1. sushmita says

    i dont understand why he liked that guy? so many tattoes! looks like a DRUG ADDICT MAFIA!
    well no wonder Nicole looks addict mafia too!

  2. Kamineko says

    I’m just relieved to see her looking halfway healthy. She was very emaciated before, and at first, pregnancy tends to make you lose a pound or two. I think she will begin to put on some weight as the pregnancy progresses. She does look happy here.

  3. jollyreader says

    this is the happiest and best that i have seen Nicole look…congrats to her !! and age doesnt matter for her…I am in my early 20s and i am preggo with #2…so she can handle it!!

  4. nina says

    She looks so cute!

    I really hope the baby will change her and that they’ll both turn out to be great parents because I have a soft spot for Nicole and I don’t want her to be a wreck.

  5. Heidi says

    Those have to be the ugliest sunglasses i’ve ever seen! Hope all goes well with her and her bambino.

  6. 2teens3beans says

    How old is Nicole? Anyone know? She looks like a baby having a baby.
    I hope it goes OK and she has a safe delivery and healthy baby.

  7. silleeemomeee says

    Sorry but she still looks WAY too skinny! I don’t think that child has a happy life ahead of them! I bet she falters and falls right back into her old lifestyle within six months of having that baby! Babies are not accessories!! Some of these starlets and wanna be starlets need to figure that out!!

  8. Keira says

    never thought i would admit she looks great! i never really liked her potty mouth and bad behavior. she does look great here. i hope she changes.

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