids in public.

  56. Zbella says

    My son has ‘problems’ – he does not like crowds or people touching him. I am not disappointed in him at all. I decided when I had children to love them as they are. No one is perfect. Smart, advanced, social – still not perfect. And, most children who are slow do not show signs until they are 2 or 3.

  57. oriana says

    Wow Nicki, you got a very nice car with low mileage! Congrats to you! My hubby has a M-Class, 2004 and I can’t ride in it for too high for me to get up in with my leg. Very nice though and likes it, too exp. though, mo. payments $750.00! I hate that!!!!!! I wanted him to get a Jeep Cherokee, I think they are very nice looking vehicles.

    I did see pictures of Dannielynn out in a Park and Larry pushing her in a stroller not long ago, she is very cute!!!!! We will see more pictures next month but they will be in a private setting for her BD party. I also saw a few moments of them on Larry King and she would not sit still!!! Squirming, cooing, and wiggling all over the place! Poor Larry has his hands full with that one!

    I really hope Shiloh isn’t developing slowly and shegets some animation about her soon. She is a beautiful baby and she may just be advancing at a slower pace. Hope so for her sake, Angie and Brad’s sake, and for you, Ha! You are a huge fan of this family and I know you would be very disappointed if there was a problem with her.

    You have a nice evening my Dear!

  58. Nicki says

    50. oriana – It is a 2004 Jeep Wrangler bought in May of 2005 cash , when bought had 47 miles on it. Rag top roof,(which isn’t what a jeep owner would say, but me being a 1st time owner would) 4 wheel drive, ? 36,000mile now.
    But , alas, your hubby isn’t here to bet. Oh well, next one maybe:lol:.

    I do have to put in my thought about Danilynn. She is always photographed in a home, or a secure setting. Do you ever see a pic of her going from her home to the car?, her from the car to an airplane? or to the shoe, or grocery store? I mean he sold those pics and that is his right, and maybe that got the photographers off them. But do you really think that would work with Brad and Angie, and face it mostly Shiloh?

    Oriana~ what I have seen out of her is maybe 15-30 seconds out her her daily life in the pics. So could I say anything, no. I have taken nieces and nephews to many picure shoots…and the happiest kid will be a stink, the lest smiling kid will grin the biggest grin they ever had, the will they smile or not kid, maybe will maybe not. You have two who where young once look back at thier pics and you will remember they don’t always act the way “everyone” else expects them to.
    I love individuality in all clildren, without being disrespectful to others.

  59. oriana says

    Nicki, my husband would like that Jeep Wrangler!!!! Ha!

    I do agree, that Shiloh prob is the #1 baby they want pictures of, Suri prob #2, Violet and Dannielynn may tie for the #3. But I do have to disagree that there aren’t just as many photogs taking pictures of Suri, I definately think they are. It is just that the other kids are so lively, bouncing and jumping up and down, twisting and turning, that we make the comparison that we have seen out of Shiloh. She does just kind of hang there and stare with a vacant look, please look at her picture again.

    As far as the walking, crawling, talking, etc, yes, all babies are different, but they do something. What have you seen out of her? Other than grab at Brad’s glasses? Maybe I have missed it? I did like the “Gerber Baby” comment earlier, I agree with that all the way!

  60. Nicki says

    44. sue ~Exactly! I can’t believe people compare the Violet and Kingston photos with Shilohs. It is astounding, the Jolie-Pitts have 10+X the cameras following them, so how else is a baby supposed to look blinded by ALL those flashes???? Just find it strange for adults to make these comments about babies. But if it helps them make it through the day, and thier children are so perfect, I guess……….NO, I think it is wrong for anyone to “judge” any child from a photo, or 25 photos taken in 10 seconds. Even worse to give an MDs diagnois about the child.

    42. ali ~ Wow! I totally agree with you.

    45. stella ~I agree-except about Zahara looking like what you said.

    47. oriana ~Of course they have all had thier pics taken. But Not one of them gets 25+ paps anywhere in the world to get the “shot” of Shiloh. Write letters, send emails, whatever, ask what baby is the money shot……..Suri will be in the top 3, but I will bet my Jeep Wrangler, Shiloh is the #1 Baby shot. Not that it makes any baby cuter or smarter the other……..thats whats wrong now, everyone has to have the better baby, instead of just enjoying YOUR baby the way they are.
    I see moms at preschool bragging about what so and so does, (ithout being asked.) Then they say ” so what can yours do?” Like this whole thing is mine is better than yours. It is sickining. Children should be left alone.

  61. Zbella says

    Cute, cute, cute. Reminds me of my family as a kid – 2 boys, 2 girls, going to the museums down in Washington DC. We have 3 little ones ourselves and it is fun. I like the first pic of Shiloh and the one of Z & Pax with their dinosaures…

  62. oriana says

    Suri has never had her picture taken? Or Violet, Kingston, Brooke’s daughters, Brittanys boys, Even Dannielynn? I haven’t seen them with a blank look on their face ALL the time! And how long, how many months, before Zahara cracked a smile, and even very seldom now! So no one is making up any lies, we are only commenting on what we think! Just like Angelina does what she wants, so do we have the same right. Personally I think Maddox has been one of the friendliest kids around and very cute!

