An Expectant & Super Cute Isla Fisher!

Isla Fisher
An expectant Isla Fisher, 31, was recently snapped out and about. I think that she is the most adorable pregnant woman ever! Isla and Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat!) are expecting their first child together.

Here she was snapped at the premiere of Hot Rod with Jane Seymour a few weeks ago.

Jane Seymour


  1. Nicki says

    JJ- Its not even pink. It looks like mauve or even a bit purpleish to me. She looks happy and looks good. JMO.

  2. Nicki says

    Just a comment on Jane Seymour—I absouletly loved her in the movie. Wedding Crashers……Kat, call me Kitty Kat. That was no Dr. Quinn comment,:lol:. She was funny. My favorite in that movie was Isla and Vince, but Jane was right there.

  3. Nicki says

    Zbella ~I bet you have beautiful hair. Isla has beautiful hair and I love, love the color. I wish my hair was that color. I have brown and used to henna it, most of the time it looked good but never as pretty as hers. (haven’t done it in a long time). But I do love her hair color. I don’t think the dress color looks so bad on her, maybe it is a bit tight. But I think she looks glowing and happy. I barely noticed the dress until the “pink” color was brought up.
    I bet you daughter is a beautiful lil girl.:smile:

  4. Zbella says

    I have always been told red-heads should not wear pink. I have the same shade as Isla. I admit, I don’t like that dress much (I actually agree with JJ?!?!?!?) because of the fit. However, my daughter, who has more carrot red hair, looks amazing in pink.

  5. WTFDYC says

    I think pink makes her look beautiful. Like a rose, glowing. Stop being so mean. Maybe you looked like a pig in pink but she looks sweet.

  6. Nicki says

    6. JJ —So what color do you suggest for the adorable Isla while being pregnant?? I’m sure she would apprieciate your suggestions.

    I think she looks adorable. JMO,( which means nothing in the grand scheme of thier life.)

    Best wishes to them and thier new bundle of joy.
    OH yeah, no matter what color you decide on for the baby on any given day!

  7. JJ says

    That dress that Isla is wearing is horrific for her pregnant figure. The colour is atrocious too. Pregnant women should not wear pink – they end up looking like Petunia Piggy or Miss Piggy.

  8. Lauren says

    Isla looks adorable while pregnant. I loved her in Wedding Crashers. Congrats to both Sacha and Isla.

  9. Nicki says

    She is adorable. She looks great. I’m not sure if I will go see Hot Rod, but I loved her in Wedding Crashers.
    Congratulations to them.

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