Colin Farrell Reportedly Expecting His Second Child

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell is about to become a dad for the second time, reportedly.

Perez Hilton insists that Colin’s girlfriend Muireann McDonnell, 22, is pregnant. It should be noted that Colin’s rep denies that this is true.

“She’s just under three months along now,” a source told Perez.

“They’re trying to keep it quiet.”

Colin already has a son, James, who is almost three, with model Kim Bordenave.

Colin Farrell

Colin met Muireann in a pub in Dalkey, Ireland, at the beginning of this year.

The relationship hit controversy when Muireann’s ex-boyfriend John Knight, who she broke up from just weeks before he hooked up with Colin, killed himself.

Six weeks after they split, he sent her two poignant texts declaring his continued love.

One read: “I’m sorry for what I’m about to do but I love you so much.”

A second followed 19 minutes later, reading: “Are you going to say goodbye before I go tonight?”

John was later found by neighbours in Dublin hanging by a cable from a tree in his garden.

Below is an older pic of Colin snapped with Angelina, Maddox and Angelina’s bodyguard.

Colin Farrell

And here he is sharing a giggle with Katie Holmes back in 2003!

Colin Farrell
Best wishes to Colin and Muireann if they are indeed expecting!


  1. Natai Zap says

    Has anyone heard anything about his son I think he’s 3 or 4 is there something medicaly wrong with his son. He doesn’t look right and everytime the boy is photographed hes never walking and his head is way bigger then his body has any one else notice this.

  2. anjelina jolie says

    hes hot… doubt about that! but why would he deny the pregnancy of her gf? would this lessen his being HOT? he should not done that……REALLY!

  3. Sassy says

    Congratulations to the expecting couple, but I don’t find his 1st son James not cute…and both parents are attractive people, maybe it’s taking some time to come out in James…

  4. Ruby Jackson says

    Every time someone mentions Collin’s girlfriend, Muireann McDonnell, they have to talk about her ex boyfriend who killed himself. Can’t we just wish the couple happiness and good luck without having to mention that horrible chapter in their relationship and in her life?

  5. says

    He’s hot!!! But I think that he is a player as well. I also think that his son is about 3 1/2. Not sure though. His son is really cute. That story about his girlfriend and her ex is very sad 🙁 If they are expecting, best wishes and I hope he settles down. I’ve heard that having his son changed him a lot and he really is a good father.

  6. eminencegrise says

    He’s such a slag! The man’s a walking STI. And a Jakey into the bargain. This silly lass is a fool for even giving such a Jack the Lad the time of day.

  7. says

    Congrats to him!
    WOW katie holmes look totally different!
    It is amazing to see how much a baby,and a older husband will change you! I think that she looks beautiful now!

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