  63. stella says

    Don’t say bad things about babies!! She is adorable…Have you ever been outside with 30-40 peoples taking pictures and flashing into your eyes?? Well she has… She is gorgeous…She is a baby for heaven sakes!! Only a year old…Z is so cute!1 She looks like a funny little lady…

  64. sue says

    Good god, first it was Zahara never smiles, then Zahara always wears dark colours, then Maddocks is pulling horrible faces at the paps and is jealous of Pax, as well we have had Shiloh is never held by Angelina, as well as that we have had both Zahara and Shiloh never smile and/or look thick. Can’t you stupid bunch of idiots leave these poor kids alone. How would your children look if every time they ventured out of doors if a strange bunch of people came running up to them to take a photo or ten of them, would they be smiling and joyfully skipping down the street or would they look unhappy and miserable, and even if this became a very regular part of their lives would they start to smile about it as they got older or would they grimace every time a flash light went of in their eyes. For crying out loud critic the parents by all means but stop picking on the kids.

  65. Jane says

    Shiloh is not pretty, infact among celeb babies, she and Jayden James are the least cute babies. Think about it, if she was not Brangelina’s child, all of you would not give two pieces about her. I doubt she will become beautiful in future, she is going to be overweight and have droopy eyes, that is not the least of her worries, she seems to be autistic and is definitely going to have a broken home and a public life. I feel for her, I really do.

  66. ali says

    that child (shiloh) has the best features of both of her parents, she definitely did not fall into the shallow end of the gene pool. all of these children are beautiful and are being raised in an amazing loving atomosphere, with all of the privileges we wish we could all give our children. I think in 20 yrs. when Shiloh is accepting her first oscar all of you are going to be raving about how georgeous she is and how smart she is and how you, of course, knew it all along.

  67. Lhj says

    Shiloh never smiles? No wonder, her mom doesn’t love her and looks annoyed whenever she is holding her. Shame on you Jolie

  68. 2teens3beans says

    #38 it’s a tattoo on Z’s arm… Maddox has one too.

    I don’t think Shiloh is plain, she has beautiful features. I also think being the littlest one in a family with 4 kids could make a baby quiet or shy. Plus the screaming paps everywhere she goes. That might explain why she never smiles.

  69. oriana says

    I definately think Angie will adopt again and within another year. I also think it will be a little girl. She will want a playmate for Zahara and I don’t think Shiloh will be it.

  70. Befair says

    Maddox is losing his baby teeth, how cute. What happened to Z’s arm, it looks like she was burned or something, recently because that wasnt always there.

  71. Gina says

    They are dead if they adopt another. Look at them, I actually feel for them running around with all those kids. It is like wishing for a real teddy bear and you get one, it is still cute but will bite your head off. I guess by now they have learnt that reality is so different from fantasyland. They rarely look a picture of a happy jolly family.

  72. Guest says

    I don’t think Shiloh will need help at all. I think she will grow more into her looks as she grows. She looks inanimate but definitely has beautiful hair, eyes and features. A Gerber Baby!

  73. liliwaton says

    i am so thrilled that they are here in the chi-town..brangelina is the kids and all are having a great family time together..stop all these haters..leave them alone ..let them see chicago..

  74. Jess says

    Shiloh is either going to be very bright or very slow. I doubt she will be beautiful unless she has work done. It is common for two good looking people to have a plain child but I agree it is disturbing that she never has any expression on her face and looks droopy.

  75. celine says

    shiloh is so cute. so soft, so full of light. poor bebu, li’l bored at the museum and she is a fatsy cutie she can’t carry her head properly. love her!

  76. oriana says

    I don’t see a serious look, I see a blank, vacant dull look on a child’s face that could be a little doll!!!! At least the kids look clean, more than I can say for Brad. I believe he does smell, I honestly don’t know how Angie can stand him!

  77. JJ says

    Shiloh looks like her dad – a lot! She is cute but not as cute as she was when she first popped out of the oven. I really don’t think it’s a big deal if Shiloh isn’t smiling…she’s a serious baby…nothing wrong with that. A friend of mine has a baby that never smiles in photos. She always looks serious. At first I thought it was a bit unusual but now I’m use to it. I’m sure things will change later on. I’m not impressed with Z however! I find Z boring.

  78. Lauren says

    Wow, it’s rare to see the whole Brangelina clan together. Maddox and Shiloh are my fav Jolie-Pitt kids. Very cute kids. Pax and Z are cute as well. 😉

  79. Denise says

    I don’t think Shiloh is that cute. She’s ok but not anything exceptional. She’s just ho hum!

    Angie still looks like a walking stick and Brad is just well…. Brad!!

