Geri Halliwell & Bluebell At Nice International Airport

Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell was snapped giving Bluebell, 14 months, a hug Thursday at Nice International Airport after having enjoyed a holiday in the South of France.



  1. apple*** says

    the baby is cute….but i cant say the mother is beautiful too!
    eversince i dont like ginger’s beauty……looks like old to me……

  2. Nicki says

    She is a very cute baby. Mommy looks very attentive. I like her curly hair in this pic, much better than the last one. Her hair was flat on the top front, and then looked curly. She is a cute chubby baby, and looks liked she is much loved. This pic I like.

    6. onatear~ It probably is that. The Spice girls, if they can be called that still, have a concert tour to promote. So yeah maybe a photo-op, but she still looks like a loving Mom. I like the babies hair in this pic, not most of the ohers. I don’t like her name, so it it hard to use, so I say baby for now. Hopefully her nickname will be Belle, or BB or something else. JMO.

  3. Jill. says

    I can’t help thinking that if this was Shiloh people would go aon and on how she is a perfect child. Not that she is that beautiful, she is cute no doubt but people like exaggerating and if Shiloh had even been remotely cute, they would over gaga over her. Thank god for little mercies.

  4. onatear says

    This little girl IS cute!! I think her mom is becoming another Denise Richards…always hamming it up for the cameras, and using the kid as an attention-getter.

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