  80. ????? says

    When Angie said she was a blob . My opinion is,she wanted to say something else . Angie was never one to know how to keep a secret.Mothers know that children that age are lively, and expressive.

  81. Thea says

    Shiloh is beautiful, but can not get past that she is a bore. This is the first time , i have seen a baby that never make a reaction . even playing in her backyard ,she has no emotion. very strange indeed. Time will tell what is really going on with that baby. Angelina’s legs and arms are in a breaking point, time to seek help.

  82. oriana says

    I actually think Angie looks nice and she looks like she has put on a little bit of weight. She looks nice in the color Red.

    Z does have a beautiful smile that transforms her whole face when she isn’t looking so mean and mad. I just don’t think Shiloh has much of a personality at all. Is Violet and Suri that much older than her? Tia, I have to day that is a half smile on her face in the one picture so not too expressive to me. I think she will be the most beautiful of all the celeb babies when she gets older but for right now, she is certainly the dullest! Sorry!

    This family looks like any average family on an outing, nothing spectacular about them, kind of plain looking and definately plain dressing but a close family which is what matters.

    I think Angie does the best she can by Shiloh, she goes thru the motions by holdiing her more now and that is better than nothing. Her face definately lights up with smiles more when she is with Maddox and Zahara for sure. I would love to see more pictures of the girls together, and I am sure Zahara is still as jealous or her like she was when she was first brought home. Although no need to be with all the attention she gets from all of them.

  83. Lizzie says

    All of the children look so healthy. Shiloh is quite the lil’ chunk. It’s nice to see Z smiling for a change. Even Pax looks like he’s adjusting rather nicely. As for Angie’s outfit, I’m not crazy about it but at least it’s NOT black! I think they’re doing a great job with the kiddos. I bet there’s never a dull moment at their house (whereever that may be). Anyway, kudos to the Brangelinas!!!

  84. 2teens3beans says

    Maddox must have just gotten that new mohawk… in the 2nd pic he has a full head of hair and these were all taken in the same weekend.
    I love Z’s little smile, I’m sure when Shiloh is a little older they’ll coax some smiles out of her too.

  85. says

    Beautiful pics, all of them. I agree with Tia and Carleigh 100%. There was a pic with Z where Brad was putting her into the car, she looked very pretty. I can’t remember where I saw it though. Shiloh is such a sweetie 🙂 Maddox and Pax, cute as ever. Angie looks great. Love Brangelin 🙂

  86. catharine says

    Shiloh is too cute, so are all of the kiddos. Observation- I notice that Brad and Angie don’t buy the trendiest baby equipment like the rest of Hollywood. They had a normal Graco infant carrier for Shiloh and then this cheap umbrella stroller. Usually you see celebs with bugaboo’s, mclarens, phil and teds. This was just an interesting observation to me. They arent exactly hurting for money. They might just be less frugal.

  87. Deeds says

    Shiloh has more expression in her face that I have ever seen. She looks so much better. Wow Z is smiling. These are some of the best pics I’ve seen of the children.

  88. Clare says

    Wow, you have to give it to them moving with all those kids has to be tough, I have two and i can’t keep up when we go out. They both look worse for wear, I guess that is why. Brad should lose that hat.

  89. Jenna M. (UK) says

    Adorable! And what a cute grin on Zahara. Angelina looks like she is getting healthier. My blessings to them, I think they make a great family.

  90. kimmy says

    Lola- your jealousy makes me laugh. I take it your kids aren’t very attractive huh? Get a life-Shiloh is beautiful.

  91. kimmy says

    People that pick on Shiloh are so jealous it makes me laugh. C’mon people, she looks like a baby model. Just because your kids are ugly, don’t insult others-be happy for them. Also, that baby is a clone of Brad Pitt.

  92. Lola says

    Wow Tia, a half smile from Shiloh, now that is a feat! Her smile must be like Brads from that picture. Still from all the times we have seen her, that is the only half expression she has on her face. No frown no smile no laugh, weird.

  93. Tia says

    carleigh- I couldnt agree more! I guess now that there are more pictures with Angie holding her, they have to find something new to pick on!

  94. carleigh says

    It doesn’ t matter if this family was all dolled up and “posing” for a professional portrait with the girls dressed in angelic pink with bows in their hair and the boys dressed up in little suits…someone would always and will always find fault and pick at this family. (Sighs)…these people are out with their family spending time with their beautiful children being chased and hounded constantly by the pap’s leave them alone and just enjoy the shots..when really they should be left entirely alone when they are out with their kids doing family private stuff. JMO.

  95. Libraesque says

    oh, that looks like an expression to me. A WTF are all those cameras expression. Have you seen videos of what it’s like when these stars go anywhere? It’s madness!!!

  96. Malayka says

    Maddox and Z are the cutest Jolie Pitts, Shiloh is close behind but Mad is still my fave. Angelina’s legs are so skinny which is not nice at all.

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